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As well as lavish photographic coverage of a single production, these magazines usually include an editorial, a cast list, the story of the play, general theatrical comment and stylish period advertisements. Most spines are slightly rubbed and staples beginning to rust, but except where noted, the content of these magazines is in excellent condition.

The Play Pictorial: 1910s

PlayPict/1910 No.97 - PRISCILLA RUNS AWAY - Elizabeth Arnim (Haymarket/28 June 1910)
Phyllis Neilson-Terry, E Lyall Swete, Charles Maude, Sydney Fairbrother, Frances Ivor, Agnes Thomas, Any Lamborn, Donald Calthrop, Louis Goodrich, Victoria Addison [44pp; c48 excellent photos; Seating Plan of the Haymarket Theatre; Play of The Month (w.commentary and cast list): The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (Terry's); staples missing, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1910 No101 - ECCENTRIC LORD COMBERDENE - R C Carton (St.James's/19 November 1910)
George Alexander, Miss Compton, Rita Jolivet, Lyston Lyle, Athol Stewart, E Vivian Reynolds, Ruth Maitland, J H Barnes, Fred Lewis, Marjorie Waterlow [44pp; 35+ excellent photos; spine slightly rubbed, staples rusty, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1911 No.105 - PASSERS-BY - C Haddon Chambers (Wyndham's/29 March 1911)
Gerald Du Maurier, Irene Vanbrugh, Helen Ferrers, Gayer Mackay, O P Heggie, Renee Mayer, Nina Sevening, George Shelton [44pp; 45+ excellent photos; VG] £8

PlayPict/1911 No.106 - KISMET - Edward Knoblauch (Garrick/19 April 1911)
Oscar Asche, Lily Brayton, Dorothy Moulton, Ernest Leeman, R Ian Penny, Herbert Grimwood, Ben Webster, H Winspeare, George Relph, Bessie Major, Saba Raleigh, Nancy Denvers [44pp; 50+ excellent photos of this spectacular production; a splendid issue; VG] £10

PlayPict/1911 No.108 - THE COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG - Franz Lehar, Basil Hood, Adrian Ross (Daly's/20 May 1911)
Lily Elsie, Gladys Guy, W H Berry, Huntley Wright, Bertram Wallis, Fred Kaye, Gladys Homfrey, May Marton [60pp; 36+ excellent production photos; Seating Plan for Daly's Theatre etc.; cover detached and slightly rumpled, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1911 No.110 - BABY MINE - Margaret Mayo (Vaudeville/22 February 1911)
Weedon Grossmith, Iris Hoey, Constance Hyem, Donald Calthrop, Constance Bachner, Drelincourt Odlum, Miss E Innes-Kerr, Arthur Leigh [36pp; staples rusty, cover slightly split and top left corner rubbed, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1911 No.114 - FANNY'S FIRST PLAY - Bernard Shaw (Kingsway/19 Apr 1911)
Lillah McCarthy, Cicely Hamilton, Claude King, Christine Silver, Lyonel Watts, H K Ayliff [40pp; 25+ excellent photos; back cover missing, cover v.spotty, else VG] £4

PlayPict/1912 No.117 - MILESTONES - Arnold Bennet and Edward Knoblauch (Royalty/5 March 1912)
Dennis Eadie, Mary Jerrold, Lionel Atwill, Mary Relph, Stanley Logan, Evelyn Weeden, Gladys Cooper, Haidee Wright [36pp; 30+ excellent photos; covers detached and tatty, else VG] £2

PlayPict/1912 No.122 - BUNTY PULLS THE STRINGS - Graham Moffat (Haymarket/18 July 1911)
Kate Moffat, Watson Hume, Graham Moffat, George Tawde, Jean Turnbull, Eva McRoberts [36pp; excellent photos; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1912 No.123 - READY MONEY - Montgomery (New/12 August 1912)
Allan Aynesworth, Hilda Antony, Kenneth Douglas, Miss May Whitty [40pp; excellent photos; cover very rubbed, else VG] £5

