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PLAYS AND PLAYERS Magazines: 1980s


P&P/Jan 1980: cover-Paul Scofield in AMADEUS [52pp, 8.4x10.8; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1980: cover-John Shrapnel and Celia Gregory in THE GREEKS [52pp, 8.4x10.8; VG] £5

P&P/March 1980: cover-Julia McKenzie and Keith Michell in ON THE 20TH CENTURY [52pp, 8.4x10.8; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1980: cover-Jill Bennett and Jonathan Price in HAMLET; Scenes from THE DRESSER (w.Freddie Jones, Tom Courtenay - photo and review), MAKE AND BREAK (w.Prunella Scales, Leonard Rossiter - 3 photos and review), SCHOOLDAYS (w.Ian Lavender, Graeme Garden - photo and review), HAMLET/Royal Court (w.Jonathan Price, Jill Bennett, Michael Elphick, Simon Chandler, Harriet Walter - 5 photos), OTHELLO/National (w.Paul Scofield, Michael Bryant, Felicity Kendal - 3 photos), THE LADY FROM DUBUQUE/New York (w.Irene Worth, Earle Hyman - 3 photos and feature); photos of Ralph Richardson and Rosemary Martin in EARLY DAYS/National, and Ken Bones and Karl Johnson in THE DRUM MAJOR/Foco Novo; interview with Michael Gough (w.2 photos); Features on Alan Strachan and the Greenwich Theatre (w.8 photos), Andrei Serban (w.3 photos), Actors' Co-operatives (w.2 photos), Arrivals and Departures in New York (w.3 photos); text of ROSE Act 2 by Andrew Davies (with 2 production photos), reviews etc. [52pp, 8.4x11; VG] £5

P&P/May 1980: cover-Paul Jerricho and Royce Ryton in THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SWAMP; Scenes from MOTHERDEAR (w.Margaret Lockwood, Polly James - photo and review), SEASCAPE (w.Pamela Lane, Patrick Westwood, John Abbott, Karen Archer - photo and review), SISTERLY FEELINGS/National (w.Stephen Moore, Anna Carteret, Penelope Wilton, Simon Callow, Selina Cadell, Greg Hicks, Andrew Cruickshank - 4 photos), BLOOD BLACK/Royal Exchange, Manchester (w.Clare Higgins, Alan McMahon - photo and review); photo of Christopher Neame, Martin Sadler, Peter Birch, Hywel Bennett and David Wood in TERRA NOVA/Chichester; Features on The Nimrod Theatre/Australia (6 photos), Acts Of Love - the New York Scene (2 photos), The John Antrobus season at the Gate Theatre Club; text of QUANTRILL IN LAWRENCE Act 1 by Bernard Pomerance (with production photo), reviews etc. [44pp, 8.4x11; VG] £5


P&P/Oct 1981: cover-Sylvia "Kuumba" Wiliams in ONE MO' TIME [68pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1981: cover-Dinsdale Landen in ON THE RAZZLE [108pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1982: cover-The Oresteia at The National Theatre [56pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1982: cover-Felicity Kendall and Leigh Lawson in THE SECOND MRS TANQUERAY [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1982: cover-Richard Pasco and Barbara Leigh-Hunt in LA RONDE [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1982: cover-Penelope Keith and Trevor Peacock in HOBSON'S CHOICE [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1982: cover-Marti Webb in SONG AND DANCE [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1982: cover-Paul Jones in THE BEGGAR'S OPERA [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1982: cover-Dennis Waterman in WINDY CITY; Scenes from KING LEAR/Stratford (w.Michael Gambon, Antony Sher, Jenny Agutter, Sara Kestelman, Alice Krige - 6 photos and review), Edward Bond's LEAR/Stratford (w.Bob Peck, Jenny Agutter, Sara Kestelman, Mark Rylance - 2 photos and review), DANTON'S DEATH/National (w.Brian Cox, John Normington, Anthony Higgins, Elizabeth Bell, Clare Clifford - 4 photos and review), WINDY CITY (w.Dennis Waterman, Amanda Redman, Bob Sessions, Matt Zimmerman, Victor Spinetti, Anton Rodgers - 3 photos and review), CAVELL/Chichester (w.Joan Plowright, Nigel Stock - 3 photos and review), A DOLL'S HOUSE/RSC (w.John Franklyn-Robbins, Cheryl Campbell - photo and review), ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL/RSC (w.Peggy Ashcroft, Philip Franks - photo and review), INSIGNIFICANCE/Royal Court (w.Larry Lamb, Judy Davis - photo and review), THE TWIN RIVALS/RSC (w.Mike Gwilym, Dexter Fletcher - photo and review); interview with John Bury about his career (2 photos), Feature on Judi Dench's plan to join the National Theatre (w.6 photos); reviews, newsletters, book reviews etc. [48pp, 8.25x11.7; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

P&P/Oct 1982: cover-Tom Courtenay in ANDY CAPP [48pp, 8.25x11.75; light vertical bend, else VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1982: cover-Judi Dench in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


