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THEATRE WORLD Magazines: 1950s


ThW/Jan 1950: Scenes from KING'S RHAPSODY (Vanessa Lee, Ivor Novello, Zena Dare, Phyllis Dare, Victor Bogetti, Wendy Warren, Pamela Harrington, Olive Gilbert, Michael Anthony, Robert Andrews, Anne Pinder, Denis Martin, John Young - 22 photos), TREASURE HUNT (Sybil Thorndike, Nora O'Mahony, Jean St.Clair, Richard Wordsworth, Terence Longden, Anne Leon, Alan Webb, Marie Lohr, Milo O'Shea, Patricia Raine, Lewis Casson, John McDarby - 16 photos), FALLEN ANGELS and FUMED OAK (Maurice Denham, Hermione Baddeley, Hermione Gingold, Diana Lincoln, Paul Dupuis, Gerald Case - 5 photos); photos of Margaret Leighton in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, Coral Browne, Fay Compton in BONAVENTURE, Joan Dowling; Features on Michael Redgrave ( of Redgrave as Young Marlowe in SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER), and on Luxembourg's National Theatre (; Echoes From Broadway etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1950: Scenes from BONAVENTURE (Fay Compton, Mary Marvin, Colin Douglas, Ballard Berkeley, Mary Kerridge, Josephine Douglas, Neil Ballantyne, Betty England, Cicely Walper, John Cracker, Irene Vanbrugh - 19 photos), CASTLE IN THE AIR (Jack Buchanan, Ewan Roberts, Coral Browne, William Kendall, Irene Manning - 17 photos), HARVEY (w.Sid Field - 3 photos); photos of Heather Stannard, Margaret Rutherford, Reginald Denny, Tommy Trinder in PUSS IN BOOTS, Hy Hazell in DICK WHITTINGTON, Margaret Lockwood and Christina Forrest in PETER PAN, Cedric Hardwicke and Lilli Palmer in CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA; Features on Margot Fonteyn (, Raymond Mander and Joe Mitchenson (w.2 photos), Frances Rowe (; Echoes From Broadway etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1950: Scenes from VENUS OBSERVED/St.James's (Laurence Olivier, Denholm Elliott, George Relph, Valerie Taylor, Rachel Kempson, Heather Stannard, Brenda de Banzie, Robert Beaumont, Thomas Heathcote, Fred Johnson - 18 photos), AS YOU LIKE IT/Bristol Old Vic (William Abney, George Colouris, David King-Wood, Frances Rowe, Sonia Williams, Denis Cannan, Emrys Jones, Dorothy Tutin - 4 photos), RING ROUND THE MOON/Globe (Margaret Rutherford, Claire Bloom - 2 photos), QUEEN ELIZABETH SLEPT HERE/Strand (Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Kenneth Connor, Gordon Bell, Joy Hodgkinson, Julie Boas, Stanley Foreman, Susan Richmond, Winifred Melville, Frank Tilton, Julien Mitchell - 9 photos); photos of Wendy Hiller and Godfrey Tearle in THE HEIRESS, Jessie Royce Landis, Patricia Miller in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Marian Spencer, Roger Livesey, Ursula Jeans, Diana Dors, Katharine Hepburn, Cloris Leachman and Jay Robinson in AS YOU LIKE IT/New York, Michael Darbyshire, Ram Gopal; Features on Creative Artists in the Theatre No.3 - Gower Parks (w.2 photos), Joan Greenwood (, Heather Stannard (; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1950: Scenes from RING ROUND THE MOON (Margaret Rutherford, Audrey Fildes, Paul Scofield, Marjorie Stewart, Richard Wattis, William Mervyn, Claire Bloom, Mona Washbourne, Daphne Newton, Cecil Trouncer, David Horne - 20 photos), HAMLET/Old Vic at the New Theatre (Michael Redgrave, Peter Copley, Walter Hudd, Yvonne Mitchell, Wilfrid Walter, Mark Dignam, Wanda Rotha, Paul Rogers, Gordon Whiting, Leo McKern, George Benson, Michael Aldridge - 13 photos), THE MISER/Old Vic at the New Theatre (Miles Malleson, Angela Baddeley, Diana Churchill, John Van Eyssen, Paul Rogers, Walter Hudd, Norman Welsh, Mark Dignam, Jane Wenham, Michael Aldridge - 6 photos), TARTUFFE/Theatre Royal, Bristol (photo and review); photos of Glynis Johns, Ralph Richardson, Marian Spencer and Cyril Raymond in HOME AT SEVEN, Jane Baxter, Patricia Hilliard and William Fox in YOUNG WIVES' TALE, Winifred Melville in QUEEN ELIZABETH SLEPT HERE; Features on Victoria Sladen (w.2 photos), Coral Browne (, Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/May 1950: Scenes from THE WAY THINGS GO (Michael Gough, Glynis Johns, Janet Burnell, Ronald Squire, Cecily Byrne, Kenneth More, Margaret Gordon, David Stoll, Peter MacDonell, Tristan Rawson, Arthur Hewlett, Robert Adair, Frances Waring - 17 photos), HOME AT SEVEN (Ralph Richardson, Marian Spencer, Cyril Raymond, Philip Stainton, Campbell Singer, Frederick Piper, Meriel Forbes - 11 photos), CAPTAIN CARVALLO/Bristol (Dorothy Tutin and Frances Rowe - photo and review); Feature on Creative Artists in the Theatre No.4 - Oliver Messel (w.2 photos); Photos of Beryl Grey, Douglass Montgomery in DETECTIVE STORY, Pirmin Trecu, Kathleen Gorham and Sheilah O'Reilly in EL DESTINO, Joan Hopkins, Gordon McLeod, Alastair Sim, Janet Brown, George Cole and Megs Jenkins in MR. GILLIE, Bud Flanagan in KNIGHTS OF MADNESS, Marie Powers and Patricia Neway in THE CONSUL, Claire Bloom in RING ROUND THE MOON, Milton Rosmer and Rosemary Scott in EAST LYNNE, Bruno Barnabe and Pat Nye in EAST LYNNE, Flora Robson in BLACK CHIFFON, Eric Batson, Joyce Hornett and John Howard in SHADOW AND SUBSTANCE; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1950: Scenes from THE COCKTAIL PARTY (Rex Harrison, Ian Hunter, Gladys Boot, Donald Houston, Margaret Leighton, Alison Leggatt, Ian Hunter, Robin Bailey - 19 photos), MR.GILLIE (Alastair Sim, Gordon McLeod, George Cole, Janet Brown, Megs Jenkins, Ronald Adam - 9 photos), KNIGHTS OF MADNESS (The Crazy Gang - 7 photos); Feature on Mona Inglesby (; Photos of Brenda Bruce in THE GREEN BAY TREE, Betty Ann Davies, SKATING VANITIES OF 1950, Marion Crawford and Barry Ashton in GOLDEN CITY, Jean Arthur and Marcia Henderson in PETER PAN/New York, Ivor Novello in KING'S RHAPSODY, Wanda Rotha in HAMLET, Jimm Nolte and Gustaf Grundgens in THE WINSLOW BOY/Dusseldorf, THE FAMILY REUNION/Dusseldorf; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly split, else VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1950: Scenes from The Stratford Festival 1950 - JULIUS CAESAR (Anthony Quayle, Harry Andrews, John Gielgud, Andrew Cruickshank, Barbara Jefford, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Timothy Bateson, Peter Norris, Percy Herbert, Nigel Green, Michael Gwynn, Alan Badel - 7 photos), KING HENRY VIII (Anthony Quayle, Barbara Jefford, Andrew Cruickshank, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, George Rose, Alan Badel, Michael Bates, Geoffrey Bayldon - 5 photos), MEASURE FOR MEASURE (John Gielgud, Rosalind Atkinson, Robert Hardy, Robert Shaw, Leon Quartermaine, Hazel Penwarden, Alan Badel, Barbara Jefford, Harry Andrews, Geoffrey Bayldon, George Rose, Michael Bates, Harold Kasket, Peter Norris, Maxine Audley - 8 photos); Scenes from THE HOLLY AND THE IVY (Daphne Arthur, Herbert Lomas, Patrick Waddington, Maureen Delany, Jane Baxter, Bryan Forbes, Margaret Halstan, Andrew Crawford - 13 photos); Photos of Norman Lawrence and Julia Shelley in GOLDEN CITY, Annabel Maule, Eric Portman, and Linda Gray in HIS EXCELLENCY, and Marian Chapman, Betty Blackler, John Charlesworth, and Valerie White in BACKGROUND; portraits of Peggy Ashcroft, Martha Graham, Mary Ellis, Bryan Forbes, and Alan Melville; Creating a T S Eliot Role (with photo of Margaret Leighton), Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1950: Scenes from HIS EXCELLENCY (Sebastian Shaw, Eric Portman, Ian Fleming, Annabel Maule, Linda Gray, Arnold Bell, John Wood, Philip Leaver, Derek Sydney, Joss Clewes - 14 photos), GOLDEN CITY (Norman Lawrence, Julia Shelley, Eleanor Summerfield, Ray Buckingham, Judith Whitaker, John Warren, Leila Roth, Mary Laura Wood - 15 photos), CAROUSEL (Marjorie Mars, Stephen Douglass, Iva Withers, Margot Moser, Bambi Linn - 3 photos); portraits of Diana Wynyard, Frances Hyland, and Maria Tallchief; Commentary on The 1950 Stratford Season by H.G.Matthews, Whispers from the Wings, Echoes From Broadway, The Story of London's Newest Little Theatre: The Watergate Theatre, feature on Agnes de Mille ( etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1950: Scenes from SEAGULLS OVER SORRENTO (Ronald Shiner, Bernard Lee, John Gregson, Nigel Stock, William Hartnell, Peter Gray, Robert Desmond, Gerald Andersen, David Langton - 21 photos), THE DISH RAN AWAY... (Frank Leighton, Betty Paul, Emma Treckman, Winifred Evans, Blanche Fothergill, Gordon Tanner - 5 photos), LATIN QUARTER 1950 (Les Compagnons de la Chanson - 3 photos); Photos of Eileen Herlie in THE SECOND MRS.TANQUERAY, Emlyn Williams, Diana Churchill, Jackie Cooper and Hildy Parks, John Gielgud, Maxine Audley and Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies in KING LEAR/Stratford-upon-Avon, Peter Finch and Diana Wynyard in CAPTAIN CARVALLO, Hugh Sinclair and Irene Worth in THE COCKTAIL PARTY, Romney Brent, Francis Lederer, Faye Emerson and Helmut Dantine in PARISIENNE/New York, Denise Grey, LaVerne Burden; Features on Creative Artists in the Theatre No.5 - Warwick Armstrong (, Tyrone Power (, Graham Payn (; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1950 (No.309): Scenes from CAPTAIN CARVALLO (Diana Wynyard, James Donald, Peter Finch, Richard Goolden, Thomas Heathcote, Jill Bennett, Anthony Pelly - 13 photos), CAROUSEL (LaVerne Burden, Stephen Douglass, Mavis Ray, Marion Ross, Marjorie Mars, Morgan Davies, Jane Evans, Robert Pagent, Eric Mattson, Margot Moser, W.Thorpe Devereaux, Bambi Linn - 12 photos); photos of Geoffrey Toone, Robert Morley and Joan Tetzel in THE LITTLE HUT, Emlyn Williams and Diana Churchill in ACCOLADE, and Eileen Herlie in THE SECOND MRS.TANQUERAY; portraits of Jean Cadell and Josephine Griffin; feature on The 1950 Edinburgh Festival (with scenes from THE QUEEN'S COMEDY with Sonia Dresdel and Walter Fitzgerald, DOUGLAS with Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson, BARTHOLOMEW FAIR with Alec Clunes, Ursula Jeans and Robert Eddison, and THE ATOM DOCTOR with Patricia Burke and Duncan Macrae), Echoes From Broadway, Whispers from the Wings (with photo of Norman Lawrence) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1950: Scenes from ACCOLADE (Emlyn Williams, Diana Churchill, John Cavanah, Meg Maxwell, Dora Bryan, John Stratton, Anthony Nicholls, Noel Willman, Anthony Oliver - 14 photos), THE SECOND MRS. TANQUERAY (Eileen Herlie, Leslie Banks, Josephine Griffin, Ronald Ward, Marie Ney, Robert Urquhart, Shelagh Fraser, Kenneth Hyde - 10 photos), HOME AND BEAUTY (Brenda Bruce, Hugh Burden, Anthony Marlowe, John Boxer - 3 photos), RELUCTANT HEROES/Whitehall (Dermot Walsh, Wally Patch, Larry Noble, Brian Rix, George Radford, Colin Morris, Elspeth Gray, Betty Impey, Helen Jessop, Anthony Baird - 13 photos); Features on Emlyn Williams (, Ballet in London (w.2 photos), Robert Morley (; Photos of John Mills, Mai Zetterling, Celeste Holm and Reginald Owen in AFFAIRS OF STATE/New York, Robert Flemyng; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; cover slightly tatty, else VG] £3

ThW/Dec 1950: Scenes from POINT OF DEPARTURE (Dirk Bogarde, Mai Zetterling, Hugh Griffith, Dorothy Blythe, David Storm, Stephen Murray, Brenda de Banzie, George Hayes, John Moffatt, Eric Pohlmann - 17 photos), WHO IS SYLVIA? (Robert Flemyng, Diane Hart, Athene Seyler, Roland Culver - 3 photos), HOME AND BEAUTY (Brenda Bruce, Susan Richmond, Marjorie Dunkels, John Boxer, Anthony Marlowe, Hugh Burden, May Hallatt, Virginia Hewett, Brian Oulton, Barbara Leake - 9 photos), TOP OF THE LADDER/St.James's (John Mills, Mary Kerridge, Rachel Kempson, Alison Leggatt, Miles Malleson, Esme Church, Toke Townley - 7 photos); Features on Beginnings of English Repertory: The Work of Alfred Denville (, Robert Flemyng (, Ethel Revnell (w.3 photos); Photos of Peggy Ashcroft and Mark Dignam in TWELFTH NIGHT/Old Vic, Ruth Dunning, Eileen Peel, Ethel Merman, Paul Lukas and E.A.Krumschmidt in CALL ME MADAM/New York, Alicia Markova, BLIND MAN'S BUFF/Bristol Old Vic, The Irene Vanbrugh Memorial Matinee/Drury Lane (w.Dorothy Ward, Marie Burke, Binnie Hale, Henry Oscar and George Carden), The 1950 Leichner Luncheon (w.Googie Withers, J. Arthur Rank, Robert Morley, John Mills, Frances Day, Margaretta Scott - 2 photos); Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1951: Scenes from WHO IS SYLVIA? (Robert Flemyng, Athene Seyler, Diane Hart, Roland Culver, Diana Allen, Alan Woolston, Esmond Knight, David Aylmer, Roger Maxwell, Joan Benham - 14 photos), TAKE IT FROM US (Jimmy Edwards, Joy Nichols, Dick Bentley, Harry Dawson - 3 photos), DEAR MISS PHOEBE (Carol Raye, Peter Graves, Olga Lindo, Bernard Clifton, Betty England, Moya Nugent, Noel Dyson - 6 photos), MISTER ROBERTS (Tyrone Power, George Matthews, Jackie Cooper, Russell Collins, Hildy Parks - 7 photos); Features on Sheila Sim ( of TO DOROTHY A SON), Denis Cannan (; Photos of Margaret Johnston; Michael Hogan, John Cranko, Svetlana Beriosova and David Blair in ASSEMBLY BALL; Yolande Donlan in TO DOROTHY A SON; Steven Hill, Naomi Riordan and Uta Hagen in THE COUNTRY GIRL; CINDERELLA/King's Theatre, Edinburgh; Jill Raymond in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST/Westminster; Anton Dolin in WHERE THE RAINBOW ENDS/Stoll; John Mills in TOP OF THE LADDER; Margaret Halstan; William Hartnell; Diana Wynyard in CAPTAIN CARVALLO; Audrey Fildes; Shelagh Fraser in THE SECOND MRS. TANQUERAY; Sophie Stewart and Muriel Aked