PlayPict/1912 No.125 - THE DANCING MISTRESS - Monckton (Adelphi/19 December 1912)
Gertie Millar, Joseph Coyne, Elsie Spain, Maud Cressall, Gracie Leigh, Nicholas Hannen [52pp; excellent photos; spine slightly split, minor mark on cover, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1912 No.126 - TWELFTH NIGHT (Savoy/15 November 1912)
Arthur Wontner, Lillah McCarthy, Henry Ainley, Evelyn Millard, Dennis Neilson-Terry, Leon Quartermaine, C Hayden-Coffin, Arthur Whitby, Leah Hunter, Herbert Hewetson, produced by Harley Granville Barker [40pp; 30+ excellent photos and review of Twelfth Night; superb issue; cover missing, else VG] £3

PlayPict/1912? No.127 - REVIEW OF REVUES
Robert Hale, Ida Crispi, Farren Soutar, Ivy St.Helier, Vernon Watson, Scott Russell, Unity More, Muriel Hudson, Christy Solari, George Grossmith, Shirley Kellogg [36pp; excellent photos; VG] £8

PlayPict/1913 No.128 - GENERAL JOHN REGAN - Birmingham (Apollo/9 January 1913)
Charles Hawtrey, Cathleen Nesbitt, Leonard Boyne, Franc Stoney, W G Fay, Gladys Ffolliot, Harry Wenman, A Vane-Tempest, Dorothy O'Neill [36pp; excellent photos; top left corner of cover rubbed and loose from one staple, contents unaffected; VG] £7

Excellent souvenir issue on the Farewell to the Stage of Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson [36pp; 28+ excellent photos of Forbes-Robertson in Hamlet, The Passing of the Third Floor Back, Shylock, The Light That Failed and other plays; 2-page article by George Bernard Shaw about Forbes-Robertson and Gertrude Elliott in Caesar and Cleopatra (w.3 photos); spine scuffed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1913 No.131 - THE GIRL ON THE FILM - Tanner (Gaiety/5 April 1913)
George Grossmith, George Barrett, Charles Maude, Robert Nainby, Emmy Wehlen, Madeleine Seymour, Gwendoline Brogden, Connie Ediss [40pp; excellent photos; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1913 No.134 - THE BARRIER - Philip E Hubbard, Rex Beach (Strand/17 July 1913)
Matheson Lang, May Blayney, Malcolm Cherry, Charles Rock, Luna Lyndon, Hubert Willis, Harcourt Beatty, Lewis Willoughby [32pp; excellent photos; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1913 No.135 - JOSEPH AND HIS BRETHREN - Parker (His Majesty's/2 September 1913)
Herbert Beerbohm Tree, George Relph, Maxine Elliott, Philip Merivale, Cynthia Brooke, Jessie Winter, Henry Vibart, Owen Roughwood, Roy Byford [40pp; excellent photos; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1913 No.136 - SEALED ORDERS Cecil Raleigh and Henry Hamilton (Drury Lane/11 September 1913)
Madge Fabian, Myrtle Tannehill, John le Page, Arthur Poole, Edward Sass [36pp; 30+ excellent photos of this spectacular sensation drama!; cover slightly grubby, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1913 No.137 - THE PEARL GIRL - Hugo Felix, Howard Talbot, Basil Hood (Shaftesbury/25 September 1913)
Iris Hoey, Joan Hay, Harry Welchman, Lauri De Frece, Alfred Lester, Miss K Hayes, Miss M Compton, Miss G Hughes, Miss Gilbert, Miss M Kelly, Miss M Joyce, Harry Ray, Rix Curtis, Violet Crompton, Marjorie Maxwell, Violet Blythe, Edgar Stanmore, Mr Harding, Duncan Tovey, Sebastian Smith, Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Reginald Sharland, T Bryce-Wilson, Vere Mathews, Bernard Stacey, Reginald Andrews, Charles Courtneidge, Ada Blanche, Dorothea Temple, Sadrene Storri, George Thurley [40pp; 25+ excellent large-size photos; notices of The Girl From Utah, The Shadow, Titania, Half An Hour, The Laughing Husband, People Like Ourselves, The Grand Seigneur, A Daughter of France, The New Duke, Collision; lacks front and back covers, else VG] £4

