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THEATRE WORLD Magazines: 1940s


ThW/Jun 1940 (No.185): cover-Leslie Henson in UP AND DOING/Saville; Scenes from UP AND DOING/Saville (Cyril Ritchard, Leslie Henson, Binnie Hale, Stanley Holloway, Enid Lowe, Graham Payn, Patricia Burke, Hedli Anderson, Lois Davis, Carroll Gibbons - 20 photos), IN GOOD KING CHARLES'S GOLDEN DAYS/New (Ernest Thesiger, Irene Vanbrugh - photo and review), THE RAKE'S PROGRESS/Sadler's Wells (photo); Reviews: PRESENT ARMS/Prince of Wales, GARRISON THEATRE/London Palladium, SWINGING THE GATE/Ambassadors; Photos: Florence Desmond, John Gielgud as KING LEAR/Old Vic (large size), Evelyn Laye, Leslie Henson, Binnie Hale, Cyril Ritchard, Stanley Holloway, Patricia Burke, Carroll Gibbons, Cyril Ritchard with Madge Elliott and "Pip" (large size); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Walter Huston in LOVE'S OLD SWEET SONG); Round The Repertory Theatres; Entertainment Guide etc. [28pp, 8.75x11.75; VG; uncommon wartime issue] £5


ThW/Feb 1941 (No.193): cover-Jean Forbes-Robertson in BERKELEY SQUARE/Vaudeville; Scenes from BERKELEY SQUARE/Vaudeville (Andre Van Gyseghem, Jean Forbes-Robertson, Tarver Penna, Rosalinde Fuller, Christine Silver, Grey Blake - 15 photos and review), DIVERSION NO.2/Wyndham's (Bernard Miles, Dilys Rees, Victoria Kingsley, Joan Sterndale-Bennett, Walter Crisham, Dorothy Dickson, Peter Ustinov, Joanna Horder, Vida Hope, Edith Evans - 3 photos); Reviews: DEAR BRUTUS/Globe, THE BLUE GOOSE/Comedy; Photos: Rosemary Scott, Pauline Grant, Virginia Water, John Gielgud, Claire Linden; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Richard Waring and Ethel Barrymore in THE CORN IS GREEN, Helen Hayes and Maurice Evans in TWELFTH NIGHT); Feature on Griffith Jones ("Wartime difficulties facing our young actors"); The Repertory Theatres; Bomb damage to the Theatre World premises (2 photos) etc. [28pp, 8.75x11.75; VG; uncommon wartime issue] £5

ThW/Mch 1941 (No.194): cover-Muriel Pavlow and John Gielgud in DEAR BRUTUS/Globe; Scenes from DEAR BRUTUS/Globe (Ursula Jeans, Mary Jerrold, Zena Dare, Roger Livesey, Margaret Rawlings, Nora Swinburne, George Howe, Ronald Ward, Leon Quartermaine, John Gielgud, Muriel Pavlow - 15 photos), ALADDIN/Prince of Wales, Birmingham (Sonnie Hale as Widow Twankey - photo), DIVERSION NO.2/Wyndham's (Walter Crisham, Dorothy Dickson, Bernard Miles - photo), NINETEEN NAUGHTY ONE/Prince of Wales (Caja Eric - small photo and review), SADLER'S WELLS BALLET/New ( of Margot Fonteyn and review); Reviews: STRIKE UP THE MUSIC/Coliseum, THUNDER ROCK/St.Martin's; Brief reviews: ONCE A CROOK/Wyndham's, APPLE SAUCE/London Palladium, NEW FACES/Apollo; Photos: Fredda Brilliant, Gordon Harker, Neil Crawford, Phoebe Kershaw, Barbara Maddock; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Edgar Stehl with Boris Karloff, John Alexander, Josephine Hull and Jean Adair in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, Kent Smith with Peggy Wood and Jane Cowl in OLD ACQUAINTANCE); The Repertory Theatres ( of Pamela Brown as Hedda Gabler); Drama In Exile: We owe a debt of gratitude to the BBC by Eric Johns (2 photos: Peggy Ashcroft, Emlyn Williams); Feature on Nelson Keys: "Bunch" - The Story of a Great Actor (; Theatre Guide etc. [28pp, 8.75x11.75; VG; uncommon wartime issue] £5

ThW/Apr 1941 (No.195): cover-Edith Evans in DIVERSION NO.2; Scenes from DIVERSION NO.2 (Edith Evans, Bernard Miles, Vida Hope, Joan Sterndale-Bennett, Walter Crisham, Dorothy Dickson, Bernard Miles, Dilys Rees, Joanna Horder, Peter Ustinov, Dirk Bogarde (as "Derek Bogaerde"), Joyce Grenfell, Irene Eisinger, Victoria Kingsley - 12 photos), THUNDER ROCK/St.Martin's (Walter Hudd, Fredda Brilliant, Townsend Whitling, Cyril Cusack, Christopher Willard, James Dale, Selma Vaz Dias, Nell Carter, Low Ping - 4 photos), ONCE A CROOK/on tour (Charles Goldner, Anna Konstam, Gordon Harker, George Street - photo), NINETEEN NAUGHTY ONE (Eileen Maryon, Eda Peel, John Gregory, Bernard Clifton - photo); Reviews: APPLE SAUCE/Palladium, NEW FACES/Apollo, NO TIME FOR COMEDY/Haymarket; Photos: Rex Harrison (large size), Florence Desmond, Diana Wynyard, Lilli Palmer, Gertrude Lawrence, C B Cochran, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Emlyn Williams, Edith Evans, Dorothy Dickson, Joyce Grenfell, Peggy Willoughby, Mary Alice Collins, Zoe Gail; Feature on Carnival For Britain (Radio City Music Hall broadcast, 22 February 1941); Small sketch of Adeline Genee; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Gertrude Lawrence in LADY IN THE DARK, Ethel Merman in PANAMA HATTIE, and Gene Kelly and Vivienne Segal in PAL JOEY); London Theatre Guide etc. [28pp, 8.75x11.75; VG; uncommon wartime issue; cover grubby and with adhesive label, spine rubbed, else VG] £3

ThW/May 1941 (No.196): cover-Diana Wynyard in NO TIME FOR COMEDY/Haymarket; Scenes from NO TIME FOR COMEDY/Haymarket (Rex Harrison, Diana Wynyard, Elisabeth Welch, Lilli Palmer, Arthur Macrae, Walter Fitzgerald - 9 photos), UNDER ONE ROOF/St.Martin's (David Horne, Mercia Swinburne, Jill Adams, Anne Farrer, Dorothy Hyson, Christopher Willard - photo), ORCHIDS AND ONIONS/Apollo (Peggy McCormack, Roma Milne and Hilde Palmer - photo); Reviews: BLACK VANITIES/Victoria Palace, UNDER ONE ROOF/St.Martin's; Brief reviews of WOMEN AREN'T ANGELS/Strand, SHEPHARD'S PIE/Prince's, COTTAGE TO LET/Wyndham's; Photos: Muriel Pavlow (large size), Diana Wynyard, Rex Harrison, Lilli Palmer, Honoria Plesch, Tyga Bradshaw, Betty Anne Davies, Mona Inglesby, Clare Luce, Tess Harbour and Leslie Goldman (just married); Feature on Katharine Cornell (2 photos: in ROMEO AND JULIET/1934, and with John van Druten, Auriol Lee and Guthrie McClintic); Feature on J M Barrie (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Dorothy McGuire with Donald Cook and Frances Starr in CLAUDIA, and Ina Claire and Philip Merivale in THE TALLEY METHOD); The Repertory Theatres; full text of EXIT ENTWHISTLE by H C G Stevens; London Theatre Guide etc. [28pp, 8.75x11.75; VG; uncommon wartime issue] £5

ThW/Jul 1941 (No.198): cover-Hermione Baddeley, Walter Crisham, Hermione Gingold and Henry Kendall in RISE ABOVE IT/Comedy; Scenes from KING JOHN/Old Vic at the New (Ernest Milton, Abraham Sofaer, Sybil Thorndike, Renee Ascherson, Lewis Casson, Richard Wordsworth, Esme Church, Ernest Hare, Freda Gaye - 3 photos and review), RISE ABOVE IT/Comedy (Hermione Baddeley, Hermione Gingold, Billy Thatcher, Eric Micklewood, Henry Kendall, Carole Lynne, Georgina Cookson, Walter Crisham, Wilfrid Hyde White, Virginia Winter, Prudence Hyman, Betty Karina, Evelyn Thorne, Lulu Dukes, Natasha Sokolova - 14 photos); Reviews: BLITHE SPIRIT/Piccadilly, SADLER'S WELLS BALLET/New; Photos: Muriel Barron (large size), Pat Kirkwood, Hermione Baddeley, Hermione Gingold, Sally Gray, Roberta Huby, Bobby Howes with his daughter Sally Ann Howes, Margaret Johns, Ernest Thesiger, Yvette Pienne as Queen Victoria, Frances Day opening a charity show; Interview with Jill Casson (w.2 illustrations); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Raymond Massey and Katharine Cornell in THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA, Orson Welles with Erskine Sandford and Joseph Cotton in CITIZEN KANE); Full text of BORDERLINE CASE by H C G Stevens; The Repertory Theatres; London Theatre Guide etc. [24pp, 8.75x11.75; slightly rumpled, else VG; uncommon wartime issue] £5

ThW/Oct 1941: cover-Carol Raye in FUN AND GAMES/Princes; Scenes from RISE ABOVE IT/Comedy (Virginia Winter, Walter Crisham, Natasha Sokolova, Prudence Hyman - photo), CHU CHIN CHOW/Palace (Julie Suedo - photo), QUIET WEEK-END/Wyndham's (Glynis Johns, Frank Cellier, George Thorpe, Marjorie Fielding - photo), FUN AND GAMES/Princes (Arthur Riscoe, Vera Pearce, Richard Hearne, Sydney Howard, Frank Leighton, Carol Raye, Linda Gray, David Davies, Renee Stocker, Lola Ralph, Phil Trix, Bobby Rudd, The Raviolis, Frank Tilton - 32 photos); Reviews: FORTY-EIGHT HOURS LEAVE/Apollo, LYLE'S CAVALCADE OF MYSTERY/Aldwych; Photos: Frances Day, Evelyn Laye, Norah Howard; Feature on Firth Shephard (; Pencil sketch of Alexandra Danilova; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green of Edmund Gwenn in THE WOOKEY; London Theatre Guide etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; rumpled, somewhat tatty] £2


ThW/Jan 1942 (No.204): cover-Celia Lipton in GET A LOAD OF THIS/London Hippodrome; Scenes from LOVE IN A MIST/St.Martin's (Anna Konstam, Michael Shepley, Ann Todd, Richard Bird - photo and review), GET A LOAD OF THIS/London Hippodrome (Vic Oliver, Jeanne Ravel, Dorcas White, The Cairoli Brothers, Jean Barnes, George Gray, Celia Lipton, Vernon Jon, Daphne and Jack Barker - 17 photos and review), THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA/Haymarket (John Turnbull, Frank Allenby, Cyril Cusack, Vivien Leigh, Morland Graham, Austin Trevor - 2 photos), CAVALCADE OF MYSTERY/Aldwych (Cecil Lyle, Lucille Lafarge - 7 photos), BLITHE SPIRIT/Piccadilly (Cecil Parker, Margaret Rutherford - photo); Reviews: DUCKS AND DRAKES/Apollo, THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER/Savoy, THE MORNING STAR/Globe; Photos: Emlyn Williams with Angela Baddeley, Coral Browne, Esmond Knight in WALTZES FROM VIENNA/film, Daria Luna, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Constance Cummings, Hugh Sinclair, Christine Adrian; Feature on Alicia Markova (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Clifton Webb and Mildred Natwick in BLITHE SPIRIT, Helen Hayes and John Wengraf in CANDLE IN THE WIND); Sketch of Douglas Harris by Roni Martin; London Theatre Guide etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; spine partially split, else VG] £3

ThW/Mch 1942 (No.206): cover-Emlyn Williams in THE MORNING STAR/Globe; Scenes from GOODNIGHT CHILDREN/New (Fred Groves, Patrick Ludlow, Eileen Beldon - photo and review), OLD ACQUAINTANCE/Apollo (Edith Evans, Marian Spencer, Ronald Ward - photo), TWENTY TO ONE/Victoria Palace (Nita Harvey - photo and review), THE MORNING STAR/Globe (Emlyn Williams, Angela Baddeley, Frederick Lloyd, Roddy Hughes, Elliott Mason, Ambrosine Phillpotts, Gladys Henson, Walter Piers - 17 photos), RISE ABOVE IT (Second Edition)/Comedy (Georgina Cookson, Guy Verney, Carole Lynne, Walter Crisham, Hermione Baddeley, Henry Kendall, Virginia Winter, Hermione Gingold, Betty Karina, Leonard Brent, Prudence Hyman, Natasha Sokolova, Rita Cameron, Lulu Dukes, Evelyn Thorne, Wilfred Hyde-White - 15 photos), SOROTCHINTSI FAIR/Adelphi (photo), THE GREAT GATE OF KIEFF/Adelphi (Oda Slobodskaya - photo); Review: ON APPROVAL/Aldwych; Photos: Hermione Baddeley with Hermione Gingold, Pierre Fresnay and Yvonne Printemps in CONVERSATION PIECE/His Majesty's, 1934, Katharine Cornell, Pamela Brown as HEDDA GABLER/Oxford; Letter from Greer Garson ( etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; cover partially split, else VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1942 (No.211): cover-Hermione Gingold, Walter Crisham, Hermione Baddeley and Naunton Wayne in SKY HIGH/Phoenix; Scenes from MACBETH/Piccadilly (John Gielgud - photo and review), LIFELINE/Duchess (Frank Pettingell, Wilfrid Lawson - photo and review), RAIN/St.Martin's (Wanda Rotha - photo and review), ROSE MARIE/Stoll (Marjorie Browne - photo and review), SKY HIGH/Phoenix (Hermione Baddeley, Hermione Gingold, Walter Crisham, Naunton Wayne, Elizabeth Welch, Zoe Gail, George Gower, Prudence Hyman, Betty Hare, Phyllis Pearce, George Carden - 20 photos), WONDERLAND/Cambridge Theatre (Tom Linden, Diana Gould, Barbara Jdanova, Pauline Grant, Audrey Seed, Pat Smylie, David Davenport, Paul Federoff - 15 photos), QUIET WEEK-END/Wyndham's (Gwynne Whitby, Marjorie Fielding, George Thorpe - photo), BITTER GLORY/Amersham (Julian Randall, Sally Latimer - photo); Reviews: SALT OF THE EARTH/Vaudeville, ALL'S FAIR/Whitehall, THE SPRINGTIME OF OTHERS/Arts; Photos: Betty Ann Davies, Hermione Baddeley, Hermione Gingold, Walter Crisham, Naunton Wayne, Freda Jackson, Ray Barcia, Robert Taylor; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (w. photo of Eva Le Gallienne and Joseph Schildkraut in UNCLE HARRY) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1942 (No.212): cover-John Gielgud as MACBETH/Piccadilly; Scenes from MURDER WITHOUT CRIME/Comedy (Raymond Lovell - photo and review), NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH/Prince of Wales (Mary Clare - photo and review), MACBETH/Piccadilly (John Gielgud, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Dorothy Green, Ernest Thesiger, Annie Esmond, Nicholas Hannen, Emrys Jones, John Shepherd, Leon Quartermaine, Michael Gainsborough, George Woodbridge, Thea Holme, David Baxter, Abraham Sofaer, Tarver Penna, Brown Derby, Francis Lister, A Bromley Davenport, Alan Badel - 17 photos), HAMLET (Ballet)/New (Robert Helpmann, John Hart, Margot Fonteyn, David Paltenghi, Celia Franca - 5 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT/International Ballet at His Majesty's (Raymond Farrell, Mona Inglesby, Nina Tarakanova, Leslie French - 3 photos); Reviews: LIGHT AND SHADE/Ambassadors, WILD ROSE/Princes, FLARE PATH/Apollo; Photos: Adrienne Allen, Peter Croft in MURDER WITHOUT CRIME/Comedy, Lupino Lane in ME AND MY GIRL/Victoria Palace, Danny Kaye, Ray Barcia; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: James Cagney in YANKEE DOODLE DANDY/film), and Sgt.Ezra Stone, Pte.Tileston Perry and Pte.Richard Manson in THIS IS THE ARMY) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly rubbed, minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1942 (No.213): cover-Richard Hearne, Frank Leighton, Jessie Matthews in WILD ROSE/Princes; Scenes from MEN IN SHADOW/Vaudeville (John Mills - photo and review), MACBETH/Piccadilly (John Gielgud, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies - photo), WILD ROSE/Princes (Jessie Matthews, Andrea Melandrinos, Frank Leighton, Elof, Johnny Nitt, Andre Randall, Richard Hearne, Jack Leopold, Elsie Percival, Winifred Davis, Linda Gray, Phil Trix - 26 photos), MURDER WITHOUT CRIME/Comedy (Raymond Lovell, Peter Croft, Joy Shelton, Margaret Johnston - 14 photos); Review: CLAUDIA/St.Martin's; Photos: Pamela Brown, Nora Swinburne, Sybil Thorndike as SAINT JOAN; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Gypsy Rose Lee in STAR AND GARTER) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; cover split and detached, slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