in LACE ON HER PETTICOAT; Ursula Jeans in TWELFTH NIGHT; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1951: Scenes from TWELFTH NIGHT/Old Vic (Peggy Ashcroft, Alec Clunes, Leo McKern, Mark Dignam, Roger Livesey, Robert Eddison, Pauline Jameson, Pierre Lefevre, William Devlin, Paul Hansard, Paul Rogers - 8 photos), BARTHOLOMEW FAIR/Old Vic (Robert Eddison, Roger Livesey, William Devlin, Alec Clunes, Anthony Van Bridge, Dorothy Tutin, Douglas Wilmer, John Ebdon, Mark Dignam, Dorothy Green, Paul Hansard, Leo McKern, John Blatchley, Ursula Jeans, George Speaight - 11 photos), TO DOROTHY A SON (Yolande Donlan, Richard Attenborough, Philip Holles, Sheila Sim, Gwenda Wilson - 6 photos), WILL ANY GENTLEMAN? (Robertson Hare, Brian Reece, Patricia Dare, Norman Scace, Charles Groves, Wilfred Boyle, Henry Caine, Thelma Grigg - 21 photos) , THE QUEEN OF SPADES (Edgar Evans, Edith Coates, Hilde Zadek - 3 photos), Echoes from Broadway, Whispers from the Wings etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1951: Scenes from LACE ON HER PETTICOAT (Eleanor Macready, Perlita Neilson, Sophie Stewart, Muriel Aked - 16 photos), THE FOL-DE-ROLS (10 photos), PRESERVING MR PANMURE (John Garside, Alan MacNaughtan, Gwen Cherrell, Reginald Purdell, Dorothy Reynolds); Re-opening of Bayreuth (; articles on Alec Clunes and Edith Coates (w.4 photos); Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks on cover, slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1951: Scenes from MAN AND SUPERMAN (John Clements, Kay Hammond, Barbara Everest, Allan Cuthbertson, Arthur Hill, Milton Rosmer - 21 photos), THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT (Martita Hunt, Marius Goring), HENRY V/Old Vic (Alec Clunes, Douglas Campbell, Paul Rogers, William Devlin, Robert Eddison, Dorothy Tutin, Roger Livesey, Mark Dignam - 11 photos), THE CONSUL (Patricia Neway, Marie Powers, Russell George - 7 photos); articles on Robertson Hare, and The Young Vic Company (; portraits of Joyce Redman and Edith Evans; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1951: Scenes from KISS ME, KATE (Patricia Morrison, Bill Johnson, Adelaide Hall, Danny Green, Sidney James, Austin Trevor, Julie Wilson - 16 photos), THE SEVENTH VEIL (Leo Genn, Ann Todd, Herbert Lom, Ralph Michael - 15 photos), MACADAM AND EVE (Sheila Latimer, John Gregson, John Laurie, Richard Pearson), HIS EXCELLENCY (Donald Wolfit, Michael Shepley); articles on John Cranko and Pineapple Poll (; portraits of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh, John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller, Celia Johnson, Alec Guinness, and Alicia Markova; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1951: Scenes from WATERS OF THE MOON (Sybil Thorndike, Edith Evans, Leo Bieber, Kathleen Harrison, Cyril Raymond, Nan Munro, Patricia McCarron, Harold Scott, Owen Holder, Wendy Hiller - 17 photos), ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA and CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA/St.James's (Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Robert Helpmann, Norman Wooland, Richard Goolden, Elspeth March, Wilfrid Hyde White, Henry Oscar, Esmond Knight, Niall MacGinnis - 17 photos), CAPTAIN BRASSBOUND'S CONVERSION/Old Vic (Roger Livesey, Mark Dignam, Ursula Jeans - 2 photos), ELECTRA and THE WEDDDING/Old Vic (Catherine Lacey, Leo McKern, Peggy Ashcroft, Paul Rogers - 2 photos); Features on Sybil Thorndike (, Walter Midgley (; Photos of Nigel Patrick and Victor Adams in WHO GOES THERE!; Alec Guinness as HAMLET/New Theatre; Margaret Leighton; Denholm Elliott, Leonard White and Stanley Baker in A SLEEP OF PRISONERS; IDOMENEO/Glyndebourne; Shirley Booth, Johnny Johnston and Marcia Van Dyke in A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLAND/New York; Pamela Alan and Peter Coke in THE KREUTZER SONATA/Bristol Old Vic; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1951: Scenes from RICHARD II and HENRY IV Pts.I & II/Stratford (Michael Redgrave, Richard Burton, Anthony Quayle, Hugh Griffith, Harry Andrews, Robert Hardy, Heather Stannard, Barbara Jefford, Raymond Westwell, Rosalind Atkinson, Michael Bates, Richard Wordsworth, William Squire, Alan Badel - 31 photos), THREE SISTERS (Margaret Leighton, Ralph Richardson, Renee Asherson, Celia Johnson, Eric Porter, Harcourt Williams, Robert Beaumont, Diana Churchill, Michael Warre - 18 photos); articles on Festival of Britain Ballet, Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra (, Kirsten Flagstad (, opening season of The Pitlochry Festival, The York Mystery Plays; portrait of Dora Bryan in THE LYRIC REVUE; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1951: Scenes from THE LOVE OF FOUR COLONELS (Peter Ustinov, Theodore Bikel, Alan Gifford, Moira Lister, Gwen Cherrell - 17 photos), GAY'S THE WORD (Cicely Courtneidge, Lizbeth Webb, Dunstan Hart, Thorley Walters, Josephine Wray - 18 photos), THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR/Old Vic (Roger Livesey, Alec Clunes, Leo McKern, Peggy Ashcroft, Ursula Jeans); articles on John Gielgud in THE WINTER'S TALE (, The 1951 Shakespeare Festival ( of Richard Burton in THE TEMPEST), Memories of Ellen Terry (; portraits of Brewster Mason and Claire Bloom; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1951: Scenes from THE WINTER'S TALE (Diana Wynyard, John Gielgud, Brewster Mason, Robert Anderson, Flora Robson, Lewis Casson, George Howe, Virginia McKenna, George Rose - 20 photos), THE HOLLOW (George Thorpe, Beryl Baxter, Jeanne de Casalis, Ernest Clark, Shaw Taylor - 12 photos), MAN AND SUPERMAN (John Clements, Esme Percy, Kay Hammond), THE PASSING DAY (Joseph Tomelty, James Young, Patricia Stewart, Allan McClelland); articles on Michael Northen (, Dora Bryan (, HENRY V at Stratford ( of Richard Burton as Henry); portraits of Godfrey Tearle and Mary Kerridge in HIS HOUSE IN ORDER, Beatrice Campbell, and Denhom Elliott; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1951: Scenes from ARDELE (Isabel Jeans, George Relph, Ronald Squire - 12 photos), STRATFORD SEASON: THE TEMPEST and HENRY V (Michael Redgrave, Richard Burton, William Squire, Alan Badel, Hugh Griffith, Michael Gwynn, Rachel Roberts, Barbara Jefford, Heather Stannard, Michael Bates, Rosalind Atkinson, Robert Hardy - 16 photos), HIS HOUSE IN ORDER (Godfrey Tearle, Mary Kerridge, Sebastian Shaw, Jeremy Spenser - 11 photos); article on the 1951 Edinburgh Festival (; portraits of Leslie Henson in AND SO TO BED, Sheila Manahan, Joyce Carey; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1951: Scenes from TAMBURLAINE THE GREAT/Old Vic (Donald Wolfit, Kenneth Griffith, David Waller, Lee Montague, Leo McKern, Margaret Rawlings, Jill Balcon, John Blatchley, Ernest Hare, David Greene, Peter Coke, Reginald Tate - 20 photos), THE LYRIC REVUE (Ian Carmichael, Joan Heal, Dora Bryan, Graham Payn, George Benson, Pam Marmont, Roberta Huby, Myles Eason, Jeremy Hawk - 16 photos), THE BIGGEST THIEF IN TOWN (Liam Redmond, Doreen Richards, Mark Baker, Fred Johnson, Evelyn Roberts, Ann Zane, Maurice Kaufman - 9 photos); articles on TAMBURLAINE (, Barry Jackson and The Birmingham Repertory Theatre (, George Skibine (; portraits of John Mills, Gladys Cooper, Emlyn Williams, Yvonne Arnaud, Joan Greenwood; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; rusty staples, else VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1951: Scenes from FIGURE OF FUN (John Mills, Joyce Heron, Peter Bull, Arthur Macrae, Viola Lyel, Brenda Bruce, Lana Morris, David Yates, Myles Rudge, Natasha Parry - 21 photos), AND SO TO BED (Leslie Henson, Betty Paul, Eileen Way, Jessie Royce Landis, Eileen Lush, Richard Curnock, Dudley Jones, Denis Ward, Gwen Nelson, Tony Sympson, Denis Quilley, Stella Chapman, Hazel Jennings, Keith Michell - 10 photos), OTHELLO/St.James's (Orson Welles, Peter Finch, Aubrey Richards, John Van Eyssen, Gudrun Ure, Maxine Audley - 6 photos), OTHELLO/Old Vic (Douglas Campbell, Paul Rogers, Irene Worth, Coral Browne, Nicholas Hannen, Robert Shaw, Douglas Wilmer, Ernest Milton - 5 photos), A PRIEST IN THE FAMILY (Maureen Delany, Sheila Ward, Joseph O'Conor, Ronald Walsh, Sheila Manahan, Maire O'Neill, John McDarby - 6 photos); Features on Mary Martin (, John Mills (, Season in Paris (; Photos of Jane Baxter, Margaret Johnston, Angela Baddeley, J. Edward Bromberg, Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn in THE FOURPOSTER, Allyn McLerie in TO DOROTHY A SON; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1952: Scenes from SOUTH PACIFIC (Mary Martin, Wilbur Evans, Muriel Smith, Ray Walston, Hartley Power, Peter Grant - 15 photos), THE WHITE SHEEP OF THE FAMILY (Joyce Carey, Jack Hulbert, Derek Blomfield - 13 photos), BILLY BUDD/Royal Opera House (Peter Pears), CHRISTMAS SHOWS (Norman Evans, Cherry Lind, Alice Farrar, James Carter, Jean Carson, The Francescos, Daphne Walker, Heinie Brock, Sheila Hamilton), THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Eric Portman, Cyril Luckham, Josephine Griffin, Brian Wilde); articles on Emlyn Williams (, Peter Glenville (, Alexandros Minotis (, and the late Ivor Novello (; portrait of Beryl Grey; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1952: Scenes from COLOMBE (Joyce Redman, Yvonne Arnaud, Michael Gough, John Stratton, David Horne, Esme Percy, Laurence Naismith - 21 photos), ZIP GOES A MILLION (George Formby, Sara Gregory, Wallas Eaton, Barbara Perry, Warde Donovan, Wilfred Caithness - 14 photos), THE DAY'S MISCHIEF (Muriel Pavlow, Ian Hunter, Catherine Lacey, Walter Fitzgerald, Mavis Walker - 15 photos); articles on Violetta Elvin (w.5 photos), Henry Irving (; portraits of John Gielgud, Peter Finch, James Kenney; reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1952: Scenes from MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (John Gielgud, Diana Wynyard, Paul Scofield, Lewis Casson, Robert Hardy, Dorothy Tutin, George Rose, John Moffat, George Howe - 22 photos), THE HAPPY TIME (Peter Finch, Rachel Kempson, Andrew Ray, George Devine - 16 photos), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Old Vic (Paul Rogers, Irene Worth, Jill Balcon), THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE/Old Vic (Donald Wolfit, Leo McKern, John Blatchley, Rosalind Iden), Peter Ustinov in THE LOVE OF FOUR COLONELS (4 portraits); articles on Diana Wynyard ( and Nadia Nerina (w.5 photos); portraits of Googie Withers, Isabel Jeans, and Roland Culver; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, otherwise VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1952: Scenes from RELATIVE VALUES (Gladys Cooper, Charles Cullum, Simon Lack, Angela Baddeley, Richard Leech, Ralph Michael, Renee Hill, Judy Campbell, Hugh McDermott - 21 photos), BET YOUR LIFE (Arthur Askey, Julie Wilson, Brian Reece, Sally Ann Howes, John Moore, Cabbage Rose - 9 photos), THE SAME SKY (Thora Hird, Frederick Valk, Frances Hyland, Alaric Cotter, Robert Dickens - 8 photos), NIGHTMARE ABBEY (Valerie Hanson, Donald Eccles, Alan MacNaughton, Anne Trego - 2 photos), portraits of Alec Guinness and Diana Churchill in UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE, portrait of Stephen Murray as King Lear, further portraits of Esmond Knight, Wilfred Pickles, Anne Shelton; article on Parry Jones (with 5 photos) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/May 1952: Scenes from THE DEEP BLUE SEA (Peggy Ashcroft, Kenneth More, Roland Culver, Peter Illing, Raymond Francis - 20 photos), RED LETTER DAY (Fay Compton, Donald Sinden, Dorothy Dickson, Terence Longdon, Nora Swinburne, Hugh Williams), EXCITEMENT (Jimmy Jewel, Ben Warriss, Simone Dolphen), KING LEAR/Old Vic (Stephen Murray, Leo McKern, Coral Browne, David Waller); articles on Peggy Ashcroft (, Alexander Grant (w.6 photos), and Stanislavsky (w.2 photos); portraits of Michael Redgrave and Googie Withers in WINTER JOURNEY, Joy Parker, and Daphne Anderson; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks else VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1952: Scenes from WINTER JOURNEY (Michael Redgrave, Sam Wanamaker, Googie Withers, Hazel Penwarden, Guy Kingsley Poynter, Arthur Hill, Robert Perceval - 22 photos), THE YOUNG ELIZABETH (Mary Morris, Basil Dignam, Margaretta Scott, Joseph O'Conor, Godfrey Kenton, Eric Dodson, Peggy Thorpe-Bates, Robin Hunter, Margaret Scudamore, Robert Atkins, Digby Wolfe, Roy Dean, John Crocker, Derek Benfield, Anne McGrath - 16 photos); article on Constance Shacklock (w.5 photos); four photos of Moira Lister in THE LOVE OF FOUR COLONELS, portraits of Alec Guinness and Diana Churchill in UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE, Roger Livesey and Pamela Brown in THE MORTIMER TOUCH; further portraits of Katharine Hepburn, Ruth Draper, Googie Withers, Prudence Hyman, Pamela Abbott, Barbara Jefford; reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1952: Scenes from MACBETH/Stratford (Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leighton - 2 photos), AS YOU LIKE IT/Stratford (Margaret Leighton, Laurence Harvey, Siobhan McKenna, Michael Bates, Michael Hordern - 12 photos), CORIOLANUS/Stratford (Anthony Quayle, Michael Hordern, Mary Ellis, Siobhan McKenna, Laurence Harvey - 9 photos), THE TEMPEST/Stratford (Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leighton, Zena Walker, Raymond