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THEATRE WORLD Magazines: 1930s


ThW/Jan 1930 (No.60): cover-Benita Hume; Scenes from DEAR LOVE/Palace (Sydney Howard, Tom Burke, Annie Croft, Vera Pearce - 3 photos), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/Kingsway (Margaret Hood, Ian Fleming, Henry Hewitt, Edgar K Bruce, Angela Baddeley, Mary Mayfren, Grizelda Hervey - 3 photos), BITTER SWEET/His Majesty's (Peggy Wood, Robert Newton, Winifred Davies, Elaine Inescourt, Austin Trevor - 2 photos), THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT/Adelphi (Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Irene Russell, Lawrence Green - 6 photos), MURDER ON THE SECOND FLOOR/Lyric (Frank Cochrane, Frank Vosper, Nora Swinburne, Sara Allgood, Muriel Aked, Ernest Mainwaring, Ernest Haines - 2 photos), THE MIDDLE WATCH/Shaftesbury (photo), HEAT WAVE/St.James (Herbert Marshall, Ann Todd, Phyllis Neilson-Terry - photo), THE SHOW'S THE THING/Winter Garden (Tommy Fields and chorus - photo); Reviews: THE HIGHWAYMAN/Comedy, THE MAN WHO MISSED IT/Strand, TUNNEL TRENCH/Duchess, THE AMORISTS/Royalty, TYPHOON/Duchess, MADAME PLAYS NAP/New, PEOPLE LIKE US/Arts; Photos: Ursula Jeans, Wyn Richmond, Angela Baddeley as Lady Teazle in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/Kingsway (large size), Joan Barry (large size), Gwladys Stanley, Robin Irvine (large size), Irene Russell, Henry Ainley, Marion Lorne, Owen Nares, Grace Allardyce; The Unchanging Theatre by Robert Loraine (; caricature of Cicely Courtneidge by R S Sherriffs (large size); The Film World with reviews by David C Fairweather of RIO RITA, SAY IT WITH SONGS, SUNNY SIDE UP and portrait of Ronald Colman (large size); Heard on The Gramophone ( of Alfred Cortot and Jacques Thibaud); Fashions Seen On The Stage ( of Diana Wynyard); Theatre Guide etc. [44pp, 8.5x11; cover slightly grubby, spine rubbed, minor marks, else VG] £5

ThW/Feb 1930 (No.61): cover-Madeleine Carroll; Scenes from DEAR LOVE/Palace (Claude Hulbert, Ena Grossmith, Sydney Howard, Kate Cutler, Vera Pearce - 2 photos), A WARM CORNER/Princes (George de Warfaz, Tonie Edgar Bruce, Kim Peacock, Isabel Wilford, W H Berry, Heather Thatcher, Alfred Wellesley, Connie Ediss, Austin Melford, Henry Crocker - 3 photos and review), THE LAST ENEMY/Fortune (Frank Lawton, Marjorie Mars - photo and review), JEW SUSS/ Duke of York's (Matheson Lang, Peggy Ashcroft, Lewin Mannering - photo), THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT/Adelphi (Cicely Courtneidge, Helen Burnell - 2 photos), SILVER WINGS/Dominion (Eric Roland, Harry Welchman, Desiree Ellinger, Dennis Hoey - 2 photos), DARLING, I LOVE YOU!/Gaiety (Vera Lennox, Harold French - photo and review), JOURNEY'S END/Prince of Wales (Richard Caldicot, Alexander Field - photo), THE CALENDAR/Wyndham's (Cathleen Nesbitt, Owen Nares - photo), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/Kingsway (Frank Cellier, Angela Baddeley - photo); Reviews: FRENCH LEAVE/Vaudeville, VIRTUE FOR SALE/Streatham Hill, THE WHITE ASSEGAI/Playhouse, IN THE ZONE and THE MAN IN POSSESSION/Ambassadors; Photos: Wyn Richmond (large size), Marie Ney (large size), Eve Gray, Alexander Field as Private Mason in JOURNEY'S END/Prince of Wales (large size), Stella Freeman (large size), Clare Eames, Ursula Jeans, Lilian Braithwaite, Peggy Wood as Sarah Millick in BITTER SWEET/His Majesty's, Kathleen Grace (large size), A Charming Spring Model from Reslaw (large size); brief biography of Madeleine Carroll; caricature of Colin Clive by R S Sherriffs (large size); The Film World with reviews by David C Fairweather of ATLANTIC, WELCOME DANGER, EVANGELINE, SO THIS IS COLLEGE!, GOLD DIGGERS OF BROADWAY, THE SACRED FLAME, CONDEMNED, with portrait of Elissa Landi and scene from HALLELUJAH; Heard on the Gramophone ( of Violet Gordon Woodhouse); Fashions Seen On The Stage ( of Annie Croft in DEAR LOVE/Palace); Theatre Guide etc. [44pp, 8.5x11; cover slightly grubby, spine rubbed, minor marks, else VG] £5

ThW/Oct 1930 (No.69): cover-Celia Johnson; Scenes from CHARLOT'S MASQUERADE/Cambridge Theatre (Beatrice Lillie, Henry Kendall, Dora Vadimova, Quentin Tod, Constance Carpenter, Patrick Waddington, J H Roberts, Florence Desmond, Reginald Smith, Anton Dolin - 7 photos and review), STREET SCENE/Globe (David Landau, Campbell Logan, Edgar K Bruce, Stanley Vilven, Mary Servoss, Margaret Moffat, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Millicent Green, Jack Minster - 4 photos and review), FREDERICA/Palace (Vera Lennox, Lea Seidl, Joseph Hislop - 3 photos and review), CYNARA/Playhouse (Gladys Cooper, Gerald du Maurier, Celia Johnson - 3 photos); Reviews: RICHARD III/New (w.Baliol Holloway), THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE/Savoy, ELDORADO/Daly's, OPEN YOUR EYES/Piccadilly, HER FIRST AFFAIRE/Kingsway, FOLLOW A STAR/Winter Garden, THE VICTORIA VANITIES/Victoria Palace; Photos: Wyn Richmond, Ursula Jeans, Constance Carpenter (large size), Raymond Massey (large size), Gertrude Lawrence (large size), Diana Wynyard (large size), Adrianne Allen; The Glory is Departed by Beverley Nichols; How I Began No.3: Yvonne Arnaud (; Ups and Downs of the Theatre by Hannen Swaffer; The Play Produced By ... by H K Ayliff (; Venetian Nights - A lost Shakespearean Work unearthed by Alan Bland; The Film World with reviews by David C Fairweather of ROMANCE, ON APPROVAL, GOOD NEWS, THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL (w.Basil Gill, Madeleine Carroll), THE BIG HOUSE, ESCAPE, 2 photos of Alfred Hitchcock's MURDER (Phyllis Konstam, Herbert Marshall, Marie Wright, Edward Chapman), and a portrait of Dodo Watts in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL; Heard on the Gramophone; feature on Perceval Mackey by J Murray Smith (; That Question of Make-Up by F J Dawson ( of Arthur H Sexton); Fashions Seen On The Stage ( of Stella Freeman in THE WAY TO TREAT A WOMAN/Whitehall); Entertainment Guide etc. [48pp, 8.5x11; cover slightly grubby and almost detached, minor marks, else VG] £5