P&P/Feb 1983: cover-Beryl Reid in THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL [52pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1983: cover-Diana Quick in A MAP OF THE WORLD [52pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1983: cover-Rex Harrison in HEARTBREAK HOUSE [48pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/May 1983: cover-Michael Hordern in THE RIVALS [52pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1983: cover-Alan Bates in A PATRIOT FOR ME [52pp, 8.3x11.75; front cover creased, else VG] £4

P&P/Aug 1983: cover-Peter Ustinov in BEETHOVEN'S TENTH [52pp, 8.3x11.75; front cover creased, else VG] £4

P&P/Sep 1983: cover-John Mills in LITTLE LIES [56pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1983: cover-Glenda Jackson in GREAT AND SMALL [56pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1983: cover-Jane Lapotaire in DEAR ANYONE [40pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1983: cover-Penelope Keith in HAY FEVER [48pp, 8.3x11.75; VG] £5


P&P/Feb 1984: cover-MUSICALS; Scenes from SUFFICIENT CARBOHYDRATE (w.Dinsdale Landen - photo and review), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/Duke of York's ( and review), PETER PAN/RSC (Mark Rylance - photo and review), HELLO DOLLY/Prince of Wales ( and review), CINDERELLA/National (Janet Dibley - photo and review), JEAN SEGERG/National ( and review); Features on Melvin Bragg and THE HIRED MAN (w.2 photos), Hype and American Musicals by Steven Colby (w.11 photos), The British Musical by Jim Hiley (w.11 photos), The Glagow Citz by Michael Coveney (w.7 photos); Part Two of Clive Merrison's rehearsal diary for THE PARTY (1974) w.Laurence Olivier, Biggins At Large (editorial by Christopher Biggins), New York Notes, reviews etc. [48pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1984: cover-Simon Callow in AMADEUS [48pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1984: cover-Sir John Gielgud [48pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/May 1984: cover-Jeffrey Daniel in STARLIGHT EXPRESS [48pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1984: cover-Orwell at The National Theatre [56pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1984: cover-Claudette Colbert and Rex Harrison in AREN'T WE ALL? [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1984: cover-Clare Leach in 42ND STREET [48pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1984: cover-Al Pacino and J J Johnston in AMERICAN BUFFALO [48pp, 8.25x11.7; light vertical bend, else VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1984: cover-THE NATIONAL THEATRE'S 21ST BIRTHDAY; Scenes from HAMLET/RSC (w.Roger Rees, Frances Barber, Brian Blessed - 3 photos and review), THE DEVILS/RSC (w.Peter McEnery, Joseph O'Conor, Clyde Pollitt, Estelle Kohler, Mark Dignam - 2 photos and review), TWELFTH NIGHT/RSC (w.Gemma Jones, Stephen Moore, Emrys James, Joanne Pearce - 2 photos and review), A NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DEBTS/RSC (w.Emrys James, Miles Anderson - 2 photos and review), FALL/Hampstead (w.Cecily Hobbs, Gwen Watford, Julie Covington, Sylvestra le Touzel - 2 photos and review), THE PARTY/RSC (w.Ian McDiarmid - photo and review), THE RAT IN THE SKULL/Royal Court (w.Brian Cox - photo and review), A CREDIT TO THE FORCE/National Youth Theatre (w.Damian Segrave, Steven Payne - photo and review), A FRIEND INDEED/Shaftesbury (w.Derek Nimmo, Moira Lister, Geoffrey Palmer - photo and review), THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD/Riverside (w.Frank Grimes - photo and review), BUTLEY/Fortune (w.John Nettles, Eric Carte, Jeff Rawle - photo and review); Brief articles on The National Theatre by Nicholas de Jongh, Sir Harold Hobson, Sheridan Morley, Dame Peggy Ashcroft, Robert Warden, David Hare and Jane Lapotaire; Tribute to Richard Burton, 1925-1984 (w.6 excellent photos); Features on Don and Susannah Fellowes (w. two photos), Tom Stoppard's career so far by John Russell Taylor (w.5 photos), Beryl Reid (interview with Al Senter, Edinburgh Festival 1984 (w.5 photos); interview with Tom Stoppard about ROUGH CROSSING/National, interviews with Howard Davies, Hanif Kureishi and Judi Dench on the new RSC MOTHER COURAGE (; New York News, reviews etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1984: cover-Judi Dench [48pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1985: cover-Ian McKellen in CORIOLANUS; Scenes from PHEDRE/Old Vic (w.Glenda Jackson, Gerard Murphy - 3 photos and review), OF MICE AND MEN (w.Lou Hirsch, Clive Mantle, Susan Penhaligon - 3 photos and review), TRUMPETS AND RASPBERRIES (w.Griff Rhys Jones - photo and review), THE POPE'S WEDDING/Royal Court (photo and review), EXTREMITIES (w.Helen Mirren, Kevin McNally, Marty Cruickshank - photo and review), THE ANCIENT MARINER/National Theatre (w.Michael Bryant - photo and review), ANNIE WOBBLER (w.Nichola McAuliffe - 3 photos and review), KEY TO THE WORLD (w.Dulice Leicier, Glyn Owen - photo and review), THE VOYSEY INHERITANCE (w.Bill Wallis, Peter Copley - photo and review); Features on Peter Copley (now nearly 70) and his life in the theatre (w.3 photos), Miriam Margolyes as Gertrude Stein, British and American Equity; Felix Barker on A.L.Rowse's modernised Shakespeare texts, Derek Nimmo's SEE HOW THEY RUN in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (w.2 photos), Ten Years of Joint Stock (w.3 photos); the London Theatre Critics' Awards 1984, New York News, reviews etc. [56pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £4

P&P/Mch 1985: cover-Charlton Heston in THE CAINE MUTINY [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1985: cover-Roger Rees in HAMLET [48pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/May 1985: cover-Felicity Kendal in JUMPERS [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1985: cover-Edward Bond; Scenes from AS YOU LIKE IT/RSC (w.Juliet Stevenson, Fiona Shaw - photo and review), OLD TIMES/Haymarket (w.Liv Ullman, Nicola Pagett, Michael Gambon - 2 photos and review), PHILISTINES/RSC (w.Anna Calder-Marshall, Sean Baker - photo and review), JUMPERS/Aldwych (w.Felicity Kendal - photo and review), SPELL NO.7/Donmar (w.Dulice Leicier - photo and review), THE SEAGULL/Lyric Hammersmith (w.John Hurt, Samantha Eggar - photo and review), MARTINE/NT (w.Wendy Morgan, Jessica Turner - photo and review), INTERMEZZO/Greenwich (review), HAMLET/RSC (w.Roger Rees, Kenneth Branagh - photo and review), THE PARTY/RSC (w.Ian McDiarmid - photo and review), IN TIMES LIKE THESE/Bristol Old Vic (w.Greta Scacchi, Tim Woodward - photo and review), THE WEAVERS/Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh (review), THE CENCI/Bristol New Vic (w.Philip Bretherton, Leonie Mellinger, Ursula Mohan - photo and review), THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH/Albery (review), THE ROAD TO MECCA/NT (w.Bob Peck, Yvonne Bryceland - review); Features on Rick Mayall in THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR/NT (w.illustration), Humana Festival of New American Plays (w.5 photos), Floosies and their Fops (actresses in the theatre of the Restoration), Hull Truck Company (w.7 photos), Howard Brenton and David Hare's PRAVDA (Anthony Hopkins, Richard Hope, Miranda Foster, Tim McInnery - 2 photos), New Half Moon Theatre (2 photos), Dame Lilian Braithwaite (, Margaret Rutherford (; Interviews with Edward Bond (w.2 photos), David Suchet (w.2 photos); photos of Sian Thomas in PAMELA, Clarke Peters in GUYS AND DOLLS, Anton Rodgers in TWO INTO ONE; West End and Regional Theatre Guide, New Books, New York News etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1985: cover-Alan Bates and Frances de la Tour in THE DANCE OF DEATH [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1985: cover-Antony Sher in RED NOSES [56pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1985: cover-Beryl Reid in GIGI; Scenes from ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT?/Phoenix (w.Simon Bowman - photo and review), AUNT AND AND LEMON/Royal Court (w.Kathryn Pogson and Linda Hunt - photo and review), THE WAR PLAYS/Barbican Pit (w.Maggie Steed, Josette Simon, Henry Goodman, Gary Oldman - 4 photos and review), LOOK, NO HANS!/Strand (w.Richard Vernon and David Jason - photo and review), A CHORUS OF DISAPPROVAL/Olivier (w.Bob Peck and Michael Gambon - photo and review), LIGHT UP THE SKY/Thorndike, Leatherhead (w.Robert Morse and Kate O'Mara - photo and review), THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW/Hampstead (w.James Hazeldine - photo and review), THE CRADLE WILL ROCK/Old Vic (photo and review), and TRACERS/Royal Court Upstairs (photo and review); Review of FIGHTING CHANCE/Apollo; Billboard (w.October openings, brief notes on London and provincial activity, of John Retallack, Leon Rubin, and Leslie Mackie); Interview with Terry Hands about past productions of OTHELLO (w.3 photos of previous Othellos: Brewster Mason, Olivier with Maggie Smith, and Rudolph Walker; and photos of Ben Kingsley and Terry Hands); Interview with Stewart Trotter (on five years at the Northcott; w.3 photos); Features on The RSC Howard Barker Season (w.2 photos), The British Musical - rise or decline? by Sheridan Morley (w.6 production photos), Not the RSC at the Almeida ( of Ian McDiarmid and Penelope Sharp in TRILOGY OF REUNIONS, Gary Oldman and Peter Eyre in ABEL AND CAIN, and Andrew Hall and Josette Simon