Westwell - 6 photos), CALL ME MADAM (Anton Walbrook, Billie Worth, Robert Henderson, Shani Wallis, Arthur Lowe, Felix Kent, Marianne Deeming - 15 photos), SWEET MADNESS (Richard Attenborough, Sheila Burrell, Robin Bailey, Geraldine McEwan - 4 photos); photos of Herbert Lom and Mai Zetterling in THE TRAP, Basil Hoskins and Mary Kerridge in AS YOU LIKE IT/Regent's Park, Cyril Ritchard and Katharine Hepburn in THE MILLIONAIRESS, Moira Lister, Peter Ustinov and Eugene Deckers in THE LOVE OF FOUR COLONELS, Megs Jenkins, Wilfred Pickles and Nellie in THE GAY DOG, Diana Wynyard, Paul Scofield, Michael Goodliffe, John Gielgud and Robert Hardy in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/Phoenix; article on Karsarvina (w.2 photos), Last Productions of the Old Vic Theatre School; American Correspondent in England, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1952: Scenes from UNDER THE SYCAMORE TREE (Diana Churchill, Alec Guinness, Ernest Thesiger, Eric Porter, Peter Bull, Daphne Anderson - 16 photos), THE INNOCENTS (Flora Robson, Jeremy Spenser), DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN/Bayreuth (Hans Hotter, Astrid Varnay, Josef Greindl, Max Lorenz - 4 photos); scene from HENRY VI Part III/Birmingham Repertory Theatre (Paul Daneman, Jack May); articles on Festivals at Wiesbaden and Bochum (; interviews with Margot Fonteyn (w.5 photos) and Flora Robson; portraits of Brenda Bruce, Gordon Jackson, Paul Scofield; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1952: Scenes from DIAL 'M' FOR MURDER (Emrys Jones, Jane Baxter, Olaf Pooley, Andrew Cruickshank - 12 photos), SYLVIA/Royal Ballet (Margot Fonteyn, Michael Somes, Alexander Grant - 3 photos), THE GLOBE REVUE (George Benson, Joan Heal, Hilary Allen, Jeremy Hawk, Ian Carmichael, Pam Marmont, Myles Eason, Dora Bryan, Graham Payn, Irlin Hall, Timothy Spencer, Diana Decker - 17 photos), THE RIVER LINE (Pamela Brown, Paul Scofield, Michael Goodliffe, Virginia McKenna - 2 photos), THE HIGHLAND FAIR/Edinburgh Festival (Iris Russell, Andrew Keir, Elizabeth French, James Cairncross, Marion Studholme, Andrew Downie, Roderick Jones - 3 photos), FIDELIO/Hamburg State Opera (2 photos), REFLECTION/Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet (David Poole, Donald Britton, Elaine Fifield - 2 photos); article on Anton Dolin (; portraits of Constance Cummings, Alexander Knox, Betty Paul; reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1952: Scenes from QUADRILLE (Lynn Fontanne, Alfred Lunt, Griffith Jones, Marian Spencer - 18 photos), THE HAPPY MARRIAGE (John Clements, Kay Hammond, Frances Rowe, Charles Lloyd Pack - 15 photos), ROMEO AND JULIET/Old Vic (Alan Badel, Claire Bloom, Athene Seyler, Peter Finch, William Squire, Lewis Casson - 4 photos); Scenes from PORGY AND BESS, VOLPONE/Stratford (Ralph Richardson, Anthony Quayle, Siobhan McKenna); interview with Lynn Fontanne (; articles on The Mermaid Theatre (; portrait of Anthony Quayle; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1952: Scenes from LOVE FROM JUDY (Jean Carson, Bill O'Connor, June Whitfield, Linda Gray, Adelaide Hall - 15 photos), HANGING JUDGE (Godfrey Tearle, Jane Griffiths, Bartlett Mullins - 13 photos), AFFAIRS OF STATE (Wilfred Hyde White, Joyce Redman, Hugh Williams, Austin Trevor - 9 photos); interview with Jose Collins (; articles on the James Bridie Memorial Season (; portraits of Googie Withers, Ronald Shine, Irene Browne, and Diane Hart; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1953: Scenes from PORGY AND BESS (William Warfield, Leontyne Price, Cab Calloway, John McCurry, Georgia Burke, Helen Dowdy, Joseph Crawford, Urylee Leonardos - 14 photos), WILD HORSES (Robertson Hare, Ralph Lynn, Joan Haythorne, Ruth Maitland, Cyril Smith, Dodd Mehan, Constance Lorne, Colin Douglas, David Stoll, Neil Wilson - 15 photos), AN ITALIAN STRAW HAT/Old Vic (Marjorie Field, Phyllida Law, Noel Dyson, Andree Melly, Barbara Grimes, Laurence Payne, Barbara Cavan, William Squire, Newton Blick, Gudrun Ure, Michael Redington, Peter Finch, Yvonne Coulette, Paul Rogers - 6 photos); articles on Svetlana Beriosova (with 5 photos), English Classics on the Soviet Stage (w.9 photos), and The Repertory Players; portraits of Peggy Ashcroft, John Gielgud in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, Mary Morris in THE YOUNG ELIZABETH, Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in QUADRILLE; further portraits of Nigel Patrick, Richard Attenborough and Sylvia Sims, Jean Carson, Beryl Grey, Brenda Bruce, Annette Mills, Paula Grey, Hy Hazell; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1953: Scenes from FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE (Geraldine McEwan, Leslie Phillips, Tom Macaulay, Gwynne Whitby, Anthony Sharp, Polly Elwes, Stanley Rose, Syd Railton, Dandy Nichols, Charles Lamb - 19 photos), LE LAC DES CYGNES/Sadler's Wells Ballet (Pamela May, Beryl Grey, John Field, Alfred Rodrigues - 4 photos), RICHARD II (Paul Scofield, John Whiting, Paul Daneman, Basil Henson, Edward Mulhare, Nicholas Amer, Eric Porter, Herbert Lomas, Veronica Turleigh, Richard Wordsworth, Joy Parker, Leo Ciceri, Brewster Mason, Gillian Webb, Paul Hardwick, Geoffrey Bayldon, James Wellman - 14 photos); portraits of Yvonne Arnaud and Charles Goldner in DEAR CHARLES, Bernard Braden and Joan Miller in THE MAN; articles on Paul Rogers (with photo as Shylock), John Westbrook (with photo as Heron in THE RIVER LINE, Rebuilding of the Vienna Opera House (, The National Theatre of Yugoslavia's production of HAMLET (w.3 photos); further portraits of Ralph Richardson, Noel Coward, Isabel Jeans, John Mills, Eric Portman, Rosalie Crutchley, Eric Porter, Vanessa Lee in DICK WHITTINGTON; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1953: Scenes from ESCAPADE (Nigel Patrick, Phyllis Calvert, Michael Logan, Ernest Clark, Edith Sharpe, Michael Aldridge, Lance Secretan, Dorothy Turner, Hugh Griffith, Alec McCowen - 17 photos), DEAR CHARLES (Yvonne Arnaud, Paul Hansard, Beatrice Varley, Michael Allan, Mary Holland, Garry Marsh, Charles Goldner, Gerard Heinz, A.J.Brown - 10 photos), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Old Vic (Irene Worth, Paul Rogers, William Squire, Douglas Campbell, Richard Gale, Tony van Bridge, Robert Urquhart, Patrick Wymark, Jane Wenham, Kenneth Connor, Newton Blick, Claire Bloom, Wolfe Morris, John Warner - 10 photos); articles on Mary Morris (, Ralph Lynn (, Grimaldi ( of his tombstone); portrait of Googie Withers and Kenneth More in THE DEEP BLUE SEA; further portraits of Michael Redgrave, Margaret Leighton, Donald Wolfit, Clive Brook, Hugh Sinclair, Violetta Elvin; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1953: Scenes from THE LIVING ROOM (Dorothy Tutin, Eric Portman, John Robinson, Mary Jerrold, Violet Farebrother, Valerie Taylor - 18 photos), THE GLORIOUS DAYS (Anna Neagle, James Carney, Olaf Olsen, Patrick Holt, Janet Barrow, Peter Graves - 13 photos), MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL/Old Vic (Robert Donat, Newton Blick, William Squire, John Warner, Douglas Campbell, Patrick Wymark, Alan Dobie - 6 photos), ROMEO AND JULIET/Sadler's Wells (Rowland Jones, Denis Dowling, Victoria Elliott, Jean Watson, Stanley Clarkson, Anna Pollak - 7 photos); articles on Leslie Hurry (w.6 photos), Donald Wolfit (, and Phyllis Calvert (; portraits of Brian Reece, Diana Wynyard, and Moyra Fraser in AIRS ON A SHOESTRING; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; rusty staples, spine slightly scuffed, otherwise VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1953: Scenes from THE UNINVITED GUEST (John Mills, Joan Greenwood, Cathleen Nesbitt, Lyndon Brook - 18 photos), THE WHITE CARNATION (Ralph Richardson, Frances Clare, Kenneth Edwards, Meriel Forbes, Harcourt Williams - 14 photos), KING HENRY VIII/Old Vic (Paul Rogers, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Alexander Knox, William Squire, Robert Hardy - 8 photos); articles on Dorothy Tutin ( and Moyra Fraser (; Appreciation of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company's visit to the Antipodes (w.illustrations); portraits of Yolande Donlan in RED-HEADED BLONDE, Vivian Blane, Michael Redgrave and Peggy Ashcroft in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, and Ernest Clark in ESCAPADE; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1953: Scenes from THE APPLE CART (Noel Coward, Margaret Leighton, John Moffatt, George Rose, Margaret Rawlings, Alexis France, Cecil Trouncer - 14 photos), VENICE PRESERV'D (John Gielgud, Paul Scofield, Eileen Herlie, Brewster Mason, Eric Porter, Pamela Brown, Paul Hardwick - 18 photos), RED-HEADED BLONDE (Yolande Donlan, Jerry Desmonde, Naunton Wayne, Margot Lister, Lionel Blair - 9 photos); interview with Richard Attenborough (; articles on Noel Coward ( and John Piper (w.4 photos); portraits of Diana Morgan, Diana Lynn and Jacqueline Huisman; Scenes from the new film of THE BEGGAR'S OPERA (Laurence Olivier, Dorothy Tutin); Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1953: Scenes from ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/Stratford (Michael Redgrave, Peggy Ashcroft, Marius Goring, Harry Andrews, Rachel Kempson, Jean Wilson, Mary Watson, Mervyn Blake, Tony Britton, David O'Brien, Robert Shaw - 10 photos), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Stratford (Marius Goring, Yvonne Mitchell, Nigel Davenport, Richard Martin, George Hart, John Roberts, Noel Howlett, Tony Britton, Mary Watson, Donald Eccles, Robert Shaw, Marigold Charlesworth - 9 photos), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Stratford (Michael Redgrave, Peggy Ashcroft, Harry Andrews, Tony Britton, Donald Pleasence, Noel Howlett, Powys Thomas, Robert Shaw, Michael Turner, William Peacock, Basil Hoskins, Yvonne Mitchell - 8 photos), RICHARD III/Stratford (Marius Goring, Yvonne Mitchell, James Wellman, John Bushelle, Tony Britton, Donald Eccles, Harry Andrews, Joan Sanderson, Rachel Kempson, Michael Warre, Michael Hayes, Alan Townsend, Robert Scroggins, Anthony Adams, Philip Morant, Bernard Kay, Basil Hoskins - 7 photos), KING LEAR/Stratford (Michael Redgrave), THE TWO BOUQUETS (Daphne Anderson, Hugh Paddick, Derek Oldham - 8 photos), THE MOUSETRAP (Richard Attenborough, Jessica Spencer, Mignon O'Doherty, John Paul, Martin Miller, Jean Harvey, Aubrey Dexter, Allan McClelland - 5 photos), Echoes from Broadway, Whispers from the Wings etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £5

ThW/Sep 1953: Scenes from GUYS AND DOLLS (Vivian Blaine, Sam Levene, Stubby Kaye, Jerry Wayne, Lizbeth Webb - 15 photos), THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH (Brian Reece, Rosemary Harris, Alexander Gauge, Jill Melford - 14 photos), AIRS ON A SHOESTRING (Max Adrian, Moyra Fraser, Sally Rogers, Betty Marsden, Denis Quilley, Jack Gray - 8 photos); articles on Oleg Briansky (, Katharine Cornell (, The Glasgow Citizens' Theatre (, and Stanislavsky (w.illustration); Report on the 1953 Bayreuth Festival (; portraits of Vivien Leigh, Margaret Leighton, and Mary Kerridge and Helen Haye in ANASTASIA; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1953: Scenes from THE CONFIDENTIAL CLERK (Denholm Elliott, Margaret Leighton, Alan Webb, Isabel Jeans, Paul Rogers, Alison Leggatt - 12 photos), CARRINGTON, V.C. (Stuart Saunders, Victor Maddern, John Wood, Alec Clunes, Lionel Jeffries, Philip Pearman, John Garside, Arnold Bell, Jenny Laird, Rachel Gurney, Richard Davies, Willoughby Gray, Geoffrey Denys, William Abney - 15 photos), HAMLET/Old Vic at Edinburgh (Robert Hardy, Timothy Bateson, Fay Compton, Richard Burton, William Squire - 1 photo), AS LONG AS THEY'RE HAPPY (Jack Buchanan, Virginia Hewett, David Hutcheson, Dorothy Dickson, Stephen Hancock, Sally Cooper, Nigel Green, Madi Hedd, Frederick Berger - 11 photos); feature on Glyndebourne Opera at the Edinburgh Festival (w.3 photos); articles on Stratford Ontario (w.3 photos), Jack Buchanan (, Brian Rix (; portraits of Ann Todd (, Nigel Patrick (; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; rusty staples, otherwise VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1953: Scenes from THE SLEEPING PRINCE (Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Richard Wattis, Paul Hardwick, Jeremy Spenser, Martita Hunt, Daphne Newton, Nicola Delman - 19 photos), TRIAL AND ERROR (Naunton Wayne, Constance Cummings, Nan Munro, Derek Farr, Nora Nicholson, Patricia Heneghan, Brian Smith - 7 photos), THE MOON IS BLUE (Biff McGuire, Diana Lynn, Robert Flemyng - 8 photos), CHAMPAGNE ON ICE (Belita, Joel Riordan, Richard Gray, Mary Naylor - 5 photos); portraits of Irene Worth, Emlyn Williams, Julie Andrews and Pat Kirkwood; photos of Thora Hird (in THE LOVE MATCH), Moira Lister and Hugh Latimer (in BIRTHDAY HONOURS), Jack Gray (in AIRS ON A SHOESTRING), Ernest Jay and Flora Robson (in THE RETURN), Charles Boyer and Mary Martin (in KIND SIR); features on Herbert Lom (with photo as the King of Siam), and Ada Reeve (with 2 photos); Echoes From Broadway, Whispers from the Wings, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1954: Scenes from THE KING AND I (Valerie Hobson, Herbert Lom, Roy Grant, John Harvey, Martin Benson, Doreen Duke, Timothy Brooking, Muriel Smith, Ronald Leigh Hunt, Sonya Hana, Joan Elvin - 23 photos), THE RETURN (Flora Robson, Enid Lindsey, Ernest Jay, Peter Martyn, Ann Walford, Roy Malcolm - 8 photos), THE BOY FRIEND (Anne Rogers, Anthony Hayes, Hugh Paddick, Joan Sterndale-Bennett, Denise Hirst, Larry Drew, John Rutland, Beryl Cooke, Maria Charles, Julia Hunt, Joan Gadson, Violetta - 6 photos), BIRTHDAY HONOURS (Moira Lister, David Stoll, Hugh Latimer, Marian Spencer, Jean St.Clair, Beryl Baxter - 7 photos); further photos of Fay Compton (in KING JOHN/Old Vic), Mary Jerrold (in THE LIVING ROOM), Lizbeth Webb (in GUYS AND DOLLS), Alan Webb (in THE CONFIDENTIAL CLERK), Geraldine McEwan and Leslie Philips (in FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE ...), Patricia Laurence, Irene Worth, Frederick Piper, Sybil Thorndike, Peter Murphy, Ralph Richardson, Megs Jenkins and John Gielgud (in A DAY BY THE SEA), Emlyn Williams (in SOMEONE WAITING), Billy de Wolfe and Hermione Gingold (in ALMANAC), Alec Guinness and Kenneth Tynan; features on Julia Neilson (with photo), and Creative Artists in the Theatre No.8: Helmut Jurgens (with 4 photos); Whispers from the Wings, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; rumpled] £1

