PLAY PICTORIALS 1900s 1910s1920s 1930s


As well as lavish photographic coverage of a single production, these magazines usually include an editorial, a cast list, the story of the play, general theatrical comment and stylish period advertisements. Most spines are slightly rubbed and staples beginning to rust, but except where noted, the content of these magazines is in excellent condition.

The Play Pictorial: 1930s


PlayPict/1930 (Apr) No.337 - MICHAEL AND MARY - A A Milne (St.James's/1 Feb 1930)
Herbert Marshall, Edna Best, Olwen Brooks, Margaret Scudamore, I Fisher White, D A Clarke-Smith, Torin Thatcher, Elizabeth Allan, Frank Lawton, Violet Campbell, Reginald Bach (22 excellent photos); also reviews of The Lady of the Camellias (with Tallulah Bankhead and Glen Byam Shaw), A Song Of Sixpence, Appearances, Misalliance (with George E Bancroft, Eric Portman, Irene Vanbrugh, and Esme Percy), Enchantment, Odd Numbers, The Artist and The Shadow; full page photo of Phyllis Shand in DEVONSHIRE CREAM; review and 3 photos of SILVER WINGS (with Lupino Lane, John Kirby, Emma Haig, Desiree Ellinger, and Harry Welchman) [32pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8

PlayPict/1930 (May) No.338 - THE THREE MUSKETEERS - Rudolf Friml (Drury Lane/28 Mch 1930)
Dennis King, Jack Livesey, Robert Woollard, Raymond Newell, Adrienne Brune, Webster Booth, Lilian Davies, Arthur Wontner, Marie Ney, Louis Hector, George Bishop, Jerry Verno (30+ photos of this spectacular production); also reviews of The Three Musketeers, Cochran's 1930 Revue, Suspense, On The Spot (with Charles Laughton), The Damask Rose, Rio Rita, Out of the Blue (with Nigel Playfair, Eric Portman), Insult, Cape Forlorn, Down Our Street [32pp; excellent photos throughout; centre pages loose, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1930 (Jun) No.339 - COCHRAN'S 1930 REVUE - Beverley Nichols and Vivian Ellis (London Pavilion/27 Mch 1930)
Miss Ada-May, Eric Marshall, Gunda Mordhorst, Roy Royston, Serge Lifar, Alice Nikitina, Richard Domonsky, Constantin Tcherka, Joan Clarkson, Maisie Gay, Douglas Byng, Molly Molloy, Ruth Weeks, Hastings Lynn, Jane Welsh, William Cavanagh (33 photos); also reviews of Othello (with Paul Robeson, Ralph Richardson, Peggy Ashcroft and Sybil Thorndike), The Silent Witness, Our Ostriches, Dishonoured Lady, Mulberry Bush, and Debonair [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8

PlayPict/1930 (Aug) No.341 - PETTICOAT INFLUENCE - Neil Grant (St.Martin's/3 Jun 1930)
Diana Wynyard, Jane Millican, Frank Allenby, Robert Holmes, Morton Selten, Nigel Playfair (20+ photos); also reviews of The Swan (w.large photo), Cynara (with Gladys Cooper, Gerald du Maurier), The Love Race, Traffic, and Desire; charmingly illustrated with line drawings; large photo of Isobel Elsom as Marie Anne in The Command To Love [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8

PlayPict/1930 (Sep) No.342 - THE SWAN - Ferenc Molnar (St.James's/June 1930)
Edna Best, Herbert Marshall, Henrietta Watson, Colin Clive, Margaret Watson, Basil Loder, Irene Vanbrugh, C V France, F Kinsey Peile (22 excellent photos); review of Let Us Be Gay (with Tallulah Bankhead); portrait of Diana Wynyard in Petticoat Influence; small photos of Kathleen Gibson and Jane Millican; large photo of Irene Vanbrugh [28pp; excellent photos throughout; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1930 (Oct) No.343 - CHARLOT'S MASQUERADE (Cambridge/4 Sep 1930)
Beatrice Lillie, Donald Masters, Betty Frankiss, Mollie Egbert, Ronald Alpe, Henry Kendall, Quentin Tod, Constance Carpenter, Patrick Waddington, Reginald Smith, Helen Souter, Betty Oliver, Florence Desmond, J H Roberts (20+ excellent photos and review); also reviews of Street Scene, Richard III (with Baliol Holloway, John Laurie), The House of Pretence, The Devil's Disciple (with Martin Harvey), Her First Affaire, and Sexton Blake [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8

PlayPict/1930 (Nov) No.344 - PRIVATE LIVES - Noel Coward (Phoenix/24 Sep 1930)
Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence, Laurence Olivier, Adrianne Allen (27 splendid photos and review); also reviews of The Barretts of Wimpole Street (with Cedric Hardwicke, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies), The Breadwinner (with Jack Hawkins, Peggy Ashcroft), Topaze, The Outsider, Leave it to Psmith, It's A Boy, Delilah (with Edith Evans), and Lucky Dip [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £10

PlayPict/1930 (Dec) No.345 - THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET - Rudolph Besier (Queen's/23.9.30)
Cedric Hardwicke, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Wilfrid Caithness, Aubrey Mallalieu, Scott Sunderland, Marjorie Mars, Eileen Beldon, Barry K Barnes, Joan Barry, Oliver Johnston, Susan Richmond (24 photos and review); also reviews of An Object Of Virtue, The Mouthpiece, The House of Danger, The Man who Kissed his Wife, Wooden Shoes, Nippy, Marry the Girl [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8