ThW/Nov 1942 (No.214): cover-Hugh Sinclair and Pamela Brown in CLAUDIA/St.Martin's; Scenes from THE DUKE IN DARKNESS/St.James (Leslie Banks, Michael Redgrave - photo and review), CLAUDIA/St.Martin's (Hugh Sinclair, Pamela Brown, Mary Hinton, Thorley Walters, Mary Martlew, Lea Seidl, Amy Frank, Frederic Richter - 22 photos), MEN IN SHADOW/Vaudeville (Derek Elphinstone, John Mills, Ralph Michael, Paul Bonifas, Robert Wilton, Alice Gachet, Hubert Gregg - 4 photos and review), FLARE PATH/Apollo (Kathleen Harrison, Adrianne Allen, Dora Gregory, Leueen MacGrath, George Cole, Martin Walker, Gerard Hinze, Leslie Dwyer, Jack Watling, Ivan Samson - 9 photos), NIGHT OF THE GARTER/Strand (Sydney Howard, Max Kirby, Jack Melford, Marjorie Brooks, Joan Shannon, Rene Ray, Neal Arden - 2 photos), INTERNATIONAL BALLET/His Majesty's (Mona Inglesby - photo and review); Reviews: WALTZ WITHOUT END/Cambridge Theatre, HOUSE OF REGRETS/Arts, THE LITTLE FOXES/Piccadilly, DU BARRY WAS A LADY/His Majesty's, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Westminster, HEDDA GABLER/Mercury, LILAC TIME/Stoll, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Phoenix; Photos: Ingrid Puxon, and Charles Hawtrey with Betty Percheron in OLD CHELSEA; Notice of the death of Dame Marie Tempest, aged 78 ( etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; spine rubbed, minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1942 (No.215): cover-Arthur Riscoe and Frances Day in DU BARRY WAS A LADY/His Majesty's; Scenes from HOME AND BEAUTY/Playhouse (Ronald Squire, Isabel Jeans - photo and review), DU BARRY WAS A LADY/His Majesty's (Arthur Riscoe, Frances Day, Frances Marsden, Teddy Beaumont, Inga Andersen, Jackie Hunter, Bruce Trent, Diane Gardiner, Charles Stone - 30 photos), SWAN SONG/Arts (Alec Clunes - photo), AWAKE AND SING/Arts (Richard Attenborough, Lily Kann, Michael Raghan, Julian Somers, Martin Miller, Vivienne Bennett, Herbert Lomas, A Bromley Davenport, Harold Scott, Harry Rose - 7 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT/Arts (Vivienne Bennett, Richard Attenborough, Jeremy Hawk, Jean Forbes-Robertson, Joyce Redman, Alec Clunes, Denys Blakelock, Russell Thorndike, Walter Hudd - 3 photos), THE SPRINGTIME OF OTHERS/Arts (Mary Hinton, Isolde Denham, Jeremy Hawk - photo), MAGIC/Arts (Walter Hudd, Graveley Edwards, Julian Randall, Alec Clunes, Penelope Dudley-Ward, Stanford Holme - photo), HOUSE OF REGRETS/Arts (John Ruddock, David Bird, Noel Willman, Gibb McLaughlin, Miki Iveria, Susan Richards, Josephine Middleton, Christine Silver, Max Adrian, Julian Dallas, Lalage Lewis - 5 photos); Review: AREN'T MEN BEASTS/Garrick; Photos: Cicely Courtneidge, The Cairoli Brothers in BEST BIB AND TUCKER/Palladium, Gena Lipskowska with her horse Romeo, Patricia Burke with Harry Jacobson, Alec Clunes, Ninette de Valois with Constant Lambert, Helena Pickard (Lady Hardwicke) and her 10-year old son Edward Hardwicke; Interview with John Gielgud (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green of Flora Robson in THE DAMASK CHEEK; Feature on The Arts Theatre - Six Months of Progress etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1943 (No.216): cover-Bobby Howes; Scenes from WALTZ WITHOUT END/Lyric (Jane Carr, Jimmy Godden, Bertram Dench, Ivor Sheridan, Olga d'Este, Daria Luna, Pola Nirenska, Moira Kennett, Vernon Kelso, Betty Warren, Eliot Makeham - 9 photos), LET'S FACE IT/Hippodrome (Bobby Howes, William T Holland, Jack Stanford, Leigh Stafford, Pat Kirkwood, Pat Leonard, Zoe Gail, Rona Riccardo, Joyce Barbour, Hubert Ennor, Noele Gordon, John Clifford, Babette O'Deal - 16 photos), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Phoenix (Cyril Ritchard, John Gielgud, Deering Wells, Edith Evans, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Peggy Ashcroft, Jean Cadell, J H Roberts, Charles Maunsell - 19 photos), MOTHER GOOSE/Windmill (Lesley Osmond - photo), BABES IN THE WOOD/Victoria Palace (Polly Ward - photo), JACK AND JILL/His Majesty's (Arthur Askey, Archie Glen, Eddie Gray - photo); Reviews: IT HAPPENED IN SEPTEMBER/St.James, HOLY ISLE/Arts, HOUSE OF JEFFREYS/Playhouse, THE PETRIFIED FOREST/Globe, SADLER'S WELLS BALLET/New; Photos: Mary Honer in COPPELIA, Margaret Johnston; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green etc. [36pp, 5.8x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1943 (No.221): Scenes from LOVE FOR LOVE/Phoenix (John Gielgud, Yvonne Arnaud, Max Adrian, Miles Malleson, Leslie Banks, Angela Baddeley, Leon Quartermaine - 19 photos), PRESENT LAUGHTER/Haymarket and THIS HAPPY BREED (Noel Coward, Judy Campbell, Joyce Carey, James Donald - 4 photos), 1943 STRATFORD FESTIVAL (Baliol Holloway, Abraham Sofaer, Patricia Jessel, Anna Konstam - 13 photos), JUNIOR MISS/Saville (Betty Marsden, Joan White, Ronald Ward, Peggy Cummins - 17 photos) etc. [36pp, 5.8x8.75; spine partly split, else VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1943 (No.224): cover-Jack Buchanan; Scenes from IT'S TIME TO DANCE (Jack Buchanan, Elsie Randolph, Fred Emney, Marjorie Brooks, Buddy Bradley, Anthony Howard, Daria Luna, Andrew Leigh, Van Boolen, James Roy, Harry Lane, Joe Quigley, Charles Minor, Pat Hagan, Nevill Astor, Humphrey Kent - 35 photos), LOTTIE DUNDASS (Ann Todd, Sybil Thorndike, Renee Ascherson, Charles Sewell, John Jarvis, Bruce Winston, Hargrave Pawson, Miki Iveria, Frederick Cooper, Mignon O'Doherty, Helen Horsey, J O Twiss, Janet Barrow - 16 photos and review); Reviews: MR BOLFRY/Westminster, WAR AND PEACE/Phoenix; Photos: Nora Swinburne in A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY/St.James, Marian Spencer, Edith Evans, Margaretta Scott, Googie Withers, Donald Layne-Smith as Feste in TWELFTH NIGHT/Stratford 1938; Feature on INTERNATIONAL BALLET/Lyric ( of Mona Inglesby and Leslie French in EVERYMAN); Profile of Emlyn Williams (; The Influence of Stanislavsky by Professor Mikhail Morozov etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1943 (No.225): cover-The Strachan Family in PINK STRING AND SEALING WAX/Duke of York's; Scenes from PINK STRING AND SEALING WAX/Duke of York's (Iris Hoey, David Horne, Philip Friend, Margaret Barton, Audrey Hesketh, Dorothy Hyson, Cecil Bevan, Eric Micklewood, Shelagh Furley - 21 photos), SUNNY RIVER (Lionel Trim, Evelyn Laye, Edith Day, Bertram Wallis, Kenneth Blain, Dennis Noble, Don Avory, Marion Wilson, Ena Burrill, Edna Proud, Bernard Ansell - 16 photos), THE FUR COAT (Jeanne de Casalis, Henry Kendall, Beryl Mason, John Burch, Gordon McLeod, Julian Dallas - 10 photos); Reviews: VARIETY COMES BACK/Palladium, FLYING COLOURS/Lyric, UNCLE VANYA/Westminster; Photos: Sally Gray in MY SISTER EILEEN, Coral Browne in MY SISTER EILEEN, Rosalie Crutchley, Leueen MacGrath, Isolde Denham, Dulcie Gray, Dorothy Primrose, Avice Landone, Gillian Adams, Rene Ray, Helen Cherry; Interview with Adrianne Allen (; Moscow Art Theatre Plans by Pavel Markov; The new Lac des Cygnes by Audrey Williamson ( of Margot Fonteyn) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1943 (No.226): cover-Alastair Sim and Sophie Stewart in MR.BOLFRY/Playhouse; Scenes from MY SISTER EILEEN/Savoy (Sally Gray, Coral Browne, Max Bacon, Harry Ross, Graeme Muir, Charles Rolfe, Charles Farrell, Robet Baker - 4 photos and review), MR.BOLFRY/Playhouse (Sophie Stewart, Alfie Bass, Dorothy Smith, Alastair Sim, Ronald Millar, Sheila Brownrigg, Walter Fitzgerald - 21 photos), LE LAC DES CYGNES/Sadler's Wells (Margot Fonteyn, Robert Helpmann, Joan Sheldon, Alexis Rassine, Margaret Dale, designed by Leslie Hurry - 5 photos), STRIKE A NEW NOTE/Prince of Wales (Sid Field - photo); Reviews: SOMETHING IN THE AIR/Palace, ACACIA AVENUE/Vaudeville, SHE FOLLOWS ME ABOUT/Garrick, THE DARK RIVER/Whitehall, LYDIA KYASHT BALLET/Whitehall; Photos: Joyce Heron, Bebe de Roland, Frederick Ashton, Peggy Ashcroft, John Clements, 4 Sadler's Wells Opera portraits (Ben Williams, Joan Cross, John Hargreaves, Edith Coates), Julia Neilson, Matheson Lang; Soviet Theatre No.7: Theatre On Wheels by L Yantariev; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Elisabeth Bergner in THE TWO MRS CARROLLS, scene from OKLAHOMA!) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1944 (No.228): cover-Geoffrey Wardwell, Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge in SOMETHING IN THE AIR/Palace; Scenes from SOMETHING IN THE AIR/Palace (Jack Hulbert, Ronald Shiner, Cicely Courtneidge, Geoffrey Wardwell, Peggy Watson, Sabina Gordon, Eunice Crowther, Jean Gillie - 13 photos), PANAMA HATTIE/Piccadilly (Bebe Daniels, Claude Hulbert, Ivan Brandt, Betty Blacker, Richard Hearne, Queenie (as Ben Hur the dog), Max Wall, Jack Stanford, Vivian Budd, Frances Marsden, Georgia Mackinnon - 14 photos), TEN LITTLE NIGGERS (Percy Walsh, Gwyn Nicholls, Michael Blake, Eric Cowley, Linden Travers, Terence de Marney, Allan Jeayes, Henrietta Watson, William Murray, Hilda Bruce-Potter - 12 photos); Reviews: THIS TIME IT'S LOVE/Comedy, GOOD NIGHT, LADIES!/Whitehall, HALFWAY TO HEAVEN/Princes, ON LIFE'S SUNNY SIDE/Arts, THERE SHALL BE NO NIGHT/Aldwych; Photos: Emlyn Williams, Terence Rattigan, Ellen Pollock, Muriel Pavlow, Gladys Henson, Carole Lynne, Michael Wilding, Hugh McDermott, Phyllis Dixey, Houston Rogers (and others) in a German P.O.W. Camp; Interview with Griffith Jones ( of Griffith Jones in THE DAY WILL DAWN/film); Caricature of Sally Gray and Coral Browne in MY SISTER EILEEN/Savoy by Stanley Parker; Soviet Theatre No.9: Theatregoing in Moscow by Nikolai Volkov; Sadler's Wells Ballet: Ninette de Valois' PROMENADE ( of Pamela May) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1944 (No.229): cover-Jane Baxter; Scenes from PETER PAN/Cambridge Theatre (Glynis Johns, Diana Deare - photo), HALFWAY TO HEAVEN/Princes (Bobby Howes, Sydney Howard, Leslie Perrins, Betty Stockfield, Lesley Brook, H R Hignett, J H Roberts - 4 photos), CINDERELLA/His Majesty's (Burton Broom, Evelyn Laye, Sid Plummer, Natasha Sokolova - 2 photos), ROBINSON CRUSOE/Theatre Royal, Birmingham (Betty Frankiss - photo), HUMPTY DUMPTY/Coliseum (Rovi Pavinoff - photo), WHILE THE SUN SHINES (Hugh McDermott, Michael Wilding, Douglas Jefferies, Jane Baxter, Ronald Squire, Eugene Deckers, Brenda Bruce - 25 photos), AN IDEAL HUSBAND (Dame Irene Vanbrugh, Rosemary Scott, Nan Hopkins, Rosamund Greenwood, Ian Lubbock, Roland Culver, Peggy Bryan, Manning Whiley, Martita Hunt, John Vere, John Baker, Townsend Whitling, Esme Percy - 16 photos), THIS TIME IT'S LOVE (Ernest Thesiger, Charles Heslop, Ellen Pollock, Beryl Mason, Evelyn Barnard, Stanley Vilven, Dennis Bowen - 10 photos); Reviews: CHRISTMAS SHOWS, DON ABEL WROTE A TRAGEDY/Arts; Photo: Robert Donat (at home with pipe); Interview with Dame Irene Vanbrugh ( as Lady Markby in AN IDEAL HUSBAND/Westminster); Profile of Una O'Connor: Hollywood War Worker (; World of Ballet: The Return of JOB ( of Robert Helpmann as Satan) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1944 (No.231): cover-Joyce Barbour and Robert Beatty in A SOLDIER FOR CHRISTMAS/Wyndham's; Scenes from DONALD WOLFIT SEASON/Scala (Donald Wolfit - photo and review), THIS WAS A WOMAN/Comedy (Grey Blake, Sonia Dresdel, Nova Pilbeam - photo and review), A SOLDIER FOR CHRISTMAS/Wyndham's (Joyce Barbour, Winifred Hindle, Trevor Howard, Robert Beatty, Pauline Letts, Meriel Forbes, Joan Harben, Susan Richmond, Frances Waring - 19 photos), THE DRUID'S REST/St.Martin's (Richard Burton, Gladys Henson, Brynmor Thomas, Nuna Davey, Neil Porter, Lyn Evans, Roddy Hughes, Michael Shepley - 13 photos), HAMLET/Old Vic at the New Theatre (Robert Helpmann, Basil Sydney, Frederic Horrey, Lawrence Hanray, Margot Grahame, David Carr, Pamela Brown, Dennis Price (as Horatio), Geoffrey Toone - 9 photos); Reviews: DESERT HIGHWAY/Playhouse, THE TWO CHILDREN/Arts, BALLET RAMBERT/Mercury; Photos: Joan White as Judy Graves in JUNIOR MISS/Saville, Beatrix Lehmann, Mantovani, Sally Gilmour, Mary Jerrold, Patricia Hicks, Leslie Banks, Betty Ann Davies; Interview with Anthony Rawlins (; Soviet Theatre No.11: How the Leningrad Theatres carry on by Oleg Leonidov; Article on the Royal Opera House, Cairo ( of Soliman Bey Naguib); Interview with Dorothy Hyson ( etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1944 (No.232): cover-Hermione Gingold and Henry Kendall in SWEETER AND LOWER/Ambassadors; Scenes from SWEETER AND LOWER/Ambassadors (Hermione Gingold, Henry Kendall, Gretchen Franklin, Yvonne Jaques, Mary Irwin, Pauline Fraser, Richard Curnock, Edna Wood, Bonar Colleano, Ilena Sylva, George Carden, Olive Wright - 20 photos), THE LILAC DOMINO/His Majesty's (Leo Franklyn, Richard Dolman, Pat Taylor, Graham Payn, Bernard Clifton, Elizabeth French, Billy Holland, Bebe de Roland - 11 photos and review), UNCLE HARRY/Garrick (Michael Redgrave, Beatrix Lehmann, Ena Burrill - 2 photos and review), GUILTY (Therese Raquin)/Lyric Hammersmith (Flora Robson - photo and review); Reviews: A MURDER FOR A VALENTINE/Lyric, ONE ROOM/Apollo, SOMETHING FOR THE BOYS/Coliseum, MEET ME VICTORIA/Victoria Palace, SIX PAIRS OF SHOES/Playhouse; Photos: Dorothy Ward, Arthur Riscoe, Carole Lynne, Brenda Bruce, Trevor Howard, Dorothy Dickson, Beatrice Lillie; Feature on J W Pemberton (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Margaret Sullavan, Elliot Nugent and Audrey Christie in THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE); Soviet Theatre No.12: New Productions in Moscow by Alexander Fevralsky and Matvei Grimev; Feature on Cornelia Otis Skinner (; Feature on English National Ballet by Audrey Williamson ( of Ninette de Valois) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1944 (No.233): cover-Michael Redgrave as UNCLE HARRY; Scenes from MEET ME VICTORIA/Victoria Palace (Lupino Lane, Lauri Lupino Lane, Dorothy Ward, Phyllis Robins, Wallace Lupino - photo), UNCLE HARRY/Garrick (Keith Campbell, Grace Denbeigh-Russell, Michael Redgrave, Rachel Kempson, Beatrix Lehmann, Ena Burrill, Susan Richards, Ian Colin, Arthur David, Hugh Stewart, John Garside, Lee Fox, Margery Bryce, Donald Finlay - 22 photos), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Stratford (Helen Cherry, David Read, George Hayes - 3 photos and review), AS YOU LIKE IT/Stratford (John Byron, Anna Burden, Helen Cherry, Michael Martin-Harvey, George Hayes - 3 photos and review), MACBETH/Stratford (George Hayes, Patricia Jessel - 2 photos and review), HAMLET/Stratford (John Byron, Antony Eustrel, Michael Martin-Harvey, Anna Burden, Viola Lyel, Raymond Rollett - 5 photos and review), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Stratford (Patricia Jessel, Antony Eustrel, David Read, Raymond Rollett, Cliff Weir, Mary Honer - 5 photos and review); Reviews: DOCTOR WITHOUT MEDICINE/Arts, HOW ARE THEY AT HOME/Apollo, CRISIS IN HEAVEN/Lyric, A BILL OF VARIETY/Palladium, PEEK-A-BOO/Whitehall, INVITATION TO THE WALTZ/Amersham Playhouse; GEORGE AND MARGARET in the Middle East Part I ( of Barbara Leake, Michael Blake, Frederick Weldon, Hazel Hughes, Bryan Matheson, Compton Wilkins and May Hallatt with the NAAFI 'bus); Photos: Anna Neagle, Marjorie Sandford; Ballet On Tour by Audrey Williamson (5 photos: Gordon Hamilton in PROMENADE/Sadler's Wells Ballet, Mona Inglesby in COPPELIA/International Ballet, Noelle de Mosa with Rolf Alexander and Sigurd Leeder in PANDORA/Ballets Joos, Helene Wolska in SWAN LAKE and in GISELLE/Anglo-Polish Ballet); London's "Little Theatres" Come To Life: The Gateway, and The Chanticleer (w.small photos of Robert Marsden, Peter Noble, Laurence Payne, Alan Adair, Audrey Fildes) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1944 (No.234): cover-Lupino Lane in MEET ME VICTORIA/Victoria Palace; Scenes from THE QUAKER GIRL/Coliseum (Celia Lipton - photo and review), MEET ME VICTORIA/Victoria Palace (Lupino Lane, Phyllis Robins, Dorothy Ward, Bennett O'Loghlan, Vernon R Kelso, William Norman, Violet Blythe, Doreen Duke, Lauri Lupino Lane, Wallace Lupino, Ann Booth, Fred A Leslie, Eddie Lathan, Barry MacDonald - 16 photos), VOLPONE/Stratford (Robert Atkins, John Byron, David Read, Peter Upcher, Viola Lyel - 4 photos), RICHARD II/Stratford (George Hayes, Antony Eustrel, Helen Cherry - 4 photos), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Stratford (Mary Honer, Patricia Jessel, John Byron, Cliff Weir - 4 photos); Reviews: THE STUDENT PRINCE/Stoll, A NIGHT IN VENICE/Cambridge Theatre, THE LAST OF SUMMER/Phoenix, THE GYPSY PRINCESS/Saville, THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY/Savoy; Photos: John Gielgud, Pamela Brown with Mary Hinton; Soviet Theatre No.13: Konstantin Stanislavsky's "Last Child" by Lydia Vilvovskaya; Two Years at the Arts Theatre w.19 photos: THE CONSTANT COUPLE (w.Alec Clunes), THE RIVALS (w.Avis Landone), THE MAGISTRATE (w.Denys Blakelock), MISALLIANCE (w.Peter Jones), THE WATCHED POT (w.Dorothy Primrose), HOLY ISLE (w.Graveley Edwards, Emrys Jones, Margaretta Scott, Norman Shelley), MARIA MARTEN (w.Denys Blakelock, Joanna Horder, Julian Somers), THE DRUNKARD (w.Wilfrid Fletcher, David Bird), ANDROCLES AND THE LION (w.Alec Clunes, Wilfrid Fletcher, Denys Blakelock), THE WELL OF THE SAINTS (w.Michael Golden, Tony Quinn, Barbara Waring, W G Fay, Maureen Moore), BEYOND (w.Denys Blakelock, Marcus Barron,Tarver Penna), THE OLD FOOLISHNESS (w.John Murphy, Barbara Waring, Michael Golden, Billy Shine), THE JUDGEMENT OF DR JOHNSON (w.Jenny Laird, Julien Mitchell, Robert Holmes, Barbara Couper, Michael Raghan, Robert Adams, Michael Warre, Robert Mardens), THE RECRUITING OFFICER (w.Elwyn Brook-Jones, Trevor Howard), ON LIFE'S SUNNY SIDE (w.Mary Morris, David Bird, Dorothy Reynolds), DON ABEL WROTE A TRAGEDY (w.John Ruddock, Edward Byrne, Elwyn Brook-Jones), THE WITCH (w.Abraham Sofaer, Mary Morris), THE TWO CHILDREN (w.Tristan Lawson, Honor Blake, Alan Haines), and THE PHILANDERER (w.Barbara Waring, Richard Wordsworth, Joan Haythorne); Article on the death of Sir John Martin-Harvey (; Feature on Anna May Wong (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Oscar Karlweis, Annabella and Louis Calhern in JACOBOWSKY AND THE COLONEL, and portrait of Ludmilla Pitoeff; GEORGE AND MARGARET in the Middle East Part II ( of Noel Howlett directing Hazel Hughes and Bryan Matheson); Ballets Joos and International Ballet's COPPELIA by Audrey Williamson etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1944 (No.235): cover-Coral Browne and Jack Buchanan in THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY/Savoy; Scenes from HOW ARE THEY AT HOME?/Apollo (Patricia Laffan, Angela Wyndham-Lewis, Hella Kurty, George Carney, Jennifer Gray, Henry Hewitt, Mignon O'Doherty, Charles Groves, John Salew, Jane Carr - photo), THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY/Savoy (Frances Rowe, Madge Compton, Austin Trevor, Jack Buchanan, Coral Browne, Anthony Shaw, Margaret Scudamore, Athene Seyler, Anne Firth, Bryan Matheson, Cyril Renison, James Dale, Douglas Herald - 18 photos), BURNING GOLD/York Repertory Company (Lester Barrett, William Douglas, Yvonne Marling, Virginia Buston, Daphne Arthur, Thelma Hughes, Alec McCowen - photo); Review: WATCH ON THE RHINE/Intimate Theatre; Photos: Yvonne Arnaud, Ursula Jeans with Roger Livesey, Jeanne Stuart, Edna Wood, Ilena Sylva, Gretchen Franklin, Khalima Nasyrova, Sara Ishanturaeva, Kulyash Baiseitova, Tamara Khanum, Marcella Salzer and Peter Noble in LADY JULIE/Chanticleer; Letter from Michael Goodliffe on P.O.W. Camp Theatricals ( of Brian McIrvine and Michael Goodliffe in GASLIGHT); Soviet Theatre No.14: Emblem of the Seagull by Nikolai Volkov; PYGMALION in Moscow (7 photos of the production at the Maly Theatre ); Cervantes at the Gypsy Theatre (2 photos: Sergei Shishkov, Sergei Selchivtsky and Olga Petrova in THE GYPSY); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Penelope Sack, Marguerite Lewis, Lorraine Clews, Alastair Boyd Kyle, Mme. Ludmilla Pitoeff, Pauline Robinson, Michael Ingram and Cavada Humphrey in THE HOUSE IN PARIS); Post-War Plans for the Ex-Service Actor by Bryan Matheson; Feature on Beatrice Lillie (; Andree Howard's New Ballet for Sadler's Wells by Audrey Williamson ( of Pauline Clayden in COPPELIA); GEORGE AND MARGARET in the Middle East Part III ( photo including William Devlin, Bay White, Frederick Wheldon, Michael Blake, May Hallatt, John Oxford, Soliman Bey Naguib, Noel Howlett, Bryan Matheson, Barbara Leake, Compton Wilkins, Miss Brown, Hazel Hughes) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1944 (No.237): cover-David O'Brien in TO-MORROW THE WORLD/Aldwych; Scenes from THE BANBURY NOSE/Wyndham's (Ursula Jeans, Philip Hillman, Roger Livesey, Michael Shepley, Hugh Burden, Richard Wordsworth, Marione Everall, Richard Hart, Alan Trotter, Christine Silver, Isolde Denham - 8 photos and review), TO-MORROW THE WORLD/Aldwych (Jean Cadell, Angela Glynne, Robert Harris, Elizabeth Allan, Lilly Kann, David O'Brien, Julian Mitchell, Tony Millen, Billy Darren, Derek Lansiaux - 28 photos and review); Reviews: PEER GYNT/Old Vic at the New, ARMS AND THE MAN/Old Vic at the New, RICHARD III/Old Vic at the New, COSI FAN TUTTE/Sadler's Wells Opera at the Princes; Photos: Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt, Angela Glynne and David O'Brien, Florence Desmond, Kay Hammond, Jane Baxter, Rachel Kempson, Phyllis Monkman, Val Gielgud; A Soldier Writes to the Editor - letter from (Corporal) J D Thom stationed in Italy; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Mae West and Joel Ashley in CATHERINE WAS GREAT, Mary Martin and Kenny Baker in ONE TOUCH OF VENUS); Profile of Sonia Dresdel (; More about Ballet Rambert by Audrey Williamson etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1944 (No.238): cover-Laurence Olivier as RICHARD III/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from THREE'S A FAMILY/Saville (Morland Graham, Joy Shelton, Vera Pearce - 2 photos and review), JENNY JONES/Hippodrome (Tom Linden - photo and review), HAPPY FEW/Cambridge Theatre (Victor Beaumont, Anthony Hawtrey, John Slater - photo and review), PEER GYNT/Old Vic at the New (Ralph Richardson, Sybil Thorndike, Joyce Redman, Margaret Leighton, Nicholas Hannen, Sydney Tafler, Morris Sweden, Vida Hope, Harcourt Williams, George Relph, Laurence Olivier - 14 photos), RICHARD III/Old Vic at the New (Laurence Olivier, Joyce Redman, Margaret Leighton, Sybil Thorndike, Michael Warre, Nicholas Hannen, Harcourt Williams, George Relph, Maurice Nicholas, Bay White, Tony Kearey, Morris Sweden, Charles Leno, Sydney Tafler, Nancy Nevinson, Peter Howell, Alfred Gray, Ralph Richardson - 18 photos), BIRD IN HAND/St.Martin's (Felicity Lyster, Kathleen Boutall, Herbert Lomas, Ivor Barnard, Frith Banbury, George Bishop - photo); Reviews: HAPPY AND GLORIOUS/Palladium, NO MEDALS/Vaudeville, SCANDAL AT BARCHESTER/Lyric, HAMLET/Haymarket, THE CIRCLE/Haymarket, IT DEPENDS WHAT YOU MEAN/Westminster, DAUGHTER JANIE/Apollo; Photos: Fay Compton, John Gielgud as HAMLET/1934, Angela Baddeley, Vivienne Bennett, Howard Agg; Soviet Theatre No.15: Portrait of a Famous Actress - Alla Tarasova by Mikhail Alexandrov (; CARNAVAL Revived by Audrey Williamson; Prisoner-of-War Plays: small photos of ROPE and THE WIND AND THE RAIN produced at P.O.W. Camp M-Stammlager XXB - sent by Warrant Officer A Nankivell (Royal Artillery); Wales Takes Up the Challenge by D J Thomas etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £5