ThW/Nov 1931 (No.82): cover-Phyllis Neilson-Terry as ELIZABETH OF ENGLAND/Cambridge Theatre; Scenes from THE ANATOMIST/Westminster (Henry Ainley, Betty Hardy, Gillian Scaife - photo and review), THERE'S ALWAYS JULIET/Apollo (Herbert Marshall, Edna Best, May Whitty - 3 photos and review), THE PAINTED VEIL/Playhouse (Gladys Cooper, Lewis Casson, Martin Walker - 3 photos), THE QUEEN'S HUSBAND/Ambassadors (Reginald Bach, Barry Jones, Barbara Wilcox - 2 photos and review), ELIZABETH OF ENGLAND/Cambridge Theatre (Leslie Perrins, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Frank Vosper, Margaretta Scott, Matheson Lang, A Bromley-Davenport - 21 photos and review), CHU CHIN CHOW/Scala (2 photos); Reviews: SALOME/Savoy, FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE/Saville, THE IMMORTAL LADY/Royalty, CAVALCADE/Drury Lane, HOLLYWOOD HOLIDAY/New, SENSATION/Lyceum, HENRY THE NINTH/Princes; Photos: Godfrey Tearle (large size), Edna Best, Leonora Corbett, Peggy Cartwright, Adrienne Brune, Valerie Taylor (large size), Matheson Lang (large size), Phyllis Neilson-Terry (large size), Peggy Ashcroft (large size); The Westminster's Triumph (feature on the new Westminster Theatre); Caricature of 8 characters in GRAND HOTEL/Adelphi by Michaelson; The Film World with reviews by David Fairweather of A FREE SOUL, MONKEY BUSINESS, END OF THE RAINBOW, SILENCE, THE GHOST TRAIN and THE CALENDAR, photo of Greta Garbo and Clark Gable in SUSAN LENOX, HER FALL AND RISE (large size), and 2 photos of Chico Marx, Groucho Marx and Harpo Marx in MONKEY BUSINESS; Women Who Count in the Theatre: Gladys Calthrop (; Fashions Seen on The Stage ( of Edna Best in THERE'S ALWAYS JULIET); Heard On The Gramophone; Entertainment Guide etc. [56pp, 8.5x11; cover slightly grubby and split at spine, minor marks, else VG] £5

ThW/Dec 1931 (No.83): cover-Marie Tempest; Scenes from CAVALCADE/Drury Lane (4 photos), THE ANATOMIST/Westminster (J A O'Rourke, Flora Robson, Harry Hutchinson, Gillian Scaife, Henry Ainley, Betty Hardy, Robert Eddison, Carleton Hobbs - 3 photos), THE CASE OF THE FRIGHTENED LADY/Wyndham's (photo), THE GOOD COMPANIONS/His Majesty's (John Gielgud, Adele Dixon - photo), THE QUEEN'S HUSBAND/Ambassadors (photo), LITTLE CATHERINE/Phoenix (Madeleine Carroll, W Graham Browne, Harold Huth, Barbara Gott, Marie Tempest - 24 photos and review); Reviews: LADY IN WAITING/St.Martin's, AUTUMN CROCUS/Lyric, MAKE UP YOUR MIND/Criterion, THE RED LIGHT/New, MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE/Daly's, THE MASTER BUILDER/Duchess; Photos: Mary Clare (large size), Jane Colin, Mary Newcomb, James Raglan, Jeanne Stuart (large size), Dorothy Ward; Caricature of 8 characters from FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE/Saville by Michaelson; Breathless Interviews No.1: Bobby Howes (; Women Who Count in the Theatre - The Power Behind the "Old Vic": Lilian Baylis (; Interview with Ernest Thesiger: "Casting to type is paralysing the theatre" (; The Film World with reviews by David Fairweather of BAD COMPANY, MY SIN, CARNIVAL, THE GREAT LOVER, THE GUARDSMAN and DAUGHTER OF THE DRAGON, portrait of Bille Dove, and 4 photos of THE UNHOLY GARDEN (Ronald Colman, Fay Wray, Estelle Taylor); Fashions Seen on the Stage ( of Barbara Wilcox in THE QUEEN'S HUSBAND/Ambassadors); Entertainment Guide etc. [56pp, 8.5x11; cover slightly grubby, spine rubbed, minor marks, else VG] £5


ThW/Jul 1932 (No.90): cover-Frances Day in OUT OF THE BOTTLE/Hippodrome; Scenes from PLEASURE CRUISE/Apollo (photo), CASANOVA/London Coliseum (Arthur Fear, Oriel Ross, Jack Barry, Katherine Arkandy, Ben Williams - 3 photos and review), THE DUBARRY/His Majesty's (Anny Ahlers, Edmund Willard - 2 photos), PARTY/Strand (Lilian Braithwaite, Sebastian Shaw, Margaret Vines, Benita Hume - 2 photos), OUT OF THE BOTTLE/Hippodrome (Cecil Humphreys, Arthur Riscoe, Clifford Mollison, Frances Day, Audrey Pointing, Polly Walker, Sebastian Smith, E Kelland-Espinosa - 24 photos and review), TELL HER THE TRUTH/Saville (Alfred Drayton, Bobby Howes, Jean Adrienne, Peter Haddon, Jack Lambert, Polly Luce, Helen Gray, Henrietta Watson, Wylie Watson - 8 photos and review), THE BREADWINNER/Vaudeville (photo), DR PYGMALION/Playhouse (Gladys Cooper, Edmond Breon, Ronald Squire - photo); Reviews: THE LAND OF SMILES/Dominion, THE PRICE OF WISDOM/Ambassadors, HOCUS POCUS/Garrick, THE VINEGAR TREE/St.James, FANFARE/Prince Edward; Photos: Beatrix Thomson (large size), Owen Nares (large size), Bobby Howes (large size), Anny Ahlers (3 studies), Tilly Losch as The Nun in THE MIRACLE/Lyceum; Modern Movements in the Theatre No.6 - Athole Stewart (; The Film World with reviews by David Fairweather of LETTY LYNTON, "M", THE MAN I KILLED, THE CROWD ROARS, THE RICH ARE ALWAYS WITH US, JACK'S THE BOY!, and SCARFACE; portrait of Marlene Dietrich (large size), and 2 photos of SCARFACE (Paul Muni and others); Heard on the Gramophone; Entertainment Guide etc. [56pp, 8.75x11.75; cover slightly grubby, spine rubbed, minor marks, else VG] £5