PlayPict/1931 (Jan) No.346 - EVER GREEN - Rodgers and Hart (Adelphi/3.12.30)
Jessie Matthews, Sonnie Hale, Leon Morton, W E C Jenkins, Kay Hammond, Albert Burdon, Joyce Barbour, Jean Cadell, Florence Wood, Aubrey Dexter, Jean Barry, Dave Fitzgibbon, Mr Cochran's Young Ladies (26 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Smoky Cell, Jane's Legacy, To See Ourselves, Oh, Daddy!, Toad of Toad Hall (with Wendy Toye), Twelve Hours, Marry the Girl, A Murder has been Arranged, Caviare, Wonder Bar, and A Marriage Has Been Dis-Arranged [28pp; excellent photos throughout; spine slightly split and partially detached, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1931 (Feb) No.347 - THE SONG OF THE DRUM - Fred Thompson, Guy Bolton, Vivian Ellis and Herman Finck (Drury Lane/9 Jan 1931)
Helen Gilliland, Bobby Howes, Clarice Hardwicke, Derek Oldham, Arthur Macrae, Leslie Coles, Marie Burke, Brian Gilmour, George Bishop, Alan Stevenson, Peter Haddon, Ivan Berlyn, Raymond Newell, Allan Jeayes, Cecil Musk (23 excellent production photos and review); also reviews of Folly To Be Wise, A Pair of Trousers, The Toymaker of Nuremberg, Betrayal (with Alastair Sim, Flora Robson), Colonel Satan, Hawk Island, The Limping Man, To Account Rendered, Blue Roses and The Improper Duchess [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8

PlayPict/1931 (Mch) No.348 - THE IMPROPER DUCHESS - James B Fagan (Globe/22 Jan 1931)
Yvonne Arnaud, George F Ide, Granville Ferrier, Frank Cellier, Eugene Leahy, Frank Cochrane, Annie Esmond, Julie Suedo, John Laurie, Hartley Power, Andrea Melandrino, Winifred Oughton, Ruth Peterson (21 excellent photos and review); also reviews of The Pelican, Frailties, Bed Rock, After All, Strange Interlude, The Rocklitz, Etienne, Kong (with Oscar Asche), The Man Who Pays the Piper, Supply and Demand, The Ninth Man (with Rex Harrison), Good Losers, Who Goes Next? and The Gay Princess [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8

PlayPict/1931 (Jul) No.352 - THE OLD MAN - Edgar Wallace (Wyndham's/15 May 1931)
Frances Doble, Jack Melford, Maisie Gay, Cecil Humphreys, Alfred Drayton, Harold Warrender, Arthur Stratton, Finlay Currie (21 excellent production photos); also reviews of Marry at Leisure, Death Takes a Holiday (with Ernest Milton, Celia Johnson), The Bandits, Inquest, Judas, The Sign of the Seven Dials, Late Night Final (with Raymond Massey), Lovers' Meeting and A Knight Passed By (with Peggy Ashcroft and Nicholas Hannen) [28pp; excellent photos throughout; cover slightly grubby, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1931 (Sep) No.354 - THE MIDSHIPMAID - Ian Hay and Stephen King-Hall (Shaftesbury/10 Aug 1931)
Jane Baxter, Basil Foster, A W Baskomb, S V Stanley, Marjorie Playfair, Mary Clare, Clive Currie, Kathleen Kelly, Humphrey Morton, Charlton Morton, Roger Maxwell, Peter Mather, Ivy Des Voeux, Terence Downing, Nancy Russell (30 excellent production photos and review); also reviews of Waltzes From Vienna, The Case of the Frightened Lady, Take a Chance, Queer Fish and Black Magic [28pp; spine slightly split, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1931 (Nov) No.356 - THE CASE OF THE FRIGHTENED LADY - Edgar Wallace (Wyndham's/18 Aug 1931)
Joyce Kennedy, W Cronin-Wilson, Gordon Harker, Cathleen Nesbitt, Vincent Sternroyd, Douglas Payne, Harold Warrender, Emlyn Williams, Finlay Currie, Julian Royce, Percy Parsons (23 excellent production photos); also reviews of Cavalcade, Elizabeth of England (with Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Matheson Lang), The Anatomist, There's Always Juliet, The Queen's Husband, For the Love of Mike, Hollywood Holiday, The Immortal Lady and Henry the Ninth [28pp; cover very slightly spotty, else VG] £8


PlayPict/1932 (Jan) No.358 - THE QUEEN'S HUSBAND - Robert E Sherwood (Ambassador's/6 Oct 1931)
Barry Jones, Claude Haviland-Burke, Reginald Bach, Barbara Wilcox, Grace Lane, Lambert Larking, Robert Mawdesley, Guy Summers, Maurice Colbourne, Paul Gill, Stafford Hilliard (20 excellent production photos and review); also reviews of Can The Leopard ...?, The Nelson Touch, The Crimes of Burke and Hare, Walk This Way, Flat to Let and Max and Mr Max [28pp; centre double-page spread colour-tinted; VG] £8