in HEAVENLY BODY), The Edinburgh stage 85 (w.6 photos), Peter Brook on THE MAHABARATA IN AVIGNON (w.4 photos), LIFT 85 (w.4 photos); Brief features on Peter Benedict (, and the re-opening of The Lyceum; New York News (w.2 photos); photos of Judi Dench, and Roy Kinnear and Edward Petherbridge in THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND; West End Guide, Regional Guide etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1985: cover-Denis Quilley and Susannah York in FATAL ATTRACTION; Scenes from TORCH SONG TRILOGY (w.Antony Sher, Ian Sears, Rupert Frazer - photo and review), THE METROPOLITAN MIKADO/Festival Hall (w.Martin Smith, Rosemary Ashe - photo and review), LES MISERABLES/RSC (w.Michael Ball, Frances Ruffelle, Alun Armstrong - 3 photos and review), THE GRACE OF MARY TRAVERSE/Royal Court (w.Janet McTeer, Pam Ferris - photo and review), THE DELIBERATE DEATH OF A POLISH PRIEST (w.Derek Newark, Jim Broadbent, Stuart Wilson, Roger Lloyd Pack - photo and review), THE GREAT WHITE HOPE/Tricycle (w.Hugh Quarshie, Barry Jackson - photo and review), DOWNCHILD, CRIMES IN HOT COUNTRIES and THE CASTLE/RSC (w.Harriet Walter, Paul Freeman, Ian McDiarmid - 3 photos and review), ARSENIC AND OLD LACE/Glasgow Citizens (w.Patrick Hannaway, Derwent Watson - photo and review), THE GENIUS/Leeds Playhouse (w.Juliette Grassby, Terence Booth - photo and review), AIRBASE/Oxford Playhouse (w.Greta Scacchi, William Hoyland - photo and review), THE NUTCRACKER SUITE (w.Billy McColl - photo and review), MACBETH/Leicester Haymarket (w.Julie Walters, Bernard Hill - photo and review); Features on Orson Welles (w.2 photos), Felix Topolski Exhibition/National Theatre (w.6 illustrations), World Theatre of Amateur Theatre/Monaco (, the newly-reopened Winchester Theatre Royal (w.2 photos), Gladys Cooper (w.2 photos); Interview with Connie Booth and Miranda Richardson about EDMOND (David Mamet)/Royal Court (w.2 photos), Interview with Jimmy Thompson and Matthew Kelly on being a Dame in Panto (w.2 photos), New York News, reviews etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1986: cover-Anthony Hopkins [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1986: cover-Peter O'Toole in THE APPLE CART; Scenes from BLITHE SPIRIT (w.Jane Asher, Simon Cadell, Marcia Warren, Joanna Lumley - 4 photos and review), BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS/National (w.Steven Mackintosh, Harry Towb, Robin Glenister, Alison Fiske, Frances de la Tour - 3 photos and review), WOMEN BEWARE WOMEN/Royal Court (w.Joanne Whalley, Nigel Davenport, Stevan Rimkus, Maggie Steed - 2 photos and review), NICHOLAS NICKLEBY/RSC (w.Michael Siberry, Jane Carr, Eve Pearce, Raymond Platt, Frances Cuka, Allan Hendrick, John Carlisle - 4 photos and review), PHILISTINES/RSC (w.Lesley Manville, Margery Mason, Clive Russell, Mark Dignam, David Burke, Fiona Shaw - 2 photos and review), THE LIGHT ROUGH/Hampstead (w.Alfred Lynch, Heather Canning, Tony Selby - 2 photos and review), PRIDE AND PREJUDICE/Old Vic (w.Tessa Peake-Jones, James Warwick - photo and review), HAMLET/National (w.Tim McInnerny - photo and review), THE LOWER DEPTHS/Birmingham (w.Sylvester Williams, Joy Lemoine - photo and review), ROSS/Plymouth (w.Simon Ward, Ernest Clark - photo and review), BALLEGANGAIRE/Donmar (w.Siobhan McKenna - photo and review), AS YOU LIKE IT/Royal Exchange (w.Janet McTeer, Suzanne Burden, James Wilby - 2 photos and review), FRIENDS AND LOVERS/Glasgow Citizens' (photo and review), THE PERSECUTION AND ASSASSINATION OF MARAT AS PERFORMED BY THE INMATES OF THE CHARENTON ASYLUM UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE MARQUIS DE SADE/Leeds Playhouse (w.Michael Byrne, Michele Wade, Jo Webster, Judy Dumas, Simon Gregor, Robin Bowerman - 2 photos and review); Features on the Irish Company Field Day (, the staging of Russell Hoban's RIDDLEY WALKER (w.2 photos), the restoration and re-opening of The Whitehall Theatre (w.2 photos), the 50th Birthday of The Arts Theatre, Cambridge ( of Dadie Rylands); Interviews with Pierre Audi on The Almeida Theatre (, Dominic Muldowney (Musical Director for THE THREEPENNY OPERA/National Theatre), and the Lighting Designers David Hersey, Mark Henderson, Bob Bryant and Gerry Jenkinson (w.4 photos); The RSC's 1986 Season, reviews etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.75; slightly knocked, else VG] £4