ThW/Aug 1932 (No.91): cover-Edith Evans in EVENSONG/Queen's; Scenes from TELL HER THE TRUTH/Saville (Bobby Howes, Jean Adrienne, Peter Haddon, Jack Lambert, Alfred Drayton - 2 photos), HOME AGAIN/Alhambra (June, Bernard Clifton, George Chiles - 2 photos), TWELFTH NIGHT/New (Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Jean Forbes-Robertson, Arthur Wontner, Norman Forbes, Robert Atkins - 4 photos), EVENSONG/Queen's (Joan Harben, Edith Evans, Wilfrid Lawson, Harry Wilcoxon, Deering Wells, Reginald Tate, Ethel Glendinning, Violet Vanbrugh, Frederick Leister, Lucy Edwin, Beatrix Feilden-Kaye - 24 photos and review), THE DUBARRY/His Majesty's (Anny Ahlers, Edmund Willard, Charles Heslop, Clarice Hardwicke, Helen Haye, Lawrence Anderson - 5 photos), PARTY/Strand (Lilian Braithwaite, Benita Hume - photo); Reviews: INTIMATE RELATIONS/Little, THE PRIDE OF THE REGIMENT/St.Martin's, LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST/Westminster, SAVOY FOLLIES/Savoy, ESCAPE/Garrick; Photos: Benita Hume (large size), Joan Clarkson (large size), Francis Lederer, Gina Malo, Peggy Wood, Frances Day (large size), Miriam Hopkins (large size), Auditorium of the Fortune Theatre; The Stage as I See It by Edith Evans (; Modern Movements in the Theatre No.7 - Russell Thorndike (with sketch); Caricature of 8 characters from TELL HER THE TRUTH/Saville by Michaelson; The Film World with reviews by David Fairweather of ONE HOUR WITH YOU, THUNDER BELOW, THE MELODY OF LIFE, THE GREEKS HAD A WORD FOR THEM, and 2 photos of LOVE ON WHEELS with Jack Hulbert; A Fashion Retrospect; Heard on the Gramophone; Entertainment Guide etc. [56pp, 8.75x11.75; cover slightly grubby, spine rubbed, centre pages loose, minor marks, else VG] £5


ThW/Oct 1933 (No.105): cover-Natalie Hall; Scenes from THE DISTAFF SIDE/Apollo (photo), NICE GOINGS ON/Strand (Leslie Henson, Marjorie Brooks, Robertson Hare, Zelma O'Neal - 3 photos), SHEPPEY/Wyndham's (Clive Morton, Patricia Partridge, Dorothy Hamilton, Ralph Richardson, Laura Cowie, Antony Holles, Cecily Oates, Angela Baddeley - 3 photos and review), BALL AT THE SAVOY/Drury Lane (Rosy Barsony, Oskar Denes, Maurice Evans, Natalie Hall, Dick Francis, Rita Nugent, Basil Neale, Barry Mackay, Joan Marion - 37 photos and review), IS LIFE WORTH LIVING?/Ambassadors (Joseph Linnane, Meriel Moore, Christine Hayden, Ann Clery, Harry Hutchinson - photo), TEN MINUTE ALIBI/Haymarket (photo); Reviews: THE DISTAFF SIDE/Apollo, THE KEY/St.Martin's, GOOD COMPANY/Lyceum, A SLEEPING CLERGYMAN/Piccadilly, TWELFTH NIGHT/Old Vic, NIGHT'S CANDLES/Queen's, IF ONLY FATHER --/Savoy; Photos: Sybil Thorndike (large size), Joan Barry (large size), Jack Buchanan (large size), Edward Stanelli, Marlene Dietrich, Jeanette MacDonald, Tara Birell, Ann Todd; This place called Hollywood by E Mawby Green; Off With The Motley - Candid Cameos of Gertrude Lawrence, Oskar Denes, Bruce Carfax, Valerie Taylor (4 photos); Caricatures of 4 Current London productions by Michaelson; How They Began No.3 - Matheson Lang (; The Film World with review by David Fairweather of THE STRANGER'S RETURN, and 4 photos from DINNER AT EIGHT (Madge Evans, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Billie Burke, Edmund Lowe, Marie Dressler, Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery); The Playgoer's Library; Entertainment Guide etc. [60pp, 8.75x11.75; cover detached, spine rubbed, centre pages loose, minor marks, else VG] £5

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ThW/Jan 1936 (No.132): Scenes from CALL IT A DAY (Fay Compton, Owen Nares, Geoffrey Nares, Marie Lohr - 34 photos), ESPIONAGE (Frank Cellier, Edwin Styles, Marion Lorne, Cyril Smith); portrait of Robert Donat in RED NIGHT, Marie Tempest in SHORT STORY; Off With The Motley (featuring Bertha Belmore, Frances Day, Greer Garson and Helen Haye - w.portraits); Review of 1935 (featuring Diana Wynyard, Emlyn Williams, John Gielgud and Peggy Ashcroft, and Marie Tempest - w.portraits); Introducing Dodie Smith (; Marion Lorne At Home (w.4 photos); The Theatre in Russia; Scenes from the new film of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (Charles Laughton, Clark Gable); Echoes From Broadway, reviews etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; cover detached, rusty staples, else VG] £5


ThW/Mch 1937 (No.146): cover-Binnie Hale in HOME AND BEAUTY/Adelphi; Scenes from WISE TOMORROW/Lyric (Nora Swinburne, Naunton Wayne - photo), HOUSEMASTER/Apollo (photo), CHARLES THE KING/Cambridge (Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, H O Nicholson - photo), FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS/Criterion (Kay Hammond, Roland Culver, Robert Flemyng - photo), HEART'S CONTENT/Shaftesbury (Diana Wynyard - photo), BALALAIKA/His Majesty's (photo), WISE TO-MORROW/Lyric (Martita Hunt, Esmond Knight, Diana Churchill, Olga Lindo, Nora Swinburne, Emma Trechman, Archibald Batty - 4 photos and review), ON YOUR TOES/Palace (Jack Whiting, Gina Malo, Vera Zorina, Sergieff, Olive Blakeney, Vernon Kelso, Jack Donahue, Stanley Hoban, Blake Dorne, Eddie Pola - 5 photos and review), HOME AND BEAUTY/Adelphi (Gitta Alpar, Nelson Keys, Binnie Hale, Mary Lawson, Norah Howard, Gerald Nodin, Norman Williams, Conway Dixon, Leonard Morris, Tony Forwood, Elizabeth Adair, Sepha Treble, Leslie French, Iris March, Edward Molloy, John Palmer, Rawicz and Landauer - 26 photos and review), BIG BUSINESS/Hippodrome (photo and review); Reviews: CANDIDA/Globe, SUSPECT/St.Martin's; Photos: Jack Whiting in ON YOUR TOES (large size), Derek Oldham (in Ovaltine advertisement), Adrianne Allen (large size), Nelson Keys (large size), Charles B Cochran, Gitta Alpar (large size), Elisabeth Bergner (large size), Binnie Hale; 2 Stanley Parker caricatures of Binnie Hale and Gitta Alpar in HOME AND BEAUTY; Off With The Motley - Candid Cameos of Jack Waller, Bobby Howes, Binnie Hale, Naunton Wayne (4 photos); Keneth Kent At Home (w.5 photos); Introducing Ralph Richardson (; Echoes from Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Bert Lahr and Beatrice Lillie in THE SHOW IS ON); The Film World by David Fairweather w.2 photos of CAMILLE (Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor); Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; spine slightly rubbed, rusty staples, else VG] £6