PlayPict/1932 (Feb) No.359 - WALK THIS WAY - Archie Pitt, Gordon Courtney (Winter Garden/17 Dec 1931)
Gracie Fields, Morris Harvey, Douglas Wakefield, Billy Nelson, Irene Pitt, Renee Foster, Tommy Fields, Harry Daniels, Pat Wilson, Fred Lovin, Chuck O'Neil (24 excellent production photos and review); also reviews of While Parents Sleep, Hold my Hand, Bow-Bells and It's a Girl [28pp; centre double-page spread colour-tinted; VG] £8

PlayPict/1932 (Mch) No.360 - HOLD MY HAND - Noel Gay (Gaiety/23 Dec 1931)
Sonnie Hale, Jessie Matthews, Stanley Lupino, Albert Le Fre, Harry Milton, Edna Thompson, Dora Lupino, Cyril Wells, Frank Hector, Pearl Rivers, Roma Darrell, Gladys Godby, Peggy De Reske, Connie Emerald, Marjery Wyn, Michael Roe, Ronald Chuter, Ronald Massey, Ronald Brantford (28 excellent photos, including 2 colour-tinted); also reviews of Julius Caesar (with Basil Gill, Baliol Holloway, Lyn Harding, Godfrey Tearle, Oscar Asche), The Green Pack, Helen (with Evelyn Laye, George Robey), Sentenced, The Immortal Hour (with Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies), The Last Coupon, King, Queen, Knave, So Far and No Father [28pp; centre pages loose, spine partially split, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1932 (Apr) No.361 - WHILE PARENTS SLEEP - Anthony Kimmins (Royalty/19 Jan 1932)
Frances Doble, Hugh Williams, Jack Hawkins, Diana Beaumont, Mary Hinton, Nigel Playfair (18 excellent photos and review); also reviews of The Cat and The Fiddle, Important People, Derby Day, Dirty Work, Tobias and the Angel (with Hermione Baddeley, Tyrone Guthrie, Robert Eddison, Henry Ainley), The Iron Woman, Punchinello, The Enemy, Paulette, Lovely Lady, The Man I Killed and Fire [28pp; excellent photos throughout; VG] £8

PlayPict/1932 (Jun) No.363 - PLEASURE CRUISE - Austen Allen (Apollo/26 Apr 1932)
Madeleine Carroll, Owen Nares, Marda Vanne, Frank Pettingell, Jean Cadell, Reginald Gardiner, Kathleen Stuart, Joan Frost, Eric Spear, Natalie Moya, Percival Clark, Rex De Vigne (24 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Dangerous Corner, Somebody Knows, The Love Pirate, Man Overboard, Heartbreak House (with Cedric Harwicke, Edith Evans), The Merchant of Venice (with Ernest Milton, Mary Newcomb, Nicholas Hannen; with photo), Wings Over Europe, Queer Cattle, A Cold June and Party [28pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1932 (Jul) No.364 - CASANOVA - Johann Strauss, Harry Graham (London Coliseum/24 May 1932)
Marie Lohr, Arthur Fear, Jack Barty, Dorothy Dickson, Soffi Schonning, Grete Natzler, Oriel Ross, John Deverell, Charles Mayhew, Robert Cheesman, Marianne Winkelstern, Mary Lawson, Douglas Wakefield (30 excellent photos of this spectacular production, and review); also reviews of The Vinegar Tree, The Price of Wisdom, Hocus Pocus!, Tell Her The Truth, The Secret Woman (with Peggy Ashcroft), Out of the Bottle, Ourselves Alone and Fanfare [32pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1932 (Aug) No.365 - TELL HER THE TRUTH - Jack Waller, Joseph Tunbridge, R P Weston, Bert Lee and Frederick S Isham (Saville/14 Jun 1932)
Bobby Howe, Jean Adrienne, Alfred Drayton, Wylie Watson, Polly Luce, Helen Gray, Peter Haddon, Jack Lambert, Henrietta Watson, Winifred Izard, Diana Maxwell (26 excellent photos); also reviews of Evensong (with Edith Evans), Savoy Follies, The Pride of the Regiment, Intimate Relations and Love's Labours Lost [28pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1932 (Sep) No.366 - ORDERS ARE ORDERS - Ian Hay and Anthony Armstrong (Shaftesbury/9 Aug 1932)
Adele Dixon, Basil Foster, Clive Currie, Reginald Purdell, Olive Blakeney, Ernest Jay, Reginald Bach, Ivy Des Voeux, Henry Thompson, Kathleen Kelly, Edward Harben, Marjorie Corbett, Michael Shepley (30 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Behold We Live, Loyalties, To-Morrow Will be Friday and Firebird [28pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1932 (Oct) No.367 - BEHOLD, WE LIVE - John Van Druten (St.James's/16 Aug 1932)
Gerald Du Maurier, Gertrude Lawrence, Ronald Ward, Eileen Peel, Alexander Archdale, Everley Gregg, May Whitty (23 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Too True To Be Good (with Ernest Thesiger, Donald Wolfit, Cedric Hardwicke, Ralph Richardson), Words and Music, Night of the Garter, The Way of the Stars, Fifty-Fifty, Rhyme and Rhythm and Will you Love me Always [28pp; slightly rumpled with very minor damp marks, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1932 (Nov) No.368 - WORDS AND MUSIC - Noel Coward (Adelphi/16 Sept 1932)
John Mills, Ivy St.Helier, Steffi Duna, Doris Hare, Joyce Barbour, Gerald Nodin, Romney Brent, Edward Underdown, Rita Lyle, Nora Howard, Ivy Spring, Ann Codrington, Elizabeth Jenns, Cyril Butcher, Kenneth Ware, Millie Sim, Elizabeth Cochran, Moya Nugent, Phyllis Harding, Betty Hare, Graham Payne, Naomi Waters; dir:Noel Coward (29 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Road House, Service, Children in Uniform and Strange Orchestra [36pp; an excellent record of this highly successful revue; VG] £10