ThW/Mch 1954: Scenes from A QUESTION OF FACT (Gladys Cooper, Paul Scofield, Mary Hinton, Maureen Delany, Pamela Brown, Henry Hewitt, Harold Scott - 19 photos), PYGMALION (John Clements, Kay Hammond, Joan Forrest, John Rudling, Mary Neve, Patrick Brawn, D.Gideon Thomson, Peter Diamond, Nicholas Hannen, Clare Bradley, Phyllis Relph, Susan Richmond, Robert Beaumont, Nuna Davey, Charles Victor, Athene Seyler - 18 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT/Old Vic (John Neville, Claire Bloom, William Squire, Barbara Clegg, Richard Burton (as Sir Toby Belch), Gwen Cherrell, Paul Daneman, Michael Hordern, Bruce Sharman, Edgar Wreford, Robert Hardy - 8 photos); portraits of Dorothy Dickson, Viveca Lindfors, Michael Gough, Michael Gwynn, and Alain Cuny (as Macbeth); photos of Margot Fonteyn (in HOMAGE TO THE QUEEN), Philip Stainton and John Mills (in CHARLEY'S AUNT), Michael Hordern (as Malvolio in TWELFTH NIGHT), Gloria Nord and Anne Rogers (in HUMPTY DUMPTY ON ICE), PAINT YOUR WAGON, Francois Perier and Marie Daems (in THE FOURPOSTER), Louis Jordan and Geraldine Page (in THE IMMORALIST), Howell Glynne and Barbara Howitt (in LE COQ D'OR); Echoes from Broadway, reviews etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1954: Scenes from I AM A CAMERA (Dorothy Tutin, Michael Gwynn, Marianne Deeming, Robert Cartland, Renee Goddard, Hugh McDermott - 18 photos), THE PRISONER (Alec Guinness, Noel Willman, Timothy Findley, Colin Douglas, Kenneth Edwards, Wilfrid Lawson - 7 photos), THE FIFTH SEASON (Joseph Buloff, Ron Randell, Guido Lorraine, Peggy Livesey, David Cole, Joy Parker, Jennifer Phipps, Hildy Christian, Elizabeth Wallace, Anne Valery, Campbell Singer, Honor Blackman - 9 photos), THE LOVE MATCH (Arthur Askey, Thora Hird, Ian Gardiner, Jay Denyer, Glenn Melvyn, Barbara Miller, Danny Ross, Anthea Askey, Janet Davies - 8 photos); portraits of Evelyn Laye, Googie Withers, Alec Clunes, and David Hutcheson; features on Vernon Sylvaine (, On Theatre Programmes by John Kilmartin (w.2 photos), Michael Gwynn (, The Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch (w.2 photos), Echoes from Broadway, reviews etc. [48pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1954: Scenes from WAITING FOR GILLIAN (John McCallum, Googie Withers, Frank Lawton - 13 photos), THE TEMPEST/Old Vic (Michael Hordern, Robert Hardy, John Neville, Claire Bloom, Laurence Hardy, Richard Burton (as Caliban), Fay Compton - 5 photos), HIPPO DANCING (Robert Morley, Jeremy Burnham, Mona Washbourne, Barbara Leake, Zena Howard, Wilfrid Hyde White - 11 photos), WEDDING IN PARIS (Anton Walbrook, Evelyn Laye, Susan Swinford, Jeff Warren, Ryck Rydon - 10 photos); photos of A.E.Matthews and Marie Lohr in THE MANOR OF NORTHSTEAD, Ingrid Bergman in JOAN OF ARC AT THE STAKE, and DER FREISCHUTZ at Covent Garden; portraits of Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Hermione Baddeley, Mary Ellis; Sybil Thorndike Looks Back (w.4 photos); Creative Artists in the Theatre No.10 - Osbert Lancaster (w.3 photos); Lost London Theatres No.2 - The Marylebone Theatre; Echoes From Broadway; reviews etc. [48pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1954: Scenes from THE DARK IS LIGHT ENOUGH (Margaret Johnston, Edith Evans, James Donald, Hugh Griffith, Peter Bull, John Moffatt, Peter Barkworth, Violet Farebrother, Jack Gwillim - 13 photos), THE TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON (Eli Wallach, Wlliam Sylvester, Chin Yu, Lionel Murton, Ralph Jessel - 13 photos), THE FACTS OF LIFE (Avice Landon, Alec Clunes, Lance Secretan, Nora Nicholson, Charmian Eyre, Garry Marsh, Iris Hoey, Hal Osmond - 10 photos), INTIMACY AT 8.30 (Joan Sims, Joan Heal, Dilys Laye, Ron Moody, Geoffrey Hibbert, Digby Wolfe, Peter Felgate, Aud Johansen, Ronnie Stevens, Eleanor Fazan - 9 photos); article on Evelyn Laye (; photo of John Gielgud's production of THE CHERRY ORCHARD (w.Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Esme Percy, Trevor Howard etc.); portraits of Joyce Grenfell, Ronnie Stevens, Peter Graves; study by Veronica Haigh of Anthony Quayle as Othello; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [48pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1954: Scenes from ROMEO AND JULIET/Stratford (Laurence Harvey, Zena Walker, Geoffrey Bayldon, David O'Brien, Keith Michell, Raymond Westwell, Powys Thomas, Joan MacArthur, Philip Morant, Donald Pickering, Tony Britton, Leo McKern, Jean Wilson, William Devlin, Rosalind Atkinson - 7 photos), IT'S NEVER TOO LATE (Celia Johnson, Mary Merall, Jessica Danning, Josephine Griffin, Anthony Ireland - 3 photos), THE CHERRY ORCHARD (Trevor Howard, Patience Collier, George Howe, Shirley Roberts, Pauline Jameson, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Esme Percy, David Markham - 3 photos), OTHELLO/Stratford (Anthony Quayle, Barbara Jefford, William Devlin, Tony Britton, Raymond Westwell, Bernard Kay, David King, Joan MacArthur, Jerome Willis, Peter Duguid, Muriel Pavlow, Powys Thomas, Basil Hoskins, Mervyn Blake - 9 photos), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Stratford (Geoffrey Bayldon, James Grout, Anthony Quayle, Leo McKern, Mervyn Blake, Peter Duguid, Ian Bannen, David O'Brien, Powys Thomas, Jean Morley, Muriel Pavlow, Zena Walker, Tony Britton, Barbara Jefford, Basil Hoskins, Jean Wilson, Keith Michell - 8 photos), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Stratford (Timothy Parkes, William Devlin, James Grout, Raymond Sherry, Donald Pickering, James Villiers, Basil Hoskins, Edward Atienza, Keith Michell, John Turner, Geoffrey Bayldon, Leo McKern, David O'Brien, Barbara Jefford, Muriel Pavlow, Jean Wilson, Peter Duguid - 7 photos), THE MANOR OF NORTHSTEAD (Marie Lohr, A.E.Matthews, Charles Heslop, Viola Lyel, Ronald Adam, Lorraine Clewes, Arthur Hewlett, Bryan Coleman, Jean Lodge - 6 photos), and JOYCE GRENFELL "REQUESTS THE PLEASURE" (Joyce Grenfell, Irving Davies, Beryl Kaye, Paddy Stone - 7 photos); portraits of Svetlana Beriosova (as Princess Aurora in THE SLEEPING BEAUTY), Frank Thring, Vittorio Gassman, Lida Ferro, John Slater, Barbara Jefford (as Katharina), Muriel Pavlow (as Bianca), Tony Britton (as Lysander), Laurence Harvey (as Romeo), Keith Michell (as Tybalt), and Zena Walker (as Juliet); photos of Vittorio Gassman, Filippo Scelzo and Anna Proclemer (in HAMLET - 2 photos), Vittorio Gassman and Anna Proclemer (in PROMETHEUS BOUND - 2 photos), Anthony Perkins and Joan Fontaine (in TEA AND SYMPATHY), and Helene Weigel (as Mother Courage); features on Marie Lohr: Sixty Glorious Years (with photo), Joyce Grenfell (with photo), and Sergei Obraztov's Russian Puppet Theatre at the London Casino (with 5 photos); Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1954: Scenes from ALL FOR MARY (Kathleen Harrison, Michael Shepley, David Tomlinson, Ferdy Mayne, Betty Paul - 20 photos), THE DUENNA (Patricia Routledge, Joyce Carey, Gerald Cross, Sonia Graham, Jane Wenham, Joan Plowright - 8 photos), SALAD DAYS (Eleanor Drew, John Warner, Dorothy Reynolds, Newton Blick, James Cairncross, Michael Aldridge, Yvonne Coulette, Pat Heywood - 9 photos), HEDDA GABLER (Peggy Ashcroft, George Devine, Micheal MacLiammoir, Alan Badel, Rachel Kempson - 7 photos), MACBETH/Old Vic at Edinburgh (Paul Rogers, Ann Todd, Eric Porter, Clifford Williams, Rachel Roberts - 3 photos), Glyndebourne at Edinburgh (4 photos); articles on Julian Slade, Norman Wisdom (, Stratford Ontario (w.4 photos), Festivals in Germany; photos of Bernard Braden and Eleanor Summerfield in NO NEWS FROM FATHER, and John Slater, Brian Rix and Basil Lord in DRY ROT; portraits of Roger Livesey, Brian Rix, Dulcie Gray, Adrianne Allen, Ann Todd, Bernard Braden, Phyllis Calvert, Margaret Leighton; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1954: Scenes from SEPARATE TABLES (Margaret Leighton, Eric Portman, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Basil Henson, Patricia Raine, Beryl Measor, May Hallatt, Aubrey Mather, Jane Eccles - 19 photos), SABRINA FAIR (Cathleen Nesbitt, Zena Dare, John Cromwell, Phil Brown, Dorothy Whitney, Marjorie Steele, Cyril Luckham - 5 photos), MACBETH/Old Vic (Paul Rogers, Ann Todd, Paul Daneman, John Neville, Robert Hardy, Job Stewart, Clifford Williams, Rachel Roberts, Eric Porter, Laurence Hardy, John Wood, Meredith Edwards, Gwen Cherrell, Bunny May - 12 photos), THE BOY FRIEND (Anthony Hayes, Anne Rogers, Juliet Hunt, Maria Charles, Joan Sterndale Bennett, Fred Stone, Denise Hirst, Stephen Warwick, Jack Thomson, Geoffrey Webb, Larry Drew, John Rutland, Joan Gadsdon - 8 photos); photo of Vera Pearce, Ralph Lynn and Robertson Hare (in THE PARTY SPIRIT); portraits of Siobhan McKenna (as Saint Joan, and as herself), Anna Russell, Robertson Hare, John Clements and Kay Hammond, Rex Harrison, and Margaret Lockwood; articles on Sylvia Fisher (with 5 photos), Ann Todd (, Pitlochry 1954 (, The Birth of "The Boy Friend" ( of Sandy Wilson); Echoes From Broadway (with photos of Julie Andrews and John Hewer in THE BOY FRIEND, and Fred Keating and Tallulah Bankhead in DEAR CHARLES), reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1954: Scenes from BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE (Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Athene Seyler, Wilfred Lawson, David Evans - 15 photos), THE MATCHMAKER (Ruth Gordon, Sam Levene, Eileen Herlie, Rosamund Greenwood, Peter Sallis, Lee Montague, Prunella Scales, Arthur Hill, Alec McCowen, Esme Church, Daphne Newton - 15 photos), LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST/Old Vic (John Neville, Virginia McKenna, Gwen Cherrell, Ann Todd, Eleanore Bryan, Bunny May, Michael Bates, Paul Rogers, Aubrey Morris, Laurence Hardy, Paul Daneman - 3 photos), DRY ROT (Brian Rix, John Slater, Basil Lord, John Chapman, Cecily Paget Bowman, Hazel Douglas, Charles Cameron, Diana Calderwood, Wynne Clark, Larry Noble - 9 photos); further photos of Margaret Rutherford (in TIME REMEMBERED), and Judy Campbell, Margaretta Scott, Hugh Williams and Jane Griffiths (in THE BOOK OF THE MONTH); large portrait of Beatrice Lillie; further portraits of Hugh Williams, Michael Gough, Thornton Wilder, Barry Sinclair, April Olrich, Owen Holder, Suzanne Flon (as Joan of Arc), and Jean Vilar; articles on Freddie Carpenter (, the stage designer Heinz Gallee (w.2 set designs), and Ruth Gordon (; Echoes From Broadway (with photo of Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard in PETER PAN), reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1955: Scenes from TOAD OF TOAD HALL/Shakespeare Memorial Theatre production at the Princes Theatre, London (Leo McKern, Zena Walker, Rosalind Atkinson, Edward Atienza, William Squire, Ron Haddrick and Hal Rogers (as Alfred), Brewster Mason, Raymond Sherry, Norman Mitchell, Powys Thomas, David King, James Grout - 11 photos), BOOK OF THE MONTH (Hugh Williams, Margaretta Scott, Judy Campbell, Michael Trubshawe, Jane Griffiths, Shaun O'Riordan, Noel Dyson, John Roblinson - 14 photos), THE PARTY SPIRIT (Robertson Hare, Ralph Lynn, Roger Maxwell, Frank Thornton, Vera Pearce, Margot Lister, Constance Lorne - 9 photos), CAN-CAN (Irene Hilda, Edmund Hockridge, Alfred Marks, Gillian Lynne, George Gee, Vincent Charles, Warren Mitchell, Alan Gabriel - 14 photos); portraits of Beatrice Lillie, Flora Robson, David Knight, Ronald Shiner, Philip Chatfield; photos of Paul Scofield, Mary Ure and Margaret Rutherford in TIME REMEMBERED, Margaret Lockwood, Myles Eason and Margaret Barton in SPIDER'S WEB, Paul Rogers, Ann Todd, Robert Hardy and Meredith Edwards in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Old Vic, and the auditorium of the new Vanbrugh Theatre at R.A.D.A.; Lost London Theatres No.3: The Story of Toole's Theatre, Charing Cross (w.sketch); profile of Jess Walters (w.8 photos, in and out of character); feature on Joan Turner (; feature on The Bristol Old Vic's new season ( of THE ROAD TO RUIN, THE CRUCIBLE, MARCHING SONG, and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING); Echoes from Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1955: Scenes from SIMON AND LAURA (Coral Browne, Roland Culver, Ernest Thesiger, Esma Cannon, Ian Carmichael, Ronald Radd, Dora Bryan, Michael Caridia - 15 photos), AN EVENING WITH BEATRICE LILLIE (Beatrice Lillie, Constance Carpenter, Leslie Bricusse, John Philip, Frances Clare - 6 photos), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Old Vic (Paul Rogers, Ann Todd, Laurence Hardy, Gwen Cherrell, Alan Dobie, Michael Bates, Paul Daneman, Aubrey Morris, Job Stewart, Rachel Roberts, Robert Hardy - 6 photos), TROILUS AND CRESSIDA at Covent Garden (Frederick Dalberg, Magda Laszlo, Richard Lewis, Peter Pears, Monica Sinclair, Forbes Robinson, Otakar Kraus - 12 photos), TIME REMEMBERED (Margaret Rutherford, Stringer Davis, Mary Ure, Norman Bird, Hugh Pryse, Richard Goolden, Geoffrey Dunn, Paul Scofield - 12 photos), THE LITTLE GLASS CLOCK (Kay Hammond, John Clements, George Relph, Basil Sydney - 4 photos); portraits of Beryl Grey (in SWAN LAKE), Tony Fayne and David Evans, Gladys Cooper, Gillian Lynne (in CAN-CAN), Wilfrid Hyde White, Eileen Peel, and Ian Hunter; photos of Max Bygraves, Donald Wilson, Juliet Prowse and Carole Greer (in MOTHER GOOSE), Richard Hearne (in MOTHER GOOSE), Newton Blick, Eleanor Drew and John Warner (in SALAD DAYS), Virginia Copeland and company (in THE SAINT OF BLEECKER STREET - Menotti), Nancy Kelly and Patty McCormack (in THE BAD SEED), Hazel Court and Leslie Henson (in RELATIONS ARE BEST APART); features on Mary Ure (with photo), and The Ostrovsky State Theatrical Institute, Leningrad (with photo), Creative Artists in the Theatre No.12 - Wieland Wagner (with 5 photos), Whispers from the Wings, Echoes from Broadway etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £3