PlayPict/1913 No.139 - WHO'S THE LADY? - Levy (Garrick/22 November 1913)
Jean Alwyn, Farren Soutar, E Dagnall, Fay Compton, Violet Gould, Minnie Terry [36pp; excellent photos; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1913 No.140 - MR. WU - Vernon/Owen (Strand/27 November 1913)
Matheson Lang, Lilian Braithwaite, Hilda Bailey, Evan Thomas, Harcourt Beatty, Chas.Wemyss, Martyn Roland, Frank Thorndike, Sydney Vautier, Marian Lind [36pp; excellent photos; slightly grubby, spine scuffed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1913 No.141 - WITHIN THE LAW - Bayard Veiller, adapted by Frederick Fenn and Arthur Wimperis (Haymarket/24 May 1913)
Edyth Goodall, Mabel Burnege, J V Bryant, Constance Bachner, Francis Chamier, E Lyall Sweete, Frederick Ross, Leon M Lion, Mabel Russell, Eille Norwood, Charles Garry, Stuart Musgrave [36pp; 35+ excellent photos; cover slightly grubby, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1914 No.143 - KISMET - Edward Knoblock (Globe/10 March 1914)
Oscar Asche, Lily Brayton, Frederic Worlock, Herbert Grimwood [36pp; 30+ excellent photos, and study of Lily Brayton tipped in; VG] £8

PlayPict/1914 No.144 - THE LAND OF PROMISE - Somerset Maugham (Duke of York's/26 February 1914)
Irene Vanbrugh, Godfrey Tearle, Lena Halliday, Basil S Foster, George Goodwin, Marion Ashworth, C V France [36pp; 30+ excellent photos; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1914 No.147 - POTASH AND PERLMUTTER- Montague Glass (Queen's/14 April 1914)
Madeline Seymour, Robert Leonard, Augustus Yorke, Ezra Matthews, Ernest Milton (London debut, aged 24) [28pp; 25+ excellent photos; VG] £8

PlayPict/1914 No.148 - AMOR PATRIAE
14 excellent photographs from AN ENGLISHMAN'S HOME (Wyndham's/1909) w.Forbes Dawson, Charles Rock (as Mr Brown), Arthur Wontner, Elaine Inescort; and large photographs of H.M. King George, F.M. Viscount Kitchener K.P., O.M., Field Marshall Sir John French G.C.B., Admiral Sir John Jellicoe K.C.B., F.M. Earl Roberts V.C., K.G., General Sir Horace L Smith-Dorrien G.C.B., General Joffre, and King Albert of Belgium [24pp; an issue unusual for featuring a production from five years before, and 8 large photographs of real-life national figures; cover slightly scuffed, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1914 No.149 - MILESTONES - Arnold Bennett and Edward Knoblauch (Royalty/31 October 1914)
Dennis Eadie, Mary Jerrold, Lynn Fontanne, Edith Evans [20pp; 20+ excellent photos; VG] £7

PlayPict/1914 No.151 - THE MAN WHO STAYED AT HOME - J E Harold Terry and Lechmere Worrall (Royalty/10 December 1914)
Dennis Eadie, Isobel Elsom, Malcolm Cherry, Mary Jerrold, Ruth Mackay, Elizabeth Rizdon, E H Edwards, Robert Brough [20pp; excellent photos of this Spy Drama; slightly grubby, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1914 No.152 - MISTRESS WILFUL - Ernest Hendrie and Frank Barrett (Strand/2 January 1915)
Julia Neilson, Fred Terry, J Carter Edwards, Winifred Rae, F P Stevens, Alfred Kendrick [20pp; 24 excellent photos; charming issue; VG] £7

PlayPict/1914 No.153 - RAFFLES - E W Hornung and Eugene Presbrey (Wyndham's/23 December 1914)
Gerald du Maurier, Hilda Moore, Violet Eardley, Lyston Lyle, Jules Shaw, Frances Wetherall, Kyrle Bellew, Murray Carrington [20pp; excellent photos; VG] £8

PlayPict/1915 No.154 - PEG O' MY HEART - J Hartley Manners (Comedy/10.10.14, Globe/11 January 1915)
Laurette Taylor, A E Matthews, Percy Ames, Helen Ferrers, J H Barnes [20pp; 20 excellent photos; slightly grubby and rumpled, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1915 No.156 - BETTY - Frederick Lonsdale, Gladys Unger, Paul A Rubens, Ernest Steffan, Merlin Morgan, Adrian Ross (Daly's/24 April 1915)
Winifred Barnes, Donald Calthrop, W H Berry, Mabel Sealby, G P Huntley, produced by Edward Royce [20pp; c35 excellent photos; VG] £7