PlayPict/1932 (Dec) No.369 - WILD VIOLETS - Robert Stolz, Hassard Short, Desmond Carter, Reginald Purdell (Drury Lane/31 Oct 1932)
Jerry Verno, Charlotte Greenwood, Louis Haywood, Irene Potter, Adele Dixon, Valerie Hay, Morton Selten, Harriet Bennett, Therese Vincent, John Garrick, Esmond Knight, Fred Conyngham, Jean Cadell, Rita Cooper (23 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Playground, Springtime for Henry, For Services Rendered (with Cedric Hardwicke, Ralph Richardson, Flora Robson), Never Come Back and Potash and Perlmutter [28pp; VG] £8


PlayPict/1933 (Jan) No.370 - WHERE THE RAINBOW ENDS - Clifford Mills and John Ramsey (Holborn Empire/22 Dec 1932)
Cyril Horrocks (as Saint George), Marjorie Day (as Rosamund), Brian Glennie (as Crispian), Ernest Hare (as Genie of the Carpet), Betty Castle (as The Witch), Douglas Phair (as The Dragon King), Hazel Gay (as Will O' The Wisp), Bertram Murray (as Uncle Joseph), Jean Anderson (as Aunt Matilda), Billy Scott (as Cubby), Kathleen Weston (as Betty), Italia Conti (as Vera Carey), Hedley Mattingly (as The Slacker), Leonard Smoothey (as Blunders) and Grace Sepping (as The Spirit of the Lake) (20+ excellent photos); music especially composed by Roger Quilter; plus 5 photos of past players: Mavis Yorke (the original Will O' the Wisp, 1911), Leslie Woodgate (A Dragon, 1919), Jack Hawkins (as the Frenchman, 1927), Adele Dixon (as Rosamund, 1920), Noel Coward (as the original bad boy William, 1911); cast lists of the original 1911 production and the current production; also reviews of The Cathedral, The School for Husbands, Business with America, Another Language and Jonah and the Whale [28pp; very minor edge tear to one page, spine very slightly split, else VG; an uncommon issue] £8

PlayPict/1933 (Feb) No.371 - FRESH FIELDS - Ivor Novello (Criterion/5 Jan 1933)
Ellis Jeffreys, Lilian Braithwaite, Gwen Floyd, Robert Andrews, Eileen Peel, Minnie Rayner, Martin Sands, Fred Groves, Martita Hunt (21 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Double Harness, Recipe for Murder, The Streets of London, Flies in the Sun (with Ivor Novello) and Dinner at Eight; also two illustrations from Lyceum Theatre productions: Becket (1893) and King Henry VIII (1892) [28pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1933 (Mch) No.372 - MOTHER OF PEARL - Alfred Grunwald, A P Herbert, Oscar Straus (Gaiety/27 Jan 1933)
Alice Delysia, Sepha Treble, David Hutcheson, Frederick Ranalow, A Scott-Gatty, Roy Byford, Hubert Harben, Aubrey Mather, William Stephens, Paul Basque, Clarence Blakiston, Richard Dolman, Austin Trevor, Reginald Gardiner (23 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Richard of Bordeaux (with John Gielgud, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies), The Holmeses of Baker Street, Between Friends, Doctor's Orders, Half a Million, A Bit of a Test, It's You I Want and The One Girl [32pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1933 (Apr) No.373 - JOLLY ROGER - Walter Leigh, V C Clinton-Baddeley, and Scobie Mackenzie (Savoy/1 Mch 1933)
Victor Orsini, Muriel Angelus, Joan Collier, George Robey, Percy Heming, Gavin Gordon, Sara Allgood, Scott Russell, Charlotte Leigh (18 excellent photos and review); also reviews of Once in a Lifetime, Gay Love and Oliver Twist [28pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1933 (Jun) No.375 - HE WANTED ADVENTURE - Jack Waller, Joseph Tunbridge, Walter Hackett, R P Weston, Bert Lee and Clifford Grey (Saville/28 Mch 1933)
Marie Burke, Bobby Howes, Judy Gunn, Wylie Watson, Ernest Graham, Abraham Sofaer, Winifred Izard, Raymond Newell, Kitty Glen, Glen Pointing, Dorothy Cooper, Diana Walkington, Mary Mauldon, Doris Clemence, Naomi Waters, Elizabeth Jenns (25 excellent photos and review); also reviews of When Ladies Meet, High Temperature, Wild Justice (with Margaret Rutherford), How D'You Do?, Caesar's Friend, The Late Christopher Bean (with Cedric Hardwicke, Edith Evans) and Music in the Air [28pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1933 (Sep) No.378 - THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN - Emlyn Williams, Rene Fauchois (St.James's/16 May 1933)
Edith Evans, Cedric Hardwicke, Louise Hampton, Lucille Lisle, Barry K Barnes, Nadine March, Robert Holmes, Frederick Leister, Clarence Derwent (28 excellent photos); also reviews of Is Life Worth Living? and The Ace [24pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1933 (Nov) No.380 - "NICE GOINGS ON" - Douglas Furber, Arthur Schwartz (Strand/13 Sep 1933)
Leslie Henson, Zelma O'Neal, Fred Conyngham, Madeline Gibson, Sydney Fairbrother, David Hutcheson, Robertson Hare, Marjorie Brooks, Charles Stone, Richard Hearne (29 excellent photos) [24pp; VG] £8