ThW/Mch 1955: Scenes from THE NIGHT OF THE BALL (Robert Harris, Wendy Hiller, Gladys Cooper, Edward Mulhare, Tony Britton, Jill Bennett - 3 photos), RICHARD II/Theatre Workshop (Harry Corbett, George Cooper, Howard Goorney, Barry Clayton - 5 photos), RICHARD II/Old Vic (John Neville, Virginia McKenna, Eric Porter, Meredith Edwards, Robert Hardy, Michael Bates, Laurence Hardy - 7 photos), A KIND OF FOLLY (Flora Robson, Jean Kent, Wilfred Hyde White, Owen Holder, Jack Gwillim, Sylvia Sims - 18 photos), SAINT JOAN/St.Martin's (Siobhan McKenna, Kenneth Williams, Kevin Stoney, Frank Royde, David March, Douglas Wilmer, Oliver Burt, Desmond Jordan, Charles Lloyd Pack - 10 photos), THE WORLD OF SHOLOM ALEICHEM (David Kossoff, Alfie Bass, Minerva Pious, Lou Jacobi, Mark Dignam, Jeremy Spenser, Meier Tzelniker, Miriam Karlin - 6 photos), THE TALK OF THE TOWN (Jimmy Edwards, Tony Hancock, Billy McCormack - 9 photos); further photos of John Neville (as RICHARD II/Old Vic), Betty Paul and David Tomlinson (in ALL FOR MARY), Shani Wallis and Pat Kirkwood (in WONDERFUL TOWN), Valerie Hobson and Herbert Lom (in THE KING AND I), Edmund Hockridge and Irene Hilda (in CAN-CAN); portraits of Coral Browne, Faith Brook, Joan Greenwood, George Coulouris, and Anne Rogers; features on John Neville (, Siobhan McKenna, Britain's New Operas ( of NELSON, A DINNER ENGAGEMENT, THE TURN OF THE SCREW, TROILUS AND CRESSIDA, and THE MIDSUMMER MARRIAGE), and Donald Wolfit (; Echoes From Broadway (with photo of Paul Newman, Nancy Coleman and Karl Malden in THE DESPERATE HOURS), reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/May 1955: Scenes from AS YOU LIKE IT/Old Vic (Virginia McKenna, John Neville, Charles Gray, Aubrey Morris, Clifford Williams, Gwen Cherrell, Paul Rogers, Eric Porter, Ronald Fraser, Paul Daneman, John Wood, Rachel Roberts, Eleanore Bryan, Alan Dobie, Job Stewart - 12 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT/Stratford (Michael Dension, Lee Montague, Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier - 2 photos), Arts Theatre Season (portrait of Siobhan McKenna as Saint Joan, and scenes from A LONDON ACTRESS, THE PRIVATE SECRETARY, BLOOD WEDDING, THE ENCHANTED, SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR, THE DIARY OF A NOBODY, THE IMMORALIST, THE RULES OF THE GAME, THE LESSON, SACRIFICE TO THE WIND, and SOUTH, with Viola Lyel, Beatrix Lehmann, Lionel Jeffries, Emrys Jones, Sylvia Coleridge, Charles Lloyd Pack, Mary Morris, Ralph Michael, Rose Hill, Alan McNaughtan, Leslie Phillips, Yvonne Mitchell, Michael Gough, Donald Pleasence, Stephen Murray, Andrew Cruickshank, Zena Walker, Denholm Elliott, Errol John, Lyndon Brook, Andrew Morell, Buddy Pip and many others - 15 photos in all), THE FIREBIRD Ballet/Sadler's Wells (Margot Fonteyn, Svetlana Beriosova, Michael Somes, Frederick Ashton - 6 photos); large portrait of Diana Wynyard; further portraits of Denholm Elliott, Ursula Jeans, Naunton Wayne, Phil Brown, Jean Kent, Jill Melford; features on Eric Porter (, and Peter Hall (; articles on The Passion Play of Tegelen (w.6 photos), Lost London Theatres No.4 - The Story of The Royalty, Soho (w.sketch), Leningrad's Stage Designers (, Arthur Wing Pinero (w.2 photos), Theatre de Poche of Montreux (; Echoes From Broadway (with photos of Barbara Bel Geddes and Ben Gazzara in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, and Marge and Gower Champion with Harry Belafonte in 3 FOR TONIGHT), reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1955: Scenes from KISMET (Alfred Drake, Joan Diener, Donald Eccles, Doretta Morrow, Stanley van Beers, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Peter Grant - 19 photos), THE LOVERS (Peter Copley, Helen Haye, Kynaston Reeves, Brian Oulton, Sam Wanamaker, Eva Bartok - 3 photos), THE BAD SEED (Diana Wynyard, Malcolm Keen, Carol Wolveridge, Joan Sanderson, Andrew Crawford, Miriam Karlin, Mark Baker - 18 photos), THE DESPERATE HOURS (Diana Churchill, Bernard Lee, Barry Foster, David Hannaford, Richard Carlyle, George Margo, Gordon Tanner, Patrick Allen, William Russell - 9 photos), PARIS BY NIGHT (Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, Claudine Cereda - 6 photos); portraits of Dorothy Tutin (as Joan in THE LARK), Eric Porter (in HENRY IV Parts 1 & 2/Old Vic), Emrys Jones, Eva Bartok, Ronald Shiner; features on English Plays in Germany (w.4 photos), Alfred Drake (, Moira Shearer (, Open Air Theatres in Belgium (w.3 photos), and The Maddermarket Theatre (w.3 photos); Echoes From Broadway (with photos of Paul Muni, Ed Begley and Tony Randall in INHERIT THE WIND, and Myron McCormick and Maureen Stapleton in 27 WAGONS FULL OF COTTON by Tennessee Williams), reviews etc. etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1955: Scenes from THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE (Celia Johnson, Wilfrid Hyde White, Anna Massey, John Merivale, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Jeremy Longhurst, Anna Steele - 13 photos), THE COUNTRY WIFE (Margaret Vines, Marriott Longman, Barbara Fishwick, Julian Somers, Denyse de Mauny, Colin Jeavons, Jon Rollason, Nigel Davenport - 4 photos), THE REMARKABLE MR.PENNYPACKER (Nigel Patrick, Elizabeth Sellars, Frances Guthrie, John Forrest, Jocelyn Britton, Elizabeth Saunders, Jocelyn James, Helena Pickard, Richard Peters, Julian Yardley, Peter Murphy, Mike Morgan, Noel Iliff, Hugh Wakefield, Kenneth Fortescue - 14 photos), MY THREE ANGELS (George Rose, Ronald Shiner, Nigel Stock, Cyril Luckham, Pamela Frost, Elvi Hale, Hugh Manning, Peter Barkworth, Patience Collier, Clifford Elkin - 16 photos), and TIGER AT THE GATES (Michael Redgrave, Barbara Jefford, Leueen McGrath, Diane Cilento, Peter Kerr, Leo Ciceri, Nicholas Hannen, Walter Fitzgerald, John Laurie - 10 photos); sketch by Veronica Haigh of Laurence Olivier as Macbeth; portraits of Henry Kendall, Robert Atkins, John Clements, Betty Marsden (in AIRS ON A SHOESTRING), Irene Worth, Coral Browne, Michael Regrave, Jane Baxter, and Daphne Anderson; photos of David O'Brien, John Gielgud and Anthony Nicholls (in KING LEAR), Rovi Pavinoff (Artistic Director of Cosmopolitan Ballet), June Walker, Dorrit Kelton, Kate Harrington and Martha Morton (in MORNINGS AT SEVEN), and Philip Minor and Susan Oliver (in LA RONDE); features on The Summer's Operas (with photos of TOSCA, Elsie Morison, John Lanigan and Peter Pears in THE BARTERED BRIDE, and Set Svanholm in SIEGFRIED), and Acting Without Words (study of Leslie Edwards, with 7 photos); Echoes from Broadway, Whispers from the Wings, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £3

ThW/Sep 1955: Scenes from THE SHADOW OF DOUBT (John Clements, Patrick Barr, Peter Collingwood, Eileen Way, Jane Baxter, Raymond Huntley, Henry Hewitt, Anne Leon - 12 photos), TWENTY MINUTES SOUTH (Jack Manuel, Daphne Anderson, Douglas Squires, Brian Blades, Joan Bailey, John Le Mesurier, Robin Hunter, Douglas Squires, Donald Scott - 7 photos), THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR/Stratford (Anthony Quayle, Joyce Redman, Angela Baddeley, James Grout, Mervyn Blake, John Rogers, Michael Denison, Rosalind Atkinson, Keith Michell, John Southworth, Patrick Wymark, William Devlin, Ralph Michael, Geoffrey Sasse, Geoffrey Bayldon, Trader Faulkner, Jill Dixon, Philip Thomas - 7 photos), TITUS ANDRONICUS/Stratford (Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Anthony Quayle, Maxine Audley, Frank Thring, Kevin Miles, Lee Montague, Ralph Michael, Alan Webb - 9 photos), WILD THYME (Shirley Hall, Julian Orchard, Patricia Rowsell, Colin Gordon, Betty Paul, Denis Quilley, Frank Duncan, Ruth Porcher, Archie Harradine, Gwen Nelson, Jane Wenham - 4 photos); further photos of Peter Bull, Timothy Bateson, Paul Daneman and Peter Woodthorpe (in WAITING FOR GODOT), Max Adrian and Betty Marsden (in FROM HERE AND THERE), and Patrick Doonan and Heather Stannard (in THE MOUSETRAP); large portrait of Edwige Feuillere; portraits of Irene Handl, James Hayter, Thelma Ruby, Robert Eddison, Yvonne Arnaud, and Brian Rix (in DRY ROT); articles on Vive la France! (a report from Paris, w.7 photos), Denis Quilley (, Gielgud On Tour with KING LEAR and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Peggy Ashcroft, John Gielgud, Anthony Nicholls, Raymond Westwell, George Devine, Paul Hardwick, Moira Lister, Anthony Ireland, Helen Cherry, Harold Lang, Richard Easton, Claire Bloom - 12 photos), The 1955 Canterbury Festival (w.4 photos); Echoes From Broadway (with photos of Raymond Massey in JULIUS CAESAR; and Jerry Stiller, Rex Everhart, Jack Palance and Roddy McDowall in THE TEMPEST), reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1955: Scenes from THE WATER GIPSIES (Pamela Charles, Dora Bryan, Jerry Verno, Peter Graves, Laurie Payne, Wallas Eaton, Doris Hare - 16 photos), THE PUNCH REVUE (Binnie Hale, Paul Daneman, Alfie Bass, John Palmer, Joyce Blair, June Laverick, Andrew Downie - 8 photos), LUCKY STRIKE (Ambrosine Phillpotts, Arthur Lovegrove, Harvey Hallsmith, Jane Downs, William Franklyn - 11 photos), photo of Joan Greenwood and Rex Harrison in BELL BOOK AND CANDLE; portraits of Irene Worth, Coral Browne, Paul Scofield, Gordon Harker, Angela Crow; articles on Europe's Famous Theatres Rise Again (w.10 photos), Man of Many Faces and Many Voices - David Tree ( in 6 operatic roles), Stuttgart State Opera at the Festival Hall (, Creative Artists in the Theatre No.15 - Robert Kautsky (w.4 photos and designs), Margaret Lockwood (; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1955: Scenes from THE QUEEN AND THE REBELS (Irene Worth, Duncan Lamont, Leo McKern, Gwen Watford, Alan Tilburn, John Kidd - 19 photos), SMALL HOTEL (Gordon Harker, Rosemarie Dunham, Moray Watson, Marjorie Fielding, Sydney King, Anthony Sharp, Pam Marmont, Eleanore Bryan, Stanley Zevic, Diana King, Gladys Henson - 13 photos), THE WHOLE TRUTH (Leslie Phillips, Ernest Clark, Arnold Bell, Sarah Lawson - 2 photos), THE BUCCANEER (John Faassen, Thelma Ruby, Betty Warren, Eliot Makeham, Sally Bazely, Kenneth Williams, Pamela Tearle, Ronald Radd - 13 photos), THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR/Old Vic (Paul Rogers, Dudley Jones, Jack Gwillim, Aubrey Morris, Keith Taylor, John Woodvine, Gerald Cross, Job Stewart, Wendy Hiller, Margaret Rawlings - 4 photos), THE WINTER'S TALE/Old Vic (Paul Rogers, Wendy Hiller, Dudley Jones, Zena Walker, John Fraser, Charles Gray, Denis Holmes, Harold Kasket, Derek Francis, John Neville, John Woodvine, Anthony White - 4 photos); portrait of Donald Wolfit; photos of Anthony Beckley, Angus Neill and Michael Duffield in THE SHORT SPRING, Myron McCormick and Andy Griffith in NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS, Betty Lou Keim, Darryl Richard and Patricia Neal in A ROOMFUL OF ROSES, Pilar Lopez, Max Bygraves, John Stone and Nicholas Staurt Gray in THE MARVELLOUS STORY OF PUSS IN BOOTS, David Nixon, Barbara Kelly and Bernard Braden; feature on Kenneth Williams, Undiscovered Revue Star (; feature on Elizabeth Seal (; feature on Two Great Men of the Theatre: James Bridie and Harley Granville-Barker (w.2 photos); Echoes from Broadway, London Theatre Guide, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1956: Scenes from LA PLUME DE MA TANTE (Robert Dhery, Pierre Olaf, Colette Brosset - 13 photos), THE PAJAMA GAME (Elizabeth Seal, Joy Nichols, Max Wall, Joan Emney, Edmund Hockridge - 13 photos), HAMLET (Paul Scofield, Alec Clunes, Diana Wynyard, Richard Johnson, Mary Ure, Ernest Thesiger, Richard Pasco - 7 photos), SUMMERTIME (Dirk Bogarde, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Tony Church, Michael Gwynn, Geraldine McEwan, Mark Dignam, Esma Cannon - 6 photos), MR KETTLE AND MRS MOON (Clive Morton, Frances Rowe, Wendy