ThW/Jul 1937 (No.150): cover-Leonora Corbett in SARAH SIMPLE/Garrick; Scenes from JUDGEMENT DAY/Strand (photo and review), PAGANINI/Lyceum (Evelyn Laye, Richard Tauber - photo), GEORGE AND MARGARET/Wyndham's (Ronald Ward, Jane Baxter - photo), LONDON AFTER DARK/Apollo (photo), VICTORIA REGINA/Lyric (Pamela Stanley, James Woodburn - photo and review), BALALAIKA/His Majesty's (Roger Treville, Muriel Angelus - photo), SARAH SIMPLE/Garrick (A R Whatmore, Leonora Corbett, Agnes Lauchlan, Beryl Laverick, Robert Stanton, Frederick Piper - 19 photos), BLACK LIMELIGHT/Duke of York's (Margaret Rawlings, Lawrence Anderson, George Merritt, Thel Coleridge - 4 photos), HE WAS BORN GAY/Queen's (John Gielgud, Carol Goodner, Betty Jardine, Sydney Fairbrother, Glen Byam Shaw, Frank Pettingell, Elliot Mason, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Harry Andrews, Emlyn Williams - 10 photos); Reviews: YES MY DARLING DAUGHTER/St.James, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD/Haymarket, SATYR/Shaftesbury, FLOODLIGHT/Saville; Photos: Carl Esmond and Pamela Stanley in VICTORIA REGINA/Lyric (large size), Gina Malo, A A Milne, Leonora Corbett (large size), A R Whatmore, Leonora Corbett, Agnes Lauchlan, Beryl Laverick, Dame Marie Tempest, Brian Aherne (large size); Sir James M Barrie - An Estimate by by M Willson Disher (; Stanley Parker caricatures of Sybil Thorndike, Noel Coward, Alice Delysia, Elisabeth Bergner, Charles Laughton and Athene Seyler; Off With The Motley - Intimate Impressions of Evelyn Laye, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Valerie Tudor (4 photos); Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies At Home (w.5 photos); Day in the Life Of A Famous Star's Dresser ( of Prylie Austen, dresser to Evelyn Laye); Echoes from Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of ROOM SERVICE); The Film World by David Fairweather; Entertainment Guide etc. [56pp, 8.75x11.75; staples rusty, cover partially loose, centre pages loose, minor marks, else VG] £6


ThW/Mch 1938 (No.158): cover-Peggy Ashcroft, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies and Carol Goodner in THREE SISTERS/Queen's; Scenes from THREE SISTERS/Queen's (Carol Goodner, Peggy Ashcroft, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Glen Byam Shaw, Frederick Lloyd, Michael Redgrave, John Gielgud, George Devine, Angela Baddeley, Harry Andrews, Alec Guinness, Barbara Dillon, Marie Wright, George Howe, Leon Quartermaine; dir:Michel Saint-Denis - 26 excellent photos), NINE SHARP/Little (Hermione Baddeley, Cyril Ritchard, Michael Antony, George Benson, Kathryn Hamill - 4 photos and review), ROBERT'S WIFE/Globe (Edith Evans, Margaret Scudamore - photo), I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE/Royalty (Patricia Hilliard, William Fox, Wilfrid Lawson - photo), MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA/New (Laura Cowie, Beatrix Lehmann - photo), GOING GREEK/Gaiety (Leslie Henson, Fred Emney, Richard Hearne - photo), HIDE AND SEEK/Hippodrome (Bobby Howes, Cicely Courtneidge, David Burns, Ian McLean - photo), ROOM SERVICE/Strand (William Swetland, Hartley Power, James W Corner, Boris Ranevsky - photo), THIS MONEY BUSINESS/Garrick (Henry Kendall, Diana Beaumont, Antoinette Cellier - photo), TIME AND THE CONWAYS/Duchess (Jean Forbes-Robertson, Barbara Everest - photo), AUTUMN/St.Martin's (Flora Robson, Victoria Hopper, Jack Hawkins - photo), VICTORIA REGINA/Lyric (Pamela Stanley, Ernest Milton - photo), THE ISLAND/Comedy (Sarah Erskine, Godfrey Tearle - photo); Reviews: THE INNOCENT PARTY/St.James, THE ISLAND/Comedy, BLACK SWANS/Apollo, MARY GOES TO SEE/Haymarket; Photos: Peggy Wood (large size), Nora Swinburne, Michel Saint-Denis, John Gielgud (large size), Alice Delysia (large size), Renee Roberts, Joy Hayden, Denise Vane, Anna Marita, Irene Vanbrugh, Julia Neilson-Terry with staff and students of the Neilson-Terry Guild of Dramatic Art; Idols of the Past No.1 - Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (; Caricatures of Beatrix Lehmann, Mark Dignam, Laura Cowie and Robert Harris in MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA by Stanley Parker; The Repertory Theatres No.6 - Liverpool (w.5 photos, including William Armstrong, Wyndham Goldie with Robert Flemyng and Ena Burrill in THE ROAD TO ROME, and Wyndham Goldie in PARNELL); Echoes from Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Broderick Crawford, Claire Luce and Wallace Ford in OF MICE AND MEN); Off With The Motley - Intimate Impressions of Noel Coward, Griffith Jones, Harry Green, Marion Lorne (4 photos); The Film World by David Fairweather; Repertory at Colchester (2 photos: Beatrice Radley, Robert A Digby); Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £7

ThW/Apr 1938 (No.159): cover-Raymond Massey and Tamara Geva in IDIOT'S DELIGHT/Apollo; Scenes from THE KING OF NOWHERE/Old Vic (Laurence Olivier, Marda Vanne - photo and review), ROBERT'S WIFE/Globe (Edith Evans, Margaret Moffatt, David Horne, Owen Nares - photo), NINE SHARP/Little (photo), VICTORIA REGINA/Lyric (photo), OPERETTE/His Majesty's (Peggy Wood, Griffith Jones, Fritzi Massary, Phyllis Monkman, Edward Cooper, Irene Vanbrugh - 8 photos and review), THE ISLAND/Comedy (Geoffrey Edwards, Grizelda Hervey - photo), HIDE AND SEEK/Hippodrome (Cicely Courtneidge, Bobby Howes - photo), I KILLED THE COUNT/Duchess (Athole Stewart, George Merritt - photo), THREE SISTERS/Queen's (photo), IDIOT'S DELIGHT/Apollo (Raymond Massey, Pat Denny, Audrey Boyes, Carl Jaffe, Janet Johnson, Valentine Dyall, Tamara Geva, Richard Rudi, Hugh Miller, Ralph Roberts, Eileen McCarthy, Joan Clarkson, Peggy Hamilton, Carol Dexter, Terence Neill - 24 photos and review), DODSWORTH/Palace (Stella Arbenina, Nora Swinburne, Gladys Cooper, James Craven, George Cross, Philip Merivale, Geoffrey Toone, George Curzon - 5 photos and review), ME AND MY GIRL/Victoria Palace (Lupino Lane - photo), PLAN FOR A HOSTESS/St.Martin's (Ronald Squire, Yvonne Arnaud - photo and review), BALALAIKA/Adelphi (Clifford Mollison, Roger Treville - photo), GOING GREEK/Gaiety (Leslie Henson, Muriel White - photo), TOSS OF A COIN/Apollo (Marion Lorne - small photo and review); Review: DEATH ON THE TABLE/Strand; Photos: Jean Colin, Raymond Massey (large size), Tamara Geva (large size), Josephine Houston (large size), Michael Redgrave; Idols of the Past No.2 - Ellen Terry (; Caricatures of Hermione Baddeley, Cyril Ritchard, George Benson, Charlotte Leigh, Kathryn Hamill, Herbert Farjeon in NINE SHARP/Little by Stanley Parker; The Repertory Theatres No.7 - Coventry (w.5 photos, including the Official Receiver Redvers B Leech, DEVONSHIRE CREAM, JUDGEMENT DAY, and Ann Titheradge in VICTORIA, QUEEN AND EMPRESS); Echoes from Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Dudley Digges in ON BORROWED TIME); Off With The Motley - Random Impressions of Julia Neilson, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Yvette Pienne in LES PERLES DE LA COURONNE, Valerie Taylor ( photos); The Film World by David Fairweather; Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; cover loose, p.185/186 removed, staples rusty, else VG] £3

