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These beautiful monthly publications are a superb photographic record of a bygone theatrical age. Each magazine concentrates on a single show then running in London's West End, and the many production photographs are accompanied by quotations from the script. If you've never seen one of these wonderful magazines, you'll be amazed at how vividly they evoke the spirit of a vanished theatrical era.

As well as lavish photographic coverage of a single production, these magazines usually include an editorial, a cast list, the story of the play, general theatrical comment and stylish period advertisements. Most spines are slightly rubbed and staples beginning to rust, but except where noted, the content of these magazines is in excellent condition.

The Play Pictorial: 1900s

PlayPict/1902 No.4 - QUALITY STREET (Vaudeville)
Ellaline Terriss, Seymour Hicks, George Shelton, Rosina Filippi [44pp; 40+ excellent photos; centre pages loose, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1903 No.12 - THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE (Haymarket/17 March 1903)
Mrs Charles Calvert (as Mrs Heidelberg), Lionel Rignold, Beatrice Ferrar (as Miss Sterling), Carlotta Zerbini, A E Matthews, Eric Lewis, Cyril Maude (as Lord Ogleby), Allan Aynesworth, Maidie Hope, Violet Darrell, Albert Bernard, George Trollope, Vivian Robins, Jessie Bateman (as Fanny Sterling) [40pp, 9x11.75; 50+ excellent production photos, historical note, story of the play etc.; cover loose with some edge damage - a somewhat tatty copy, but with contents intact] £4

PlayPict/1903 No.13 - OLD HEIDELBERG (St James's/19 March 1903)
George Alexander (as Prince Karl), J D Beveridge, Ernest Leicester, E Vivian Reynolds, Eva Moore, Lilian Braithwaite (as Kathie) [40pp, 8.6x11.7; 35+ excellent production photos; crayon Studies of J D Beveridge as Dr Juttner, and George Alexander as Prince Karl; extended plot summary; photos captioned with quotes; music of Gaudeamus Igitur and Ruckblick etc.; VG] £8

PlayPict/1904 Almanac - PLAY PICTORIAL ALMANAC 1904
An Annual Illustrated Calendar with a quotation for each day of the year from a play produced in 1904, and over 50 photographs: Cover portrait of Marie Studholme; Large photos of Evie Greene in Duchess of Dantzic, Lewis Waller and Grace Lane in Monsieur Beaucaire, Louie Freear in A Chinese Honeymoon, George Alexander in If I Were King, Olive Morrell and Hayden Coffin, and Huntley Wright in A Country Girl, Mr Willard in The Cardinal, Edmund Payne and Arthur Hatherton, and Ethel Sydney and George Grossmith in The Orchid, Ellis Jeffries and Cyril Maude in Cousin Kate, Forbes Robertson in The Light That Failed, Ellaline Terriss and Seymour Hicks in Quality Street, Irene Vanbrugh in The Admirable Crichton; Smaller photos of Henry Ainley, Suzanne Sheldon, Lilian Braithwaite and Charles Fulton (in If I Were King), Rutland Barrington, Gracie Leigh (in A Country Girl), Sydney Valentine, Gertrude Elliott, Nina Boucicault, Margaret Halstan (in The Light That Failed), Connie Ediss, Gertie Millar (in The Toreador), Delia Mason, George P Huntley, Hilda Moody (in Three Little Maids), Marion Terry (in Quality Street), Ruth Vincent, Ada Reeve (in The Medal and the Maid), Fred Wright (in The Orchid), Lily Elsie, Marie Dainton (in A Chinese Honeymoon), Maurice Forkoa (in Three Litttle Maids), Jessie Bateman, Eric Lewis (in The Clandestine Marriage), Florence St John, Eva Moore, Miss C Granville (in Billy's Little Love Affair), Agnes Fraser, Walter Passmore, Louie Pounds (in A Princess of Kensington), Miss Beaumont, H B Irving, Sybil Carlisle (in The Admirable Crichton), Annie Hughes, Gerald du Maurier (in A Country Mouse), Beatrice Ferrar (in Cousin Kate); and on the back cover small photos of Constance Walton, Edward Ferriss (in Monsieur Beaucaire), and Alice Lonnon (in The Cardinal) [28pp; uncommon; cover split and detached, else VG] £8
PlayPict/1907 No.67 - THE THIEF - Henry Bernstein, Cosmo Gordon Lennox (St James's)
Irene Vanbrugh, George Alexander, Reginald Owen, Lilian Braithwaite, E Lyall Swete, Sydney Valentine, Ruth Maitland [40pp; 34+ excellent photos; seating plan of the St James's Theatre; Plays of the Month (w.brief comments and cast lists): The Beloved Vagabond (His Majesty's), Diana of Dobson's (Kingsway), Her Father (Haymarket), The O'Grindles (Playhouse), Stingaree, the Bushranger (Queen's), Malia (Shaftesbury), "Matt" of Merrymount; Plays of the Month (w.cast lists): Susannah - and Some Others (New Royalty), The Orange Blossom (Terry's), The Woman of Kronstadt (Garrick), The Greater Glory (Shaftesbury), Cupid and Common-Sense (Shaftesbury), The Marquis (Scala); cover partially split, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1908 No.70 - BUTTERFLIES - William J Locke, T H Read, J A Robertson (Apollo)
Ada Reeve, Hayden Coffin, Louis Bradfield, Fred Edwards, Lauri de Frece, Willie Warde [44pp; 60+ excellent photos; seating plan of the Apollo Theatre; Plays of the Month (w.brief comments and cast lists): The Thunderbolt (St James's), Getting Married (Haymarket), The Gay Lord Quex (Garrick), Pro Tem (Playhouse), Mrs Dot (Comedy), Lanval (Playhouse), Way Down East (Aldwych); Plays of the Month (w.cast lists): The College Widow (Adelphi), Havana (Gaiety), My Mimosa Maid (Prince of Wales), Butterflies (Apollo), The Dairymaids (Queen's), The Mikado (Savoy), The Marriage of William Ashe (Terry's); spine rubbed, cover partially detached, else VG] £7