ThW/Dec 1944 (No.239): cover-John Gielgud, Leslie Banks and Marian Spencer in HAMLET/Haymarket; Scenes from HAMLET (John Gielgud, Leslie Banks, Marian Spencer, Francis Lister, Miles Malleson, Peggy Ashcroft, Patrick Crean, Leon Quartermaine, Max Adrian, John Blatchley, Cecil Trouncer, George Woodbridge - 22 photos), MIRACLE IN THE GORBALS (Robert Helpmann, David Paltenghi, Pauline Clayden, Celia Franca - 5 photos and review), NO MEDALS/Vaudeville (John Witty, Fay Compton, Pauline Tennant - photo), SCANDAL AT BARCHESTER/Lyric (Walter Piers, Winifred Oughton, Felix Aylmer - photo); Reviews: TOO TRUE TO BE GOOD/Lyric Hammersmith, CANDIDA/Lyric Hammersmith, MERRY-GO-ROUND/Adelphi, PRIVATE LIVES/Apollo, RESIDENTS ONLY/St.James, THE MAGISTRATE/St.Martin's; Photos: Hermione Gingold, Kay Hammond and John Clements in PRIVATE LIVES/Apollo; Plays and the B.L.A. - letter from W St.John Tayleur, Capt.R.A. stationed in France; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Lewis Howard, Anne Burr and Melville Cooper in WHILE THE SUN SHINES, Cary Grant with Jean Adair and Josephine Hall in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE/film); Post-War Blueprint by Eric Johns; The Christmas Pantomime by Bryan Matheson ( of Dan Leno) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £5


ThW/Jan 1945 (No.240): cover-Pauline Tennant, Fay Compton and Valerie White in NO MEDALS; Scenes from THREE'S A FAMILY/Saville (Vera Pearce, Aubrey Mallalieu, Morland Graham, Netta Westcott - photo), PYGMALION/Lyric Hammersmith (Ellen Pollock - photo), BLITHE SPIRIT/Duchess (Penelope Ward, Beryl Measor, Nicholas Phipps - photo), NO MEDALS (Frederick Leister, Fay Compton, Thora Hird, Pauline Tennant, Ronald Fortt, Michael McNeile, Valerie White, John Witty, Dorothy Hamilton, Robin Coles, Helen Horsey, Alexander Field - 20 photos), THE MAGISTRATE/St.Martin's (Derek Blomfield, Dorothy Primrose, Avice Landone, Helen Cherry, Denys Blakelock, Newton Blick, Jonathan Field, Leonard Trollope, David Bird, Bill Shine, Derek Birch - 7 photos), IT DEPENDS WHAT YOU MEAN/Westminster (Alastair Sim, Margaret Barton, Angela Baddeley, Wilfred Hyde White, O B Clarence, Oliver Johnstone, Alec Faversham - 9 photos); Reviews: DARK LADY OF THE SONNETS/Lyric Hammersmith, VILLAGE WOOING/Lyric Hammersmith, ANOTHER LOVE STORY/Phoenix, GIANNI SCHICCHI and IL TABARRO/Sadler's Wells Opera at the Princes; Photos: Clive Brook, Margaret Leighton, Hugh Wakefield, Daria Bayan; Frederick Ashton's NOCTURNE Revived/Sadler's Wells Ballet at the Princes ( of Margot Fonteyn and Frederick Ashton); The Problem of the Prodigy by Eric Johns ( of Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Helena Pickard with their 12-year old son Edward Hardwicke); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Oscar Homolka and Mady Christians in I REMEMBER MAMA) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; name on cover, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1945 (No.241): cover-Yvonne Arnaud in THE CIRCLE; Scenes from PYGMALION/Vittel Internment Camp, France (photo), HAMLET/Oflag VII/B Camp, Bavaria (Dan Cunningham as Laertes, Michael Goodliffe as Hamlet, Lieutenant B A McIrvine as Gertrude - 2 photos), LAND OF SMILES/Vittel Internment Camp, France (photo), THE CIRCLE (Leslie Banks, Rosalie Crutchley, John Gielgud, Yvonne Arnaud, Dorothy Lane, Cecil Trouncer, Patrick Crean - 16 photos), CINDERELLA/Winter Garden (Kathleen Moody - photo), BABES IN THE WOOD/His Majesty's (Monsewer Eddie Gray, Nervo and Knox, Leo Franklyn - photo), THE GLASS SLIPPER/St.James (Eric Micklewood, Audrey Hesketh - photo), A NIGHT IN VENICE (Daria Bayan, Henry Wendon, Josephine Yorke, Norman MacOwan, George Howe, Lawrence Barclay, Heather Boys, Jerry Verno, Dennis Bowen, Pauline Grant, Lou van Yck, Ernest Berk - 9 photos), INTERNATIONAL BALLET SEASON/Princes (Mona Inglesby, Leslie French, Rovi Pavinoff - 3 photos); Reviews: LOVE IN IDLENESS/Lyric, SEE HOW THEY RUN/Comedy, THE YEARS BETWEEN/Wyndham's, UNCLE VANYA/Old Vic at the New, NOEL COWARD/Garrison Theatre, India (report by Flight-Sergeant Frederick W Ball), CHINA BALLET GROUP/Kan Kian Tang, Chungking, China (report by Cpl.Alan A Whitney); Photos: Nora Swinburne, Brian Nissen, Abraham Sofaer, Alicia Markova; Stage Thanks Screen - interview with Griffith Jones; The Polish Theatre by Bryan Matheson; Three war-time letters from overseas: Lieutenant Peter M Welsh (SE Asia), P J W Heyward (North Africa), and Chris Grainger of the RAF (Egypt); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Tom Seidel, Frank Fay, Josephine Hull, Fred Irving Lewis, Jessie White and June Van Duser in HARVEY, and Leo G Carroll and Janet Beecher in THE LATE GEORGE APLEY) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1945 (No.242): cover-Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in LOVE IN IDLENESS/Lyric; Scenes from THE INFERNAL MACHINE/Chanticleer (Sigrid Landstad, Frederick Horrey; directed by Peter Brook aged 19 - 2 photos), LOVE IN IDLENESS/Lyric (Lynn Fontanne, Alfred Lunt, Brian Nissen, Peggie Dear, Mona Harrison, Antoinette Keith, Frank Forder - 18 photos), COSI FAN TUTTE/Sadler's Wells Opera (Joan Cross, John Hargreaves, Rose Hill, Owen Brannigan, Margaret Ritchie, Peter Pears - 3 photos), EMMA/St.James (Anna Neagle - 2 photos and review), UNCLE VANYA (Ralph Richardson, Laurence Olivier, Sybil Thorndike, Margaret Leighton, Harcourt Williams, Joyce Redman, George Relph, Betty Hardy - 17 photos), ANOTHER LOVE STORY/Phoenix (Judy Campbell, Anton Walbrook - photo), SEE HOW THEY RUN/Comedy (Beryl Mason, Ronald Simpson, George Bishop, Joan Hickson, George Gee, Joan Sanderson - photo), WHILE THE SUN SHINES/on tour (Jeanette Tregarthen, Shelagh Fraser - photo); Reviews: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Haymarket, MEET THE NAVY/Hippodrome, THE COPY and LEONCE AND LENA/Arts, QUALITY STREET/Embassy, SALUTE TO VARIETY/Victoria Palace, LAURA/St.Martin's, DONALD WOLFIT SEASON/Winter Garden, INTERNATIONAL BALLET COMPANY/Princes; Photos: Evelyn Laye, Sonia Dresdel as HEDDA GABLER by Alex Akerbladh, Ilena Sylva, Diana Wynyard; A Waltz A Day - interview with Esmond Knight (; Polish Theatre in liberated Lvov by Dombrowski, Director of the Polish State Theatre; Theatre in Eire by Audrey Williamson (2 photos: Eric Gorman, Cyril Cusack and F J McCormick in THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS, and Cyril Cusack and others in THE OLD ROAD); ENSA and the Drama by Peter Noble ( of Henry Oscar) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1945 (No.243): cover-Esmond Knight and Evelyn Laye in THREE WALTZES/Princes; Scenes from MADAME LOUISE/Garrick (Alfred Drayton, Robertson Hare - photo and review), LAURA/St.Martin's (Robert Beatty, Sonia Dresdel, Raymond Lovell, Peter Hammond - photo), THE DOLLAR PRINCESS/on tour (Jack Morrison, Nita Croft - photo), THREE WALTZES/Princes (Evelyn Laye, Madoline Thomas, Fred Berger, Charles Goldner, Esmond Knight, Grace Lane, Frances Clare, Frank Royde, Felix Irvin, Bernard Ansell, Fred Groves, Gerald Lennan, Bruce Winston, Alastair Thomson, Joan North - 23 photos and review), PRIVATE LIVESApollo (Raymond Huntley, Kay Hammond, John Clements, Peggy Simpson - 14 photos), EMMA/St.James (Margaret Vines, Frank Allenby, Wynne Clark, Anna Neagle, Cecil Ramage, Grey Blake, Graveley Edwards, Gillian Lind, George Thirlwell, Terry Randal, Ambrosine Philpotts - 8 photos); Reviews: THE TWO MRS CARROLLS/Embassy, THE SIMPLETON OF THE UNEXPECTED ISLES/Arts, GAY ROSALINDA/Palace, GREAT DAY/Playhouse, THE WAY THINGS HAPPEN/Gateway Theatre Club; Photo: Vivien Leigh; The Mystery of Mary Clare by Eric Johns (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Beatrice Lillie and Bert Lahr in SEVEN LIVELY ARTS, and Celeste Holm in BLOOMER GIRL) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1945 (No.244): cover-Clive Brook in THE YEARS BETWEEN/Wyndham's; Scenes from THE YEARS BETWEEN/Wyndham's (Ronald Ward, John Gilpin, Nora Swinburne, Henrietta Watson, Geoffrey Morris, Lilian Christine, Allan Jeayes, Arthur Chesney, Clive Brook - 18 photos), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Haymarket (Leslie Banks, Peggy Ashcroft, Marian Spencer, Francis Lister, John Gielgud, Patrick Crean, Isobel Dean, Max Adrian, John Blatchley, Miles Malleson, George Woodbridge, Ernest Hare, Francis Drake, Leon Quartermaine, Rosalie Crutchley, George Bryden - 10 photos), IRENE (Pat Taylor, Frank Leighton, Arthur Riscoe, Doreen Duke, Doreen Percheron, John Blythe, Bebe de Roland, Mignon O'Doherty - 10 photos); Reviews: THE ASSASSIN/Savoy, THE GAIETIES/Winter Garden, APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH/Piccadilly, THE YELLOW STAR/Unity, LADY FROM EDINBURGH/Playhouse, THE SHOP AT SLY CORNER/St.Martin's, THE WIND OF HEAVEN/St.James, YELLOW SANDS/Westminster, SADLER'S WELLS BALLET/New; Photos: Nicholas Phipps, Muriel Pavlow, Kathleen Kent, Five portraits from the 1945 Stratford-upon-Avon Season (Claire Luce as Viola, Moira Lister as Olivia, Antony Eustrel as Iago, George Skillan as Othello, Robert Atkins as Falstaff), Mrs Patrick Campbell; Soviet Theatre No.17: Theatrical Moscow listens to British Actors (by Nikolai Volkov) and English Classics on the Leningrad Stage (by Natalia Rashevskaya); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Anne Burr, Richard Basehart and John Lund in THE HASTY HEART) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1945 (No.246): cover-Emlyn Williams in THE WIND OF HEAVEN/St.James; Scenes from KING HENRY VIII/Stratford (photo), THE WIND OF HEAVEN/St.James (Diana Wynyard, Emlyn Williams, Dorothy Edwards, Arthur Hambling, Megs Jenkins, Clifford Huxley, Herbert Lomas, Barbara Couper - 13 photos), THE DUCHESS OF MALFI/Haymarket (Leslie Banks, Peggy Ashcroft, Joy Harvey, Cecil Trouncer, Leon Quartermaine, John Gielgud, Marian Spencer - 11 photos), MADAME LOUISE/Garrick (Constance Lorne, Robertson Hare, Lesley Brook, Alfred Drayton, Robin Hood, Al Millen, Harriette Johns, Maria Barry, Diana Wilding, Ruth Maitland, Jack Howard, Paul Demel, W V Burn (AKA Vernon Sylvaine) - 15 photos), SADLER'S WELLS/New (Beryl Grey, Alexis Rassine - 2 photos and review); Reviews: THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC/Coliseum, JACOBOWSKY AND THE COLONEL/Piccadilly, PETER GRIMES/Sadler's Wells ( of Peter Pears), BALLET RAMBERT/Hammersmith; Photos: Gretchen Franklin, Isobel Dean, Ralph Michael, Ena Burrill, Pamela Conroy, Hermione Baddeley; Reports on four smaller London theatres (The Chanticleer, The Embassy, The Gateway and The Unity); Commonsense Shakespeare - profile of Claire Luce (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of John Raitt and Jan Clayton in CAROUSEL) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1945 (No.247): cover-Sophie Stewart as the LADY FROM EDINBURGH/Playhouse; Scenes from CHICKEN EVERY SUNDAY/Savoy (Frank Leighton, Angela Baddeley - photo and review), SWEETER AND LOWER/Ambassadors (Henry Kendall, George Carden, Edna Wood, Christopher Hewett, Richard Curnock, Gretchen Franklin, Ilena Sylva - photo), LADY FROM EDINBURGH/Playhouse (Richard Bird, Sophie Stewart, Dulcie Gray, Alan Haines, Enid Sass, Henry Hewitt, Ethel Coleridge, Roy Dean, Yolande Dod - 16 photos), THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC/Coliseum (Jill Manners, Vic Oliver, Beryl Kaye - 6 photos), ARSENIC AND OLD LACE/Strand (Mary Jerrold, Lilian Braithwaite - photo), TOMORROW THE WORLD/Aldwych (Robert Harris, Elizabeth Allan - photo), JACOBOWSKY AND THE COLONEL/Piccadilly (Ann Heffernan, Derek Barnard, Ann Trego, Karel Stepanek, Michael Redgrave, Esme Percy, Diana Gould, Danny Green, Joseph Almas, John Deering, Ina De La Haye, Rachel Kempson, Frith Banbury, Michael Gough, Maurice Nicholas - 9 photos), BALLETS JOOSS/Winter Garden (Noelle de Mosa, Hans Zullig, Kurt Jooss - 3 photos and review); Reviews: SWEET YESTERDAY/Adelphi, DUET FOR TWO HANDS/Lyric, NO ROOM AT THE INN/Embassy; Photo: Anne Ziegler with Webster Booth; Brief feature on the Donald Wolfit Company's Autumn Tour ( of Donald Wolfit and Rosalind Iden meeting Donald Layne-Smith in the Middle East); Interview with Peter Graves (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of William Gaxton, Shirley Booth and Victor Moore in HOLLYWOOD PINAFORE); Soviet Theatre No.18: Two Actresses and an Actor by Nikolai Volkov (2 photos: Ivan Bersenev, Serafima Berman, Lillian Hellman, Sofia Giatsintova and others rehearsing WATCH ON THE RHINE/Moscow, and Vassali Kachalov with his daschunds); Feature on Emlyn Williams ( of Diana Wynyard and Barbara Couper in THE WIND OF HEAVEN/St.James) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1945 (No.248): cover-Robert Morley in THE FIRST GENTLEMAN/Savoy; Scenes from PERCHANCE TO DREAM/Hippodrome (Ivor Novello, Roma Beaumont - photo), THE HAUNTED BALLROOM/Sadler's Wells (Robert Helpmann - photo and review), GAY ROSALINDA/Palace (Richard Dolman, Irene Ambrus - photo), THE FIRST GENTLEMAN/Savoy (Philip Friend, Wendy Hiller, Frances Waring, Sigrid Lanstad, Robert Morley, Robert Beaumont, Christine Lindsay, Christina Horniman, Helen Stirling, Guy le Feuvre, Una Venning, Amy Frank, Wilfred Walter, Beryl Harrison, Ian Sadler, Madge Compton - 15 photos and review), SWEET YESTERDAY/Adelphi (Webster Booth, Anne Ziegler, Terry Farrell, Pat Hagan, Hugh Miller, Franklin Bennett, Reginald Tate, Doris Hare, Mark Daly, Gwen Lewis, Rupert White - 15 photos), INTERNATIONAL BALLET/His Majesty's (Mona Inglesby, Rovi Pavinoff, Leslie French, Algeranoff - 5 photos), DUET FOR TWO HANDS/Lyric (Mary Morris, John Mills - photo); Reviews: GRAND GUIGNOL/Granville, Waltham Green, THE CURE FOR LOVE/Westminster, KISS AND TELL/Phoenix, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD/Stoll; Photo: Henry Kendall; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green; Feature on the Musical Director Herbert Menges (; Feature on C.E.M.A. ( of Charles Landstone) etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; rumpled, else VG] £3