PlayPict/1934 (Jan) No.381 - ESCAPE ME NEVER - Margaret Kennedy (Apollo/8 Dec 1933)
Elisabeth Bergner, Hugh Sinclair, Katie Johnson, W Cronin Wilson, Eve Turner, Muriel Johnston, Griffith Jones; directed by Komisarjevsky (31 excellent production photos and The Story of the Play); also Personalities of the Play (biographies) and 5 photos of the leading players "as themselves"; Plays of the Month by H M Walbrook; Gate-Crashing the Stage by Hugh Sinclair; How the Entertainment Industry is Penalised by Unjust Taxation [32pp; tiny edge tear to cover, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1934 (Apr) No.384 - THE GOLDEN TOY - Carl Zuckmayer (Coliseum/28 Feb 1934)
Ernest Thesiger, Nellie Wallace, Peggy Ashcroft, Ion Swinley, Wilfrid Lawson, George Hayes, Joan White, Lupino Lane, Henry Hallatt, Thea Phillips, Walter Glynne, Jack Clayton, Miles Byrne (40 excellent photos of "The most spectacular play of the day at the London Coliseum", The Story of the Play and a page of cartoon sketches); Report on the death of Sir Gerald Du Maurier; Stage Gossip; Plays of the Month by H M Walbrook [36pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1934 (May) No.385 - SPORTING LOVE - Stanley Lupino, Billy Mayerl (Gaiety/31 Mch 1934)
Stanley Lupino, Jenny Dean, Arty Ash, Laddie Cliff, Vera Bryer, Harry Milton, Marjorie Browne, Basil Howes, Wyn Weaver, William Lorrimer, Eileen Munro, Gilly Flower, Arthur Rigby, jr. (35 excellent photos and The Story of the Play); Plays of the Month by H M Walbrook; Stage Gossip [36pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1934 (Jun) No.386 - LIBEL ! - Ward Dorane (Playhouse/2 Apr 1934)
Aubrey Mather, Frances Doble, Malcolm Keen, Leon M Lion, Gwendoline Hill, Beckett Bould, Antony Holles, Nigel Playfair (15 excellent photos, The Story of the Play, Who's Who in the Cast and a page of cartoon sketches); further feature on THE WIND AND THE RAIN - Merton Hodge (St.Martin's/18 Oct 1933), with Ivan Brandt, Margaret Moffat, Celia Johnson, Robert Harris, Kenneth Villiers (5 excellent photos and synopsis); feature on the Teatro dei Piccoli - Theatre of Little People (with 3 photos); Behind the Scenes at London's Folies Bergere (with 7 photos); Plays of the Month by H M Walbrook; Stage Gossip [36pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1934 (Jul) No.387 - cover: LOUISE BROWNE in Happy Week-End
Features on QUEEN OF SCOTS - Gordon Daviot (New/8 Jun 1934) Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Morland Graham, Laurence Olivier, Glen Byam Shaw (6 excellent photos), VINTAGE WINE - Seymour Hicks, Ashley Dukes (Daly's/28 May 1934) Seymour Hicks, Nancy O'Neil, Bromley Davenport, Claire Luce, Julia Neilson (8 excellent photos and page of cartoon sketches), HAPPY WEEK-END (Duke of York's) Louise Browne, Magda Kun, Steve Geray, Paul Blake, Stella Maris, Claude Allister, Mildred Cottell, David Hutcheson (9 excellent photos), LIVING DANGEROUSLY - Reginald Simpson, Frank Gregory (Strand/7 Jun 1934) Godfrey Tearle, Edward Fielding, Edward H Robins, Helen Goss, Allan Aynesworth, Madge Saunders, Martin Walker (5 excellent photos), TOUCH WOOD - C L Anthony (Haymarket/16 May 1934) Eric Cowley, Flora Robson, Dorothy Hyson, Dennis Arundell, Elliot Mason, Oriel Ross, Stafford Hilliard, Ian Hunter, Pamela Standish, Desmond Tester, Frank Pettingell (7 excellent photos and synopsis), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Regent's Park) (7 excellent photos); large caricature of Noel Coward; Plays of the Month by H M Walbrook; Stage Gossip [36pp; VG] £8


