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As well as lavish photographic coverage of a single production, these magazines usually include an editorial, a cast list, the story of the play, general theatrical comment and stylish period advertisements. Most spines are slightly rubbed and staples beginning to rust, but except where noted, the content of these magazines is in excellent condition.

The Play Pictorial: 1920s

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No magazines available


PlayPict/1922 (Sep) No.246 - THE DOVER ROAD - A A Milne (Haymarket/7 Jun 1922)
Henry Ainley, Allan Aynesworth, Nicholas Hannen, Nancy Atkin [18pp loose; front cover and photographic pages only] £4


PlayPict/1923 (Mch) No.252 - IF WINTER COMES - Hutchinson/Macdonald Hastings (St.James's/31 Jan 1923)
Owen Nares, Grace Lane, Ernest Mainwaring, Barbara Hoffe, F Volpe, Tarver Penna, J Minster, Helen Spencer, Miss Vandaleur, Miss Reeve, Eric Stanley, Stafford Hilliard, Miss Darrell [24pp; 26 excellent photos; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £6

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PlayPict/1925 (Nov) No.284 - "NO.17" - Farjeon (New Theatre/12 Aug 1925)
Leon M Lion, Nicholas Hannen, Elizabeth Arkell, James Lindsay, Fred Groves, F Ambrose Flower, Nora Swinburne, Ronald Simpson (17 photos) [36pp; photos of Melville Gideon, Betty Chester, David Burnaby and Anita Elson in The Co-Optimists; Cinema Pictorial of Gloria Swanson in Her Love Story, Marie Prevost and Monte Blue in Recompense, Allan Forrest and Alice Calhoun in Pampered Youth, Anna G Nilsson and Ben Lyon in One Way Street, Anita Stewart in Baree, Son of Tarzan, Glenn Tryon, Bob Kortman and Lew Willis in The White Sheep, Doris Kenyon in If I Marry Again, Norma Talmadge in The Lady, and Constance Talmadge and Ray Hallor in Learning to Love; Screen Stories and Stars (with review of The Atonement of Gosta Berling, starring Greta Garbo: "I am told that [Greta Garbo] has been snapped up by Hollywood."); excellent photos throughout; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £5


PlayPict/1926 (May) No.290 - THE BEST PEOPLE - David Gray and Avery Hopwood (Lyric/16 Mch 1926)
Olga Lindo, Nora Swinburne, Ian Hunter, C V France, Henrietta Watson, Kenneth Kove, Hugh Williams, Maisie Darrell, Martin Sands, Frederick Volpe, Dora Gregory [36pp; incl. Cinema Pictorial of Hugette Duflos and Jaques Catelain in Rosenkavalier; excellent photos throughout; spine slightly rubbed, cover split and detached, else VG] £5


PlayPict/1927 (Feb) No.299 - YELLOW SANDS - Eden and Adelaide Phillpotts (Haymarket/3 Nov 1926)
Cedric Hardwicke, Viola Lyel, Ralph Richardson, Frank Vosper, Muriel Hewitt, Susan Richmond, Edward Petley, Amy Veness, H O Nicholson, Alice and Drusilla Wills; also photos of THE GOLD DIGGERS (Tallulah Bankhead), BROADWAY (Eleanor Hicks, Roy Lloyd, Violet Dunn), SUNNY (Binnie Hale, Jack Buchanan), LIDO LADY (Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert) [40pp; incl. Cinema Pictorial of Ivan Moskine and Nathalie de Kovanko in The Courier of the Czar, and scenes from Michael Strogoff; excellent photos throughout; spine slightly rubbed, cover detached, else VG] £5