PlayPict/1908 No.74 - THE KING OF CADONIA - Frederick Lonsdale, Adrian Ross, Arthur Wimperis, Sidney Jones, Frederick Rosse (Prince of Wales/3 September 1908)
Bertram Wallis, Isabel Jay, Gracie Leigh, George Barrett, Pope Stamper, Arthur Laceby, Akerman May, Huntley Wright, Robert Cunningham, Amy Martin [40pp; 50+ excellent photos; seating plan of the Prince of Wales Theatre; music of The Wind of Love; portraits of Frank Curzon, Frederick Lonsdale, Adrian Ross, Sydney Ellison; Plays of the Month (w.brief comments and cast lists): King of Cadonia (Prince of Wales), Faust (His Majesty's) w.Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Idols (Garrick), What Every Woman Knows (Duke of York's) w.Gerald du Maurier, The Duke's Motto (Lyric), The Early Worm (Wyndham's) w.A E Matthews, Paid in Full (Aldwych), Pete (Lyceum) w.Matheson Lang, The Old Firm (Queen's), The Conspiracy and The House of Pierre (Adelphi) w.Martin Harvey; VG] £8

PlayPict/1909 No.79 - HENRY OF NAVARRE - William Devereux (New/7 January 1909)
Fred Terry (as Henry of Navarre), Kathleen Doyle, Arthur Garrett, William Deveraux, Malcolm Cherry, H F Wright, Julia Neilson (as Marguerite), Tita Brand, Walter Edwin, J Carter Edwards; seating plan of the New Theatre; Plays of the Month (w.brief comments and cast lists): Our Miss Gibbs (Gaiety) w.Gertie Millar, An Englishman's Home (Wyndham's), Samson (Garrick), The Truants (Kingsway), The Dashing Little Duke (Hicks Theatre) w.Ellaline Terriss, Hamlet (Shaftesbury) w.H B Irving, The Chief of Staff (Lyric), Strangers Within The Gates (Court Theatre), The Admirable Bashville (His Majesty's), The Dramatist At Home (Vaudeville), The Dancing Girl (His Majesty's), The High Bid (His Majesty's) [40pp; 50 excellent photos; tatty cover, some minor internal tears, else VG] £7

PLAY PICTORIALS 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s