PlayPict/1935 (Jul) No.399 - cover: SIR SEYMOUR HICKS
Features on THE TWO MRS.CARROLLS - Martin Vale (St.Martin's) Elena Miramova, Netta Westcott, Leslie Banks, Edward Harben, Evelyn Moore, Joan Maude, Lamont Dickson (12 photos), THE GAY DECEIVERS (Gaiety) David Hutcheson, Clifford Mollison, Claire Luce, Walter Williams, Gina Malo, Charlotte Greenwood, Ivor Barnard (7 photos), GRIEF GOES OVER (Globe, then Phoenix) Sybil Thorndike, Helen Vayne, Elliot Mason, Mary Jones, Sylvia Coleridge, Clive Morton, Geoffrey Nares, Winifred Oughton (5 photos), LOVE LAUGHS - ! (London Hippodrome) Laddie Cliff, Renee Houston, Barbara Newberry, Allen Kearns, James Carew, Paul Blake, Kelvin Bernard (13 photos and a page of caricatures); The "Rep" With An Alibi - A Visit to Malvern, feature on The Open-Air Theatre, Regent's Park (with photo), A Pen Picture of Merton Hodge (with photo), interview with Sydney Carroll, feature on Laddie Cliff (with photo), Obituary of George Grossmith (with photo as Mr Horner in The Country Wife), Theatre Notes etc. [36pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1935 (Aug) No.400 - cover: JOHN GIELGUD
Features on NOAH - Andrew Obey (New Theatre) John Gielgud, George Devine, Harry Andrews, Eric Wynn-Owen, Susan Salaman, Alec Guinness, Barbara Seymour, Richard Sheridan, Merula Salaman, Ena Burrill, Marjorie Fielding, Jessica Tandy, Harold Young, Colin Keith-Johnston, Marius Goring, Cecily Howland (7 photos and page of caricatures), CLOSE QUARTERS - W O Somin (Theatre Royal, Haymarket) Flora Robson, Oscar Homolka (5 photos), AS YOU LIKE IT and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Open-Air Theatre, Regent's Park - Third Season 1935) Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Fay Compton, Leslie French, Hubert Gregg, Geoffrey Edwards, Lesley Wareing, Rosalyn Boulter, Nini Theilade (8 photos), THE SIMPLETON OF THE UNEXPECTED ISLES and VOLPONE (Seventh Malvern Festival) Eileen Beldon, Godfrey Kenton, Arthur Ridley, Derek Prentice, Cecil Trouncer, Vivienne Bennett, Curigwen Lewis, Norris Stayton, Donald Eccles, Elspeth March, Stephen Murray, Wilfrid Lawson (8 photos); The "Rep." That Rescued - A Visit to Southampton (3 photos), John Gielgud, Actor-Producer by Elspeth Grant, Theatre Notes etc. [32pp; VG] £8


PlayPict/1936 No.408 - PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - Jane Austen, adapted by Helen Jerome (St.James's/27 Feb 1936)
Celia Johnson, Hugh Williams, Leueen MacGrath, Barbara Everest, Dorothy Hyson, Gertrude Sterroll, Joan Harben, Athole Stewart, John Teed, Anthony Quayle, Viola Lyel, Lyonel Watts, Margaret Emden, Eva Moore (24 photos) [20pp; VG] £8


PlayPict/1937 (Mch) No.416 - BALALAIKA (Adelphi/22 Dec 1936)
Roger Treville, Muriel Angelus, Clifford Mollison, Betty Warren, Anthony Eustrel, Charles Fletcher, Leila M'Lada, Anna Brunton, Leo von Pokorny, Arthur Hardy, Margaret Withers, Hermione Darnborough, Dorothy Seacombe, Bennett O'Loghlen (33 photos), The Story of The Play etc. [20pp; spine slightly split, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1937 (Aug) No.421 - FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS - Terence Rattigan (Criterion/6 Nov 1936)
Kay Hammond, Rex Harrison, Roland Culver, Robert Flemyng, Yvonne Andre, Guy Middleton, Trevor Howard, Leueen MacGrath, Percy Walsh, Jessica Tandy (23 excellent photos), The Story of the Play etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1937 (Sep) No.422 - A SPOT OF BOTHER - Vernon Sylvaine (Strand/6 Jul 1937)
Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton, Jeanne Stuart, Phyllis Konstam, Ruth Maitland, Edie Martin, Frank Royde, Douglas Phillips, Stuart Latham, Janet Green (30 excellent photos), The Story of the Play etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1937 (Oct) No.423 - THE GUSHER - Ian Hay (Princes/31 Jul 1937)
Christine Barry, Alastair Sim, Coral Browne, Jack Livesey, Cyril Smith, Bernard Lee, Henry Thompson, Ernest Mainwaring, Percy Parsons, Frank Barclay, David Keir, Ivan Samson, Beatrice Boarer, Harold Franklin, Alfred Atkins, David Marsh, Joan Hickson, Dorma Leigh, Russell Durran (39 excellent photos), The Story of the Play etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1937 (Dec) No.425 - GOING GREEK - Guy Bolton, Fred Thompson, Douglas Furber (Gaiety/16 Sep 1937)
Leslie Henson, Louise Browne, Roy Royston, Mary Lawson, Gavin Gordon, Richard Caldicot, Rosalind Atkinson, Fred Emney, Richard Hearne, John E Coyle, Muriel White (32 excellent photos), The Story of the Play etc. [20pp; VG] £8