PlayPict/1927 (Jul) No.304 - THE DESERT SONG - Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel (Drury Lane/7 Apr 1927)
Harry Welchman, Edith Day, Sidney Pointer, Ruby Moriss, Gene Gerrard, Phebe Brune, Barry MacKay, Clarice Hardwicke, Leonard MacKay [44pp; twenty-nine excellent production photos; also Plays of the Month: The Shadow of a Gunman (Court Theatre), The Garden of Eden (Lyric), Anne - One Hundred (Savoy), and The Spook Sonata (Globe); Reviews w.cast lists: Meet The Wife (St Martin's), The Combined Maze (Royalty), The Garden of Eden (Lyric), Anne - One Hundred (Savoy); Cinema Pictorial ( of Sir Basil Bartlett, Bart. as Hon. George Fenn-Ditton in the Cambridge University May Week film Grit, and two scenes from the film) etc.; cover slightly spotty, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1927 (Oct) No.307 - MARIGOLD - L Allen Harker, F R Pryor (Kingsway/21 Apr 1927)
Deering Wells, Angela Baddeley, Jean Cadell, Katie Johnson, Mary Barton, Beatrice Wilson, Hubert Harben, Athole Stewart, Allan Stevenson, Edmund Beresford; also photos of Tallulah Bankhead in THE GARDEN OF EDEN and Gertrude Lawrence in OH, KAY!, and of POTIPHAH'S WIFE (Jeanne de Casalis, Paul Cavanagh) and SEVENTH HEAVEN (Godfrey Tearle, Helen Menken) [44pp; excellent photos throughout; centre pages loose, spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1927 (Nov) No.308 - THE GIRL FRIEND - Bob Weston, Bert Lee, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Con Conrad, Gus Kahn, Otto Harbach (Palace/8 Sep 1927)
George Gee, Louise Browne, Emma Haig, Sara Allgood, Sebastian Smith, Clifford Mollison, Roy Royston, Bernard Clifton, Flora le Breton, Hal Willis, Polly Emery, Evelyn Hope, Kitty Brown, Robert Mason; also photos of THE LADY IN LAW (Edith Evans, O B Clarence, Frederick Leister, Ann Codrington, Duncan Yarrow), THE HIGH ROAD (Allan Aynesworth, Gertrude Kingston, Mary Jerrold, Alfred Drayton), OH, KAY! (Jack Hulbert, John Kirby, Betty and Beth Dodge, Rita McClean) [48pp; incl. Cinema Pictorial of May McAvoy and Charles Ray in FIRE; excellent photos throughout; VG] £6


PlayPict/1928 (Feb) No.311 - THE WRECKER - Arnold Ridley and Bernard Merivale (New/6 Dec 1927)
Edna Davies, G H Mulcaster, Ivy Sparrow, Norah Howard, Frank Bertram, George Elton, Vaughan Powel, Vincent Holman, Owen Roughwood, Fabia Drake, Keneth Kent; also photos of MARCH HARES (Leslie Banks, Alison Leggatt, Athene Seyler, Ronald Simpson, Hilda Trevelyan) and Robert Loraine in THE DANCE OF DEATH [36pp; incl. Films of the Month of Vilma Banky in The Magic Flame; excellent photos throughout; centre pages loose, spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1928 (Mch) No.312 - TWO WHITE ARMS - Harold Dearden (Ambassadors/23 Jan 1928)
Molly Kerr, Owen Nares, Charles Carson, Marda Vanne, Olwen Roose, Nigel Bruce, Frank Harvey, Sydney Fairbrother; also photos of THE SECOND MAN (Noel Coward, Zena Dare, Raymond Massey), S.O.S. (Sir Gerald du Maurier, Gracie Fields, Grace Wilson, Herbert Waring); 'Films of the Month' of Ramon Novarro and Norma Shearer in The Student Prince and Charlie Chaplin in The Circus [36pp; excellent photos throughout; centre pages loose, spine slightly split and rubbed, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1928 (Apr) No.313 - "S.O.S." - Walter Ellis (St.James's/11 Feb 1928)
Sir Gerald du Maurier, Gracie Fields, Herbert Waring, Grace Wilson, Ernest Mainwaring, Griffith Humphreys, Herbert Marshall, Betty Stockfeld; also photos of THE FOURTH WALL (Nora Swinburne, Jack Hobbs, Frank Cellier, Spencer Trevor) [36pp; incl. Films of the Month of Shirley Mason in Sally in Our Alley and Lois Wilson and Bert Lytell in Atlas the Lone Wolf; excellent photos throughout; spine rubbed and partially split, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1928 (May) No.314 - LADY MARY - Albert Sirmay, Harry Graham, Philip Charig (Daly's/23 Feb 1928)
George Grossmith, Herbert Mundin, Paul Cavanagh, Helen Gilliland, Dorothy Field, Lester Matthews, Jack Raine, Vera Bryer, Richard Dolman, George Rollat, Thomas Weguelin; full-page Mr.Punch's Personalities sketch of George Robey, reviews etc. [36pp; incl. Cinema Supplement of Jacqueline Logan in The Blood Ship and Lon Chaney, Gertrude Olmstead, Louise Dresser in Mr.Wu; excellent photos throughout; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1928 (Jun) No.315 - BLUE EYES - Jerome Kern, Guy Bolton, Graham John (Piccadilly/27 Apr 1928)
Evelyn Laye, Geoffrey Gwyther, Carlito Ackroyd, Ethel Baird, Philip D Williams, Edward O'Bryen, W H Berry, Barrie Livesey, Bertram Wallis, Stanley Newman, Sylvia Cecil, Amy Brandon-Thomas, Arthur Lucas, William Black, George Vollaire, Henry Millidge; also photos of THE TRIAL OF MARY DUGAN (Genevieve Tobin) and SO THIS IS LOVE (Madge Elliott, Cyril Ritchard), reviews etc. [36pp; incl. Cinema Supplement of John Barrymore and Camilla Horn in TEMPEST; excellent photos throughout; spine rubbed and slightly tatty, else VG] £6