ThW/Jan 1946 (No.252): cover-Emrys Jones and Margaretta Scott in THE HASTY HEART/Aldwych; Scenes from MADAM BUTTERFLY/Sadler's Wells (Victoria Sladen - photo), UNDER THE COUNTER/Phoenix (Cicely Courtneidge, Jeanne Stuart - photo and review), THE HASTY HEART/Aldwych (Nicholas Parsons, Emrys Jones, Margaretta Scott, Jerry Verno, John McLaren, Frank Leighton, Verne Morgan, Orlando Martins, Roy Russell - 21 photos), HENRY IV Parts I and II/Old Vic at the New (Ralph Richardson, Miles Malleson, Laurence Olivier, Nicholas Hannen, Robin Lloyd, Peter Copley, Kenneth Edwards, George Relph, Margaret Leighton, Sybil Thorndike, Michael Warre, Sydney Tafler, David Kentish, Harcourt Williams, Michael Raglan, Paul Stephenson, William Monk, Nicolette Bernard, Brian Parker, Joyce Redman, Joseph James - 24 photos), THE GLASS SLIPPER/St.James's (Sara Gregory, Lawrence Hanray, Joan Sterndale Bennett, Elsie French, Olga May, Geoffrey Dunn - 2 photos); Reviews: THE SACRED FLAME/St.Martin's, SPRING, 1600/Lyric Hammersmith, SKIPPER NEXT TO GOD/Embassy, WORM'S EYE VIEW/Embassy, DEAR MURDERER/Granville; Photos: Clementina Stuart, Joyce Heron, Patricia Morne, Jean Compton Mackenzie; Feature on the New Yiddish Theatre (2 photos incl. Meier Tzelniker); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Victor Jory, Eva Le Gallienne, Dame May Whitty) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; name on cover, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1946 (No.253): cover-Cicely Courtneidge in UNDER THE COUNTER/Phoenix; Scenes from THE GLASS SLIPPER/St.James's (Annette Chappell, Sara Gregory, Helen Cherry, Michael Anthony, Frank Staff, Sara Luzita, Ann Lascelles, Elisabeth Schooling - photo and review), UNDER THE COUNTER (Cicely Courtneidge, Hartley Power, Thorley Walters, Francis Roberts, Cyril Raymond, Winifred Hindle, John Gregory, Frederick Farley, Jeanne Stuart - 20 photos), THE WAY TO THE TOMB/Mercury (Robert Speaight, Eric Shilling, Norman Tyrrell, Frank Napier, Edward Huberman, Pamela Alan, Stuart Latham, Gwen Nelson, Eleanor Summerfield, David Pruen; music by Benjamin Britten - 10 photos), CINDERELLA/Adelphi (Lois Green, Bud Flanagan, Angela Glynne, Jean Adrienne - 3 photos and review); Reviews: ALADDIN/Cambridge Theatre, THE SHADOW FACTORY/Mercury, THE ROCK THEATRE COMPANY/Rudolf Steiner Theatre, DEATH OF A RAT/Lyric Hammersmith; Photos: Dame Edith Evans as Mrs Malaprop, Pamela Brown; Seen On The Films (3 photos: Vivien Leigh and Flora Robson in CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA, Googie Withers in PINK STRING AND SEALING WAX, and Roger Livesey with Wendy Hiller and Jean Cadell in I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING); Feature on Walter Crisham (; Feature on Nora Swinburne (; Soviet Ballet - book review by Audrey Williamson ( of Ulanova in CINDERELLA/Bolshoi); Soviet Theatre No.21: Lillian Hellman's LITTLE FOXES on the Moscow Stage; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Betty Field and Helen Marcy in DREAM GIRL, Maurice Evans as HAMLET); Channel Islands Theatres Today by B C de Guerin etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1946 (No.254) - cover: Peter Pears as PETER GRIMES; Scenes from GOLDEN EAGLE/Westminster (Arthur Wontner, Claire Luce, Harry Fine, John Byron, David Horne, Townsend Whitling, Torin Thatcher - 3 photos and review), SONG OF NORWAY/Palace (Halina Victoria, John Hargreaves, Charles Doran - photo), PETER GRIMES/Sadler's Wells (Peter Pears, Joan Cross, Owen Brannigan, Valetta Iacopi, Edmund Donlevy, Leonard Thompson, Roderick Jones, Tom Culbert - 9 photos), THE BARTERED BRIDE/Sadler's Wells (Arthur Servent, Rose Hill, Olwen Price, Gilbert Bailey - 4 photos), MADAM BUTTERFLY/Sadler's Wells (Victoria Sladen, Roderick Jones, Valetta Iacopi - 5 photos), THE RIVALS/Criterion (Edith Evans, Pauline Jameson, Michael Gough, Audrey Fildes, Anthony Quayle, Jean Wilson, Peter Cushing, Morland Graham, Charles Lamb, Brefni O'Rourke, Reginald Beckwith - 5 photos), Prokofiev's CINDERELLA/Bolshoi premiere (Ulanova - 4 photos), FESTIVAL OF ENGLISH DRAMA/Arts (Roy Malcolm as Polonius and Alec Clunes in HAMLET, Mark Dignam in THE THUNDERBOLT, Olga Lindo in GETTING MARRIED, Peter Streuli, Margaret Vines and Bertram Shuttleworth THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL - 7 photos); Reviews: GIN PALACE/Gateway, THE THIRD VISITOR/Granville, THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE/Lyric Hammersmith, CYMBELINE/Winter Garden, THE SLEEPING BEAUTY/Covent Garden Opera House; Photos: Valerie Taylor, Robert Adams, Margaret Johnson, Wendy Hiller in THE FIRST GENTLEMAN/Savoy; Photos of Fifteen Leading Members of the Sadler's Wells Opera (Roderick Jones, Rose Hill, Valetta Iacopi, Linda Parker, Elizabeth Abercrombie, James Johnston, Morgan Jones, Anna Pollak, Tom Culbert, Minnia Bower, Ivor Evans, Howell Glynne, Catherine Lawson, John Dethick, Vera Terry); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in Terence Rattigan's O MISTRESS MINE); Feature on Ivor Novello (; Feature on Pauline Bentley ( etc. [40pp; 5.9x8.75; a packed edition!; VG] £5

ThW/Apr 1946 (No.255): cover-Scene from SONG OF NORWAY/Palace; Scenes from THE GUINEA PIG/Criterion (Robert Flemyng, Cecil Trouncer - photo and review), FIFTY-FIFTY/Strand (Cameron Hall, Harry Green, Frank Pettingell - photo and review), CENTURY FOR GEORGE/Scala (Bernard Miles, Jenny Laird - photo), SONG OF NORWAY/Palace (Halina Victoria, Janet Hamilton-Smith, John Hargreaves, Jan Lawski, Bernard Ansell, John Pygram, Patricia Garnet, Wendy Brandon, Charles Doran, Colin Cunningham, Olive Sturgess, Moira Fraser - 18 photos and review), THE SLEEPING BEAUTY/Covent Garden (Margot Fonteyn, Robert Helpmann, Moira Shearer, David Paltenghi, Margaret Dale - 5 photos and review), THE CIRCLE/Moscow (Samoilov, Maria Babanova, Orlov, Judith Glizer, Khanov - 5 photos); Reviews: ALL GOD'S CHILLUN GOT WINGS/Unity, STAGE DOOR/Saville, MARY ROSE/Granville, RED ROSES FOR ME/Embassy, A MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE/Piccadilly, DEAR RUTH/St.James, ROMEO AND JULIET/King's Hammersmith, ST JOAN/King's Hammersmith, TOMORROW'S CHILD/Lyric Hammersmith, FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH/Lindsey; Photos: Marianne Davis, Griffith Jones, Ronald Shiner, Sonia Dresdel, Alexandra Danilova; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Cedric Hardwicke and Katharine Cornell in ANTIGONE); Negro Ballet by Eric Johns ( of Berto Pasuka); Soviet Theatre No.21: Somerset Maugham on the Soviet Stage by Nikolai Volkov; The New Idea at Stratford by Barry Jackson (; The Theatre in Paris and Brussels by W St.John Tayleur ( of Marthe Dugard); Interview with Edith Evans: The Play's The Thing etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/May 1946 (No.256): cover-Derek Blomfield and Robert Flemyng in THE GUINEA-PIG/Criterion; Scenes from THE GUINEA-PIG/Criterion (Cecil Trouncer, Edith Sharpe, Roger Braban, George Bryden, Rachel Gurney, Derek Blomfield, Robert Flemyng, William Mervyn, Denholm Elliott, Duncan Lewis, Joan Hickson - 19 photos), The Company of Four at the Lyric Hammersmith: THE SHOUTING DIES (Frederick Richter, Margaret Johnston, Joan Young, Walter Martin, John Slater, Gerard Hinze - 2 photos), THE TROJAN WOMEN (Marie Ney, Eileen Herlie, Joy Harvey, Terry Morgan, Kathleen Hunt, Robert Marsden, Andrew Laurence - 2 photos), THE HAPPY JOURNEY TO TRENTON AND CAMDEN (Terry Morgan, Joan Young, Gabrielle Blunt, Michael Newell, Alexander Archdale - photo), SPRING 1600 (Jessica Spencer, Andrew Cruickshank, Helen Christie, Edna Morris, Helen Burns, Cameron Miller, Peter Burton - 2 photos), DEATH OF A RAT (Robert Harris, Pamela Brown, Alastair Sim - photo), THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE (Eileen Herlie, Walter Crisham, Prudence Hyman, Frederick Valk, Molly Gay, Arnold Marle, Irene Worth, Richard Nelson - 2 photos), TO-MORROW'S CHILD (Dorothy Lane, Joyce Linden, Nigel Patrick, Sheila Sim, Wallace Eaton, Hedley Briggs, Richard Wordsworth - 2 photos), BALLETS DES CHAMPS ELYSEES/Adelphi (Irene Skorik, Helene Sadovska, Roland Petit, Jean Babilee - 4 photos); Reviews: THE WISE HAVE NOT SPOKEN/King's Hammersmith, MURDER ON THE NILE/Ambassadors, MAKE IT A DATE/Duchess, ALL THIS IS ENDED/Granville, FACE OF COAL/Scala, THE GOVERNESS/Embassy, THE ASTONISHED OSTRICH/St.James, MAN AND SUPERMAN/Kings Hammersmith, PATRICIA'S SEVEN HOUSES/Granville, HERE COME THE BOYS/Saville, SADLER'S WELLS OPERA-BALLET/Sadler's Wells, LONDON ARCHIVES OF THE DANCE/Caxton Hall, THE VALLEY OF AJALON/Gateway; Photos: Hermione Gingold (composite study), Emrys Jones, Alan Webb, Muriel Pavlow and Hugh Wakefield in WHILE THE SUN SHINES; Article on ADAM ZERO (Robert Helpmann's new ballet at Covent Garden, of Helpmann as Carabosse); Propaganda Problems (interview with Robert Flemying); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Bobby Barry, Reinhold Schunzel, Dennis King, Susan Douglas, Wolfe Barzell, Stella Adler and Jerome Thor in HE WHO GETS SLAPPED, Katharine Cornell and Mildred Natwick in CANDIDA); Seen on the Films: Rhys Williams, Nigel Bruce, Joan Lorring, Mildred Dunnock, Bette Davis and John Dall in THE CORN IS GREEN - 2 photos, Michael Redgrave in THE CAPTIVE HEART - photo); Feature on Tony Garner ( etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1946 (No.257): cover-Max Wall in MAKE IT A DATE/Duchess; Scenes from MAKE IT A DATE/Duchess (Leigh Stafford, Marianne Davis, Terence Delaney, Grace Draper, Diane Gardiner, Pat Kildare, Christine Spencer, Max Wall, Avril Angers, Elizabeth Deane, Arthur Rigby, Iris Tully - 18 photos), ADAM ZERO/Sadler's Wells (Robert Helpmann, David Paltenghi, Palma Nye, Jean Bedells, Julia Farron, June Brae - 2 photos), THE CAVE AND THE GARDEN/Players (Bill Shine, John Franklin, Frederick Bennett, Joan Sterndale Bennett, Raymond Westwell, Julia Lang, Sheila Burrell, Charlotte Bidmead, Daphne Anderson, Hattie Jacques, David Keir, Don Gemmell - 4 photos), BALLETS NEGRES/Century Theatre (Berto Pasuka and company - 6 photos and review), SYMPHONIC VARIATIONS/Sadler's Wells (Brian Shaw, Pamela May - photo and review), REVUDEVILLE/Windmill (Joan Jay and company - 3 photos); Reviews: HIGH TIME/Palladium, BETTER LATE/Garrick, THE RESURRECTION and A PHOENIX TOO FREQUENT/Mercury, EXERCISE BOWLER/Arts, DUTCH FAMILY/Arts, FRIEDA/Westminster, IN TIME TO COME/Kings Hammersmith, LES BALLETS DES CHAMPS-ELYSEES/Adelphi, CAN-CAN/Adelphi, THE THRACIAN HORSES/Lyric Hammersmith; Photos: Beatrice Lillie, Mary Stone, Roland Petit, Max Wall, Avril Angers, Marianne Davis, Leigh Stafford; The House That Jack Would Build (interview with Jack Hulbert; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Betty Garrett, Alan Manson, Chandler Cowles, George Hall and Harry Clark in CALL ME MISTER); Repertory at Oldham (5 photos: Douglas Emery and Phyllis Neilson-Terry in CANDIDA, Jean Forbes-Robertson in THE MAN WITH A LOAD OF MISCHIEF, and scenes from THE SWAN, THE WILD DUCK and SUCH MEN ARE DANGEROUS); Feature on Beatrice Lillie (; Revolution in Stage Lighting by George Fearon ( of a compact Delicolor Unit) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; name on cover, spine rubbed, rusty staples, else VG] £3