Craig, Richard Warner - 14 photos); articles on Robert Dhery in LA PLUME DE MA TANTE (, Gordon Harker (, James Bailey (w.illustrations and photo), The West Berlin Scene (, portrait of Emlyn Williams; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1956: Scenes from PLAIN AND FANCY (Shirl Conway, Richard Derr - 18 photos), THE STRONG ARE LONELY (Donald Wolfit, Robert Harris, Derek Oldham, Ernest Milton - 4 photos), FRESH AIRS (Max Adrian, Moyra Fraser, Julian Orchard, Rose Hill - 16 photos), MORNING'S AT SEVEN (Frederick Piper, Marda Vanne, Peter Jones - 9 photos); articles on Shirl Conway (, Max Adrian (, Record Runs of 'Hamlet' in London and New York (, Covent Garden under Rafael Kubelik (w.5 photos), The Story of the Bulgarian National Theatre (w.5 photos); portraits of John Clements and Laurence Harvey in THE RIVALS, and Roger Livesey and Ursula Jeans; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1956: Scenes from SUMMER SONG (Sally Ann Howes, David Hughes, Edric Connor - 19 photos), THE THREEPENNY OPERA (Bill Owen, Ewan MacColl, Eric Pohlmann, Daphne Anderson, Warren Mitchell, Georgia Brown, George A Cooper - 7 photos), CRANKS (Annie Ross, Anthony Newley - 7 photos), THE RIVALS (John Clements, Kay Hammond, Athene Seyler, Paul Daneman, Michael Medwin, Laurence Harvey, William Mervyn, Peter Sallis - 17 photos), RING FOR CATTY (Mary Mackenzie, Patrick McGoohan, Andrew Ray, Terence Alexander, William Hartnell - 11 photos); articles on Bill Owen in THE THREEPENNY OPERA (, Laurence Naismith (, Israel's Chamber Theatre (, The Repertory Movement; portrait of Beatrix Lehmann and Hugh Griffith in WALTZ OF THE TOREADORS; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine very slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/May 1956: Scenes from THE WALTZ OF THE TOREADORS (Hugh Griffith, Brenda Bruce, Walter Hudd, Trader Faulkner - 12 photos), THE POWER AND THE GLORY (Paul Scofield, Patience Collier, Brian Wilde, Roger Delgado, Harry H Corbett, Willoughby Goddard - 9 photos), HAMLET at Stratford (Alan Badel, Harry Andrews, Anthony Nicholls, George Howe, Diana Churchill - 5 photos), ONE BRIGHT DAY (Clive Brook, Renee Asherson, Naunton Wayne, Derek Farr, Milton Rosmer - 12 photos), A LIKELY TALE (Margaret Rutherford, Robert Morley, Judy Parfitt - 8 photos), THE GOOD SAILOR AKA BILLY BUDD (Philip Bond, Andre Morell, Leo McKern, Norman Macowan, Bernard Bresslaw - 7 photos); articles on Peter Daubeny's International Season at the Palace (, Opera in English, Hugh Griffith (, Peter Rice (w.3 photos), George Devine and the English Stage Company (; portrait of Peggy Ashcroft, George Rose and Edith Evans in THE CHALK GARDEN; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1956: OTHELLO/Stratford (Harry Andrews, Emlyn Williams, Margaret Johnston, Diana Churchill - 12 photos), HAMLET/Stratford (Alan Badel, Harry Andrews, Diana Churchill, Dilys Hamlett, Clive Revill, June Brown, Emrys James - 12 photos), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Stratford (Emlyn Williams, Margaret Johnston, Prunella Scales, Clive Revill, David William, George Howe - 10 photos), HOTEL PARADISO (Alec Guinness, Irene Worth, Kenneth Williams, Douglas Byng, Martita Hunt - 12 photos), LOOK BACK IN ANGER/Royal Court (Kenneth Haigh, Mary Ure, Alan Bates, John Welsh - 6 photos), THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE (Flora Robson, Andrew Cruickshank, Sylvia Coleridge, Alan MacNaughtan - 9 photos), PLATONOV (Jean Vilar - 2 photos), GIGI (Leslie Caron, Ena Burrill, Tony Britton - 5 photos); articles on Alec Guinness (, Geraldine Page (, The Paris Festival (, Repertory in Transition No.1; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £5

ThW/Aug 1956: Scenes from ROMANOFF AND JULIET (Peter Ustinov, Frederick Valk, Katy Vail - 15 photos), THE QUARE FELLOW (Dudley Foster, Glynn Edwards - 3 photos), THE FAMILY REUNION (Paul Scofield, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Sybil Thorndike, Nora Nicholson, Patience Collier - 8 photos), CARDS OF IDENTITY (Joan Greenwood, Kenneth Haigh, Michael Gwynn, George Devine, Joan Plowright - 5 photos), THE RAINMAKER (Geraldine Page, Sam Wanamaker, Wilfred Lawson - 8 photos), THE CAINE MUTINY COURT-MARTIAL (Lloyd Nolan, David Knight, Nigel Stock, Vivian Matalon, Robert Hardy, Esmond Knight, Alec McCowen - 13 photos); articles on Sybil Thorndike (, The Bernard Shaw Centenary (, David Knight (, Glyndebourne 1956 (, The Paris Festival (w.10 photos); portraits of Anne Crawford, Leo Franklyn, Judy Campbell, Jack Hulbert, Renee Asherson; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1956: Scenes from THE SEAGULL (Hugh Williams, Diana Wynyard, Lyndon Brook, Perlita Neilson, Jill Bennett - 16 photos), FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY (Ron Moody, Hugh Paddick, Thelma Ruby, Jimmy Thompson, Dilys Laye, Ronnie Stevens - 7 photos), NIGHT OF THE FOURTH (Hugh Sinclair, Peter Vaughan, Isabel Dean - 8 photos), ROMEO AND JULIET/Old Vic (John Neville, Claire Bloom - 2 photos); articles on Ronnie Stevens (, Peter Ustinov on ROMANOFF AND JULIET, Summer Opera Season 1956 (, Three Provencal Festivals (, Repertory in Transition No.2 (, Glen Byam Shaw (; portraits of Peggy Mount in SAILOR BEWARE, Alec Guinness in HOTEL PARADISO, and of Paul Daneman; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1956: Scenes from NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS (Barry Nelson, Philip Holles, John Turner, Annette Gibson, Leslie Dwyer - 14 photos), 10th EDINBURGH FESTIVAL (UNDER MILKWOOD, Milan Piccolo Theatre, Stratford Ontario Festival Company, Sadler's Wells Ballet, Edinburgh Gateway Company, Hamburg State Opera - 11 photos), LOVE'S LABOURS LOST at Stratford (Alan Badel, Geraldine McEwan, Patrick Wymark, Mark Dignam, Toby Robertson, Clive Revill, Richard O'Sullivan, Harry Andrews, Basil Hoskins, George Howe - 6 photos), MEASURE FOR MEASURE/Stratford (Emlyn Williams, Margaret Johnston, Anthony Nicholls, Emrys James, Prunella Scales, George Howe, Patrick Wymark - 6 photos), MR BOLFRY (Alistair Sim, Annette Crosbie, Sophie Stewart, George Cole - 8 photos); articles on Barry Nelson (, Bayreuth 1956 (w.4 photos), Diana Wynyard (, William Archer (, 1956 Ibsen Commemorations ( and illustration), Lost London Theatres No.6 - Terry's Theatre, Strand; portrait of Ralph Richardson in TIMON OF ATHENS, Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1956: Scenes from UNDER MILKWOOD (Donald Houston, William Squire, Diana Maddox, Aubrey Richards, Gareth Jones - 18 photos), TIMON OF ATHENS/Old Vic (Ralph Richardson, Paul Curran, Margaret Whiting, Dudley Jones - 6 photos), CYMBELINE/Old Vic (Derek Godfrey, Barbara Jefford, Leon Gluckman, Derek Francis, Joan Sanderson - 6 photos), THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA (Ann Todd, Paul Daneman, Lewis Casson, Michael Hordern, Anthony Ireland - 10 photos), RENAUD-BARRAULT SEASON at the Palace Theatre (3 photos); articles on The Bolshoi Theatre Ballet (w.5 photos), Ralph Richardson (, The Berlin Festival 1956 (, Repertory in Transition No.3 (, Harry Secombe (; portrait of Madeleine Renaud in LE CHIEN DU JARDINIER; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1956: Scenes from NUDE WITH VIOLIN (John Gielgud, Joyce Carey, David Horne, Basil Henson, Patience Collier, Kathleen Harrison, Nicky Edmett - 15 photos), THE BALD PRIMA-DONNA (Robert Eddison, Jill Bennett, Michael Bates - 2 photos), A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE (Anthony Quayle, Megs Jenkins, Michael Gwynn, Mary Ure, Brian Bedford, Ian Bannen - 13 photos), THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE (Tyrone Power, Zena Walker, Joan MacArthur, Lockwood West, Noel Willman, James Bree - 9 photos), THE GOOD WOMAN OF SETZUAN/Royal Court (Peggy Ashcroft, John Moffatt, Robert Stephens, Esme Percy, Nigel Davenport, Frazer Hines, Sheila Ballantine, Peter Woodthorpe, Peter Wyngarde, George Devine, Rachel Kempson - 8 photos), PLAINTIFF IN A PRETTY HAT (Hugh Williams, Shirley Cain, Richard Johnson, Andree Melly, Eynon Evans - 7 photos); articles on Anthony Quayle (, The 1956 Berlin Festival (, Galina Ulanova, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre on tour in Lebanon (; portrait of Perlita Neilson; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1957: Scenes from THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK (Perlita Neilson, Clarissa Stoltz, Vera Fusek, George Voskovec, Miriam Karlin, Max Bacon, Kynaston Reeves - 18 photos), DOUBLE IMAGE (Richard Attenborough, Zena Dare, Raymond Huntley, Ronald Barker, Sheila Sim, Ernest Clark - 10 photos), THE WAY OF THE WORLD (John Clements, Kay Hammond, Margaret Rutherford, Margaretta Scott, Raymond Francis, Harry H Corbett - 14 photos), TOWARDS ZERO (George Baker, Cyril Raymond, Janet Barrow, Gwen Cherrell - 6 photos), MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/Old Vic (Keith Michell, Barbara Jefford, John Fraser, Derek Francis, Paul Curran, Dudley Jones - 7 photos); Feature on Long Runs in the West End - THE WALTZ OF THE TOREADORS, THE CHALK GARDEN, SALAD DAYS, FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY, LA PLUME DE MA TANTE, SAILOR BEWARE!, THE RELUCTANT DEBUTANTE, AND ROMANOFF AND JULIET (8 photos); articles on Perlita Neilson (, The Actors Studio (, Ian Wallace (, Thea Neu (, Repertory in Transition No.4 (interview with Peggy Mount.; portrait of Robert Helpmann as Shylock; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1957: Scenes from GRAB ME A GONDOLA (Joan Heal, Denis Quilley, Joyce Blair, Donald Hewlett, Jane Wenham, Trefor Jones, Guido Lorraine - 16 photos), THE COUNTRY WIFE/Royal Court (Joan Plowright, Laurence Harvey, John Moffatt, Robert Stephens, Alan Bates, George Devine, Diana Churchill, Esme Percy, Moyra Fraser, Sheila Ballantine, Nigel Davenport - 8 photos), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Old Vic (Barbara Jefford, Robert Helpmann, Richard Gale, Paul Curran, Dudley Jones, John Fraser, Harold Innocent - 13 photos), MRS.GIBBONS' BOYS (Mary Kerridge, Cyril Shaps, Eric House, Lee Montague, Frederick Jaeger - 8 photos), THE TOUCH OF FEAR (Brian Forbes, Elspet Gray, Jill Bennett, Nicholas Hannen, Victor Maddern - 10 photos); photo feature on 4 Christmas Shows; articles on Joan Heal (, Robert Helpmann (, Thirty Years Ago - Theatre World Feb 1927 (, Plays to See (w.8 photos), Letter from Paris (w.9 photos), Stratford-upon-Avon 1957 Season (w.6 photos); portrait of Joan Plowright in THE COUNTRY WIFE; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1957: Scenes from THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING (Geraldine McEwan, John Hall, Bertice Reading, Richard Pasco, Vivienne Drummond, Errol John - 11 photos), THE BRIDE AND THE BACHELOR (Cicely Courtneidge, Margaret McCourt, Robertson Hare, Naunton Wayne, Viola Lyel - 10 photos), NO LAUGHING MATTER (Brenda Bruce, Alec McCowen, Peter Wyngarde, Paul Daneman, Faith Brook, Anthony Ireland - 3 photos), THE PRINCE OF THE PAGODAS/Covent Garden (Julia Farron, Desmond Doyle, Svetlana Beriosova, David Blair; by Benjamin Britten - 5 photos), TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA/Old Vic (Barbara Jefford, Keith Michell, Dudley Jones, Robert Helpmann, Ingrid Hafner, Richard Gale, Derek Godfrey, Jacqueline Ellis - 12 photos), FANNY (Robert Morley, Ian Wallace, Janet Pavek, Mona Washbourne, Julian Orchard, Michael Gough - 11 photos), THESE FOOLISH KINGS (The Crazy Gang - 9 photos); articles on New Productions at Covent Garden and Sadler's Wells (, Michael Flanders and Donald Swann (, David Blair (, Robert Rietty (, Lost London Theatres No.7 - The Aquarium or The Imperial Theatre, Westminster (, Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' March 1927 (, John Philip Kemble (; portrait of Donald Wolfit in THE MASTER OF SANTIAGO; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1957: Scenes from SUBWAY IN THE SKY (Zachary Scott, Margaret Lockwood, Nigel Stock, Valerie White, Reed de Rouen - 8 photos), ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/Old Vic (Keith Michell, Margaret Whiting, Derek Godfrey, Derek Francis, Leon Gluckman, David King, Jacqueline Ellis - 10 photos), Edwige Feuillere Season (3 photos), A HATFUL OF RAIN (Sally Ann Howes, Sam Wanamaker, Bonar Colleano, George Colouris, Vivian Matalon, Bernard Bresslaw - 11 photos); articles on Mstislav Dobujinsky (w.2 photos), Margaret Lockwood (, Cicely Courtneidge (, Plays to See (w.8 photos), Donald Wolfit Season at the Lyric Hammersmith (w.3 photos), Norman Marshall (w.2 photos), Repertory in Transition No.5 - Scotland's Native Talent (w.4 photos), Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' April 1927; Theatre of the Nations, Paris (w.4 photos); portraits of Edwige Feuillere as PHEDRE, Yolande Donlan, Dorothy Tutin, Sally Bazeley, Moray Watson, and David Hurst in ROMANOFF AND JULIET; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1957: Scenes from CAMINO REAL (Elizabeth Seal, Denholm Elliott, Diana Wynyard, Harry Andrews - 12 photos), THE IRON DUCHESS (Ronald Squire, Athene Seyler - 13 photos), PETROUCHKA/Covent Garden (Margot Fonteyn, Alexander Grant, Peter Clegg, Frederick Ashton - 5 photos), THE ENTERTAINER (Laurence Olivier, Dorothy Tutin, George Relph - 7 photos), FIN DE PARTIE - Beckett (Roger Blin, Jean Martin - 4 photos), MALATESTA (Donald