P&P/Apr 1986: cover-Tim Curry in THE THREEPENNY OPERA [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1986: cover-Paul Scofield in I'M NOT RAPPAPORT; Scenes from DALLIANCE/National (w.Brenda Blethyn, Sally Dexter, Tim Curry, Stephen Moore - 3 photos and review), EVERY MAN IN HIS HUMOUR/RSC (w.Gary Love, Henry Goodman, Jane Galloway, David Troughton, Pete Postlethwaite, Philip Franks - 3 photos and review), ROMEO AND JULIET/Regent's Park (w.Ralph Fiennes, Sarah Woodward, Peter Whitbread, Andrew Collins, Glyn Pritchard - 4 photos and review), THE ENTERTAINER (w.Peter Bowles, Sylvia Syms, Joanne Pearce, Frank Middlemass - 4 photos and review), PRAIRIE DU CHIEN and THE SHAWL/Royal Court (w.Connie Booth, David De Keyser - 2 photos and review), ROAD/Royal Court (w.Lesley Sharp, Mossie Smith, William Armstrong - photo and review), DOUBLE DOUBLE (w.Roger Rees, Jane Lapotaire - photo and review), CIRCE AND BRAVO/Hampstead (w.Faye Dunaway, Stephen Jenn - photo and review), MEDEA (w.John Burgess, Madhur Jaffrey, Julian Glover - 2 photos and review), THE ORPHAN'S COMEDY/Edinburgh (w.Iain Ormsby-Knox - photo and review), OUTSIDE BROADCAST/Birmingham (w.David Tomlinson, Lia Williams, Robin Longden - 2 photos and review), KRAPP'S LAST TAPE and ENDGAME/Riverside (w.Max Wall - photo and review), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/Regent's Park (w.Bernard Bresslaw - photo and review), THE NEST/Bush (w.Veronica Roberts - photo and review); Features on Paul Scofield (w.6 excellent photos), THE DANTON AFFAIR/RSC (w.Brian Cox - 5 photos), Theatre Royal, Stratford East (interview with Philip Hedley - 3 photos), Roger Rees on his own play DOUBLE DOUBLE ( of Roger Rees and Jane Lapotaire), JACOBOWSKY AND THE COLONEL at The National with Nigel Hawthorne (; photo of Jack Lemmon and cast in LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT/Haymarket directed by Jonathan Miller, Best Radio Scripts of 1985, Martin Hoyle on Glasgow Mayfest 1986 (w.3 photos), large colour photograph of Gerard Murphy and Nicholas Woodeson in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/RSC, reviews etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1986: cover-Zoe Wanamaker and Irene Worth in THE BAY AT NICE; Scenes from THE COCKTAIL PARTY (w.Alec McCowen, Sheila Gish, Simon Ward, Sheila Allen - 3 photos and review), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/RSC (w.Janet McTeer, Richard Easton, Gerard Murphy, Pete Postlethwaite, Martin Jacobs, Amanda Harris, Joely Richardson, Paul Greenwood - 3 photos and review), LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT (w.Jack Lemmon, Kevin Spacey, Bethel Leslie, Peter Gallagher, Jodie Lynne McClintock - 3 photos and review), PORGY AND BESS/Glyndebourne (w.Willard White, Gregg Baker, Bruce Hubbard, Willard Price, Damon Evans, Cynthia Haymon - 4 photos and review), THE AMERICAN CLOCK/National (w.Neil Daglish, Sara Kestelman - photo and review), ROMEO AND JULIET/Hammersmith (w.Kenneth Branagh, Andrew Jarvis - 2 photos and review), A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM/Chichester (w.Frankie Howerd - photo and review), CABARET (w.Kelly Hunter - photo and review), THE PETITION/National (w.John Mills, Rosemary Harris - 2 photos and review), JANE EYRE/Chichester (w.Jenny Seagrove, Keith Michell - photo and review), ARMS AND THE MAN/Regent's Park (w.Philip Bowen, Sarah Woodward - 2 photos and review), THE DEAD MONKEY/RSC (w.Anthony O'Donnell, Frances Barber, Bruce Alexander - 2 photos and review), THE GARDEN GIRLS/Bush (w.Sophie Thompson, Maggie McCarthy - photo and review); Photos of Kelly Hunter, Kenneth Branagh, Sheila Gish, Frankie Howerd, Michael Bogdanov and Michael Pennington, Shared Experience in rehearsal, Bristol Old Vic Company, Peter Nichols, Alby James; Features on the choreographer Gillian Lynne (w.2 photos), Disability in the theatre (w.5 photos), Christopher Hampton on LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES (2 photos), Puppet Theatres in Britain (w.3 photos), Report from Broadway by Douglas Colby (w.3 photos); full-page colour photo of Julia McKenzie and Martin Jarvis in WOMAN IN MIND/Vaudeville, reviews etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1986: cover-Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, back cover-Roger Lloyd Pack and Geoffrey Palmer in KAFKA'S DICK [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