PlayPict/1915 No.158 - QUINNEYS' - Horace Annesley Vachell (Haymarket/20 April 1915)
Henry Ainley, Marie Hemingway, Sydney Fairbrother, E J Caldwell, Godfrey Tearle, A G Poulton, Roland Pertwee, produced by E Lyall Swete [20pp; c28 excellent photos; VG] £7

PlayPict/1915 No.159 - GAMBLERS ALL - May Martindale (Wyndham's/8 June 1915)
Lewis Waller, Gerald du Maurier, Frances Wetherall, Madge Titheradge, Hilda Moore, Lyston Lyle [20pp; 20+ excellent photos; VG] £8

PlayPict/1915 No.162 - ROMANCE - Edward Sheldon (Duke of York's/6 October 1915)
Owen Nares, Doris Keane, Jack Hobbs, Muriel Harvey, A E Anson, Dorothy Rundell, Annie Hill, Agnes Thomas, Gilda Varesi [24pp; 25+ excellent photos; cover slightly grubby, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1916 No.172 - DADDY LONG-LEGS - Jean Webster (Duke of York's/29 May 1916)
Renee Kelly (as Jerusha Abbott), Jean Cadell, Reginald Maurice, Herbert Greville, Fay Davis, Charles Waldron (as Jervis Pendleton), Dorothy Dix, Evelyn Hope, Dorothy Hammond, A Hylton Allen, Kate Jepson, S Major Jones [20pp; 15 excellent large-size photos; VG] £6

PlayPict/1919 No.205 - MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE - Andre Messager, Frederick Lonsdale, Adrian Ross (Prince's/19 April 1919)
Marion Green, Maggie Teyte, Alice Moffat, John Clarke, P Carr, Robert Parker, Lennox Pawle, Robert Cunningham, Yvan Servais, Spencer Trevor [20pp; 22 excellent photos; with Play Pictoral Supplement (4pp, 8.9x11.25); VG] £6

PlayPict/1919 No.206 - CAESAR'S WIFE - W Somerset Maugham (Royalty/27 March 1919)
Townsend Whitling, Eva Moore, Robert Brough, C Aubrey Smith (as Sir Arthur Little), G C Desplas, Fay Compton (as Lady Little), George Relph (as Ronnie Parry), Helen Haye, V Sutton Vane; Hubert Hastings Parry: His Work and Place among British composers by Sir Alexander Mackenzie etc. [24pp; 17 excellent photos; w.charming 6.5x7.5 supplementary portrait of Fay Compton; VG] £6

PlayPict/1919 No.209 - TILLY OF BLOOMSBURY - Ian Hay (Apollo/10 July 1919)
Mary Glynne (as Tilly Welwyn), Geoffrey Kerr (as Richard Mainwaring), L Hanray, Ena Grossmith, Arthur Bourchier, Allan Aynesworth, Nellie Hodson, Marie Wright; Some Stars in Charles B Cochran's Autumn Productions (w.6 photos); Gilbert and Sullivan Opera by B W Findon ( of Henry Lytton, Geraldine Ulmar, Jessie Bond, Courtice Pounds and Rutland Barrington in THE GONDOLIERS, George Grossmith and Rosina Brandram in THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD, Durward Lely and Rutland Barrington in IOLANTHE, and Leonora Braham, Helen Gilliland, and Nellie Briercliffe) [20pp; 21 excellent photos; w.5.6x6.75 supplementary portrait of Sir Arthur Sullivan; VG] £8

PlayPict/1919 No.213 - HOME AND BEAUTY - W Somerset Maugham (Playhouse/30 August 1919)
Gladys Cooper (as Victoria), Lottie Venne, Malcolm Cherry (as Frederick), Doris Cooper, Charles Hawtrey (as William), K Somervell, Hubert Harben, Lyston Lyle, Jean Cadell [20pp; 19 excellent photos; w.6.6x7.75 supplementary portrait of Gladys Cooper; VG] £6

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