Wolfit, Ernest Milton - 7 photos); feature on The Arts Theatre Club 1955-57 (w.14 photos); articles on Bill Kerr (, Keith Michell (, 18th Century Court Theatres of To-day (, Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' May 1927 (, The Polish State Jewish Theatre (; portrait of Peggy Ashcroft as Rosalind; Report From Paris (, Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1957: Scenes from AS YOU LIKE IT/Stratford (Peggy Ashcroft, Richard Johnson - 9 photos), KING JOHN/Stratford (Robert Harris, Alec Clunes - 5 photos), SUMMER OF THE SEVENTEENTH DOLL (June Jago, Ray Lawler, Kenneth Warren - 16 photos), THE GLASS CAGE (Murray Davis, Donald Davis, Barbara Chilcott, Margot Christie - 3 photos), TEA AND SYMPATHY (Elizabeth Sellars, Tim Seely - 10 photos), ZULEIKA (Mildred Mayne, David Morton, Peter Woodthorpe; music by Peter Tranchell - 10 photos); articles on Murray and Donald Davis, and Barbara Chilcott (, The Pitlochry Festival (w.9 photos), Lost London Theatres No.8 - The Holborn Theatre (w.illustration), Shows to See (w.7 photos), Theatre of the Nations, Paris 1957 (w.6 photos), Peter Ustinov in Oslo (w.2 photos), Repertory Roundabout, Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' June 1927 (; portrait of Ray Lawler; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1957: Scenes from A DEAD SECRET (Paul Scofield, Megs Jenkins, Arthur Lowe - 13 photos), JULIUS CAESAR/Stratford (Alec Clunes, Geoffrey Keen, Joan Miller, Cyril Luckham - 7 photos), DAMN YANKEES (Elizabeth Seal, Bill Kerr, Ivor Emmanuel - 11 photos), THE TROJANS/Covent Garden (Blanche Thebom, Jon Vickers - 5 photos), THE MOON AND SIXPENCE/Sadler's Wells - John Gardner (John Hargreaves, Rowland Jones, Owen Brannigan, Chin Yu, Edith Coates, Mahdu Dass - 4 photos), TITUS ANDRONICUS and THE COMEDY OF ERRORS/Old Vic (Derek Godfrey, Barbara Jefford, Robert Helpmann, Keith Michell, Ingrid Hafner, David King, Dudley Jones, Derek Francis, Margaret Whiting - 7 photos), THE CHAIRS and THE APOLLO DE BELLAC/Royal Court (Joan Plowright, George Devine, Esme Percy, Heather Sears, John Moffatt, Richard Pasco, John Osborne - 2 photos), THE LOVEBIRDS (Dora Bryan, Ronald Shiner - 9 photos); articles on Eugene O'Neill in Sweden (, New Opera Productions, John Dexter (, Repertory in Transition No.6 - Pride of the North (w.5 photos), Ray Lawler (, Moscow Vachtangov Theatre in Berlin (w.2 photos), The new Cologne Theatre (w.3 photos), Repertory Roundabout, Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' July 1927 (, Theatre of the Nations Paris 1957 (; portrait of Anna Massey; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; staples rusty, else VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1957: Scenes from DEAR DELINQUENT (Anna Massey, David Tomlinson, Duncan Lewis, Patrick Cargill - 12 photos), THE MAKING OF MOO (George Devine, Joan Plowright, John Osborne, Robert Stephens, John Wood - 5 photos), RICHARD III/Old Vic (Robert Helpmann, Barbara Jefford, Fay Compton, Richard Gale - 9 photos), IT'S THE GEOGRAPHY THAT COUNTS (John Stratton, John Gregson, Jane Griffiths - 2 photos), TITUS ANDRONICUS/Stratford (Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Anthony Quayle, Maxine Audley, Alan Webb - 5 photos), CYMBELINE/Stratford (Peggy Ashcroft, Richard Johnson, Robert Harris, Clive Revill, Geoffrey Keen, Brian Bedford - 6 photos), SIX MONTHS GRACE (Michael Shepley, Yvonne Arnaud, Richard Caldicot, Tom Chatto - 13 photos); articles on Stratford Ontario Season (, The Bulgarian Theatre turns over a new leaf (, Glyndebourne 1957, Donald Wolfit (, Anthony Oliver (, Theatre of the Nations Paris 1957 (, Elizabeth Sellars (, The 1957 Holland Festival (, Mime in the French Theatre ( of Marcel Marceau), Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' August 1927 (; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1957: Scenes from ODD MAN IN (Donald Sinden, Derek Farr, Muriel Pavlow - 9 photos), FREE AS AIR (Michael Aldridge, Howard Goorney, John Trevor, Gillian Lewis, Dorothy Reynolds, Josephine Tewson - 10 photos), OH! MY PAPA! (Laurie Payne, Peter O'Toole, Rachel Roberts, David Bird, Robert Lang, Gwen Nelson, Roy Skelton - 11 photos), SILVER WEDDING (Evelyn Laye, Frank Lawton, Marie Lohr - 6 photos), WE'RE HAVING A BALL (Max Bygraves, Joan Regan - 6 photos), SON ET LUMIERE at Greenwich (3 photos), Bayreuth Festival 1957 (5 photos), Glyndebourne 1957 (; articles on The Rumanian Theatre 1957 (w.5 photos), Nicholas Amer (, An Italian Pilgrimage (, Lost London Theatres No.9 - Royal Amphitheatre, Holborn (w.illustration), Recent Performances at RADA (, Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' September 1927 (, Max Bygraves (, Repertory Roundabout (; portrait of John Gielgud; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1957: Scenes from THE TEMPEST (John Gielgud, Brian Bedford, Alec Clunes, Richard Johnson, Robert Harris, Patrick Wymark, Clive Revill - 9 photos), NEKRASSOV (Robert Helpmann, Harry H Corbett, Ronald Barker, Jane Downs, George Benson, James Villiers - 12 photos), THE HIDDEN KING/Edinburgh (Robert Eddison, Pauline Jameson, Michael MacLiammoir, Robert Speaight, Clare Austin - 3 photos), THE FLOUERS O EDINBURGH/Edinburgh (Tom Fleming - 3 photos), MEET ME BY MOONLIGHT (Jeremy Brett, Michael Denison, Sophie Stewart - 8 photos), THE ENTERTAINER (Laurence Olivier, Brena de Banzie - photo), Eight West End Successes (8 photos); articles on The Czech Theatre Today (, Edinburgh Festival 1957 (, John Neville (, Hilda Bayley (, Repertory Roundabout (, Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' October 1927 (w.illustration); portraits of John Neville, Ralph Richardson, and Joyce Grenfell; News From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1957: Scenes from ROAR LIKE A DOVE (Anne Kimbell, John McCallum, Paul McGrath, Evelyn Varden, Peter Barkworth - 16 photos), HAMLET/Old Vic (John Neville, Judi Dench, Coral Browne, Derek Francis, Jack Gwillim - 8 photos), SHARE MY LETTUCE (Kenneth Williams, Maggie Smith - 8 photos), SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE CROWN (Thora Hird, Frank Middlemas, Mollie Sugden - 7 photos), Marcel Marceau Season (5 photos); articles on Evelyn Varden (, The Ring at Covent Garden ( of Birgit Nilsson and Hans Hotter), Moscow Theatre Days (, Maggie Smith (, Charles Brookfield (w.illustration), Musical Comedy in the 'Twenties and 'Thirties (, Thirty Years Ago - extracts from 'Theatre World' November 1927 (; portrait of Kay Hammond and John Clements; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [56pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1957: Scenes from BELLS ARE RINGING (Janet Blair, George Gaynes - 14 photos), THE EGG (Nigel Patrick, Miriam Karlin - 8 photos), HENRY VI Parts 1, 2 and 3/Old Vic (Margaret Courtenay, Barbara Jefford, Derek Godfrey, Paul Daneman, Jack Gwillim, Derek Francis, John Humphry - 12 photos), THE QUEEN AND THE WELSHMAN (Edward Woodward, Hilary Liddell - 5 photos), THE TEMPEST/Stratford (John Gielgud, Brian Bedford, Richard Johnson - 1 photo), LOOK BACK IN ANGER (Alec McCowen, Clare Austin, Gary Raymond, Anna Steele - 1 photo); articles on Donald Sinden (, German Opera Season (w.5 photos), Berliner Festwochen 1957 (, The Pantomime Theatre, Copenhagen (, Donald Sinden (, Zena Dare (w.2 photos), Colley Cibber (w.illustration), East Berlin Festival (w.3 photos), Repertory Roundabout; portraits of John Justin and Jill Bennett, Ruth Ford, Constance Cummings; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [56pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1958: Scenes from FLOWERING CHERRY (Ralph Richardson, Celia Johnson, Brewster Mason, Andrew Ray - 17 photos), MEASURE FOR MEASURE/Old Vic (John Neville, Barbara Jefford, Paul Daneman, Derek Godfrey, David Waller), THE TUNNEL OF LOVE (Ian Carmichael, Barbara Murray); articles on Berliner Festwochen 1957 (, Dickie Henderson (, Leningrad after 250 Years (, Toni Stubbing (; portrait of Ian Carmichael; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1958: Scenes from THE RAPE OF THE BELT (Kay Hammond, Constance Cummings, Richard Attenborough, John Clements - 16 photos), DINNER WITH WITH THE FAMILY (John Justin, Lally Bowers, Alan MacNaughtan), LYSISTRATA (Joan Greenwood, Patricia Marmont, Natasha Parry, Patricia Burke, Phyllida Law, Gary Raymond), THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE (Robert Beatty, Daniel Massey, Gwynne Whitby), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Old Vic (Frankie Howerd, Derek Godfrey, Ronald Fraser, Paul Daneman, Coral Browne), Scenes from The Christmas Shows; articles on Constance Cummings (, Jill Bennett (, Recent RADA Productions, Lost London Theatres No.10 - Royal Kent Theatre, Kensington (w.illustration), Theatre in Vienna (; portrait of Michael Redgrave; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

ThW/Mch 1958: Scenes from A TOUCH OF THE SUN (Michael Redgrave, Diana Wynyard, Vanessa Redgrave, Dinsdale Landen, David Langton),THE ICEMAN COMETH (Patrick Magee, Jack MacGowran, Tony Church, Ian Bannen, Lee Montague), THE POTTING SHED (John Gielgud, Walter Hudd, Irene Worth, Lockwood West, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies), OTHELLO/Hungary (Karoly Bicskei, Lajos Dobak, Maria Fogorasi), The Winter's Opera (w.5 photos); articles on Coventry's Belgrade Theatre (, Flora Robson (, The Hungarian Theatre Today (, Library Theatre, Manchester (; portrait of Vivien Leigh; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1958: Scenes from WHERE'S CHARLEY? (Norman Wisdom, Pip Hinton, Jerry Desmonde, Terence Cooper, Pamela Gale, Felix Felton, Marion Grimaldi - 18 photos), CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (Kim Stanley, Paul Massie, Leo McKern, Bee Duffell, Launce Maraschal, Lorna Henderson, Daphne Anderson, Alan Tilvern, Roger Winton - 10 photos), KING LEAR/Old Vic (Paul Rogers, Barbara Jefford, Coral Browne, Paul Daneman, John Humphry, Derek Francis, Derek Godfrey, Rosemary Webster, Jack Gwillim - 11 photos), EPITAPH FOR GEORGE DILLON (Yvonne Mitchell, Robert Stephens, Alison Leggatt, Wendy Craig, Toke Townley, Avril Elgar, Nigel Davenport - 6 photos), THE SPORT OF MY MAD MOTHER (Sheila Ballantine, Philip Locke, Jerry Stovin, Paul Bailey, Avril Elgar, Wendy Craig, Anthony Valentine - 6 photos); articles on Charles Marowitz, 'The Moscow Art Theatre' (w.7 photos), Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies (, Ronald Squire (, 'The Mermaid - A Theatre in the Making'; photos of Robert Flemyng and Ann Beach in BETH, Michael David and Barbara Clegg in LITTLE EYOLF; portraits of Paul Rogers (as King Lear), Julie Andrews, Dorothy Tutin, Maurice Denham, Patrick Magee, Hazel Hughes; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1958: Scenes from NOT IN THE BOOK (Wilfred Hyde White, Philip Guard, Avice Landon, Sydney Tafler), MY FAIR LADY (Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Stanley Holloway - 3 photos), BREATH OF SPRING (Athene Seyler, Hazel Hughes, Joan Sims), THE KIDDERS (Faith Brook, Lyndon Brook), TWELFTH NIGHT/Old Vic (Barbara Jefford, Judi Dench, John Neville, Derek Godfrey, Paul Daneman, Richard Wordsworth), THE HOLE and A RESOUNDING TINKLE/Royal Court (Robert Stephens, Avril Elgar, Sheila Ballantine), THE DOCK BRIEF and WHAT SHALL WE TELL CAROLINE?/Lyric, Hammersmith (Michael Hordern, Maurice Denham, Brenda Bruce); articles on The Royal Opera House Centenary (, Athene Seyler (, The New Shakespeare Theatre, Liverpool (, Peter Saunders (, Opening of the Belgrade Theatre (, Opening of the Theatre of the Nations (w.6 photos), Theatre in Paris (w.4 photos); portrait of Richard Johnson as Romeo; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [56pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1958: Scenes from MY FAIR LADY (Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews, Stanley Holloway, Robert Coote, Zena Dare, Margaret Halstan - 18 photos), THE THREE SISTERS and THE CHERRY ORCHARD (Moscow Art Theatre), DUEL OF ANGELS (Vivien Leigh, Claire Bloom, Peter Wyngarde, Derek Nimmo, Basil Hoskins, Pauline Jameson, Robin Bailey, Freda Jackson - 11 photos), ANY OTHER BUSINESS (Raymond Huntley, Ralph Michael, Richard Vernon, Jennifer Wright), Theatre of the Nations - Second Festival (w.4 photos); articles on Julie Andrews (, Henry Sherek (, The Problems of Censorship, Harold Reece (, Lost London Theatres No.11 - The Opera Comique; George Alexander Centenary; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £5

ThW/Jul 1958: Scenes from TWELFTH NIGHT/Stratford (Dorothy Tutin, Mark Dignam, Geraldine McEwan, Richard Johnson, Patrick Wymark, Ian Holm), HAMLET/Stratford (Michael Redgrave, Dorothy Tutin, Googie Withers, Mark Dignam, Edward Woodward, Paul Hardwick, Julian Glover), ROMEO AND JULIET/Stratford (Dorothy Tutin, Richard Johnson, Ian Holm, Rachel Kempson, Edward Woodward, Angela Baddeley), FOR ADULTS ONLY (Hugh Paddick, Ron Moody, Barry Took, Patricia Lancaster), EXPRESSO BONGO (Paul Scofield, James Kenney, Millicent Martin, Hy Hazell, Charles Gray), VARIATION ON A THEME (Margaret Leighton, Jeremy Brett, Jean Anderson, George Pravda), HENRY VIII/Old Vic (John Gielgud, Edith Evans, Harry Andrews), WHERE'S CHARLEY? (Norman Wisdom, Pip Hinton, Terence Cooper, Pamela Gale), Eighth Pitlochry Festival (w.9 photos); articles on Margaret Leighton (, Charles Laughton (, The Italian Theatre (w.6 photos, including one of Maria Callas as Anna Bolena), The new Queen's Theatre (, Theatre of the Nations - 4th Paris Report (; portrait of Miriam Karlin; reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £5