PlayPict/1928 (Aug) No.317 - THAT'S A GOOD GIRL - Douglas Furber, Philip Charig and Joseph Meyer (London Hippodrome/5 Jun 1928)
Elsie Randolph, Jack Buchanan, Maidie Andrews, Fred Grey, Vera Pearce, Raymond Newell, Kate Cutler, Leonard Russell, William Kendall, Ivan Berlyn [36pp; excellent photos; centre pages loose, spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1928 (Oct) No.319 - SO THIS IS LOVE - Stanley Lupino, Arthur Rigby, Hal Brody, Desmond Carter (Winter Garden/25 Apr 1928)
Stanley Lupino, Laddie Cliff, Cyril Ritchard, Gilly Flower, Dudley Rolph, Madge Elliott, Sylvia Leslie, Connie Emerald, Ewart Locke, William Hall, Freddie Lord, James Croome, Reita Nugent [36pp; excellent photos; spine slightly rubbed, centre pages loose, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1928 (Dec) No.321 - SONG OF THE SEA - Edouard Kunneke, Arthur Wimperis and Lauri Wylie (His Majesty's/6 Sep 1928)
Lilian Davies, Stanley Holloway, Claude Hulbert, Leonard Mackay, Mary Leigh, A W Baskomb, Jerry Verno, Polly Ward, Dennis Hoey, Winifred Hare [36pp; excellent photos; VG] £8


PlayPict/1929 (Feb) No.323 - THE PATSY - Barry Conners (Apollo/19 Dec 1928)
Helen Ford, Alexander Clarke, Frank Shannon, Lucia Moore, Leonore Sorsby, Alexander Clark, Kenneth Loane; also reviews of He Walked in Her Sleep, The Chinese Bungalow, Journey's End, Byron, The Lady with the Lamp, charmingly illustrated with line drawings [36pp; 25+ excellent photos; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1929 (Jun) No.327 - THE MAN AT SIX - Don Celestin and Noel Doon (Queen's/30 Mch 1929)
Mary Glynne, Dennis Neilson-Terry, Arthur Pusey, Fredrick Leister, Lamont Dickson, Mary Mayfren, Lewis Lewisohn; also reviews of Mariners, A Cup of Kindness (Ben Travers), Persons Unknown, Rope, Paris Bound, Mary Rose, The Lady of the Rose, and photo of Kathlyn Hilliard in La Vie Parisienne [28pp; 16+ excellent photos; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1929 (Aug) No.329 - EXILED - John Galsworthy (Wyndham's/19 June 1929)
Edmund Gwenn, Lewis Casson, Brember Wills, Mabel Russell, Michael Shepley, Ronald Kerr, Edward Irwin, Una O'Connor, Douglas Jeffries; also reviews of Bitter Sweet, The First Mrs Fraser, The Face at the Window, One Little Kiss, A Bill of Divorcement, Beauty, charmingly illustrated with line drawings; photo of Leon M Lion, "recently appointed a Chevalier of the Legion d'Honneur" [28pp; 16+ excellent photos; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £8

PlayPict/1929 (Sep) No.330 - BITTER SWEET - Noel Coward (His Majesty's/18 July 1929)
Peggy Wood, George Metaxa, Ivy St.Helier, Dorothy Boyd, William Harn, Billy Milton, Robert Newton, Elaine Inescort, Winifred Davis, Marjorie Rogers, Norah Howard, Betty Huntley Wright, Millie Sim, Austin Trevor, Clifford Heatherley, Tommy Hayes; also reviews of The Middle Watch, The Tiger in Men, The Skin Game, Bees and Honey, The Father and Barbara's Wedding, These Pretty Things, Sun-Up, Tess of the D'Urbervilles [32pp; 32+ magnificent photos; VG] £8

PlayPict/1929 (Oct) No.331 - THE APPLE CART - G B Shaw (Queen's/17 September 1929)
Cedric Hardwicke, Edith Evans, Scott Sunderland, Matthew Boulton, Wallace Evennett, Eve Turner, Charles Carson, Eileen Beldon, Dorothy Holmes-Gore, James Carew, Barbara Everest, 4 line-drawings and review; also reviews of Jew Suss (w.Matheson Lang and Peggy Ashcroft), The Misdoings of Charlie Peace, Emma Hamilton, The Calendar, Brothers, Yesterday's Harvest, Rose Marie (with Edith Day and Roy Russell), Devil in Bronze, Secrets, The Merchant of Venice (with Lucille La Verne as Shylock), The Flying Fool, Sorry You've Been Troubled, charmingly illustrated with line drawings [36pp; 26+ excellent photos; centre pages loose, else VG] £7

PLAY PICTORIALS 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s