PlayPict/1938 (Mch) No.428 - SADLER'S WELLS OPERA SEASON 1937/38
Scenes from THE VALKYRIE (Arnold Matters, Cecilia Wessels, John Wright), MADAME BUTTERFLY (Joan Cross), FAUST (Joan Cross, Roderick Lloyd, John Hargreaves, Rose Morris), IL TABARRO, THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO (Sumner Austin, Joan Cross), LA BOHEME (Ronald Stear, Winifred Kennard, John Hargreaves, Arnold Matters, Tudor Davies, Janet Hamilton-Smith), THE MAGIC FLUTE (Harry Brindle, Joan Cross), THE MASTERSINGERS (Arthur Fear, Jeanne Dusseau, William Booth, Valetta Iacopi, Tudor Davies), HUGH THE DROVER (Tudor Davies, Joan Cross, Roderick Lloyd, Ronald Stear, Edith Coates, Powell Lloyd), PAGLIACCI (Tudor Davies, Janet Hamilton-Smith, Redvers Llewellyn), RIGOLETTO (Redvers Llewellyn, Roderick Lloyd), CARMEN (Janet Hamilton-Smith, Rose Morris, Edith Coates, Francis Russell), HANSEL AND GRETEL (Valetta Iacopi, Rose Morris, Sybil Hambleton), AIDA (Molly de Gunst, Edith Coates), FALSTAFF (Roderick Lloyd, Powell Lloyd, Redvers Llewellyn, William Booth, Arnold Matters), FIDELIO (Arnold Matters, Redvers Llewellyn, Ronald Stear, Molly de Gunst, Tudor Davies), DON GIOVANNI (Winifred Kennard, Ronald Stear, Arnold Matters, Ruth Naylor, Eric Starling); portraits of John Wright, Joan Cross, Roderick Lloyd, Rose Morris, Winifred Kennard, Arnold Matters, Edith Coates, Tudor Davies, Molly de Gunst, Ronald Stear, Powell Lloyd, Redvers Llewellyn, Arthur Fear, Olive Dyer, Constance Willis, Noel Eadie, Janet Hamilton-Smith, Ruth Naylor, Clive Carey, Sumner Austin, Lawrance Collingwood, Geoffrey Corbett, Warwick Braithwaite, Henry Robinson, John B Gordon (54 excellent photos) [24pp; centre pages loose from one staple, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1938 (Jun) No.431 - SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Stratford-upon-Avon
Scenes from HENRY VIII (Gyles Isham, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Ethel Griffies, Andrew Leigh, Valerie Tudor, Anne Dalston, Kenneth Wicksteed, James Dale - 4 photos), MACBETH (James Dale, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Vera Coburn, Andrew Leigh, Michael Goodliffe, Gyles Isham, Jay Laurier - 3 photos), THE COMEDY OF ERRORS (Maurice Jones, C Rivers Gadsby, Pauline Letts, Valerie Tudor, James Dale, Sheldon Bishop, Andrew Leigh, Dennis Roberts, directed and designed by Komisarjevsky - 4 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT (Gyles Isham, Valerie Tudor, Donald L Smith, Andrew Leigh, Jay Laurier, James Dale, Peggy Livesey, Pauline Letts - 3 photos), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Anne Dalston, James Dale, Jay Laurier, Kenneth Wicksteed, Valerie Tudor - 3 photos), TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA (Gyles Isham, Andrew Leigh, Jay Laurier, Pauline Letts, Valerie Tudor, Francis James, Peggy Livesey, Richard Blatchley - 4 photos), ROMEO AND JULIET (Francis James, Valerie Tudor, Dennis Roberts, Ethel Griffies, Gyles Isham, Gerald Kay Souper, George Hagan - 3 photos), THE TEMPEST (Gyles Isham, James Dale, Jay Laurier, George Hagan, Francis James, Pauline Letts, Dennis Hutchinson - 3 photos); character portraits of Phyllis Neilson-Terry (as Queen Katharine), Valerie Tudor (as Adriana), James Dale (as Antipholus of Syracuse), Jay Laurier (as Launce), Gyles Isham (as Valentine), Ethel Griffies (as The Old Lady in Henry VIII), Francis James (as Malcolm), Peggy Livesey (as Silvia), Andrew Leigh (as Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Pauline Letts (as Hermia); 37 excellent photos in all [24pp; cover detached, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1938 (Oct) No.435 - SHE TOO WAS YOUNG - Hilda Vaughan, Laurier Lister (Wyndham's/16 Aug 1938)
Barry Sinclair, Dorothy Hyson, Marie Ney, Edmund Gwenn, Katie Johnson, Diana Morgan, Ann Todd, Vivienne Chatterton, Richard Littledale, Alan Webb, Esme Percy (34 excellent photos), The Story of the Play etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1938 (Nov) No.436 - RUNNING RIOT - Vivian Ellis, Douglas Furber, Guy Bolton, Firth Shephard (Gaiety/31 Aug 1938)
Leslie Henson, Roy Royston, Louise Browne, Mary Lawson, Gavin Gordon, Richard Hearne, Fred Emney, Rosalind Atkinson, Rob Currie, Richard Caldicot, Leslie Spurling (36 excellent photos), The Story of the Play etc. [20pp; VG] £8