ThW/Aug 1958: Scenes from THE MERRY WIDOW (Thomas Round, June Bronhill, Sheila Rex), THE PARTY (Charles Laughton, Joyce Redman, Albert Finney), PERICLES/Stratford (Richard Johnson, Geraldine McEwan, Stephanie Bidmead, Anthony Nicholls, Rachel Kempson, Patrick Wymark, Edric Connor, Paul Hardwick, Zoe Caldwell), SPEAKING OF MURDER (Maxine Audley, Joyce Carey, Robert Urquhart), SIMPLE SPYMEN (Brian Rix, Leo Franklyn, Larry Noble, Joan Sanderson, Andrew Sachs), DOUBLE CROSS (Dulcie Gray, Terence Morgan); articles on Hugh Ross Williams (, Great Moments at the Opera (, Miriam Karlin (, Paris and some French Theatre Festivals (, Theatre of the Nations in Paris - Second Season concluded (, Repertory in Transition No.10 - Hope for Suburbia (w.6 photos); sketch of Charles Laughton by Stanley Parker; portrait of Harold Lang and John Fraser; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1958: Scenes from FIVE FINGER EXERCISE (Brian Bedford, Michael Bryant, Adrienne Allen, Roland Culver, Juliet Mills), LIVING FOR PLEASURE (Dora Bryan, Patience Collier, George Rose, Daniel Massey), IRMA LA DOUCE (Elizabeth Seal, Keith Michell, Clive Revill, Gary Raymond, Ronald Barker, Frank Olegario), FOR ADULTS ONLY (Hugh Paddick, Miriam Karlin, Ron Moody), Stratford Ontario Shakespeare Festival (Jason Robards, Christopher Plummer, Douglas Campbell, Eileen Herlie - photos), THE TRIAL OF MARY DUGAN (Betsy Blair, Alan Tilvern, Cec Linder, David Knight, Patricia Burke); articles on Patience Collier (, Theatre in Yugoslavia (, Diana Wynyard (, French Summer Festivals (, New Voices at Bayreuth (w.6 photos); sketch of Michael Bryant by Stanley Parker; portrait of Renee Asherson and Nigel Stock in THE UNEXPECTED GUEST; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1958: Scenes from LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Ian Bannen, Anthony Quayle, Alan Bates - 18 photos), MARY STUART/Old Vic (Irene Worth, Catherine Lacey, Derek Francis, Rosalind Atkinson, Ronald Lewis, Edward Hardwicke, Ernest Thesiger, Kenneth Mackintosh, Jack May - 8 photos), THE ELDER STATESMAN (Paul Rogers, Richard Gale, Anna Massey, William Squire, Dorothy Turner, Eileen Peel, Alec McCowen - 10 photos); articles on Beatrice Lillie (, Grand Opera Tour 1958 (, Catherine Lacey (, The Questors of Ealing (, Mary Robinson, Centenary of Giacomo Puccini (, Covent Garden "Ring" (, Repertory in Transition No.11 - The Shape of Things to Come; sketch of Irene Worth by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1958: Scenes from HOOK, LINE AND SINKER (Robert Morley, Joan Plowright, Harry Hutchinson, Bernard Cribbins - 15 photos), END-GAME and KRAPP'S LAST TAPE/Royal Court (George Devine, Jack MacGowran, Patrick Magee), VALMOUTH (Fenella Fielding, Bertice Reading, Roderick Jones, Patsy Rowlands, Geoffrey Dunn, Betty Hardy - 5 photos), NO CONCERN OF MINE (Judith Stott, Alan Dobie, John Fraser, Lally Bowers), A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... (Naunton Wayne, Alfred Marks, Gabrielle Hamilton, Kenneth Warren), JULIUS CAESAR/Old Vic (John Phillips, Michael Hordern, Derek Francis, Jack May, Ronald Lewis, Pauline Letts, Anne Iddon, Jack May - 11 photos); articles on Henry Kendall (, Berliner Festwochen 1958 (w.6 photos), Beatrix Lehmann (, Theatre in Denmark (; sketch of Peter Finch by Stanley Parker; portrait of Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1959: Scenes from THE GRASS IS GREENER (Joan Greenwood, Hugh Williams, Celia Johnson, Moray Watson - 14 photos), HOT SUMMER NIGHT (John Slater, Lloyd Reckord, Joan Miller, Andree Melly - 14 photos), GHOSTS/Old Vic (Flora Robson, Ronald Lewis, Michael Hordern, Edward Thorndike - 6 photos), CHRYSANTHEMUM (Pat Kirkwood, Raymond Newell, Josephine Blake, Hubert Gregg, Nicholas Amer); articles on East Berlin Festival (, Joan Plowright (, Maryon Lane (w.4 photos), Berliner Festwochen (; portrait of Kay Kendall; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1959: Scenes from WEST SIDE STORY (Marlys Watters, Don McKay, Chita Rivera, Ken Le Roy, George Chakiris - 22 photos), PETER PAN (Sarah Churchill, John Justin, Julia Lockwood - 3 photos), MACBETH/Old Vic (Michael Hordern, Beatrix Lehmann, Jack May, Derek Francis, Jeremy Kemp, John Phillips - 13 photos), TWO FOR THE SEESAW (Peter Finch, Gerry Jedd - 9 photos), CINDERELLA (Kenneth Williams, Yana, Tommy Steele, Jimmy Edwards, Bruce Trent, Ted Durante, Betty Marsden - 5 photos); articles on Theatre in Norway (w.7 photos), Chita Rivera (, Repertory in Transition No.12 - The Sense of Occasion (, Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson (; sketch of Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [56pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1959: Scenes from THE ROSE TATTOO (Lea Padovani, Sam Wanamaker, Catherine Feller, John Bown, Eileen Way, Olga Lowe - 12 photos), DANTON'S DEATH (Patrick Wymark, Dilys Hamlett, Harold Lang, Patrick McGoohan, James Maxwell, Avril Elgar, Fulton MacKay, John Turner - 6 photos), THE FLYING DUTCHMAN/Sadler's Wells (David Ward, Harold Blackburn, Elizabeth Fretwell, William McAlpine - 3 photos), SAMSON/Covent Garden (Joan Sutherland, Elizabeth Lindermeier, Jon Vickers, Lauris Elms - 2 photos), DER ROSENKAVALIER/Covent Garden (Joan Carlyle, James Pease, Claire Watson, Hertha Topper - 2 photos), THE LONG THE SHORT AND THE TALL (Peter O'Toole, Robert Shaw - 4 photos), EIGHTY IN THE SHADE (Sybil Thorndike, Lewis Casson, Robert Flemyng - 7 photos), VALMOUTH (Cleo Laine, Fenella Fielding, Betty Hardy, Patsy Rowlands, Roderick Jones, Doris Hare - 3 photos, and 2 costume designs by Tony Walton), MADAME DE... and TRAVELLER WITHOUT LUGGAGE - Anouilh (Denholm Elliott, Douglas Wilmer, Elizabeth Sellars, Geoffrey Keen, Joyce Carey, Irene Browne - 5 photos); articles on Lea Padovani (, Opera Highlights in London (, Phyllis Monkman (, Theatre in Cologne (, Theatre in Sweden (w.8 photos), Stephen Joseph and Theatre in the Round (w.5 photos); sketch of Elizabeth Sellars by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [56pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1959: Scenes from SGANARELLE and TARTUFFE (Miles Malleson, Derek Francis, Pauline Jameson, Gerald James, Rosalind Atkinson, Barry Ingham - 12 photos), A TASTE OF HONEY (Frances Cuka, Avis Bunnage, Nigel Davenport, Murray Melvin - 6 photos), RUSALKA/Sadler's Wells (Joan Hammond, Howell Glynne, Charles Craig, Joseph Ward, Anna Pollak - 4 photos), La Comedie Francaise in London (Jacques Charon, Robert Hirsch - 4 photos), Ludmilla Tcherina's Theatre Ballet (4 photos); articles on Creative Artists in the Theatre No.21 - Franco Zeffirelli (w.6 production photos), Miles Malleson (, THERMOPYLAE in Copenhagen (, Ray Powell (w.5 photos), Finnish National Theatre (w.7 photos), Repertory in Transition No.13 - A Theatre of Distinction (; portrait of Joan Sutherland as Lucia di Lammermoor; sketch of Mai Zetterling by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1959: Scenes from FOOL'S PARADISE (Nora Swinburne, Cicely Courtneidge, Guy Deghy, Ronald Wilson, Agnes Lauchlan - 8 photos), BRAND (Patrick McGoohan, Dilys Hamlett, Enid Lorimer, Fulton MacKay - 6 photos), WOLF'S CLOTHING (Patrick Cargill, Muriel Pavlow, Derek Farr, Elspet Gray, Viola Lyel - 8 photos), THE MAGISTRATE/Old Vic (Michael Hordern, Pauline Jameson, Pauline Letts, Barrie Ingham, Derek Francis, Jack May, Gerald James, Jeremy Kemp - 13 photos); articles on Nora Swinburne (, Lost London Theatres No.13 - The Olympic Part 1 (w.illustration), Handel's Bicentenary (w.illustration), Norman Tucker and Sadler's Wells (, Theatre of Flanders and Holland (, The International Scene (; very young portrait of Denis Quilley, portrait of Paul Robeson as Othello; sketch of Carmen Amaya by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [56pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1959: Scenes from CANDIDE (Mary Costa, Denis Quilley, Laurence Naismith, Edith Coates, Ron Moody - 12 photos), THE WORLD OF PAUL SLICKEY (Dennis Lotis, Maureen Quinney, Marie Lohr, Harry Welchman, Janet Hamilton-Smith, Philip Locke, Adrienne Corri, Jack Watling, Roy Sone - 6 photos), GILT AND GINGERBREAD (John Clements, Kay Hammond, Hugh Sinclair, Richard Briers, Eileen Peel - 7 photos), LET THEM EAT CAKE (Michael Dennison, Dulcie Gray, Cyril Raymond), DIE FLEDERMAUS/Sadler's Wells (Peter Grant, June Bronhill, Marion Studholme, Victoria Elliott, Joan Stuart, Gerald Davies, Anna Pollak, Alexander Young, Eric Shilling, Howell Glynne, Rowland Jones, Frederick Sharp, John Heddle Nash - 11 photos), THE CENCI/Old Vic (Hugh Griffith, Barbara Jefford, Charles West, John Phillips, Veronica Turleigh, Gordon Gardner - 10 photos), HOW SAY YOU? (Derek Nimmo, Anne Firbank, Kathleen Harrison, Francis Matthews, A.E.Matthews - 9 photos); articles on Opening of The Mermaid Theatre (, Joan Sutherland (, and portraits of Sutherland in 4 of her roles), Caspar Wrede (, Charles Marowitz on the British Repertory System, Theatre in Paris (w.5 photos); Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1959: Scenes from OTHELLO (Paul Robeson, Mary Ure, Ian Holm, Sam Wanamaker, Albert Finney, Zoe Caldwell, Angela Baddeley - 7 photos), ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL (Edith Evans, Zoe Caldwell, Edward de Souza, Anthony Nicholls, Angela Baddeley, Cyril Luckham, Michael Blakemore, Paul Hardwick, Robert Hardy - 6 photos), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Charles Laughton - 1 photo), MARIGOLD (Sally Smith, Jeremy Brett, Stephen Hancock), ORPHEUS DESCENDING/Royal Court (Isa Miranda, Gary Cockrell, Diane Cilento - 2 photos), LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS (Richard Wordsworth, Hy Hazell, Stephanie Voss, Frederick Jaeger, Terence Cooper - 7 photos), CAUGHT NAPPING (Raymond Huntley, George Benson, Winifred Shotter, Basil Lord, Timothy West, Geoffrey Lumsden - 13 photos); articles on Stratford-upon-Avon's 100th Season, Sally Smith (, The International Scene (, Geoffrey Lumsden (, The Donovan Maule Theatre in Nairobi (; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1959: Scenes from THE ASPERN PAPERS (Flora Robson, Michael Redgrave, Beatrix Lehmann, Pauline Jameson, Olaf Pooley - 13 photos), ROOTS (Joan Plowright, Brenda Peters, Gwen Nelson, Charles Kay, Alan Howard, Jack Rodney - 10 photos), THE RING OF TRUTH (David Tomlinson, Margaret Johnston, Carmel McSharry, Irene Browne, Tom Bell, Brian Wilde, John Slater - 13 photos), FAREWELL, FAREWELL EUGENE (Margaret Rutherford, Peggy Mount, Avril Elgar, Patrick McAlinney, Frances Guthrie, Brook Williams, Daphne Newton - 15 photos); articles on Rose Hill (, Michael Croft and The National Youth Theatre (, Theatre in Paris (w.5 photos), KING LEAR at Stratford, Creative Artists in the Theatre No.22 - Michael Whittaker (w.2 photos); sketch of Arletty by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1959: Scenes from THE CROOKED MILE (Elisabeth Welch, Jack MacGowran, Millicent Martin, Edgar K Bruce, John Larsen, Frances Pidgeon - 11 photos), ANDREA CHENIER/Sadler's Wells (Charles Craig, Victoria Elliott, Peter Glossop, Anna Pollak - 3 photos), PIECES OF EIGHT (Kenneth Williams, Fenella Fielding, Peter Reeves - 6 photos), AS YOU LIKE IT/Old Vic (Barbara Jefford, John Justin, John Moffatt, Maggie Smith, Donald Houston, Gerald James, John Stride, Judi Dench, Alec McCowen, Stephen Moore, Moyra Fraser, Jeremy Kemp - 10 photos), THE DOUBLE DEALER/Old Vic (Ursula Jeans, Donald Houston, Judi Dench, John Justin - 2 photos), THE SOUND OF MURDER (Peter Cushing, Elizabeth Sellars, Terence Longdon - 6 photos); articles on Peter Wildeblood (, Second Dublin International Theatre Festival (w.5 photos), Fenella Fielding (, Theatre in Switzerland (w.6 photos), Berliner Festwochen Pt.1 (, The Covent Garden "Ring"; portrait of Fay Compton as Lady Bracknell; sketch of Freda Jackson by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1959: Scenes from MARRIAGE-GO-ROUND (Kay Hammond, John Clements, Angela Browne, John Arnatt - 11 photos), ROSMERSHOLM/Royal Court (Peggy Ashcroft, Mark Dignam - 1 photo), ANTIGONE/Covent Garden (Svetlana Beriosova, Michael Somes - 2 photos), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (John Justin, Alec McCowen, Fay Compton, Barbara Jefford, Judi Dench, Rosalind Atkinson, Miles Malleson - 10 photos), THE EDWARDIANS (Athene Seyler, Ernest Thesiger, Jeremy Brett, Helen Cherry, Richard Vernon, Nicholas Hannen, Ambrosine Phillpotts - 4 photos), ROLLO (Leo McKern, Ferdy Mayne, Gwen Cherrell, Jacqueline Ellis - 4 photos); articles on Isa Miranda (, Rosalind Atkinson (, James Leigh Hunt (w.illustration), Recent Brecht Productions (w.4 photos), Berliner Festwochen Pt.2 (w.6 photos), CARMEN at the Paris Opera ( of Jane Rhodes in the title role); portraits of Tsai Chin, June Laverick, Ian Bannen, Anne Heaton, Roy Godfrey, Julia Lockwood, Herry Secombe, Mary Preston, and James Hayter; sketch of Leo McKern in ROLLO by Stanley Parker; Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [60pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

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