ThW/May 1938 (No.160): cover-John Gielgud as Shylock in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Queen's; Scenes from THE ISLAND/Comedy (Godfrey Tearle, Geoffrey Wardwell, Sarah Erskine, Grizelda Hervey, Norah Howard - 4 photos), WILD OATS/Princes (Sydney Howard, Vera Pearce, Arthur Riscoe - 4 photos), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Queen's (John Gielgud, Peggy Ashcroft, Leon Quartermaine, Glen Byam Shaw, Richard Ainley, Alec Guinness, Pardoe Woodman, Angela Baddeley, Morland Graham, George Devine, Genevieve Jessel, Harry Andrews, Frederick Lloyd, George Howe, Cecil Winter, Ernest Hare - 24 photos), ELIZABETH (La Femme Sans Homme)/Haymarket (Lilian Braithwaite - photo and review), GEORGE AND MARGARET/Wyndham's (Ronald Ward, Jane Baxter - photo), IDIOT'S DELIGHT/Apollo (Raymond Massey, Carl Jaffe - photo), NINE SHARP/Little (Hermione Baddeley - photo), GOING GREEK/Gaiety (Fred Emney, Richard Hearne, Leslie Henson - photo), THE ISLAND/Comedy (Godfrey Tearle, May Agate, George Bishop, Grizelda Hervey - photo), FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS/Criterion (Percy Walsh - photo), OPERETTE/His Majesty's (Peggy Wood - photo), ROBERT'S WIFE/Globe (Owen Nares, Edith Evans - photo), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Queen's (photo), ME AND MY GIRL/Victoria Palace (Teddy St.Denis, Lupino Lane - photo), WILD OATS/Princes (Arthur Riscoe - photo and review), POISON PEN/Shaftesbury (Margaret Yarde - photo and review), FOLIES DE CAN-CAN/Prince of Wales (Ronald Frankau, Renee Roberts, Don Starr, Mabel Scott - 4 photos); Reviews: GHOST FOR SALE/Whitehall, APRIL CLOUDS/Royalty; Photos: Phyllis Neilson-Terry as Lady Macbeth/Stratford (large size), Esther Coleman, John Gielgud, Peggy Ashcroft, Raymond Massey with Tamara Geva in IDIOT'S DELIGHT/Apollo (large size), Marie Ney, Irene Vanbrugh, Edith Evans, Margaret Rawlings; Idols of the Past No.3 - Sir George Alexander (; Caricature of Sybil Thorndike as Volumnia in CORIOLANUS/Old Vic by Stanley Parker; The Repertory Theatres No.8 - Hastings (w.4 photos); Echoes from Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Ethel Barrymore in WHITEOAKS); Off With The Motley - Random Impressions of Jack Buchanan, Cyril Ritchard, Raymond Massey, Thomas Browne (4 photos); The Film World by David Fairweather w.5 photos of A YANK AT OXFORD (Robert Taylor, Maureen O'Sullivan, Griffith Jones, Vivien Leigh, Edmund Gwenn, C V France); Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; slightly rumpled, centre pages loose, else VG] £7


ThW/Jan 1939 (No.168): cover-Cicely Courtneidge and Jack Hulbert in UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace; Scenes from GENEVA/Saville (Tom Anstead, H R Hignett, Alison Leggatt, Arthur Ridley, Olive Milburn, Cyril Gardiner, Tully Comber, Alexander Knox, Walter Hudd, Cecil Trouncer - 4 photos and review), ELISABETH OF AUSTRIA/Garrick (Enid Lindsey, Beatrice Fane, Mary Agate, Henzie Raeburn, Wanda Rotha, Tonie Edgar Bruce, Gyles Isham, Olwen Brooks, Charles Hickman, Arthur Young - 4 photos), UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace (Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Madeleine Gibson, Peter Haddon, Leonora Corbett, Jack Miller, Kay Porter, Frank Cellier, John Byron, Henry Thompson, Marie Narelle, Myrette Morven - 29 photos and review), THE TWO BOUQUETS/Ambassadors (4 photos); Review: STORY OF AN AFRICAN FARM/New; Photos: Roger Treville and Binnie Hale in MAGYAR MELODY (large size), Lee Ephraim, Jack Hulbert (large size), Cicely Courtneidge (large size), Leonora Corbett, Peter Haddon, Frank Cellier; Introducing Rodney Ackland (; Four caricatures of TWELFTH NIGHT/Phoenix (Peggy Ashcroft, Michel Saint-Denis, George Hayes, Michael Redgrave) by Stanley Parker; The Repertory Theatres No.16 - The Intimate Theatre, Palmers Green (4 photos: John Clements in SOUTH RIDING, John Ruddock with John Clements, Alwyn Whatsley and Charles Lloyd Pack in DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY, Gladys Spencer with Sheila Raynor, Margaret Radcliffe, Freda Bamford and Jane Thorburn in LITTLE WOMEN, and Gladys Spencer with Diana Churchill and Sheila Raynor in YES AND NO); Off With The Motley - Random Impressions of Michael Redgrave, Peggy Ashcroft, Gordon Harker and Esmond Knight (4 photos); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of James Woodburn and Jean Cadell in SPRING MEETING); Idols of the Past No.10 - Sir Squire Bancroft (; The Film World by David Fairweather w.4 photos of THE CITADEL (Robert Donat, Rosalind Russell, Cecil Parker); Entertainment Guide etc. [50pp, 8.75x11.75; spine split and taped, else VG] £4