ThW/Jul 1946 (No.258): cover-John Clements and Kay Hammond in THE KINGMAKER/St.James; Scenes from THE KINGMAKER/St.James (John Clements, Robert Eddison, Keith Pyott, Dame Irene Vanbrugh, Kay Hammond, Charles Lloyd Pack, Howieson Culffe, David Peel, Graham Stuart, James Mills, Brian Hayes, John Gatrell - 20 photos and review), SADLER'S WELLS BALLET/Sadler's Wells (3 photos: Margot Fonteyn, Michael Somes, Pamela May, Brian Shaw, Moira Shearer and Henry Danton in SYMPHONIC VARIATIONS, Robert Helpmann and June Brae in ADAM ZERO), HERE COME THE BOYS/Saville (Jack Hulbert, Bobby Howes, Leni Lynn, David Latoff, Natasha Sokolova, Elsa Tee, Geoffrey Denton, Freddie Fowler, Eunice Crowther, Ruthene Leclerc - 10 photos); Reviews: THE WINSLOW BOY/St.James, THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV/Lyric Hammersmith, RED ROSES FOR ME/New, PORTRAIT IN BLACK/Piccadilly, THE DOVE AND THE CARPENTER/Arts, THE ELECTRA/Kings Hammersmith, GISELLE, LES SYLPHIDES and KHADRA/Sadler's Wells; Photos: Donald Wolfit as Fedya in REDEMPTION/Wimbledon, Karl Rankl, Rene Ray, Sally Gilmour in SWAN LAKE/Ballet Rambert; Feature on Thornton Wilder (2 photos: portrait of Terry Morgan, and Joan Young, Pamela Conroy, Terry Morgan and Vivien Leigh in THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH); Echoes From Broadway: review of the Old Vic's New York Season by E Mawby Green (w.informal photo of Joyce Redman, Ena Burrill and Margaret Leighton with Gertrude Lawrence); Feature on the Amersham Repertory Theatre etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1946 (No.259): cover-Henry Kendall and Hermione Gingold in SWEETEST AND LOWEST/Ambassadors; Scenes from SWEETEST AND LOWEST/Ambassadors (Edna Wood, Richard Curnock, George Carden, Christopher Hewett, Olive Wright, Hermione Gingold, Henry Kendall, Gretchen Franklin, Barbara Barrie, Monica Mallory, Julie Stafford, Pam Trevers, - 20 photos), FRIEDA/Westminster (Barbara Everest, Barbara Couper, Ray Jackson, Ursula Howells, Valerie White, Jack Allen, Richard Warner, Edgar Norfolk - 13 photos); Reviews: GRAND NATIONAL NIGHT/Apollo, CRIME AND PUNISHMENT/New, SUMMER AT NOHANT/Lyric Hammersmith, FORTUNATE, CELLAR and BRIDES AT SEA/Granville, VICIOUS CIRCLE/Arts, PICK-UP GIRL/New Lindsey+Prince of Wales, BALLET OF THREE NATIONS: Ballet Theatre of New York/Covent Garden, New Monte Carlo Ballet/Cambridge Theatre, Ballet Rambert/Sadler's Wells ( of Jerome Robbins in FANCY FREE, and portraits of 5 members of Ballet Theatre: Alicia Alonso, Nora Kaye, Andre Eglevsky, Lucia Chase and Hugh Laing), 1946 STRATFORD-UPON-AVON FESTIVAL/Stratford; Photos: John Gielgud, Terence Rattigan, Diana Wynyard and Hugh Williams in PORTRAIT IN BLACK/Piccadilly, Irina Baronova, Raymond Huntley; Feature on Sonia Dresdel (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Ethel Merman in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN, and Arthur Margetson, Orson Welles, Mary Healy and Larry Laurence in AROUND THE WORLD); Gielgud Home Again (feature on John Gielgud); The Byam Shaws: feature on Glen Byam Shaw and Angela Baddeley ( etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1946 (No.260): cover-John Gielgud in CRIME AND PUNISHMENT/Globe; Scenes from DAY AFTER TOMORROW/Fortune (Phyllis Dare, Andrew Osborn, Felicity Gower, Antoinette Cellier, John Penrose, Marjorie Fielding, Eric Maturin - photo and review), CRIME AND PUNISHMENT/Globe (Veronica Haley, Maria Britneva, Audrey Fildes, Edith Evans, Jessie Evans, Robert Marsden, John Gielgud, Lilly Molnar, Wynne Clark, Rosalind Atkinson, Peter Jones, Campbell Cotts, Sybille Binder, Citta Crichton, Peter Ustinov, Charles Turner - 23 photos), LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST/Stratford (Valerie Taylor, Ruth Lodge, David O'Brien, Robert Vernon, Vernon Fortescue, Paul Scofield, David King-Wood, directed by Peter Brook - 5 photos), MACBETH/Stratford (Valerie Taylor, Robert Harris, Muriel Davidson, David O'Brien, Dudley Jones, Ruth Lodge, Hugh Griffith - 4 photos), DOCTOR FAUSTUS/Stratford (Robert Harris, Hugh Griffith, William Avenell, David King-Wood, John Harrison, Leonard White - 3 photos); Reviews: BIG BEN/Adelphi, THE POLTERGEIST/Vaudeville, DEAR MURDERER/Aldwych, FEAR NO MORE/Lyric Hammersmith, THE OTHER SIDE/Comedy, CLUTTERBUCK/Wyndham's, LADIES IN RETIREMENT/Empire, VANITY FAIR/Wimbledon; Photos: Constance Cummings, Marie Burke, Jack Hawkins, George Carden in SWEETEST AND LOWEST, Joan Hopkins and John Robinson in THE FIRST GENTLEMAN, Berto Pasuka, Daria Bayan, Alda Noni, Irene Ambrus; More About American Ballet by Audrey Williamson ( of Hugh Laing and Nora Kaye in ROMEO AND JULIET); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Margaret Sullavan in THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE); Through French Opera Glasses: interview with Henri Berlac (; Profile of the designer Harald Melvill (; Five Successful Years in Scotland: The Wilson Barrett Company (5 photos: Wilson Barrett and Phyllis Barker in HE WAS BORN GAY, Richard Mathews in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, Kitty de Legh in ROMEO AND JULIET, Robert James in TWELFTH NIGHT, and scene from JULIUS CAESAR) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1946 (No.261): cover-Carole Lynne as Grace Green in BIG BEN/Adelphi; Scenes from BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD/St.James (Yvonne Owen, Hugh McDermott - photo and review), BIG BEN/Adelphi (Trefor Jones, Carole Lynne, Noelle Gordon, Lizbeth Webb, Joan Young, David Davies, Eric Fort, Donald Reed - 16 photos), TANGENT/Mercury (Henzie Raeburn, Barbara Lott, Joslin Parlane, John Mackwood, Julian Randall, Anthony Verney - 3 photos), LA BOHEME/Cambridge Theatre (Daria Bayan, Lester Ferguson, Ian Wallace, Stanley Pope, Dorothy Vernon, Martin Lawrence - 2 photos), DON PASQUALE/Cambridge Theatre (Martin Lawrence, Tony Sympson, Mariano Stabile, Alda Noni, Andrew Macpherson - 4 photos and review), PICCADILLY HAYRIDE/Prince of Wales (Betsy, Dixie and Vicki Ross, Alan and Blanche Lund, Robert Lamouret [who does an astonishing act with a life-size duck called Dudule] - 3 photos), PICK UP GIRL/Prince of Wales (Hugh Pryse, Joan Miller, Ernest Jay, Patricia Plunkett, Phillip Hillman - 3 photos); Reviews: SOLDIER'S WIFE/Duchess, MESSAGE FOR MARGARET/Westminster, FOOLS RUSH IN/Fortune, THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS/Lyric Hammersmith, MOTHER OF MEN/Comedy, PARISIENNE/Gateway, FOUR SHORT PLAYS/Actor's Theatre Club, Linden Gardens, THE MASQUE OF COMUS/International Ballet, THE RAPE OF LUCRETIA/Sadler's Wells, SAN CARLO OPERA COMPANY/Covent Garden, DR FAUSTUS/Stratford, MEASURE FOR MEASURE/Stratford; Photos: Sid Field, Meier Zelniker as Shylock in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/New Yiddish Theatre, Mona Inglesby in THE MASQUE OF COMUS, Eileen Herlie, Jean Colin, Rovi Pavinoff and Anna Marinova in LES ELFES, Bebe de Roland; Interview with Constance Cummings (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Betty Field in DREAM GIRL); Negro Ballet by Audrey Williamson ( of Berto Pasuka in DE PROPHET); Interview with David Peel (; An ENSA Farewell: final tour of THE APPLE CART to the British Army of the Rhine ( of Barry Jones); An Actor Returns: Douglas Rye, 4 years a P.O.W. in Singapore ( etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1946 (No.262): cover-Naunton Wayne and Basil Radford in CLUTTERBUCK/Wyndham's; Scenes from THE AMIABLE MRS LUKE/Players (Norman Claridge, Phillada Sewell, Hattie Jacques, Jane Connard, Bill Rowbotham, Joan Sterndale-Bennett, Bill Shine, Cicely Paget-Bowman - photo and review), CLUTTERBUCK/Wyndham's (Patricia Burke, Constance Cummings, Naunton Wayne, Basil Radford, Gordon Bell, Charles Wade, Lalage Lewis - 14 photos), BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD/St.James (Yvonne Owen, Robert Douglas, J H Roberts, Hugh McDermott, Mary Jerrold, A E Matthews, Michael Gough, Stuart Lindsell, H G Stoker, Cyril Smith, Andrew Leigh - 12 photos), FOOLS RUSH IN/Fortune (Josephine Middleton, Hugh Dempster, Joyce Barbour, Bernard Lee, Jessica Spencer, Derek Farr, Glynis Johns - 3 photos); Reviews: KING LEAR/Old Vic at the New, AN INSPECTOR CALLS/Old Vic at the New, THE SHEPHARD SHOW/Princes, DOMBEY AND SON/Twentieth Century, THE ASSASSIN/Lyric Hammersmith, THE SNOW MAIDEN/Sadler's Wells, BALLETS DES CHAMPS ELYSEES/Croydon; Photos: Laurence Olivier as KING LEAR/Old Vic at the New, Lynia Grani, Peter Glenville, Muriel Pavlow and Derek Farr; Profile of Vivien Leigh ( as Sabina in THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH); Profile of Irina Baronova (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Jose Ferrer as CYRANO DE BERGERAC); Review of Audrey Williamson's Contemporary Ballet ( of Anna Pavlova) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1947 (No.264): cover-Ralph Richardson as CYRANO DE BERGERAC/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from THE SHEPHARD SHOW/Prince's (Douglas Byng, Eddie Gray, Richard Hearne, Arthur Riscoe - photo), Tom Arnold's ICE REVUE/Stoll (Cecilia Colledge, Olive Robinson, Armand Perren - 3 photos), CYRANO DE BERGERAC/Old Vic at the New (Ralph Richardson, Margaret Leighton, Peter Copley, Janet Joye, Cecil Winter, Nicholas Hannen, Alec Guinness, Michael Warre, Harry Andrews - 15 photos), THE WINSLOW BOY (Emlyn Williams, Michael Newell, Angela Baddeley, Alastair Bannerman, Jack Watling, Clive Morton, Madge Compton, Kathleen Harrison, Frank Cellier, Brian Harding, Mona Washbourne - 12 photos), THE VAGABONDS/Sadler's Wells Opera-Ballet (Alan Carter, June Brae, Leo Kersley, Pamela Chrimes - 3 photos and review), MESSAGE FOR MARGARET/Duchess (Flora Robson, Barbara Couper, Edgar Norfolk, Jack Allen - 5 photos), FIFTY-FIFTY/Strand (Harry Green, Cameron Hall - photo), THE SHOP AT SLY CORNER/St.Martin's (Viola Lyell, Arthur Young, Jean Colin, Deidre Stewart, William Roderick - photo), TOBIAS AND THE ANGEL/Children's Theatre (2 photos); Reviews: AND NO BIRDS SING/Aldwych, CASTE/Lyric Hammersmith, LADY FREDERICK/Savoy, MRS DANE'S DEFENCE/Embassy, HIGH HORSE/New Lindsey, THE GLEAM/Globe, MARDI GRAS/Sadler's Wells Opera-Ballet, THE FAIRY QUEEN/Covent Garden; Photos: Lupino Lane in SWEETHEART MINE/Victoria Palace, Victoria Lopez, Mariano Stabile as Scarpia in TOSCA/Cambridge Theatre, Eugenie Leontovich, Lalage Lewis; Interview with Coral Browne (with photo as LADY FREDERICK/Savoy); Feature on Flora Robson (; RADA Sees It Through: The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in War-Time and after (2 photos: surveying the Malet Street bomb damage, Fabia Drake with students); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Cornelia Otis Skinner as Mrs Erlynne in LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1947 (No.265): cover-Honor Blackman, Elspeth March and John Robinson in THE GLEAM/Globe; Scenes from ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/Piccadilly (Edith Evans - photo and review), THE WIZARD OF OZ/Saville (Diana Yardley, Claude Hulbert, Harold Tarran, Fred Kitchen, Walter Crisham - 2 photos), THE SHEPHARD SHOW/Prince's (Jean Ravel, Ronald Boyer - photo), CINDERELLA/Player's (May Hallatt, Bill Shine, Don Gemmell - photo), THE GLEAM/Globe (Wyndham Goldie, Elspeth March, John Robinson, Honor Blackman, Harry Ross, Audrey Teesdale, Arthur Hambling, Hugh Kelly, Frances Waring, Peggy Fame, Tom Macaulay - 18 photos), LADY FREDERICK/Savoy (Coral Browne, Edwin Styles, Vernon Greeves, Anthony Ireland, Phyllis Dare - 9 photos), THE MAN FROM THE MINISTRY/Comedy (Clifford Mollison, Beryl Mason, Charles Lefeaux, Joan Berly, Ysanne Churchman, Gwen Nelson, Brian Royceton - 5 photos and review), MARDI GRAS/Sadler's Wells Opera-Ballet (Anne Heaton, Leo Kersley, Donald Britton, John Cranko, Nadia Nerina - photo); Reviews: PACIFIC 1860/Drury Lane, THE KING STAG/Lyric Hammersmith, THE MASTER BUILDER/Arts, MY ANNA/Torch, CAVIAR TO THE GENERAL/New Lindsey, THE ALCHEMIST/Old Vic at the New, SMITH IN ARCADY/Embassy, LE LAC DES CYGNES/Sadler's Wells Ballet at Covent Garden; Photo: Yolande Donlan; The Theatre in the '47s: Outstanding events in 1647, 1747 and 1847; Alicia Markova with Adolph Bolm and Nijinska, Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin in CAMILLE/New York, Ingrid Bergman, Henzie Raeburn; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Margaret Webster and Eva Le Gallienne in JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN, Ernest Truex with Phillip Bourneuf and John Becher in ANDROCLES AND THE LION); Ballet in Paris; Youth At The Helm: Interview with George Devine (; Interview with Mary Martin ( etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1947 (No.266): cover-Godfrey Tearle and Edith Evans in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA; Scenes from BORN YESTERDAY/Garrick (Hartley Power, Yolande Donlan - photo and review), ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (Arnold Diamond, Nancy Nevinson, Katherine Blake, Gibb McLaughlin, Godfrey Tearle, Edith Evans, Hugh Metcalfe, David Greene, Michael Kent, George Howe, Michael Goodliffe, Richard Warner, Olaf Pooley, Mark Dignam, Anthony Quayle, Helen Christie, Philip Guard - 21 photos); Reviews: JANE/Aldwych, GALWAY HANDICAP/Lyric Hammersmith, SHE WANTED A CREAM FRONT DOOR/Apollo, THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS/Haymarket, BACK TO METHUSELAH/Arts, SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS/Coliseum, THIS MORTAL COIL/St.Martin's, VARIETY/Palladium, THE THREE CORNERED HAT and LA BOUTIQUE FANTASQUE/Covent Garden, BAILEMOS/Sadler's Wells, POWER WITHOUT GLORY/New Lindsey; Photos: Leonide Massine, Portrait of the designer James Bailey, Diana Wynyard, Diana Churchill, Celia Franca; Interview with Micheal MacLiammoir (; Book Reviews: Miracle in the Gorbals and Robert Helpmann ( of Robert Helpmann, David Paltenghi and Pauline Clayden in MIRACLE IN THE GORBALS); Profile of Eugenie Leontovich (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Ella Logan and Albert Sharpe in FINIAN'S RAINBOW); Repertory on the Road: profile of the Adelphi Players (; West End or Waterloo Road: Old Vic Company controversy etc. [36pp, 5.9x8.75; very slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1947 (No.267): cover-Joyce Redman and Ralph Richardson in THE ALCHEMIST/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from THE WHITE DEVIL/Duchess (Robert Helpmann, Mayura - photo and review), THE HAUNTED BALLROOM/Sadler's Wells Opera-Ballet (Leo Kersley, Alan Carter - photo), THE BARBER OF SEVILLE/Cambridge Theatre (Murray Dickie, Liani Grani, Ian Wallace, William Dickie - photo), THE ALCHEMIST/Old Vic at the New (George Relph, Alec Guinness, Nicholas Hannen, Michael Warre, Ralph Richardson, Peter Copley, Frank Duncan, Joyce Redman, Michael Raghan, George Rose, Margaret Leighton - 16 photos), THE KING STAG/Young Vic at the Lyric Hammersmith (John Byron, John Ainsworth, Maurice Browning, Hester MacGregor, Rupert Davies, John Glen, Jean Wilson, Joan Hopkins, Hattie Jacques, Stuart Burge, John Glyn - 11 photos), THE THREE-CORNERED HAT/Covent Garden (Massine, Margot Fonteyn, Moira Shearer, Beryl Grey; designed by Picasso - 3 photos); Reviews: BACK TO METHUSELAH/Arts, NOW BARABBAS/Vaudeville, THE ANONYMOUS LOVER/Duke of York's, PEACE COMES TO PECKHAM/Princes, BIRTHMARK/Embassy, INTERNATIONAL BALLET/Adelphi, THE MAGIC FLUTE/Covent Garden; Photos: Portrait of Robert Helpmann, Fay Compton, Colette Marchand and Serge Perrault of the Metropolitan Ballet Company; Noel Willman on his production of BACK TO METHUSELAH/Arts ( of Noel Willman); Feature on Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne ( of CLUTTERBUCK/Wyndham's); Training in Repertory: Drama School Training (2 photos: Jessica Morton, Edward Stanley); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of John Gielgud, Pamela Brown, Jane Baxter and Robert Flemyng in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST); We're Short of Stages: post-war theatre shortage; In Defence of the Dramatist by Anthony Merryn etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly rubbed, else VG] £4