PlayPict/1939 (Jan) No.438 - WHEN WE ARE MARRIED - J B Priestley (St.Martin's/11 Oct 1938)
Raymond Huntley, Lloyd Pearson, Ernest Butcher, Helena Pickard, Muriel George, Ethel Coleridge, Frank Pettingell, Patricia Hayes, Richard Warner, Betty Fleetwood, Alexander Grandison, Beatrice Varley, Mai Bacon (27 excellent photos, and The Story of the Play); We Recommend These Shows (survey of the West-End with 3 photos), I See Stars by "Mercury" (theatre gossip) etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1939 (Feb) No.439 - BABES IN THE WOOD (Drury Lane)
Fay Compton (as Robin Hood), G S Melvin, Jack Edge, Pat Warner, Beryl May, Charles Cornford, Vincent Lawson, Greta Fayne, Moya Macqueen-Pope, Chevalier Brothers, Agar Young Duo (as Lulu The Horse) (35 excellent photos); How to turn Fairy Tales into Pantomimes by M Willson Disher (, We Recommend These Shows (survey of the West-End with 3 photos) etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1939 (Apr) No.441 - MAGYAR MELODY - George Posford, Bernard Grun, Eric Maschwitz, Fred Thompson, Guy Bolton (His Majesty's/20 Jan 1939)
Binnie Hale, Roger Treville, Isobel Ohmead, Lawrence Anderson, Arthur Margetson, Betty Warren, Stella Arbenina, Jimmy Godden, Jerry Verno, Betty Bucknell (32 excellent photos), The Story of the Play etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1939 (May) No.442 - LITTLE LADYSHIP - Ian Hay (Aldwych/7 Feb 1939)
Lilli Palmer, Cecil Parker, Joan White, Renee Kelly, Aubrey Mather, David Tree, Elliot Mason, Beatrix Feilden-Kaye, Ernest Jay, Iris Vandeleur, Archibald Batty (29 excellent photos), The Story of the Play, We Recommend These Shows (survey of the West-End) etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1939 (Jun) No.443 - DIAMOND JUBILEE FESTIVAL, Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare Memorial Theatre)
MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Alec Clunes, Vivienne Bennett, Geoffrey Keen, James Dale, Michael Goodliffe, Lesley Brook - 4 photos), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW (Jay Laurier, Lesley Brook, Vivienne Bennett, Alec Clunes - 3 photos), KING RICHARD III (John Laurie (as Richard), Joyce Bland, Stanley Howlett, James Dale, Vivienne Bennett, Dorothy Green - 4 photos), AS YOU LIKE IT (Geoffrey Keen, Trevor Howard, Vivienne Bennett, John Laurie - 3 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT (Joyce Bland, Jay Laurier, Alec Clunes, Dennis Roberts, John Laurie, Lesley Brook, Betty Hardy, Michael Goodliffe - 3 photos), OTHELLO (John Laurie, Joyce Bland, Alec Clunes, Betty Hardy, Michael Goodliffe - 4 photos), THE COMEDY OF ERRORS (Dennis Roberts, James Dale, Vivienne Bennett, Matty Gilmore, Rivers Gadsby - 3 photos), CORIOLANUS (Alec Clunes, Dorothy Green, Stanley Howlett, Andrew Leigh, John Laurie, Lesley Brook, Betty Hardy, Dorothy Green - 3 photos); character portraits of John Laurie (as Othello), Alec Clunes (as Benedick), Joyce Bland (as Lady Anne), Vivienne Bennett (as Katharina), Jay Laurier (as Dogberry), Dorothy Green (as Queen Margaret), Geoffrey Keen (as Orlando), Betty Hardy (as Maria), Lesley Brook (as Olivia), James Dale (as Don Juan (sic) in 'Much Ado') 37 excellent photos; Shakespeare's Appeal to the "Brisky Juvenals" by Sir Archibald Flower etc. [24pp; slightly rumpled, minor marks, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1939 (Aug) No.445 - OPEN AIR THEATRE, REGENT'S PARK 1939 SEASON
Scenes from A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Leslie French, Robert Eddison, Margaret Vines, Iris Baker, Richard Littledale, Patricia Hicks, Christopher Quest, Clement Hamelin, Eadie Palfrey, Hugh Thurston, D A Clarke-Smith, Romney Brent, Morris Harvey, W E Holloway - 11 photos), MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Christopher Quest, D G Milford, Cathleen Nesbitt, Margaret Vines, Tristan Rawson, Cecil Ramage, D A Clarke-Smith, Morris Harvey - 7 photos), PERICLES (Wilfred Walter, Robert Eddison, Patricia Tucker, Sylvia Coleridge, Tristan Rawson, Harold Scott, Pollie Emery, Margaret Vines - 9 photos); portraits of Romney Brent, Robert Eddison, Leslie French, Margaret Vines, Gerd Larsen, Robert Atkins, Patricia Hicks, Iris Baker; 36 excellent photos in all; Commentary on the Seventh Summer Season at the Open Air Theatre etc. [20pp; VG] £8

PlayPict/1939 (Sep) No.446 - JOHN GIELGUD: Pictorial Record of His Career [last issue of Play Pictorial]
Excellent issue with 45 magnificent photos, featuring RICHARD OF BORDEAUX (with Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Francis Lister, George Howe, H R Hignett), HAMLET (with Frank Vosper, Jack Hawkins, Glen Byam Shaw, Jessica Tandy, Laura Cowie), THE MAITLANDS (with Sophie Stewart), NOAH, ROMEO AND JULIET (with Laurence Olivier, Edith Evans, Peggy Ashcroft), THE SEAGULL (with Edith Evans, Clare Harris, Leon Quartermaine, George Devine, Peggy Ashcroft, Ivor Barnard, Frederick Lloyd), RICHARD THE SECOND (with Glen Byam Shaw, Michael Redgrave), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL (with Peggy Ashcroft), THREE SISTERS (with Carol Goodner, Peggy Ashcroft, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE (with Peggy Ashcroft), DEAR OCTOPUS (with Angela Baddeley, Valerie Taylor, Marie Tempest, Leon Quartermaine), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (with Angela Baddeley, Joyce Carey, Ronald Ward, Edith Evans, Leon Quartermaine); John Gielgud - Man of the Theatre (summary of his career by Norman Hast, with 7 photos); portraits of Gielgud as Hamlet in 1929/30 and June 1939, cover portrait of John Gielgud etc. [24pp, 8.6x11.25; cover very slightly split at spine, else VG] £8

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