ThW/Feb 1939 (No.169): cover-Godfrey Tearle and Margaret Rawlings in THE FLASHING STREAM/Lyric; Scenes from DEAR OCTOPUS/Queen's (Marie Tempest, Leon Quartermaine - photo), THE CORN IS GREEN/Duchess (photo), THE FLASHING STREAM/Lyric (Godfrey Tearle, Leo Genn, Anthony Ireland, Roger Maxwell, Laurier Lister, Margaret Rawlings, Desmond Roberts, Marda Vanne, Felix Aylmer, H G Stoker - 20 photos), UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace (Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge - photo), NUMBER SIX/Aldwych (Gordon Harker, Franklin Dyall, Rosalyn Boulter, Robert Eddison, Bernard Lee - 5 photos and review), RUNNING RIOT/Gaiety (Leslie Henson, Fred Emney - photo), ME AND MY GIRL/Victoria Palace (Lupino Lane and company - photo), GENEVA/St.James (photo), HOW SAD!/Vaudeville (Judith Furse, Kathleen Boutall - photo), QUIET WEDDING/Wyndham's (Frank Lawton, Elizabeth Allan - photo), WHEN WE ARE MARRIED/St.Martin's (photo), MAGYAR MELODY/His Majesty (Binnie Hale, Betty Warren, Jerry Verno, Roger Treville - photo), SPRING MEETING/Ambassadors (Nicholas Phipps, Betty Chancellor - photo), ROBERT'S WIFE/Globe (Owen Nares, David Horne - photo), MAGYAR MELODY/His Majesty's (Binnie Hale, Arthur Margetson, Betty Warren, Stella Arbenina, Roger Treville - 4 photos), TOVARICH/Lyric (Cedric Hardwicke, Eugenie Leontovich and others - 4 photos); Review: THEY WALK ALONE/Shaftesbury; Photos: Cicely Courtneidge and Jack Hulbert in UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies (large size), Patricia Hilliard, Emlyn Williams as himself, Emlyn Williams in THE CORN IS GREEN/Duchess, Charles Morgan, Margaret Rawlings (large size), Godfrey Tearle (large size), Felix Aylmer, Marda Vanne, H G Stoker, Anthony Ireland, Diana Wynyard, Rex Harrison, Anton Walbrook, John Gielgud in DEAR OCTOPUS/Queen's, John Gielgud as himself; Five caricatures of UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace (Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Leonora Corbett, Midinettes) by Stanley Parker; The Repertory Theatres No.17 - Windsor (4 photos: John Counsell, Royal performance of THE ROSE WITHOUT A THORN, Frances Rowe with Victor Tandy, Evelyn Kerry and Rule Pigott in SUSPECT, and Geoffrey Hammond with Hugh E Wright, George Courtney, Martin Case, Nigel Arkright and Mary Kerridge in ANTHONY AND ANNA); Idols of the Past No.11 - Marie Studholme (; Off With The Motley - Random Impressions of Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Edith Evans, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies (4 photos); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Ethel Waters in MAMBA'S DAUGHTER); Introducing Robert Harris (; The Film World by David Fairweather; Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; cover split and detached, centre pages loose, else VG] £4

ThW/Mch 1939 (No.170): cover-Bernard Shaw; Scenes from TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH/Kingsway (Mary Jones, Nellie Bowman, Lydia Sherwood - photo), THE CORN IS GREEN/Duchess (photo), DEAR OCTOPUS/Queen's (Felix Irwin, Angela Baddeley, John Gielgud - photo), UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace (Jack Hulbert, Cicely Courtneidge, Leonora Corbett - photo), QUIET WEDDING/Wyndham's (Frank Lawton, Elizabeth Allan - photo), GAS LIGHT/Apollo (Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Dennis Arundell - photo), GENEVA/St.James (Ernest Thesiger, Walter Hudd, Alexander Knox, Cecil Trouncer, Alison Leggatt, Tom Anstead, H R Hignett, Arthur Ridley, Cyril Gardiner, Tully Comber, Olive Milbourne, R Stuart Lindsell, Phillippa Gill, Donald Eccles, William Heilbronn - 16 photos), MAGYAR MELODY/His Majesty's (photo), TONY DRAWS A HORSE/Criterion (photo and review), LITTLE LADYSHIP/Strand (Lilli Palmer, Elliott Mason - photo), THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA/Westminster (photo), NUMBER SIX/Aldwych (Bernard Lee, Rosalyn Boulter - photo), GOODNESS, HOW SAD!/Vaudeville (Hugh Sinclair, Jill Furse - photo), ROBERT'S WIFE/Savoy (Robert Holmes, Edith Evans - photo), LITTLE LADYSHIP/Strand (Lilli Palmer, Cecil Parker, Joan White, David Tree - 5 photos), WORTH A MILLION/Saville (Billy Milton, Claude Hulbert, Edmund Gwenn, Tina Dewsnap, Diana Beaumont, Percy Parsons, Ruby Miller, Natalie Lynn - 11 photos and review), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/St.James, 1909 (Helen Rous, Stella Patrick Campbell, George Alexander, Allan Aynesworth, Rosalie Toller, Alice Beet, E Vivian Reynolds - 4 photos), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Globe, 1939 (John Gielgud, Joyce Carey, Ronald Ward, Edith Evans, Leon Quartermaine, Angela Baddeley, David Horne, Margaret Rutherford - 6 photos and review), JANE EYRE/Queen's+Aldwych (Curigwen Lewis, Reginald Tate - 4 photos); Reviews: DESIGN FOR LIVING/Haymarket, GAS LIGHT/Apollo, LITTLE LADYSHIP/Strand; Photos: Ralph Richardson (large size), Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge in UNDER YOUR HAT, Roy Limbert, Vernon Sylvaine, Robert Donat (large size); Article on George Bernard Shaw by M Willson Disher (w.Stanley Parker caricature); three caricatures of Diana Wynyard, Anton Walbrook and Rex Harrison in DESIGN FOR LIVING by Stanley Parker; Off With The Motley - Random Impressions of Binnie Hale, Binnie Hale in MAGYAR MELODY, Freddie Carpenter, Nancy Price (4 photos); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Maurice Evans as Falstaff); The Repertory Theatres No.18 - Manchester (w.3 photos); The Film World by David Fairweather; Idols of the Past No.12 - Eleonora Duse (; London Playguide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; VG] £6