ThW/May 1947 (No.268): cover-Eileen Herlie in THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS/Globe; Scenes from POWER WITHOUT GLORY/Fortune (Dirk Bogarde, Maureen Pook, Beatrice Varley, Trevor Watson, Mary Horn - photo), BACK TO METHUSELAH/Arts (Joan Haythorne, Vivienne Bennett, Adrian Cairns, George Hagan, Cameron Muller, Monica Stutfield, Geoffrey Dunn, Jean Short - 3 photos), THE EAGLE HAS TWO HEADS/Globe (Eileen Herlie, James Donald, Cicely Paget-Bowman, Raymond Jaquarello, Webber Alexander, David Read - 17 photos), LA FETE ETRANGE/Sadler's Wells Opera-Ballet (June Brae, Antony Burke, Donald Britton - photo), THE SHEPHERDS OF THE DELECTABLE MOUNTAINS/Sadler's Wells Opera-Ballet (Roderick Jones, Rhys Williams, Norman Platt, John Higginson, Tom Culbert - 2 photos), THE WHITE DEVIL/Duchess (Roderick Lovell, Margaret Rawlings, Robert Helpmann, Andrew Cruickshank, John Toray, Hugh Griffith, Martita Hunt, Gordon Davies, Joan Schofield, Mayura - 13 photos); Reviews: LADY INGER OF OSTRAAT/Gateway, OTHELLO/Piccadilly, CANDIDA/Piccadilly, WAIFS THAT STRAY/New Lindsey, NEIGHBOURS/Boltons, LARRY THE LAMB/Granville, VOLPONE/Savoy, CALL HOME THE HEART/St.James, NOOSE/Saville, THE PLAY'S THE THING/Lyric Hammersmith, MY FRIEND LESTER/Embassy, PRESENT LAUGHTER/Haymarket, TOGETHER AGAIN/Victoria Palace, RICHARD II/Old Vic at the New, ROSENKAVALIER/Covent Garden; Photos: Florence and Bob Ballard in ICE REVUE-Summer Edition/Stoll, Hermione Gingold, Derek Blomfield, David Peel, Owen Holder, Moira Lister, Simon Lack, Irene Worth, Mona Inglesby and Jack Spurgeon in GISELLE; Feature on Yolande Donlan (; Feature on Margaret Rawlings (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of James Mason, Pamela Kellino and Horace Braham in BATHSHEBA); The Summer Festivals by Penelope Turing etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1947 (No.269): cover-Hartley Power and Yolande Donlan in BORN YESTERDAY/Garrick; Scenes from 1066 AND ALL THAT/Saville (Richard Littledale, Alfred MacGuigan, Doris Hare, Leslie Henson, Nigel Neilson, Wallas Eaton, Gavin Gordon, Patricia Stokoe, Diana Dell, Claudine Goodfellow - 3 photos), BORN YESTERDAY/Garrick (Yolande Donlan, Harry Lane, Hartley Power, Stanley Maxted, Michael Balfour, Bessie Love, Launce Maraschal, William Kemp - 19 photos), NOW BARABBAS/Vaudeville (Basil Gordon, Julian Somers, Stanley Rose, Peter Doughty, Barry Phelps, Jonathan Mackwood, Owen Holder, Harry Quarshie, David Duncan, Joss Clewes, Tristan Rawson, Percy Walsh, Richard Longman, Richard Foat, Denis Webb, Jill Bennett, Violet Gould, John Baron, Stanley Beard, John Lawson - 8 photos), TOGETHER AGAIN/Victoria Palace (The Crazy Gang, Anne Jay, Lauri Lupino Lane, Bentley Sisters, Radio Revellers, Janik Arnaut, Christian Arnaut - 6 photos); Reviews: BLESS THE BRIDE/Adelphi, LESS THAN KIND/Arts, THE 49th STATE/New Lindsey, OKLAHOMA!/Drury Lane, SALOME and SWEENEY AGONISTES/Rudolf Steiner, WE PROUDLY PRESENT/Duke of York's, FLY AWAY PETER/King's Hammersmith, OAK LEAVES AND LAVENDER/Lyric Hammersmith, RIGOLETTO/Cambridge Theatre, MAITRE PATHELIN/Hilversum; Photos: Portrait of Georges Guetary, Doris Doree in DER ROSENKAVALIER/Covent Garden, Wendy Hiller and Henry Mollison in TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLES/Piccadilly, Joyce Redman; New Ballets for New Dancers: Profile of Anthony Burke (; Noel Coward on English and American musicals (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of James Mitchell and Lidija Franklin in BRIGADOON); The Season at Stratford by Harold Matthews; Profile of Douglass Montgomery ( etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; minor marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1947 (No.270): cover-Lizbeth Webb and Georges Guetary in BLESS THE BRIDE/Adelphi; Scenes from WE PROUDLY PRESENT/Duke of York's (Ena Burrill, Anthony Forwood, Peter Graves - photo), EDWARD, MY SON/His Majesty's (Peggy Ashcroft, Robert Morley, John Robinson - photo and review), OKLAHOMA!/Drury Lane (Harold Keel, Betty Jane Watson - 2 photos), BLESS THE BRIDE/Adelphi (Brian Reece, Lizbeth Webb, Georges Guetary, Betty Paul, Eric Fort, James Harcourt, Hebe Bliss, Anona Winn, Babatunde Macaulay, Stewart Vartan, Edna Clement, Peter Lupino, Joan Elvin, Pamela Carroll, Winifred Hammick, Mildred Griffiths, Natasha Wills, Diana Beall - 18 photos), JANE/Aldwych (Yvonne Arnaud, Ronald Squire, Irene Browne, Charles Victor, Simon Lack, Ursula Howells, Jeremy Hawk - 13 photos), RIGOLETTO/Cambridge Theatre (Marko Rothmuller, Antonio Salvarezza, Bruna Maclean, Daria Bayan - 3 photos); Reviews: TESS OF THE D'URBERVILLES/Piccadilly, DARK EMMANUEL/New Lindsey, TWELFTH NIGHT/Regent's Park, BOYS IN BROWN/Arts, THE BIRD SELLER/Palace, OFF THE RECORD/Apollo, A FISH IN THE FAMILY/Boltons, MIRANDA/Embassy, EVER SINCE PARADISE/New, LIFE WITH FATHER/Savoy, ANNIE GET YOUR GUN/Coliseum, S.S.GLENCAIRN/Mercury, CALCUTTA IN THE MORNING/Players'; Photos: Margaret Sullavan, Dolores Gray in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN; Interview with the dramatic critic S R Littlewood (w.caricature); Profile of Ursula Jeans (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of John Gielgud and Pamela Brown in LOVE FOR LOVE) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1947 (No.271): cover-Harold Keel and Betty Jane Watson in OKLAHOMA!/Drury Lane; Scenes from NOOSE/Saville (Charles Goldner, Elaine Garreau, Frank Forsyth, Nigel Patrick - photo and review), THE VOICE OF THE TURTLE/Piccadilly (Margaret Sullavan, Audrey Christie, Wendell Corey - photo), BOYS IN BROWN/Duchess (Nigel Stock, Anthony Oliver - photo), OKLAHOMA!/Drury Lane (Harold Keel, Betty Jane Watson, Walter Donahue, Marek Windheim, Henry Clarke, Wm. J McCarthy, Remington Olmstead Jr., Mary Marlo, Dorothea Macfarland, Beatrice Lynn, Maria Harriton, Jacqueline Daniels - 15 photos), OFF THE RECORD/Apollo (Hubert Gregg, Pamela Matthews, Anthony Holmes, John Ainsworth, Bill Gates, Hugh Wakefield, Roger Maxwell, Eve Ashley, Tom Gill - 10 photos), HE WHO GETS SLAPPED/Duchess (Robert Helpmann, Audrey Fildes, Arnold Marle, Margaret Diamond, Ernest Milton, Peter Varley, Alfie Bass, Stanley Ratcliffe, Erich Pohlmann, Leonard White - 14 photos and feature: A tribute to a brilliant but unlucky production); Reviews: AND SO TO WED/New Lindsey, PYGMALION/Lyric Hammersmith, A SLEEPING CLERGYMAN/Criterion, LADY PRECIOUS STREAM/Regent's Park, MARY OF MAGDALA/Boltons, SPANISH INCIDENT/Embassy, MAYA/Arts, I SAID TO MYSELF/Mercury, DEEP ARE THE ROOTS/Wyndham's; Photos: Portrait of Margaret Leighton, Faith Brook, Francoise Rosay, Mimi Benzell, Hazel Terry, Hugh Sinclair, Mary Morris, Genevieve Moulin and Vladimir Dokoudovsky in AURORA'S WEDDING; Interview with Georges Guetary (; Interview with Peggy Ashcroft (; Ballet Rambert's forthcoming Australian Tour ( of Sara Luzita); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green; A Theatre Breaks New Ground ( of Ronald Ridley and Judith Craig) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; a few light marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1947 (No.273): cover-Alastair Sim in DR ANGELUS/Phoenix; Scenes from DR ANGELUS/Phoenix (Alastair Sim, Jane Aird, Betty Marsden, George Cole, Molly Urquhart, Charles Carson, Archie Duncan, Rex Garner - 15 photos), THE LINDEN TREE (Lewis Casson, Freda Gaye, John Dodsworth, Sybil Thorndike, Sonia Williams, Tilsa Page, Everley Gregg, Terence Soall, Carmel McSharry - 9 photos), LIFE WITH FATHER (Leslie Banks, Sophie Stewart, Roland Bartrop, Dorothy Gordon, Phillip Hillman, Peter Thomas, Brian Parker, Dorothy Turner, Daisy Bindley - 7 photos), UNCLE VANYA/Moscow Art Theatre (Alla Tarasova, Boris Dobronravov, Elena Khromova, Anatole Ktorov, Nina Litovtseva, Mikhail Yanshin, Nadezhda Sokolovskaya, Boris Livanov - 3 photos); Reviews: TOBACCO ROAD/New Lindsey, THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T QUITE/St.Martin's, SEPARATE ROOMS/Strand, THE CHILTERN HUNDREDS/Vaudeville, THE WITCHES RIDE/Torch, CHILD'S PLAY/Arts, POINT VALAINE/Embassy, TUPPENCE COLOURED/Lyric Hammersmith, ONE TWO THREE!/Duke of York's, THAT EQUAL SKY/Boltons, THE FARMER'S WIFE/Apollo, HAPPY AS LARRY/Mercury, BRITANNICUS/Rudolf Steiner; Photos: Portrait of Yvonne Arnaud in JANE, Patricia Burke, Beryl Seton; Feature on Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet ( of Leo Kersley in CARNAVAL); Interview with Dolores Gray (; Interview with Harold Keel (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Katharine Cornell); Autumn in the Paris Theatre etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; very lightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1947 (No.274): Scenes from PEACE IN OUR TIME (Elspeth March, Dora Bryan, George Lane, Dandy Nichols, Alan Badel, Bernard Lee, Hazel Terry, Kenneth More, Ralph Michael, Philip Guard, Michael Kent - 17 photos), PRESENT LAUGHTER (Noel Coward, Joan Swinstead, Hugh Sinclair, Billy Thatcher, Daphne Newton, Avis Scott, Joyce Carey, Moira Lister - 9 photos), The Company of Four in THE THRACIAN HORSES, THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV, CASTE, GALWAY HANDICAP, THE ROSSITERS, THE PLAY'S THE THING, PYGMALION (Eileen Herlie, John Justin, Geoffrey Dunn, Frederick Valk, Pierre Lefevre, Ernest Milton, Laurier Lister, Brenda Bruce, Frith Banbury, Morland Graham, Max Adrian, Arthur Sinclair, Margaret Diamond, Diana Wynyard, Irene Worth, Clive Brook, Alec Clunes, Mervyn Johns, Margaret Halstan - 14 photos); Portrait of Hilda Simms in ANNA LUCASTA; Broadway - Critics and Casts by James Mason (; Features on Sybil Thorndike and Ram Gopal; Echoes From Broadway; Reviews etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1947 (No.275): cover-Trevor Howard and Patricia Burke in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from FINIAN'S RAINBOW/Palace (photo and review), HAPPY AS LARRY/Criterion (Liam Redmond, Sheila Manahan - photo), LATE JOYS/Players' (Joan Sterndale Bennett, Denis Martin - photo), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Old Vic at the New (Rosalind Atkinson, Bernard Miles, John Garley, Robert Perceval, Peter Copley, George Rose, Harry Andrews, Trevor Howard, George Relph, Renee Asherson, Patricia Burke, Mark Dignam, Cecil Winter, Frank Duncan, David Kentish, Aubrey Richards, Michael Raghan, Penelope Munday, Kenneth Edwards - 21 photos), SADLER'S WELLS THEATRE BALLET/Sadler's Wells (Anne Heaton, Donald Britton, Elaine Fifield, Maryon Lane, Michael Boulton - 4 photos), GISELLE/Covent Garden (Margot Fonteyn, Alexis Rassine - 6 photos), THE CHILTERN HUNDREDS/Vaudeville (Marjorie Fielding, A E Matthews, Joan Winmill, Michael Shepley, Peter Coke, Diane Hart, Tom Macaulay, Edith Saville - 15 photos); Reviews: ALL OVER THE TOWN/Playhouse, THE HIDDEN YEARS/Boltons, STARLIGHT ROOF/Hippodrome, THIS VIRTUE/New Lindsey, ANNA LUCASTA/His Majesty's, SMITH/Arts, THE WILD DUCK/Torch, RUTH DRAPER/Criterion, THE LITTLE DRY THORN/Lyric Hammersmith, FAUST/Sadler's Wells, DON GIOVANNI/Cambridge Theatre; Photos: Portrait of Rosamund John and James Donald in YOU NEVER CAN TELL/Wyndham's, Paolo Silveri; Feature on Beryl Kaye ( as Susan the Silent in FINIAN'S RAINBOW); The Christmas Shows; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Judith Anderson as MEDEA, Maurice Evans and Frances Rowe in MAN AND SUPERMAN); Feature on Harry Andrews ( as Bolingbroke in RICHARD II/Old Vic at the New) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; very lightly rumpled, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1948 (No.276): cover-Hilda Simms as ANNA LUCASTA/His Majesty's; Scenes from PETER GRIMES/Covent Garden (photo), OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE/Winter Garden (Robertson Hare, D Bradley-Smith, Ralph Lynn - photo and review), PRIVATE ENTERPRISE/St.James (Elizabeth Allan, William Fox - photo and review), ANNA LUCASTA/His Majesty's (Frank Silvera, Edith Whiteman, Georgia Burke, Don Proctor, Frederick O'Neal, Claire Leyba, Eddie Banks, Emmett Babe Wallace, Reginald Fenderson, Hilda Simms, Earle Hyman, Betty Haynes - 18 photos), HAPPY AS LARRY/Criterion (Liam Redmond, Sheila Manahan, Christopher Steele, Fred Johnson, Edward Byrne, Sally Travers, Phyllis Ryan, Christie Humphrey, Wilfrid Brambell, W A Kelly, Norman Tyrrell, Michael Gwynn - 11 photos), YOU NEVER CAN TELL/Wyndham's (David Peel, Brenda Bruce, James Donald, Jane Henderson, Rosamund John, Francis Lister, Ernest Thesiger, D A Clarke-Smith - 11 photos); Reviews: CANARIES SOMETIMES SING/Garrick, GINGERBREAD HOUSE/New Lindsey, THE MOON IN THE YELLOW RIVER/Arts, THE PATCHED CLOAK/Boltons, THE BLIND GODDESS/Apollo, ST JOAN/New, KATE KENNEDY/Mercury, THE RELAPSE/Lyric Hammersmith, JOHN BULL'S OTHER ISLAND, THE OLD LADY SAYS NO and WHERE STARS WALK/Embassy; Photos: Portrait of John Clements, Ronald Shiner in WORM'S EYE VIEW, Diana Dawson in WORM'S EYE VIEW, Gretchen Franklin, Jean Kent as Prince Charming in CINDERELLA/film; Profile of Hilda Simms (; Profile of Kathleen Moody (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Marlon Brando and Jessica Tandy in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, and Godfrey Tearle and Katharine Cornell in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA); Profile of the opera producer Hedley Briggs (; The Theatre in the '48s : Outstanding events in 1748 and 1848 etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1948 (No.277): cover-Celia Johnson as SAINT JOAN/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from CINDERELLA/Casino (Carol Lynne, Eve Lister - photo), MACBETH/Aldwych (Ena Burrill, Michael Redgrave, Paddy Green, Janet Joye, Gillian Webb, Stephen Darlot, Paul Hardwick, Wilfred Carter, Clement McCallin - 3 photos), SAINT JOAN/Old Vic at the New (Celia Johnson, John Biggerstaff, Bernard Miles, Alec Guinness, Kenneth Edwards, Michael Raghan, James Lytton, Cecil Winter, Patricia Burke, John Clements, Frank Duncan, Harry Andrews, Mark Dignam, Kenneth Connor, Peter Copley, George Rose - 21 photos), RICHARD II/Old Vic at the New (Alec Guinness, Rosalind Atkinson, Mark Dignam, Peter Copley, Harry Andrews, Bernard Miles, Michael Raghan, John Garley, George Relph, Cecil Winter, Renee Asherson, Norma Shebbeare, Penelope Munday - 10 photos), THE SNOW QUEEN/Young Vic (Marriott Longman, Alfred Burke, Stuart Burge, Harold Lang, Gillian Hicks, Anthony Van Bridge, Royden Godfrey - 4 photos), CHARLEY'S AUNT/Palace (Philip Dale - photo); Reviews: BOLTONS REVUE/Boltons, FLOWERS FOR THE LIVING/New Lindsey, THE DRAGON AND THE DOVE and A CHANGE FOR THE WORSE/Mercury, AS YOU DESIRE ME/Embassy, INVITATION TO A VOYAGE/Arts, MOUNTAIN AIR/Comedy, DIE FLEDERMAUS/Sadler's Wells, THE MASTERSINGERS/Covent Garden, MAM'ZELLE ANGOT/Covent Garden, PARURES/Sadler's Wells; Photos: Cyril Ritchard and Madge Elliott in THE RELAPSE/Phoenix, Patrick Crean and Kathleen Michael in BRED IN THE BONE/Lyric Hammersmith, Mady Christians, Margaret Rutherford, Emrys Jones, Selma Vaz Dias; Glimpses of Macready by William Charles Macready's great-grandaughter; Interview with Celia Johnson (; Profile of E Martin Browne (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Scene from ALLEGRO, Phil Silvers and Joey Faye in HIGH BUTTON SHOES); Birth of a Theatre (New Market Theatre, Aylesbury); The Theatre in Sweden by Verne Morgan etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1948 (No.278): cover-Ray Jackson in THE HIDDEN YEARS/Fortune; Scenes from THE HIDDEN YEARS/Fortune (Anthony Oliver, Brian Peck, Dale Rogers, Arnold English, Ray Jackson, Anthony Tancred, James Hayter, Robert Webber, Nigel Clarke, Anthony Marlowe - 12 photos), THE MASTERSINGERS/Covent Garden (Grahame Clifford, Victoria Sladen, Hans Hotter, Frank Sale - 3 photos), MAM'ZELLE ANGOT, CHECKMATE, PARURES and LES RENDEZVOUS/Sadler's Wells Ballet at Covent Garden (Alexander Grant, Michael Somes, Margot Fonteyn, Moira Shearer, Beryl Grey, Maryon Lane, David Poole, Michael Boulton, Elaine Fifield - 9 photos), MOUNTAIN AIR (Martin Miller, Avice Landone, Geoffrey Sumner, Mary Martlew, Stephen Jack, Michael Evans, Margaret Goodman - 5 photos), THE SHOEMAKER'S HOLIDAY and NOAHYoung Vic Tour (Royden Godfrey, Jean Wilson, Ann Hefferman, Stuart Burge, Mervyn Blake, Patrick Benson, Alfred Burke, Anthony van Bridge, Gillian Hicks, Guy Bark, Allan Blakelock, Harold Lang, Merula Salaman, June Vincent, Max Miradin - 6 photos), BLOOD/Ballets Negres at Wimbledon (Cherry Adele, Ben Johnson, Berto Pasuka - 3 photos); Reviews: DIAMOND LIL/Prince of Wales, THE RELAPSE/Phoenix, THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR/Old Vic at the New, THE INDIFFERENT SHEPHERD/Criterion, A COMEDY OF GOOD AND EVIL/Arts, THE VIGIL/Embassy, GOLDEN RAIN/New Lindsey, FAMILY PORTRAIT/Strand, NATIVE SON/Boltons; Portrait of Gladys Cooper; Photos: Irina Baronova, Philippa Hiatt and Jack Allen in OFF THE RECORD/Piccadilly, Marjorie Reynolds, Shirl Conway, Mary Mackenzie; Feature on Mae West ( as DIAMOND LIL/Prince of Wales); The Story of the Theatre Programme by Mander and Mitchenson (w.3 illustrations); Interview with the designer Berkeley Sutcliffe (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Wendell Holmes, Meg Mundy and Karl Weber in THE RESPECTFUL PROSTITUTE, Joan Tetzel and Ruth Amos in STRANGE BEDFELLOWS) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1948 (No.279): cover-Gladys Cooper and Francis Lister in THE INDIFFERENT SHEPHERD/Criterion; Scenes from BURLESQUE/Princes (Bonar Colleano, Thomas Godfrey, Aletha Orr, Marjorie Reynolds, Zoe Gail - photo and review), THE INDIFFERENT SHEPHERD/Criterion (Gladys Cooper, Andrew Cruickshank, Charmian Eyre, Francis Lister, Charles Callum, Anna Turner, Peter Street - 14 photos), THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR/Old Vic at the New (Alec Guinness, Denis McCarthy, Reginald Hearne, Aubrey Richards, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Miles, Peter Copley, John Garley, George Rose, Michael Raghan, Renee Asherson, Rosalind Atkinson, Harry Andrews - 11 photos), COCKPIT/Playhouse (Harry Locke, Joseph O'Conor, Lilly Molnar, Peter Drury, Joss Clewes, Diana Graves, Eileen Way, Tatiana Lieven, Phyllis Mander, Dudley Jones - 8 photos and review); Reviews: THE GORBALS STORY/Garrick, CASTLE ANNA/Lyric Hammersmith, THE KING'S JESTER/King's Hammersmith, I REMEMBER MAMA/Aldwych, THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING/Arts, CARISSIMA/Palace, FOUR, FIVE, SIX/Duke of York's, THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD/Mercury, HOG'S BLOOD AND HELLEBORE/Boltons, OPERA IN LONDON/Covent Garden, Sadler's Wells and Cambridge Theatre; Portrait of Ralph Richardson; Photos: Helen Backlin, Peter Gray, Franklin Bennett, Patricia Hastings, Denys Blakelock and Joan Young in DANDY DICK/Lyric Hammersmith; Profile of Ray Jackson (; Profile of Gladys Cooper (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of David Wayne and Henry Fonda in MISTER ROBERTS); Drama on Television (2 photos: Edward Chapman, Angela Baddeley, David Markham and Anthony Marlowe in CANDIDA/TV, Patrick Macnee, Muriel Pavlow, Sebastian Shaw, Margaret Rawlings and Patrick Troughton in HAMLET/TV); Profile of Shirl Conway ( etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/May 1948 (No.280): cover-Cyril Ritchard and Madge Elliott in THE RELAPSE/Phoenix; Scenes from CARISSIMA/Palace (Elizabeth Theilman, Lester Ferguson, Shirl Conway, Hugh Dempster, Hannah Watt - photo), PUPPETS FROM CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Lyric Hammersmith (Professor Skupa and puppets - 2 photos), THE RELAPSE/Phoenix (Audrey Fildes, Anthony Ireland, Cyril Ritchard, Michael Warre, Richard Wordsworth, Edward Burnham, Madge Elliott, Tristram Butt, Elizabeth Jeppe, David King-Wood, Hamlyn Benson, Jessie Evans, Wynne Clark, David Bird, Frederick Bennett - 18 photos), CORIOLANUS/Old Vic at the New (John Clements, Alec Guinness, Pauline Jameson, Rosalind Atkinson, Norma Shebbeare, Harry Andrews, Kenneth Connor, Mark Dignam, Peter Copley, Kenneth Edwards, Cecil Winter, Michael Lewer - 16 photos and review), THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD/Mercury (Liam Redmond, Elspeth March, Eithne Dunn, Hugh Griffith - 5 photos), FALSTAFF/Cambridge Theatre (Stanley Pope, Marco Stefanoni, Tony Sympson, Mariano Stabile, Mary Stewart, Emma Tegani, Daria Bayan, Bruna Maclean - 3 photos); Reviews: DARK EYES/Strand, THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE/Apollo, MAJOR BARBARA/Arts, MAID TO MEASURE/King's Hammersmith, LITTLE LAMBS EAT IVY/Ambassadors, THE BURNING BUSH/New Lindsey, LILIOM/Saville, LUCRECE/Boltons, PORTRAIT OF HICKORY/Embassy; Portrait of Sonia Dresdel; Photos: Hilda Simms, Binnie Hale and Bobby Howes in FOUR FIVE SIX/Duke of York's, Lilian Braithwaite, Dolores Gray; Profile of Peter Daubeny (; Profile of Elena Miramova (; Profile of Nugent Monck and the Maddermarket Theatre (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Michael Newell, Valerie White, Owen Holder, Alan Webb and Madge Compton in THE WINSLOW BOY, Michael Redgrave and Flora Robson in MACBETH) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1948 (No.281): cover-Walter Fitzgerald in THE PARAGON/Fortune; Scenes from THE PARAGON/Fortune (Arthur Wontner, Nan Braunton, Rachel Kempson, Hugh Burden, Walter Fitzgerald - 7 photos and review); CARISSIMA/Palace (Elizabeth Thielmann, Frederick Schiller, Guido Lorraine, Lester Ferguson, Leo de Pokorny, Shirl Conway, Hannah Watt, Lily Bartell, Hugh Dempster, Charles Farrell - 10 photos); FRENZY/St.Martin's (Harold Scott, Denholm Elliott, Joan Greenwood, Peter Ustinov - 5 photos); ROYAL CIRCLE/Wyndham's (Ralph Richardson, Christopher Hodge, Meriel Forbes, Anne Butchart, David Hutcheson, John Turnbull, Roger Braban, Meadows White, Frederick Richter, Alan Gordon, John Salew, Jessica Spencer, Lilian Braithwaite, Lyndon Brook, Georgina Wynter, John Sherman, Ewan Roberts, Charles Whiteley - 14 photos and review); Reviews: JAN SKUPA PUPPET THEATRE/Lyric Hammersmith, FAUST/The "Q", AUTUMN GOLD/Embassy, BOB'S YOUR UNCLE/Saville, THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET/Garrick, ALL MY SONS/Lyric Hammersmith, THIRD COUSIN/Boltons, THE MASTER BUILDER/Westminster; Portrait of Alicia Markova; Photos: Clive Brook, Marie Ney, Pamela Brown and Elizabeth Villars in THE GIOCONDA SMILE/New, Doris Doree and apprentice in PETER GRIMES/Covent Garden on tour, Scene from THE LINDEN TREE/London Mask Theatre, Frederick O'Neal, Jessica Spencer and Colin Gordon, The Crazy Gang in TOGETHER AGAIN/Victoria Palace, Evelyn Laye as Lady Teazle in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/tour, Philippa Hiatt, Diana Calderwood; Feature on Julia Neilson, aged 80 (; Interview with Ronnie Hill (; Decentralising Theatre - Interview with Peter Cotes; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Beatrice Lillie and Jack Haley in INSIDE U.S.A., and Nancy Walker in LOOK, MA, I'M DANCIN'; Repertory at Farnham (2 photos: Castle Theatre foyer, and Annette Kerr, Rosemary Rogers and Donald O'Malley in DUET FOR TWO HANDS/Farnham etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1948 (No.282): cover-Pamela Brown in THE GIOCONDA SMILE/New; Scenes from THE GIOCONDA SMILE/New (Clive Brook, Pamela Brown, Marie Ney, Pamela White [not Elizabeth Villars], Brenda Bruce, Gordon McLeod, Noel Howlett - 14 photos), LITTLE LAMBS EAT IVY/Ambassadors (Joan Haythorne, Joan Forrest, Arnold Bell, Richard Davies, Lionel Murton, Denis Gordon, Gabrielle Welford, Margot Lister, Howard Lamb, Jeanette Tregarthen - 15 photos), KING JOHN/Stratford (Robert Helpmann, John Kidd, Ena Burrill, Timothy Harley, Anthony Quayle, Alfie Bass - 3 photos and review), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Stratford (Robert Helpmann, Diana Wynyard, Mairhi Russell, Paul Scofield - 2 photos and review), HAMLET/Stratford (Robert Helpmann, Paul Scofield, Claire Bloom, Anthony Quayle, Diana Wynyard - 3 photos and review), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Stratford (Alfie Bass, Tom Kneale, Esmond Knight, Anthony Quayle, Diana Wynyard, Mairhi Russell, Ailsa Grahame, Robert Urquhart, Michael Gwynn - 2 photos and review); Reviews: MUSICAL CHAIRS/Arts, THE CHERRY ORCHARD/St.James, CORINTH HOUSE/New Lindsey, TRAVELLER'S JOY/Criterion, CARIBBEAN RHAPSODY/Prince of Wales, AS YOU LIKE IT/Regent's Park, LES CLOCHES DE CORNEVILLE/Boltons, DRAMATIC SCHOOLS' MATINEES, THE LONDON STORY/Finsbury Park Open Air, MEN SHOULD WEEP/Embassy, THE LADY ASKS FOR HELP/Garrick, THE WINTER'S TALE/Stratford; Portrait of Katherine Dunham; Photos: Robert Flemyng, Jacques Berthier, Carmen Amaya, Yolande Donlan, Scene from THE LOVERS' GALLERY/Metropolitan Ballet at the Scala, Shirl Conway; Ballet By Air: Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin's Central American Tour (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Sono Osato in BALLET BALLADS); The Under Thirty Theatre Group ( of Oscar Quitak, Karis Mond and Hazel Vincent Wallace); The New Scottish Theatre (2 photos: John Russell, P McDonnell, Duncan MacRae, Archie Duncan and Dennis Cannan in JAMIE THE SAXT/Citizen's Theatre, and Archie Duncan in THE LOWER DEPTHS/Citizen's Theatre); Letter from America: Ellen J Pattison on THE LINDEN TREE's critical reception etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1948 (No.283): cover-Margaret Rutherford and Viola Lyel in THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE/Apollo; Scenes from PEOPLE LIKE US/Wyndham's (Kathleen Michael, Robert Flemyng - photo and review), CAGE ME A PEACOCK/Strand (Mai Bacon, Yolande Donlan - photo and review), MARKOVA-DOLIN SEASON/Covent Garden (Alicia Markova - photo and review), THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE/Apollo (George Howe, Margaret Rutherford, Myles Eason, Colin Gordon, Douglas Ives, Viola Lyel, Peter Davies, Molly Weir, Patricia Hastings, Betty Woolfe, Stringer Davis, Douglas Stewart, Irene Relph - 16 photos), Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh in Australia: Old Vic Tour (Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Dan Cunningham, Mercia Swinburne, George Relph, Terence Morgan, Chico Marx, Old Vic Company - 10 unusual informal photos), BOB'S YOUR UNCLE/Saville (Leslie Henson, Vera Pearce, Gordon Humphris, Valerie Tandy, Alec Finter, Hamish Menzies, Sheila Douglas-Pennant, Pauline Innes, Lionel Blair, Malcolm Goddard, Jackson Walker, Guy Fane, Austin Melford, Brian Vogel - 16 photos); Reviews: THE BRONTES/St.James, CRIME PASSIONEL/Lyric, LADY MUST SELL and A MAN MUST DIE/Chepstow, A LA CARTE/Savoy, JOHN V TREVOR/St.Martin's, THE RIVALS/St.James, AMBASSADOR EXTRAORDINARY/Aldwych, GEORGIA STORY/New Lindsey, JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK/Embassy, KING JOHN/Regent's Park, ROSMERSHOLM and TOO TRUE TO BE GOOD/Arts, HAMLET/Bristol Old Vic at the St.James, TRAVELLERS MUST BE CONTENT/Chepstow; Portrait of Eric Portman; Photos: Helen Hayes, Margalo Gillmore, Michael Gough, Helen Christie, Frank Ford and Lesley Lorne in OLYMPIAD 214/Windmill, Sheila Sim; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green; Feature on Katherine Dunham and Carmen Amaya (w.caricature and photo); Feature on Yvonne Arnaud (; Josephine Baker visits the Chepstow Theatre (photo of Josephine Baker with Hurford Janes, June Petersen, Roland Caswell, Beatrice Rowe, John Harvey, Beatrice Kane, Andrew Sachs, Mary Williams, Antony Sharpe and Jean Kendall) etc. [44pp, 5.8x8.75; spine slightly scuffed, else VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1948: cover-Lucie Mannheim, Marius Goring and Joyce Heron in TOO TRUE TO BE GOOD/Arts; Scenes from CRIME PASSIONEL/Garrick (Basil Sydney, Joyce Redman - 2 photos), BRAHMS VARIATIONS/Marquis de Cuevas Grand Ballet at Covent Garden (Rosella Hightower, Andre Eglevsky - photo), TREIZE DANSES/Champs-Elysees Ballet at the Princes (photo), ROSMERSHOLM/Arts (Marius Goring, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Wilfrid Walter, Lucie Mannheim - 3 photos), TOO TRUE TO BE GOOD/Arts (Richard Gale, Joyce Heron, Lucie Mannheim, Eileen Thorndike, Marius Goring, Geoffrey Hibbert, Charles Lloyd Pack, Michael Brennan, Wilfrid Walter - 7 photos), TARTUFFE/Arts (Stanley Van Beers, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Geoffrey Hibbert, Daphne Slater, Eileen Thorndike, Michael Brennan, Joyce Heron, Pamela Stirling, Charles Lloyd Pack, Richard Gale, Stafford Byrne, Stanley Van Beers - 9 photos), CAGE ME A PEACOCK/Strand (Ballard Berkeley, Yolande Donlan, Roy Dean, Simon Lack, Bill O'Connor, Linda Gray, Richard Littledale, Joan Blake, David Dulac, Mai Bacon, George Bradford, David Paltenghi, Simon Traherne - 16 photos), HAMLET/Stratford (Diana Wynyard, John Kidd, Paul Scofield, Anthony Quayle, Noel Willman - photo); Reviews: NO TREES IN THE STREET/St.James, THE GLASS MENAGERIE/Haymarket, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Regent's Park, JONATHAN/Aldwych, TARTUFFE/Arts, TROUBLE IN THE HOUSE/Cambridge Theatre, SIT DOWN A MINUTE, ADRIAN/Comedy, THE HAUNTED/Torch, THE BLUE ROOM MYSTERY/New Lindsey; portrait of Peter Cotes and Joan Miller; Photos: Dulcie Gray and Michael Denison, Juna Tremayne, Helen Hayes, Frances Heflin, Phil Brown, Clive Brook and Brenda Bruce, Bruce Trent, Moira Shearer and Robert Helpmann in THE RED SHOES/film, Joan Greenwood and Stewart Granger in SARABAND FOR DEAD LOVERS/film; Pity the Young Starlet! by Charles Landstone; Feature on A Festival of International Comedy and Drama at the Arts Theatre (Peter Powell, Guy Sheppard, Fanny Taylor - w.3 photos, and portraits of 15 leading players: Marius Goring, Stanley Van Beers, Michael Brennan, Stafford Byrne, Joyce Hodgkinson, Charles Lloyd Pack, Daphne Slater, Lucie Mannheim, Elwyn Brook-Jones, Richard Gale, Joyce Heron, Geoffrey Hibbert, Pamela Stirling, Eileen Thorndike, Wilfrid Walter); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Ed Chappel, Biff McGuire, Max Showalter and Julie Oshins in MAKE MINE MANHATTAN); Feature on Sophie Tucker (; Feature on Helen Hayes ( etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1948 (No.285): cover-Helen Hayes in THE GLASS MENAGERIE/Haymarket; Scenes from DON'T LISTEN LADIES/St.James (Betty Marsden, Francis Lister, Ferdy Mayne, Constance Cummings, Pamela Bevan - 3 photos), THE BEGGAR'S OPERA/English Opera Group at Sadler's Wells (Rose Hill, Peter Pears, Nancy Evans, George James, Otaker Kraus - photo), THE GLASS MENAGERIE/Haymarket (Phil Brown, Helen Hayes, Frances Heflin, Hugh McDermott - 19 photos), OTHELLO/Stratford (Godfrey Tearle, Anthony Quayle, Ena Burrill, Diana Wynyard, Paul Scofield - 3 photos), TROILUS AND CRESSIDA/Stratford (Heather Stannard, Paul Scofield, Diana Wynyard, John Justin, Noel Willman, Julian Amyes, Harold Kasket, Anthony Quayle - 3 photos), EDEN END/Duchess (Angela Baddeley, Brian Nissen, Jessica Spencer, Dorothy Dewhurst, Eric Berry, Gerald Andersen - 3 photos), CRIME PASSIONEL/Garrick (Michael Gough, Joyce Redman, Basil Sydney, William Sherwood, Ernest Clark, Max Brimmel, Brian Carey, Yvonne Coulette - 16 photos); Reviews: EDEN END/Duchess, OSCAR WILDE/Boltons, THE CHAIR and NIGHTSHADE/Torch, RAIN ON THE JUST/Aldwych, FOR DEAR LIFE/Embassy, AN ENGLISH SUMMER/Lyric Hammersmith, DON'T LISTEN, LADIES!/St.James, SUGAR AND SPICE/St.Martin's, PLAYBILL/Phoenix, THE DAYS DIVIDING/New Lindsey, THE CHERRY ORCHARD/Arts, THE PERFECT WOMAN/Playhouse, THE QUEEN CAME BY/Embassy, THE BEGGAR'S OPERA and ALBERT HERRING/English Opera Group, LES BALLETS DES CHAMPS ELYSEES/Princes; Portrait of Faith Brook as Olivia in TWELFTH NIGHT/Old Vic at the New; Photos: Diana Calderwood, Tom Gill and Philippa Hiatt in OFF THE RECORD, Mary Ellis, Robert Rietty; Feature on Angela Baddeley (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Phyllis Taxter and Cloris Leachman in SUNDOWN BEACH); Profile of Michael Warre (; Spotlight Comes of Age: Spotlight's 21st Anniversary ( of Rodney Millington) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1948 (No.286): cover-Eric Portman and Mary Ellis in THE BROWNING VERSION; Scenes from JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN/Library Theatre, Manchester (Wensley Pithey, Joan Miller, Antony Kearey, Ilona Ference, Brian Haines - 3 photos), Playbill: THE BROWNING VERSION and A HARLEQUINADE (Mary Ellis, Hector Ross, Peter Scott, Eric Portman, Campbell Cotts, Henryetta Edwards, Anthony Oliver, Marie Lohr, Kenneth Edwards, Hector Ross, Patrick Jordan, Thelma Ruby, Henry Bryce, Noel Dyson, Manville Tarrant - 28 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT/Old Vic at the New (Cedric Hardwicke, Jane Baxter, Faith Brook, Mark Dignam, Harry Andrews, Pauline Jameson, Peter Copley, Robert Eddison, Timothy Bateson, John Garley, Cecil Winter - 14 photos); Reviews: TWELFTH NIGHT and DOCTOR FAUSTUS/Old Vic at the New, SALOON BAR/Garrick, MEDEA/Globe, ICE CASCADES/Stoll, THE KID FROM STRATFORD/Princes, THE PAY-OFF/Granville, LEND ME ROBIN/Embassy, HOUSE OF TOLERANCE and BUY ME THE SPANISH STEPS/Boltons, CARL ROSA OPERA COMPANY/King's Hammersmith, SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR/National Academy of Dramatic Arts at the Cambridge Theatre; portrait of Hermione Gingold; Photos: Griffith Jones, Irene Worth, Constance Cummings and Francis Lister in DON'T LISTEN, LADIES!/St.James, Elizabeth Theilmann; Feature on Eric Portman (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Margaret Phillips and Tod Andrews in SUMMER AND SMOKE, Hugo Haas, Irra Petina and John Schickling in MAGDALENA); Profile on Max Oldaker (; Theatre Renaissance in the British Zone (3 photos: Gustaf Gruendgens and Marianne Hoppe in THE FLIES/Dusseldorf, Scene from THE SEAGULL/Dusseldorf, Gustaf Gruendgens and company in THE BANDITS/Dusseldorf) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Dec 1948 (No.287): cover-Edith Evans and Pauline Jameson in THE WAY OF THE WORLD/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from THE ANATOMIST/Westminster (George Cole, Elenna Fraser, Alastair Sim, Alexis France, Derek Blomfield - photo), HOME IS TOMORROW/Cambridge Theatre (Douglas Jefferies, Leslie Banks, Helen Backlin, Joy Parker - photo), HOME OF THE BRAVE/Library Theatre, Manchester (photo), THE WAY OF THE WORLD/Old Vic at the New (Harry Andrews, Robert Eddison, Peter Copley, Mark Dignam, Pauline Jameson, Mary Martlew, Faith Brook, Penelope Munday, Edith Evans, June Brown, Nigel Green, Meadows White - 16 photos), DON'T LISTEN LADIES!/St.James (Constance Cummings, Francis Lister, D A Mehan, Ada Reeve, Betty Marsden - 4 photos), THE PERFECT WOMAN/Playhouse (Charles Heslop, Sonnie Hale, John Deverell, Peter Cozens, Honor Shepherd, Fred Berger, David Hurst, Ellen Pollock - 7 photos), RAIN ON THE JUST/Aldwych (Marie Ney, Pauline Winter, Scott Harrold, Geoffrey Keene, Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Eileen Peel, Edgar Norfolk - 9 photos and review); Reviews: THAT MIGHTY HEART/Embassy, BREACH OF MARRIAGE/Torch, THE WILD DUCK/St.Martin's, HONOUR THY FATHER/New Lindsey, A LADY MISLAID/Embassy, THE THIRD MAN/Arts, FROLIC WIND/Boltons, WHAT GOES ON/Players, INDICTMENT/"Q"; Portrait of Gertrude Lawrence; Photos: Rachel Kempson, Harriette Johns, Yvonne Owen, Diana Churchill, Arthur Macrae, Ruth Draper, Jill Manners; Profile of Margaret Rutherford (; The annual Leichner Lunch at the Savoy (2 photos: Leslie Henson with Googie Withers and Hermione Gingold, Mr S Pollitzer with Dame Irene Vanbrugh); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Howard Lindsay and Dorothy Stickney in LIFE WITH MOTHER, Ray Bolger with Allyn McLerie, Doretta Morrow and Jane Lawrence in WHERE'S CHARLEY?); Feature on the Italian touring company The Van (w.3 photos); The Story of the Royalty Theatre, Morecambe etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4