ThW/Apr 1939 (No.171): cover-Ralph Richardson in JOHNSON OVER JORDAN/Saville; Scenes from MAGYAR MELODY/His Majesty's (Binnie Hale, Roger Treville - photo), NUMBER SIX/Aldwych (photo), WHEN WE ARE MARRIED/Princes (photo), JOHNSON OVER JORDAN/Saville (Ralph Richardson, Edna Best, Christopher Quest, Victoria Hopper, George Hayes, Lawrence Baskcomb, Richard Ainley, Emma Trechman, R Meadows White, Grey Blake, Stafford Hilliard - 24 photos and review), DEAR OCTOPUS/Queen's (John Gielgud - photo), THE MOTHER/Garrick (Louise Hampton, Raymond Lovell - photo), DESIGN FOR LIVING/Haymarket (Anton Walbrook, Diana Wynyard, Rex Harrison - photo), LITTLE LADYSHIP/Lyric (photo), UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace (Madeline Gibson, Rhythm Brothers - photo), THE FAMILY REUNION/Westminster (Ruth Lodge, Michael Redgrave - photo), GENEVA/St.James (Walter Hudd, Alexander Knox, Cecil Trouncer - photo), GAS LIGHT/Apollo (Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Milton Rosmer - photo), THE CORN IS GREEN/Duchess (Sybil Thorndike, Emlyn Williams - photo), ROBERT'S WIFE/Savoy (Ann Farrer, Edith Evans - photo), THEY WALK ALONE/Shaftesbury (Carol Goodner, Rene Ray, Peter Standfast, Beatrix Lehmann, Alastair McIntyre, Beckett Bould - 4 photos), BLACK AND BLUE/London Hippodrome (Frances Day, Max Wall, Vic Oliver, Carole Lynne, Enid Lowe - 4 photos and review), CAPRICE PARISIEN/Prince of Wales (Ines La Vail, Paddy Browne, Robb Wilton - 2 photos), ROOM FOR TWO/Comedy (Henry Kendall, Elsie Randolph - 2 photos), AREN'T MEN BEASTS/Strand (Robertson Hare, Alfred Drayton, John Mills - 3 photos); Reviews: WE AT THE CROSS-ROADS/Globe, SUGAR PLUM/Criterion, MRS VAN KLEEK/Playhouse, THE MAN IN HALF MOON STREET/New, THE DANCING YEARS/Drury Lane; Photos: Diana Churchill in TONY DRAWS A HORSE/Strand (large size), June Duprez, Basil Dean, J B Priestley, Ralph Richardson (large size), Edna Best (large size), Claire Luce (large size); two caricatures of Ivor Novello and Mary Ellis in THE DANCING YEARS by Stanley Parker; The Repertory Theatres No.19 - Amersham ( of Sally Latimer, and setting for DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY); Six caricatures of Amersham Personalities (Sally Latimer, Roy Henderson, Hugh Richardson, Barbara Beresford-Perse, Brian McIrvine, Caryll Jenner) by Sherriffs; Off With The Motley - Random Impressions of Ivor Novello, Mary Ellis, Ralph Richardson, Claire Luce (4 photos); Introducing Terence Rattigan (; The Film World David Fairweather; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Tallulah Bankhead); Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; page 153/154 removed, else VG] £2

ThW/Jun 1939 (No.173): cover-Karen Peterson and Claire Carleton in THE WOMEN/Lyric; Scenes from UNDER YOUR HAT/Palace (Cicely Courtneidge, Leonora Corbett, Frank Cellier - photo), THE DANCING YEARS/Drury Lane (photo), THE WOMEN/Lyric (Catherine Doucet, Mary Alice Collins, Karen Peterson, Effie Afton, Rita Davies, Molly Raynor, Emily Ross, Mary McDermott, Judy Gray, Margaret Hinton, Dorothy Ranns, Elizabeth Sutherland, Mae Haygood, Joan Greenwood, Deirdre Doyle, Helen Dessau, Claire Carleton, Inga Andersen, Natalie Lynn, Doreen Lang, Mary Brown, Ethel Remey - 32 photos), TONY DRAWS A HORSE/Strand (Janet Johnson, James Harcourt, Lilian Braithwaite - photo), DEAR OCTOPUS/Queen's (Angela Baddeley, John Gielgud - photo), OF MICE AND MEN/Apollo (Niall MacGinnis, Claire Luce - photo and review), GAS LIGHT/Savoy (Dennis Arundell, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies - photo), WHEN WE ARE MARRIED/Princes (Norman Wooland, Helena Pickard, Muriel George, Ethel Coleridge - photo), THE CORN IS GREEN/Duchess (Betty Jardine, Emlyn Williams - photo), LITTLE LADYSHIP/Aldwych (Lilli Palmer, Cecil Parker - photo), DESIGN FOR LIVING/Haymarket (Ross Landon, Cathleen Cordell, Rex Harrison, Anton Walbrook - photo), GENEVA/Saville (Ernest Thesiger, Alison Leggatt - photo), BEHOLD THE BRIDE/Shaftesbury (Jacqueline Squire, Luise Rainer, Griffith Jones, Jack Lambert, Hazel Terry, Sybil Wise, Jeanne de Casalis, Charles Maunsell, Evelyn Roberts - 5 photos and review), QUIET WEDDING/Piccadilly (Frank Lawton, Elizabeth Allan - photo), NINE SHARP/Little (Cyril Ritchard, Eric Anderson, Laura Gorton, Charlotte Leigh, Gordon Little, Hermione Baddeley - 5 photos), THE GATE REVUE/Ambassadors (Hermione Gingold, Walter Crisham, Kay Young, Joan Swinstead, Gabrielle Brune - 5 photos), TONIGHT AT 8.30/Phoenix (Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence - 3 photos); Reviews: THIRD PARTY RISK/St.Martin's, SIXTH FLOOR/St.James; Photos: Alec Clunes and Vivienne Bennett in THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Stratford, Luise Rainer (three studies), Celia Johnson (large size), Elizabeth Allan; Caricatures by Stanley Parker of Hermione Baddeley, Cyril Ritchard, Ronald Waters, Betty Ann Davies, George Benson and Michael Anthony in LITTLE REVUE/Little; The Repertory Theatres No.21 - Colwyn Bay (5 photos: Scene from LAND OF OUR FATHERS, Anthony Thorpe, Dorothea Rundle, Maurice Jones, Clara Widdicombe, John Earle, Louis van Duse and Margery Sparkes in OUTWARD BOUND, Clara Widdicombe, Dorothea Rundle and Ruita Dagmar in THE BRONTES, Dorothea Rundle and Maurice Jones in THE CATHEDRAL, and Dorothea Rundle, Myles Eason, Bessie Norton and Philip Dale in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE); Idols of the Past No.14 - The Empire Ballet (w.sketch of Adeline Genee); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Bill Robinson in THE HOT MIKADO); Introducing Murray Macdonald (; The Film World by David Fairweather with 4 photos of WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Laurence Olivier, Merle Oberon, David Niven, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Flora Robson); Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; centre pages loose, minor marks, else VG] £6