ThW/Jan 1949 (No.288): cover-Walter Crisham and Hermione Gingold in SLINGS AND ARROWS/Comedy; Scenes from THE RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL/Globe (David Keir, Nora Nicholson, Sybil Thorndike, Rachel Kempson, Irene Browne, Denis Cowles, David Horne, Walter Hudd, Audrey Fildes, John Gielgud - 3 photos and review), MISS MABEL/Duchess (Mary Jerrold, Clive Morton, W E Holloway - photo), ONE WILD OAT/Garrick (Helene Burls, Alfred Drayton, Robertson Hare - photo and review), SLINGS AND ARROWS/Comedy (Hermione Gingold, Gretchen Franklin, Wallas Eaton, Walter Crisham, Christopher Hewett, Kathleen Stuart, Diana Maddox, Charlotte Bidmead, Pamela Kail - 16 photos), THE CHERRY ORCHARD/Old Vic at the New (Edith Evans, Robert Eddison, Harry Andrews, Pauline Jameson, Mark Dignam, Josephine Stuart, Mary Martlew, Cedric Hardwicke, Cecil Winter, Faith Brook, Peter Copley, Meadows White - 12 photos), DON JUAN/Covent Garden (Robert Helpmann, Margot Fonteyn, Moira Shearer, Richard Ellis - 2 photos), SELINA and CAPRIOL SUITE/Sadler's Wells (Elaine Fifield, Hans Zullig, David Gill, Stanley Holden, Michael Boulton, Patricia Miller - 4 photos), SIEGFRIED/Covent Garden (Set Svanholm - photo), SIMON BOCCANEGRA/Sadler's Wells (Arnold Matters, Joyce Gartside, James Johnston, Howell Glynne - photo and review), THE GIOCONDA SMILE/Wyndham's (Mary Merrall, Elizabeth Kentish, Valerie Taylor - photo), A LA CARTE/Savoy (Hermione Baddeley - photo); Reviews: MISS MABEL/Duchess, ORANGES AND LEMONS/Lyric Hammersmith, THE FATHER/Embassy, BEYOND THE HORIZON/New Lindsey, GOG AND MAGOG/Arts, THE GREEN BOX/Chepstow, A GIANT'S STRENGTH/Torch, SCHWANDA THE BAGPIPER/Sadler's Wells; Portrait of Mai Zetterling in THE WILD DUCK/St.Martin's; Photos: Pamela Brown, Paul Scofield, Myles Eason, Jane Baxter, Greta Gynt; Feature on Hermione Gingold (; Feature on John Gielgud (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: John Dall and Charles Boyer in RED GLOVES, Sam Wanamaker, Madeleine Carroll and Shirley Booth in GOODBYE MY FANCY); The new Society For Theatre Research by George Devine; English Plays in Paris by L N de Lanscat ( of Noel Coward at the piano) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1949 (No.289): cover-Gertrude Lawence in SEPTEMBER TIDE/Aldwych; Scenes from THE WAY BACK/Westminster (Stanley Maxted, Richard Attenborough - photo), SEPTEMBER TIDE/Aldwych (Gertrude Lawence, Michael Gough, Anne Leon, Cyril Raymond, Dandy Nichols, Bryan Forbes - 20 photos), THE WILD DUCK/St.Martin's (Fay Compton, Anton Walbrook, Nigel Clarke, Jane Henderson, Robert Harris, Miles Malleson, Mai Zetterling, Walter Fitzgerald - 10 photos), PETER PAN/Scala (Eric Carr, George Curzon, Judith Stott, Joan Hopkins, Morland Graham, George Curzon, Jane Welsh, Derek Rock, Michael Cleveland - 7 photos); Reviews: HIGH BUTTON SHOES/Hippodrome, THE BOLTON'S REVUE/Boltons, JASON/New Lindsey, MURDER MOST FOUL/Torch, HAMLET/Rudolf Steiner, A PAIR OF SPECTACLES/Arts, HARVEY/Prince of Wales; Portrait of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/Old Vic at the New; Photos: Sid Field, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Peggy Ashcroft, Alicia Markova in CASSE NOISETTE, Alexandra Danilova and Frederick Franklin; Theatre in the '49s: Outstanding events in 1549, 1649, 1749 and 1849; Feature on Frederick Ashton (; Feature on Gertrude Lawrence (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( Joyce Redman and Rex Harrison in ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS); London's 17th Century Theatreland (w.illustration); The Story of Drottningholm (w.3 photos) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; staples rusty, slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

ThW/Mch 1949 (No.290): cover-Yvonne Arnaud in TRAVELLER'S JOY; Scenes from THE WAY BACK/Westminster (Richard Attenborough, Stanley Maxted, Robert Ayres, David Powell - 3 photos and review), ORANGES AND LEMONS/Globe (Diana Churchill, Max Adrian, Rose Hill, Elisabeth Welch, Kenneth Connor, Marjorie Dunkels, Charlotte Mitchell - 4 photos), TRAVELLER'S JOY (Yvonne Arnaud, Arthur Macrae, Derek Aylward, Charles Victor, Dora Bryan, Helen Christie, Alexander Gauge, Ernst Ulman - 17 photos), MISS MABEL/Strand (Mary Jerrold, Richard Warner, Clive Morton, Sidney Monckton, Josephine Middleton, W E Holloway, Peter Murray - 8 photos), HIGH BUTTON SHOES (Hermene French, Sydney James, Kay Kimber, Michael Nicholls, Peter Felgate, Joan Heal, Jack Cooper, Lew Parker, Tommy Godfrey, Andre Cordova, Jean Allison, Jane Evans - 13 photos), HAPPY AND GLORIOUS/Library Theatre, Manchester (Joan Miller, Duncan Lamont - 2 photos); Reviews: THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, RICHARD III and ANTIGONE/Old Vic at the New, THE WHITE CLIFFS/Richmond, MANDRAGOLA/Mercury, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, MACBETH and TWELFTH NIGHT/Donald Wolfit Season at the Bedford, HERE COME THE CLOWNS/New Lindsey, THE HEIRESS/Haymarket, YEDRA GARSIA/Torch, WIDOWERS' HOUSES/Arts, THE DAMASK CHEEK/Lyric Hammersmith, THE HUMAN TOUCH/Savoy, THE PASSING OF THE THIRD FLOOR BACK/Embassy, THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO/Covent Garden; Portrait of Peggy Ashcroft and Ralph Richardson in THE HEIRESS/Haymarket; Photo of Roy Dean in CAGE ME A PEACOCK/Cambridge Theatre; Feature on Diana Churchill (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Patricia Morison, Alfred Drake, Lisa Kirk and Harold Lang in KISS ME KATE, and Martita Hunt in THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT); Feature on Sid Field (; English Plays in Moscow (4 photos: Olga Androvskaya and Mikhail Yanskin in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, A Kulagin, V Pestovsky and L Dobrzhanskaya in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, E Fillipov, V Zeldin, Y Zolotova and A Andreyeva in THE COMEDY OF ERRORS, Alexeyeva, Rakitin, Sheket and Massonov in SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER); Middle East Forces Club ( of Douglas Bethell, Charles Workman, Peter Beadle, Anthony Hughes and St.John Tayleur in TWELFTH NIGHT) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; very slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Apr 1949 (No.291): cover-Vivien Leigh as ANTIGONE/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from THE FOOLISH GENTLEWOMAN/Duchess (Lewis Casson, Sybil Thorndike, Mary Merrall, Nigel Green, Isabel Dean - 3 photos and review), THE HUMAN TOUCH/Savoy (David Cole, Alec Guinness, Sophie Stewart, John Laurie - 2 photos), MANDRAGOLA/Mercury (photo), ANTIGONE and THE PROPOSAL/Old Vic at the New (Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, George Cooper, Hugh Stewart, Thomas Heathcote, George Relph, Michael Redington, Helen Beck, Eileen Beldon, Dan Cunningham, Meg Maxwell, Terence Morgan, Peter Cushing, Derrick Penley, Peggy Simpson - 16 photos), MISS JULIE/Library Theatre, Manchester (Joan Miller, Duncan Lamont, Ilona Ference - 2 photos), ORANGES AND LEMONS/Globe (Diana Churchill, Elisabeth Welch, Max Adrian, Daphne Oxenford, Charlotte Mitchell, Marjorie Dunkels, Angus Menzies, Daphne Peretz, Brian Blades, John Heawood, Shirley Hall, Elizabeth Cooper, Ann Lydekker, Sylvia Rye - 9 photos), CINDERELLA/Covent Garden (Pamela May, Moira Shearer, Robert Helpmann, Frederick Ashton, Alexander Grant - 3 photos); Reviews: THE COMPELLED PEOPLE/New Lindsey, LILAC TIME/His Majesty's, THE UNQUIET SPIRIT/Arts, CARMEN/Sadler's Wells, DESERT HIGHWAY/Boltons, KING LEAR, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR/Donald Wolfit Company at the Bedford, CALIGULA/Embassy, DARK OF THE MOON/Lyric Hammersmith, TRIANGLE/Torch, HENRY VIII/Marlowe Society at the Arts Cambridge; Portrait of Alexandra Danilova; Photos: Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh as themselves, Laurence Olivier as RICHARD III/Old Vic at the New, Vivien Leigh in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/Old Vic at the New, Kay Hammond and John Clements, Angela Baddeley, Rosalyn Boulter, Sheila Burrell, Judy Campbell, Joyce Barbour, Margaret Lockwood; Feature on Peggy Ashcroft (; Feature on Noel Langley (; Strindberg Centenary ( of Michael Redgrave, E E Osborne, Freda Jackson and Lilly Kahn); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Mildred Dunnock, Lee J Cobb, Arthur Kennedy and Cameron Mitchell in DEATH OF A SALESMAN); The Season's Ballet (4 photos: Margot Fonteyn as Giselle, Roland Petit, scene from AGGREY by Ballets Negres, Moira Shearer and Franklin White in CINDERELLA); The International Theatre Institute; Shakespeare in Oslo etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; staples rusty, slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/May 1949 (No.292): cover-Ralph Richardson and Peggy Ashcroft in THE HEIRESS/Haymarket; Scenes from A WOMAN'S PLACE/Vaudeville (Leslie Banks, Elizabeth Allan, Kathleen Harrison - 3 photos and review), THE HEIRESS/Haymarket (James Donald, Donald Sinden, Ralph Richardson, Peggy Ashcroft, Gillian Lind, Madge Compton, Ann Wilton, Gillian Howell - 20 photos), THE FOOLISH GENTLEWOMAN/Duchess (Sybil Thorndike, Lewis Casson, Isabel Dean, Nigel Green, Enid Lindsey, Mona Washbourne, Mary Merrall, Eleanore Bryan - 10 photos), SUMMER IN DECEMBER/Comedy (Rosalyn Boulter, Frank Lawton, Irene Handl, Ann Stephens, Brian Weske, Reginald Dyson - 2 photos and review); Reviews: ADVENTURE STORY/St.James, LATIN QUARTER/London Casino, CAROLINE/Arts, DAPHNE LAUREOLA/Wyndham's, BELINDA FAIR/Saville, THE QUEEN CAME BY/Duke of York's, THE HORN OF THE MOON/Boltons, HAMLET/Bedford, STONE IN THE MIDST/Mercury, ON MONDAY NEXT/Embassy, MAIDEN'S PRAYER/Playhouse, THE MONKEY PUZZLE/New Lindsey, HOUSE ON THE SAND/"Q", IL TABARRO and GIANNI SCHICCHI/Sadler's Wells; portrait of Edith Evans; Photos: Brenda Bruce, William Sylvester; costume design for A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Stratford by James Bailey; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Mary Martin, Ezio Pinza, Barbara Luna and Michael de Leon in SOUTH PACIFIC); Profile of Peter Finch (; The Story of the Crescent Theatre Birmingham (w.2 photos); Dinner with Danilova by Eric Johns (w.sketch); Dramatising History ( of Alec Guinness in THE HUMAN TOUCH/Savoy etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; staples rusty, slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

ThW/Jun 1949 (No.293): cover-Edith Evans in DAPHNE LAUREOLA/Wyndham's; Scenes from BLACK CHIFFON/Westminster (Flora Robson, Anthony Ireland, Wyndham Goldie, Rachel Gurney, Owen Holder - 3 photos and review), THE RISING WIND/Embassy (Natalie Lynn, Wensley Pithey, Joan Miller, Josephine Fraser, Brian Haines - photo), DAPHNE LAUREOLA/Wyndham's (Edith Evans, Peter Finch, Mark Stone, Billy Thatcher, Ireland Wood, Diana Graves, Kenneth Hyde, Anna Turner, Peter Williams, Frank Pettingell, Felix Aylmer, Robin Lloyd, Alexander Harris, Eileen O'Hara, Martin Miller - 19 photos), BELINDA FAIR/Saville (Adele Dixon, John Battles, Jerry Verno, Daphne Anderson, Ferdy Mayne - 8 photos), ADVENTURE STORY/St.James (Paul Scofield, Raymond Westwell, Cecil Trouncer, Robert Flemyng, Julian Dallas, Antony Baird, Nicholas Hannen, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Hazel Terry, June Rodney, Joy Parker - 3 photos), CARMEN/Sadler's Wells (Anna Pollak, Marjorie Shires, Cecil Lloyd, James Johnston, Elsie Morison - photo), GIANNI SCHICCHI/Sadler's Wells (Edmund Donlevy - photo); Reviews: ROYAL HIGHNESS/Lyric Hammersmith, BRIGADOON/His Majesty's, OTHELLO/Donald Wolfit Company at the Bedford, A WOMAN IN LOVE/Embassy, SON OF HEAVEN/New Lindsey, SHOOTING STAR/Playhouse, THE BEAUX' STRATAGEM/Phoenix, HARK MY ARCHANGEL/Boltons, MISS TURNER'S HUSBAND/St. Martin's, THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING/Globe, NO.10 DOWNING STREET/Boltons, JOHN WRIGHT'S MARIONETTES/Lyric Hammermith, CONTINENTAL REVUE/Torch, LADY JULIE/Notting Hill Gate, MACBETH, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Stratford; Portrait of Danny Kaye; Photos: Charles Victor, Viola Lyel, Bryan Forbes, Claire Bloom, Peter Ustinov, Harry Andrews, Anthony Quayle and Diana Wynyard in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/Stratford; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Fay Bainter and Jay Robinson in GAYDEN, Ralph Bellamy and Meg Mundy in DETECTIVE STORY); Feature on Oberammergau 1950 (3 photos, including Hans Lang and Anny Rutz); Feature on Peter Brook (; Feature on Kay Hammond ( etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Jul 1949 (No.294): cover-Pamela Brown and John Gielgud in THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING/Globe; Scenes from Marquis de Cuevas' GRAND BALLET DE MONTE CARLO (Ethery Pagava, George Skibine, Rosella Hightower, Andre Eglevsky - 3 photos), THE HEIRESS/Haymarket (Gillian Howell, Donald Sinden, Gillian Lind, Madge Compton, James Donald, Ralph Richardson, Peggy Ashcroft - photo), THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING/Globe (John Gielgud, Nora Nicholson, David Evans, Claire Bloom, Richard Leech, Richard Burton, Pamela Brown, Eliot Makeham, Harcourt Williams, Peter Bull, Esme Percy - 18 photos), ONE WILD OAT/Garrick (Robertson Hare, Constance Lorne, Robert Morton, June Sylvaine, Arthur Riscoe, Tom Squire, Ruth Maitland, John Stone, Anne Stapledon, Horace Sequeira, Helene Burls, Charles Groves - 15 photos), THE BEAUX' STRATAGEM/Lyric (Robert Eddison, John Clements, David Bird, Gwen Cherrell, Phyllis Relph, Kay Hammond, Iris Russell, Clare Bradley, Charles Lloyd Pack, Hamlyn Benson, Alwyne Whatsley - 9 photos); Reviews: DESIRE SHALL FAIL/Chepstow, THE MALE ANIMAL/Arts, SAUCE TARTARE/Cambridge Theatre , ANN VERONICA/Piccadilly, PYGMALION, CANDIDA and THE INCA OF PERUSALEM, ARMS AND THE MAN and MAJOR BARBARA/Donald Wolfit Company at the Bedford, MUSIC FOR MURDER/"Q", TWO DOZEN RED ROSES/Lyric, THE RISING WIND/Embassy, SLEEP ON MY SHOULDER/"Q", MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/Regent's Park, SPANISH RHAPSODY/Savoy, S.S.TENACITY/New Lindsey, LET WIVES TAK TENT/Embassy; Portrait of Henry Kendall; Photos: Daphne Barker and Billy Milton, Adele Dixon in BELINDA FAIR/Strand, Sybil Thorndike in THE FOOLISH GENTLEWOMAN/Duchess; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Ralph Meeker and Uta Hagen in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE); Feature on Peter Cotes (; Feature on Pamela Brown (; Hamlet Takes a Bus Ride - Margaret Webster's US Tour; Feature on The Bristol Old Vic (; Feature on The British Theatre Exhibition at Bingley Hall, Birmingham ( of Mark Dignam, Antony Stuart, John Garley, Alexander Archdale and Jane Fitzgerald in TWELFTH NIGHT) etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Aug 1949 (No.295): cover-Flora Robson and Wyndham Goldie in BLACK CHIFFON/Westminster; Scenes from WILDERNESS OF MONKEYS/Embassy (Leslie Sands, Stephen Kaye, Nuna Davey, Nigel Stock, Paul Rogers, Sonia Williams - photo and review), BLACK CHIFFON/Westminster (Rachel Gurney, Flora Robson, Owen Holder, Dorothy Gordon, Janet Barrow, Wyndham Goldie, Anthony Ireland - 13 photos), ON MONDAY NEXT/Comedy (Henry Kendall, Olga Lindo, Beryl Mason, Mary Kimber, Patricia Page, Leslie Phillips, Charles Lamb, Richard Goolden, Liam Gaffney, Mary Mackenzie, Cyril Chamberlain - 12 photos), MACBETH/Stratford (Diana Wynyard, Wynne Clark, Richard Dare, Harry Andrews, Godfrey Tearle - 4 photos), MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/Stratford (Diana Wynyard, Anthony Quayle, Clement McCallin, John Slater, Harry Andrews, Leon Quartermaine, Penelope Munday, Pat Sandys, Julian Amyes - 4 photos), CYMBELINE/Stratford (Timothy Bateson, Wynne Clark, Kathleen Michael, Clement McCallin, Philip Guard, George Rose, Paul Hansard, William Squire, Harry Andrews, Julian Amyes, Leon Quartermaine, John Slater, Michael Gwynn - 6 photos), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Stratford (Peter Norris, Penelope Munday, Diana Wynyard, Clement McCallin, Harold Kasket, Harry Andrews, Wynne Clark, William Squire, Philip Guard, Kathleen Michael, George Rose, Bertram Shuttleworth, David Wroe, John Slater, Michael Gwynn, Michael Bates - 5 photos), OTELLO/Stratford (Diana Wynyard, Godfrey Tearle - 4 photos); Reviews: THE THIRD VISITOR/Duke of York's, FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS/Vaudeville, THE APPLE CART and MRS WARREN'S PROFESSION/Donald Wolfit Company at the Bedford, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD/Player's, THE DELUDED/Boltons, WESTERN WIND/"Q", HER EXCELLENCY/Hippodrome, THE MOLLUSC/Arts, THE COMEDY OF ERRORS and TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA/Regent's Park, OTHELLO/Embassy, CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER/St.James, THIS WALKING SHADOW/Playhouse, THE YOUNG AND FAIR/St.Martin's, THE MASTER BUILDER/Donald Wolfit Company at the Bedford, SONG OF NORWAY/Palace, JAMES IV/Webber Douglas at the Chanticleer, THE LATE EDWINA BLACK/Ambassadors, HARLEQUINADE/Donald Wolfit Company at the Bedford, Nahum Tate's KING LEAR/Oxford University Players; Portrait of Paul Muni; Photos: Cicely Courtneidge, Sir Charles Cochran; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Nirska); Feature on Flora Robson (; Feature on The Malvern Festival (; The Beginnings of English Drama; Feature on The Marquis de Cuevas' Ballet ( of George Skibine); Feature on Robert Rietty ( etc. [44pp, 5.9x8.75; light marks, else VG] £4

ThW/Sep 1949 (No.296): cover-Peter Ustinov in LOVE IN ALBANIA; Scenes from LOVE IN ALBANIA/St.James (Brenda Bruce, Robin Bailey, Peter Ustinov, Molly Urquhart, Peter Jones - 14 photos and review), YOUNG WIVES' TALE/Savoy (Florence Churchill, Naunton Wayne, Joan Greenwood, Beatrice Boarer, Joan Haythorne, Derek Farr, Sydney King, Margaret Scudamore, Brenda Hogan - 17 photos and review), HER EXCELLENCY/Hippodrome (Cicely Courtneidge, Thorley Walters, Lettie Crayden, Sandra Martin, Tucker McGuire, Patrick Barr, John Probert - 9 photos); Reviews: BILLY MILTON'S PARTY/Boltons, TOUGH AT THE TOP/Adelphi, THE TEMPEST/Regent's Park, DEATH OF A SALESMAN/Phoenix, THE WILL IS EVIL/Torch, FAUST/Regent's Park, THE SCHOOLMISTRESS/Arts; Portrait of Siobhan McKenna; Photos: Liam Redmond, Ralph Richardson in THE HEIRESS/Haymarket, Simon Lack, Yvonne Arnaud and Charles Victor in TRAVELLER'S JOY, Nora Nicholson; Tribute to Ethel Barrymore by Emlyn Williams (; Feature on the 1949 Malvern Festival ( of Frances Day and Denholm Elliott in BUOYANT BILLIONS, and Stanley Parker sketch of Donald Eccles and Frances Day in THE APPLE CART); Feature on Brian Reece (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Allyn McLerie and Ethel Griffies in MISS LIBERTY); Feature on Peter Ustinov (; The Goethe Year in Germany (3 photos: Irmgard Forst in Goethe's UR-FAUST/Cologne, Gustaf Grundgens and Elisabeth Flickenschild in FAUST/Dusseldorf, and scene from Goethe's IPHIGENIE/Cologne) etc. [44pp, 5.8x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Oct 1949 (No.297): cover-Henry Oscar and Paul Muni in DEATH OF A SALESMAN; Scenes from THE MALE ANIMAL/New (Arthur Hill, Guy Kingsley Poynter - photo), SUMMER'S DAY DREAM/St.Martin's (Herbert Lomas, John Salew, Andina Mandlova, John Westbrook, Adrienne Corri, Eileen Thorndike, Charles Lamb - 4 photos), DEATH OF A SALESMAN/Phoenix (Paul Muni, Katharine Alexander, Kevin McCarthy, Frank Maxwell, Sam Main, Ralph Theadore, Henry Oscar, J Anthony La Penna, Joan MacArthur, Barbara Cummings, Mary Laura Wood, Bessie Love - 18 photos), BRIGADOON/His Majesty's (Ivor Barnard, Noele Gordon, Peter Dyneley, Patricia Hughes, James Jamieson, Noelle de Mosa, Hiram Sherman, Bunty Kelley, Phil Hanna - 7 photos), SAUCE TARTARE/Cambridge Theatre (Renee Houston, Claude Hulbert, Nina Tarakanova, Marlana, Jessie Matthews - 4 photos), THE COCKTAIL PARTY/Edinburgh (Robert Flemyng, Ursula Jeans, Ernest Clark, Cathleen Nesbitt, Alec Guinness - photo), THE THREE ESTATES/Edinburgh (photo), UN BALLO IN MASCHERA/Glyndebourne Opera at Edinburgh (photo), THE GENTLE SHEPHERD/Edinburgh Royal High School (photo), COSI FAN TUTTE/Glyndebourne Opera at Edinburgh (photo); Reviews: THE RETURN OF PETER GRIMM/Aldwych, THE KING OF FRIDAY'S MEN/Lyric, THE ROMANTIC YOUNG LADY/Arts, THE FADING MANSION/Duchess, MASTER OF ARTS/Strand, THE THISTLE AND THE ROSE/Boltons, RAIN BEFORE SEVEN/Embassy, TREASURE HUNT/Apollo, INTIMATE OPERA, THE OLYMPIANS/Covent Garden; Portrait of Michael Redgrave; Photos: Mai Zetterling, Marie Lohr; Profile of Phil Hanna (; Profile of Katharine Alexander (; Edinburgh Festival 1949; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Owen McGiveney and girls in BLACKOUTS); Portrait of a Wardrobe Mistress - Miss Cissie Thornton, wardrobe mistress of the Savoy Theatre ( etc. [40pp, 5.8x8.75; VG] £4

ThW/Nov 1949 (No.298): cover-Scene from LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST/Old Vic at the New; Scenes from A STEEETCAR NAMED DESIRE/Aldwych (Eileen Way, Vivien Leigh - photo and review), TOP SECRET/Winter Garden (Beryl Measor, Tom Gill, Hugh Wakefield - photo), BUOYANT BILLIONS/Princes (Dermot Walsh, Frances Day, John Longden - photo), SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER/Old Vic at the New (Angela Baddeley, Michael Redgrave, Diana Churchill, Miles Malleson, Nigel Stock, Yvonne Mitchell, Gordon Whiting, Norman Welsh, Rodney Diak, William Eedle, Michael Aldridge - 12 photos), LOVE'S LABOURS LOST/Old Vic at the New (Baliol Holloway, Mark Dignam, Miles Malleson, Rosalind Boxall, George Benson, Paul Rogers, Brian Smith, Michael Redgrave, Diana Churchill, Angela Baddeley, Jane Wenham, Yvonne Mitchell, Walter Hudd, Nigel Stock, Gordon Whiting, Michael Aldridge - 5 photos), SEA CHANGE/Sadler's Wells (Sheila O'Reilly, Michael Hogan, David Poole, Joan Cadzow, Maureen Swanson, Hans Zullig - 3 photos), MASTER OF ARTS/Vaudeville (Roland Culver, David O'Brien, Ursula Howells, John Miller, Enid Sass, Michael Atkinson, Barbara Leake, Norman Pierce, Margot Lister, Graham Stuart - 15 photos); Reviews: KING'S RHAPSODY/Palace, JULIUS CAESAR/King's Hammersmith, THE GOLDEN DOOR/Embassy, FOLIES BERGERE REVUE/Hippodrome, THE SEAGULL/Lyric Hammersmith, GOOSEBERRY FOOL/Duchess, LADY AUDLEY'S SECRET/Bedford, THE HOVEL THEATRE, UNDER 30 THEATRE GROUP; Portrait of Vivien Leigh; Photos: Austin Trevor, Margaret Lockwood, Anne Crawford, Alicia Markova; Creative Artists in the Theatre No.1: George Kirsta (2 photos: scene from GAIETE PARISIENNE, scene from THE LOVERS' GALLERY); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green (2 photos: Margot Fonteyn as Aurora, Maurice Evans and Edna Best in THE BROWNING VERSION); Profile of Sybil Thorndike ( as Aunt Anna Rose in TREASURE HUNT/Apollo); Profile of Paul Scofield ( as Constantine in THE SEAGULL/Lyric Hammersmith) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; VG] £5

ThW/Dec 1949 (No.299): cover-Vivien Leigh in A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE; Scenes from TREASURE HUNT/Apollo (Patricia Raine, Anne Leon, Terence Longden - photo), A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE/Aldwych (Bonar Colleano, Renee Asherson, Lyn Evans, Vivien Leigh, Theodore Bikel, Bruce Howard, Eileen Dale, Bernard Braden, Mona Lilian, Sidney Monckton - 21 excellent photographs), THE SEAGULL/Lyric Hammersmith+St.James (Isabel Jeans, Paul Scofield, Ian Hunter - photo), MEN WITHOUT SHADOWS and THE RESPECTABLE PROSTITUTE/Lyric Hammersmith (Hector MacGregor, Mary Morris, Lyn Evans, Orlando Martins, Betty Ann Davies - 2 photos), DARK SUMMER/Lyric Hammersmith+St.Martins (Dan Cunningham, Joan Miller - photo), THE LITTLE DRY THORN/Lyric Hammersmith (Richard Ainley, Angela Baddeley, Patricia Kneale, Paul Jago - photo), BRED IN THE BONE/Lyric Hammersmith (Frances Waring, Aubrey Woods, Gladys Henson, Kathleen Michael, Patrick Crean, Pamela Blake, George Merritt, Anne Leon - photo), CASTLE ANNA/Lyric Hammersmith (Moya Nugent, Mona Harrison, Philip Guard, Hazel Terry, Pauline Letts - photo), DANDY DICK/Lyric Hammersmith (Joan Young, Leslie Saunders, Denys Blakelock, Owen Reynolds - photo), ALL MY SONS/Lyric Hammersmith (Joseph Calleia, Margalo Gilmore - photo), AN ENGLISH SUMMER/Lyric Hammersmith (Guy Rolfe, Andre Morell, Peter Hammond - photo), CAPTAIN BRASSBOUND'S CONVERSION/Lyric Hammersmith (photo), THE DAMASK CHEEK/Lyric Hammersmith (David O'Brien, Patricia Raine, Bill Travers, Iris Hoey, Claire Bloom, Jane Baxter, Richard Leech - photo), DARK OF THE MOON/Lyric Hammersmith+Ambassadors (Mary Laura Wood, William Sylvester, Sheila Burrell, Sandra Dorne - photo), ROYAL HIGHNESS/Lyric Hammersmith (Basil Dignam, Judy Campbell, Janet Burnel - photo), THE KINGS OF FRIDAY'S MEN/Lyric Hammersmith (Niall MacGinnis, Ingrid Burke - photo), BLACK CHIFFON/Westminster (Antony Ireland, Flora Robson, Wyndham Goldie - photo); Reviews: THE DIARY OF A SCOUNDREL/Arts, BEFORE THE PARTY/St.Martin's, THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD/Embassy, A WIND ON THE HEATH/Bedford, STORM TIDE/New Chepstow, QUEEN ELIZABETH SLEPT HERE/Strand, ROSSETTI/New Chepstow, A GUARDSMAN'S CUP OF TEA/Bedford, LET'S MAKE AN OPERA!/Lyric Hammersmith, CALL IT MADNESS/New Lindsey, THE EARTH REMAINS/"Q", AN ANGEL OF NO IMPORTANCE; Photos: Hermione Gingold, Hermione Baddeley, John Gielgud, Margaret Leighton, Ralph Michael, Billy Milton; Feature on A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE/Aldwych ( of Vivien Leigh as Blanche du Bois); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green; Creative Artists in the Theatre No.2: Joseph Carl (w.2 sketches); Feature on Sonia Desdel (; The 1949 Leichner Lunch (2 photos: Jane Baxter with Michael Denison, Dame Sybil Thorndike, Dulcie Gray and Margaret Rawlings, Mr S Pollitzer with Valerie Hobson, Lady Cromer and J Arthur Rank) etc. [40pp, 5.9x8.75; spine slightly rubbed, slightly tatty, else VG] £4

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