ThW/Jul 1939 (No.174): cover-John Mills and Niall MacGinnis in OF MICE AND MEN/Apollo; Scenes from PYGMALION/Haymarket (Basil Sydney, Lewis Casson, Margaret Rawlings, Helen Haye, Tonie Edgar Bruce, Monica Stirling, Philip Friend - 4 photos), OF MICE AND MEN/Apollo (Claire Luce, John Mills, Niall MacGinnis, Conway Palmer, Nicholas Stuart, Jefferson Searles, Sydney Benson, Richard Rudi, Robert Berkeley, Edward Wallace - 17 photos), AFTER THE DANCE/St.James (Robert Harris, Catherine Lacey, Martin Walker - 4 photos and review), RHONDDA ROUNDABOUT/Globe (Mervyn Johns, Julien Mitchell, Hugh Griffith, Dilys Davies, Raymond Huntley, Kay Bannerman, George Devine, Trevor Duggan - 4 photos and review), TIME AND THE CONWAYS/Duchess (Jean Forbes-Robertson, Eileen Erskine, Rosemary Scott, Molly Rankin, Helen Horsey, Barbara Everest, Alexander Archdale, Mervyn Johns, Wilfred Babbage, Raymond Huntley - 4 photos); Photos: Claire Carleton and Karen Peterson in THE WOMEN, Catherine Lacey (large size), Norman Marshall, John Mills (large size), Claire Luce (large size), Niall MacGinnis (large size), Valerie in REVUDEVILLE/Windmill (large size), Douglas Byng (in drag) in GAIETIES DE MONTMARTRE/Prince of Wales; Caricature of Luise Rainer by Stanley Parker; The Repertory Theatres No.22 - The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham (5 photos: Arthur Rees, Kathleen St.John, William Roderick, Lorraine Clewes, Brefni Rorke, Dorothy Galbraith, Doris Pallett, Anthony Viccars and Anne Pichon in TOVARICH, John Farries-Moss, Betty Bowden, Kathleen St.John, Robert Ginns, Sheila Brownrigg, Peter Rosser and Anthony Viccars in GEORGE AND MARGARET, Lorraine Clewes, Winifred Griffiths, Stanley Illsley, Eric Howard and Diana Caird in YELLOW SANDS, and Leon Salberg, and Derek Salberg); Stars at Ranelagh - Theatrical Garden Party (Buddy Rogers, Lupino Lane, Evelyn Laye, Noel Coward, Ivor Novello, Robertson Hare, Doris Hare); Idols of the Past No.15 - John L Toole (; Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Katharine Cornell and Laurence Olivier in NO TIME FOR COMEDY, Scene from OUTWARD BOUND, Katharine Hepburn and Van Heflin in THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, and Charles Dingle and Tallulah Bankhead in THE LITTLE FOXES); Off With The Motley featuring Flora Robson, Terence Rattigan, Emlyn Williams (3 photos); The Film World by David Fairweather, w.5 photos of THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE (Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edna May Oliver); Entertainment Guide etc. [52pp, 8.75x11.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £6

ThW/Sep 1939 (No.176): cover-Hermione Baddeley in HERBERT FARJEON'S LITTLE REVUE/Little; Scenes from HERBERT FARJEON'S LITTLE REVUE/Little (Hermione Baddeley, Cyril Ritchard, Eric Anderson, Gordon Little, Charlotte Leigh, Joyce Grenfell, Michael Anthony, Betty Ann Davies, Jacqueline le Geyt, Laura Gorton, Vida Hope, George Benson, Ronald Waters - 16 photos, and a Stanley Parker caricature of Herbert Farjeon), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Globe (John Gielgud, Edith Evans, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Peggy Ashcroft, Jack Hawkins, Margaret Rutherford, George Howe - 12 photos and review), THE DEVIL TO PAY/His Majesty's (Harcourt Williams, Frank Napier, Diana Deare, David Phethean, Alastair Bannerman, Betty Douglas, Ernest Clark, John Lalitte, Mary Alexander, Rab de la Torre - 6 photos), BIG BEN/Malvern (Dorothy Smith, Sylvia Coleridge, Herbert Lomas, Maitland Moss, Pieter Cammaerts, Rosemary Scott, Ernest Thesiger - 2 photos), WHAT SAY THEY/Malvern (Anthony Bushell, Yvonne Arnaud - photo), IN GOOD KING CHARLES'S GOLDEN DAYS/Malvern (Ernest Thesiger, Alexander Knox, Irene Vanbrugh, Eileen Beldon, Yvonne Arnaud, Cecil Trouncer, Herbert Lomas, Isabel Thornton, Daphne Heard - 3 photos), OLD MASTER/Malvern (Alastair Sim, Margaret Withers, Ernest Thesiger, Frederick Bradshaw, Betty Marsden, Olive Milbourne - photo), THE PROFESSOR FROM PEKING/Malvern (Alexander Sarner, Norman Wooland - photo), DEAD HEAT/Malvern (Irene Vanbrugh, Rosemary Scott - photo), THE DANCING YEARS/Drury Lane (photo); Reviews: SPOTTED DICK/Strand, SITTING PRETTY/Princes, and a Survey of the Malvern Festival; Photos: Jessie Matthews (large size), Patricia Burke (large size); The Repertory Theatres No.23 - Bexhill Repertory Company (6 photos: Matthew Forsyth, Scene from LIBEL, W N Cuthbert and Matthew Forsyth chat to Bernard Shaw, Owen Jones with Derek Tansley, Reginald Selleck, Barbara Percival, Mary Mackenzie, Christopher Shelley and Frederick Victor in HYDE PARK CORNER, Reginald Smith with Guy Verney, Ivan Vandor and Basil Dignam in THE MAGISTRATE, Marjorie Manning with Hugh Casson and Monica Stutfield in PAINTED SPARROWS/Embassy); Famous London Theatres No.1: Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (with 1814 illustration); Stars of the Old Vic 1939 Season (photos of Robert Donat, Marie Ney, and Constance Cummings); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Eleanor Holm in AQUACADE); Five Stanley Parker caricatures of John Gielgud, Edith Evans, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Peggy Ashcroft and Jack Hawkins in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Globe; The Film World by David Fairweather w.4 photos of LES OTAGES - Hostages (Charpin, Larquey, Roquvert, Saturnin Fabre, Tartagnac, Annie Vernay); Entertainment Guide etc. [48pp, 8.75x11.75; front cover detached, back cover missing, else VG] £2

ThW/Dec 1939 (No.179): cover-Alice Delysia in FRENCH FOR LOVE/Criterion; Scenes from SALOON BAR/Wyndham's (Gordon Harker, Mervyn Johns - photo and review), RUNAWAY LOVE/Saville (Tonie Lupino, Eric Fawcett, George Gee, Marjorie Sandford - photo and review), FRENCH FOR LOVE/Criterion (Cecil Parker, Alice Delysia, Athene Seyler, Carl Jaffe, Rosalyn Boulter, John Penrose, Dulcie Baily - 11 photos and review), BLACK VELVET/London Hippodrome (Vic Oliver, Pat Kirkwood, Carole Lynne, Iris Lockwood, Roma Beaumont, Arthur Rigby Jnr., Cyril Smith, Louise Lloyd, Leigh Stafford - 8 photos and review); Reviews: YOUNG ENGLAND/Holborn Empire, HIS MAJESTY'S GUEST/Shaftesbury; Photos: Gordon Harker (large size), Diana Wynyard, Nora Swinburne, Lilli Palmer, Leonora Corbett; Off With The Motley featuring Claire Luce, Beatrice Lillie, Michael Redgrave, Sydney Howard (4 photos); Echoes From Broadway by E Mawby Green ( of Gertrude Lawrence in SKYLARK); The Repertory Theatres; London Theatre Guide etc. [28pp, 8.75x11.75; VG] £6

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