P&P/Feb 1987: cover-Cherie Lunghi and Malcolm McDowell in HOLIDAY; Scenes from A PENNY FOR A SONG/RSC (w.Brian Cox, Stephen Moore, Rudi Davies, Mick Ford, Ian McNeice, Paul Spence, John Shrapnel, Sally George - 4 photos and review), KING LEAR/National (w.Anthony Hopkins, Michael Bryant, Roshan Seth, Douglas Hodge, Bill Nighy - 4 photos and review), AN ITALIAN STRAW HAT (w.Tom Conti, Stratford Johns, Amanda Royle, Clive Dunn - 4 photos and review), WHEN I WAS A GIRL I USED TO SCREAM AND SHOUT (w.Julie Walters, Sheila Reid, Geraldine James - 2 photos and review), NIGHT MUST FALL (w.Margaret Tyzack, Katy Behean, Daniel Webb - 2 photos and review), SERJEANT MUSGRAVE'S DANCE (w.Edward Peel - photo and review), TURKEY TIME (w.John Rogan, Janet Henfrey - photo and review), JULIUS CAESAR/Young Vic (w.Corin Redgrave, Peter Ellis - photo and review), ASHES/Bush (w.Denis Lawson, Sheila Gish - photo and review), CANDIDA (w.Karen McMullen, Rupert Graves - photo and review), BANGED UP/Birmingham (w.Trevor Laird, Tilly Vosburgh - photo and review), KILLING JESSICA (w.Liz Robertson, Patrick Macnee - photo and review), Second Wave Festival/Deptford Albany Empire (5 photos and review); Photos of Julie Walters, Peter Barkworth, Frances de la Tour, Anthony Hopkins, Richard Eyre, Jill Gascoine, Steven Berkoff, Niamh Cusack in COUNTRY DANCING/RSC, Dorothy Tutin in BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRES, Josephine Tewson and Martin Jarvis in WOMAN IN MIND; Features on Peter Barkworth as Siegfried Sassoon, and Frances de la Tour as Lilian Hellman (w.2 photos), Jim Cartwright's ROAD (w.3 photos), John Russell Taylor on The Joe Orton Diaries (w.4 photos), James Harding on Ivor Novello (w.5 photos), David Nathan on Brendan Behan (w.2 photos), New York Reviews (w.3 photos), Live Television Drama in America (w.2 photos), Fifty Years Ago: 1936 ( of Margaret Rawlings, Robert Morley, Elisabeth Bergner, Godfrey Tearle); full-page photo of Gemma Craven in THREE MEN ON A HORSE, reviews etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1987: cover-Michael Pennington in HENRY V [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1987: cover-Judi Dench and Anthony Hopkins in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/May 1987: cover-Antony Sher in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1987: cover-Joanna Lumley in AN IDEAL HUSBAND; Scenes from ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/NT (w.Antony Hopkins, Judi Dench, Michael Bryant - 4 photos and review), JULIUS CAESAR/RSC (w. Sean Baker, Nicholas Farrell, David Waller, Roger Allam - 5 photos and review), THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UIQueen's (w.Griff Rhys Jones, Hugh Paddick, Brian Glover - 4 photos and review), A PIECE OF MY MIND/Apollo (w.George Cole - 2 photos and review), COUNTRY DANCING/RSC at the Barbican Pit (w.Jane Lancaster, Gerard Murphy - 2 photos and review), SPIN OF THE WHEEL/Comedy (w.Matt Zimmerman - 2 photos and review), THE HEAT OF THE DAY/Shared Experience (w.Kate Kitovitz, Mark Lewis - photo and review), THE TOURIST TRAP/Almeida (w.Tilda Swinton - photo and review), FASHION/RSC (w.Akim Mogaji, Brian Cox, Alun Armstrong - 2 photos and review), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Manchester Royal Exchange (w.Harriet Walter, Dona Croll - photo and review), HEAVEN BENT, HELL BOUND/Sudbury Quay (w.Paddy Fletcher, Kate Ingram - 2 photos and review), KING JOHN'S JEWELS/Birmingham Rep (w.Julian Glover, Judy McIntosh, Christopher Ettridge - 2 photos and review), LABURNHAM GROVE/Watford (w.Sophie Thompson, Patsy Byrne, Bridget Turner, Julian Fellows, Trevor Peacock - 2 photos and review), AN INSPECTOR CALLS/Mold (w.Tom Baker, Charlotte Attenborough, Peter Baldwin, Simon Shepherd - 2 photos and review), JOHN BULL/Bristol (w.Joseph O'Conor, Niall Buggy - photo and review), TORPEDOES IN THE JACUZZI/Leeds Playhouse (w.Tony Marshall, Adrian McLoughlin, Sudhar Bhuchar - photo and review), THE HOLE IN THE TOP OF THE WORLDRichmond Orange Tree (review); Photos of Angela Down and Derek Jacobi in BREAKING THE CODE, Nigel Hawthorne in THE MAGISTRATE, Pauline Collins in WOMAN IN MIND, Carmen Munroe, Al Matthews in THE AMEN CORNER, Nick Woodeson in SARCOPHAGUS; Features on Regent's Park Open Air Theatre (w.3 photos), Dario Fo and Franca Rame (w.3 photos), Broadway Bound: Broadway transfers (w.4 photos: PYGMALION w.Amanda Plummer, Peter O'Toole; A MONTH OF SUNDAYS w.Salem Ludwig, Jason Robards; LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES w.Alan Rickman, Lindsay Duncan; LES MISERABLES w.Colm Wilkinson, Terrance Mann); Interview with Joanna Lumley (w.3 photos); Articles: Shakespeare On Record by Andrew Rissik, Director's Notes by Leon Rubin of the Bristol Old Vic (, USSR Critics Collective & Shakespeare at the Rustaveli, Barry Jackson and the Birmingham Rep (; West End, Greater London and Regional Theatre Guide, New Books, Sight and Sound etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; minor marks else VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1987: cover-Kenneth Branagh [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1987: cover-Vivien Rochester, Howard Ward and Jim Carter in THE BALCONY; Scenes from A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS/NT (w.Michael Gambon, Russell Dixon, John Arthur, Michael Simkins, Elizabeth Bell, Adrian Rawlins, Simon Cadell, Polly Adams - 4 photos and review), HAMLET and MISS JULIE/Royal Dramatic Theatre Stockholm at the National Theatre (w.Peter Stomare, Oscar Ljung, Borje Ahlstedt, Gunnel Lindblom, Marie Goranzon, directed by Ingmar Bergman - 4 photos and review), MELON/Haymarket (w.Alan Bates, Carole Nimmons, Sam Dastor, Jason Carter - 4 photos and review), BARTHOLOMEW FAIR/Regent's Park (w.Peter Bayliss, Peggy Mount, Christopher Biggins, Lynn Farleigh - 2 photos and review), ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD/Piccadilly (w.Mark Arden, Andrew Roberts, Stephen Frost - photo and review), EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOUR/Queen Elizabeth Hall (, JENKIN'S EAR/Royal Court (w.Robert Urquhart, Alfred Molina, Nickolas Grace - 2 photos and review), PAIN OF YOUTH/Gate, Notting Hill (w.Sylvia Rotter - photo and review), MY SISTER IN THIS HOUSE/Hampstead (w.Suzanna Hamilton, Maggie O'Neill - photo and review), UP ON THE ROOF/Apollo (w.Mark McGann, Gary Olsen, Michael Mueller, Beverley Hills, Felicity Montagu - 2 photos and review), THE PERFECT PARTY/Greenwich (, RELEEVO/Soho Poly (w.Jeff Rawle, Mary Jo Randle - photo and review), THE SLEEP/Riverside Studios (, YERMA/Dublin (w.Catherine Byrne - photo and review), PYGMALION/Dublin (w.Jane Brennan - photo and review), OEDIPUS/Royal Exchange (w.Eleanor Bron, Rohan McCullough, David Threlfall - 2 photos and review), ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/Contact Theatre (w.Claire Dow, Faith Tingle, Michele Wade - 2 photos and review), PORTRAITS/Torquay (w.Keith Michell, Richard Wordsworth, Pamela Lane, Simon Ward, Stephen Boxer - 4 photos and review), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/Edinburgh (w.Gerda Stevenson, Sarah Collier, Judy Sweeney, Andrew Dallmeyer, Garry Stewart - 3 photos and review), PLAYING WITH FIRE/Edinburgh (w.Simon Donald - photo and review), SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER/Liverpool (; Features on Franz Xaver Kroetz (w.3 photos), Back to The Balcony - Terry Hands on the RSC Jean Genet productions (w.3 photos), The 1987 Edinburgh Fringe (w.4 photos), Jack Buchanan (; Articles: Roger Sansom on Ryland's Records (the Argo Shakespeare LPs), Clare Venables of the Sheffield Crucible on Why Art Matters; Interviews with Nabil Shaban (, Mike Alfreds on The Wandering Jew/NT (w.3 photos); photos of Ian Richardson and David Jason in PORTERHOUSE BLUE/TV, Janet McTeer as MISS JULIE/TV, Natasha Richardson and Freddie Jones in GHOSTS/TV; West End, Greater London, and Regional Theatre Guides, New Books, Bergen Festival (w.2 photos), Sight and Sound etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1987: cover-Roger Allam and Harriet Walter in TWELFTH NIGHT; Scenes from FOLLIES (w.Daniel Massey, David Healy, Diana Rigg, Julia McKenzie - 4 photos and review), TWELFTH NIGHT/RSC (w.Bruce Alexander, Harriet Walter, Donald Sumpter, Richard Conway, Antony Sher, Deborah Findlay, David Bradley, Roger Allam - 4 photos and review), THE BALCONY/RSC (w.Gerard Murphy, Penny Ryder, Francesca Folan, Trevor Gordon, Tom Knight, Simon Cook, Joe Melia, Dilys Laye, Richard Moore, Jim Carter, Robert Demeger - 4 photos and review), FATHERS AND SONS/NT (w.Alec McCowen, Richard Pasco, Robert Glenister, Ralph Fiennes - 2 photos and review), THE JEW OF MALTA/RSC (w.Alun Armstrong - 3 photos and review), THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY?/Mermaid (w.Imelda Staunton - 2 photos and review), PUBLIC ENEMY/Lyric Hammersmith (w.Kenneth Branagh, Fabian Cartwright - 2 photos and review), THAT SUMMER/Hampstead (w.Oliver Cotton, Caroline Berry, Catherine Tregenna, Jessica Turner, Mick Ford - 2 photos and review), CORPSE!/Strand (w.Jack Watling, Colin Baker - photo and review), MEAN TEARS/NT (w.Bill Nighy, Emma Piper, Garry Cooper, Karl Johnson - 3 photos and review), THE ATTRACTIONS/Soho Poly (w.Saskia Reeves, Ivor Roberts - 2 photos and review), MYSTERY OF THE BLUE BOUQUETDonmar Warehouse (w.Gemma Jones, Brenda Bruce - 2 photos and review), THE BLUEBIRD OF UNHAPPINESS/Royal Exchange (w.Derek Griffiths, John Bennett, Trevor Peacock, Haydn Gwynne - 3 photos and review); photos of Sian Phillips, Dorothy Tutin and Eileen Atkins in THURSDAY'S LADIES, THE FIELD at the Abbey Dublin, the late Patience Collier, Malcolm Frederick, Chris Tummings and Victor Romero Evans in BLACK THEATRE SEASON at the Arts, Louise English and Karl Howman in ME AND MY GIRL, Julie Covington in BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS, A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS at the Olivier, THE EMPEROR at the Royal Court, DEATH OF A SOMEBODY at the Boulevard, Carol Woods in BLUES IN THE NIGHT, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS at Chichester, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR on Tour, JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT on Tour, HYDE PARK at the Swan/RSC, Colin Blakeley in SON OF MAN/TV, John Le Mesurier and Jack Hedley in TRAITOR/TV, Cindy Holden and Bill Paterson in LILY MY LOVE/TV; Features on Summer Visitors to Broadway (w.3 photos), Theater der Welt in Stuttgart (w.4 photos), LIFT 87 (w.4 photos), Fifty Years Ago ( of Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies and John Gielgud in HE WAS BORN GAY; Obituaries of Hermione Gingold (, Fred Astaire (, and Michael Bennett (; Interviews with Thelma Holt on LIFT 1987 and International Theatre 1987 (w.2 photos), Robin Gonshaw and Andrew Treagus on the re-opening of The Playhouse (w.2 photos), Eleanor Bron on her career and Infidelities (w.3 photos); Theatre Guide, New Books, Sight & Sound, Encore etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1987: cover-Jill Baker and Hugh Quarshie in THE GREAT WHITE HOPE; Scenes from THE GREAT WHITE HOPE/Mermaid (w.Hugh Quarshie, Jill Baker, Valerie Buchanan, Joseph Marcell - 4 photos and review), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/RSC (w.Fiona Shaw, Brian Cox, Derek Hutchinson, Piers Ibbotson, William Chubb, Alex Jennings, Felicity Dean, Alan Thompson, George Raistrick, Dennis Clinton, Bruce Alexander - 4 photos and review), THE WANDERING JEW/NT (w.Sylvestra Le Touzel, Maggie Wells - 3 photos and review), INFIDELITIES/Lyric Hammersmith (w.David Rintoul, Saskia Reeves, John Lynch, Eleanor Bron - 2 photos and review), BLESS THE BRIDE/Sadler's Wells (w.Jan Hartley, Gerald Harper, Una Stubbs - 2 photos and review), THURSDAY'S LADIES/Apollo (w.Eileen Atkins, Sian Phillips, Eleanor Bron - photo and review), THE STORM/RSC (w.Janet McTeer, Anna Patrick - 2 photos and review), TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA/Regent's Park (w.Noreen Leighton, Peter Doran, Tom Mannion - 2 photos and review), LIGHT UP THE SKY/Globe (w.Gwen Taylor - 2 photos and review), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Royalty (w.Wendy Hiller, Clive Francis, Denis Lawson - 2 photos and review), ROYAL BOROUGH/Royal Court (w.Julia Swift, Patti Love, Eamon Boland - photo and review), THE LIGHT OF DAY/Lyric Studio, Hammersmith (w.Nicola Pagett - photo and review), MARY ROSE/Greenwich (w.Amanda Waring, Patrick Pearson - photo and review), AS IS/Half Moon (w.David Fiedler, George Costigan - photo and review), CURTAINS/Hampstead (photo and review), DON CARLOS/Royal Exchange (w.Ian McDiarmid, Reece Dinsdale, Michael Grandage - 2 photos and review); Photos of Glynis Barber in AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, Michael Gambon in A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, Charlton Heston in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM at the RSC, Hilary Dawson and Bill Nighy in MEAN TEARS, Toyah Wilcox in THREE MEN ON A HORSE, Steven Pacey and Angela Richards in HIGH SOCIETY, Kenneth MacDonald as THE CHEEKIE CHAPPIE, MARY ROSE at Watford, Bosco Hogan in THE ROCKINGHAM SHOOT/TV, Jeanne Crowley in THE VENUS DE MILO INSTEAD/TV, Holly Aird and Denholm Elliott in THE HAPPY VALLEY/TV; Features on Willy Russell (w.2 photos), World Theatre Season in Edinburgh (w.9 photos), Cathleen Nesbitt (; Interviews with Juliet Stevenson (, Garry Hynes on the Druid Theatre Company (w.2 photos); West End, Greater London, and Regional Theatre Guide, New Books, Sight & Sound etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1987: cover-Michael Gambon in A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1987: cover-Maggie Smith in LETTICE AND LOVAGE/Globe; Scenes from LETTICE AND LOVAGE/Globe (Maggie Smith, Margaret Tyzack, Richard Pearson, 4 photos and review), GIRLFRIENDS/Playhouse (Tracey Halsey, Hazel O'Connor, David Easter, Caroline Mander, Fletcher Mathers - 4 photos and review), A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS/Savoy (Charlton Heston, Roy Kinnear, Adrienne Thomas - 2 photos and review), THE HYPOCHONDRIAC/Lyric Hammersmith (Tom Courtenay, Mary Maddox - 3 photos and review), ENTERTAINING STRANGERS/NT-Cottesloe (Judi Dench, Tim Pigott-Smith - 3 photos and review), SEPARATION/Hampstead (Saskia Reeves, David Suchet - photo and review), CONVERSATIONS ON A HOMECOMING/Donmar Warehouse (Sean McGinley, Marie Mullen - 3 photos and review), A DOLL'S HOUSE/Manchester Royal Exchange (Brenda Blethyn, David Horovitch, David Allister - 3 photos and review), JOAN OF ARC/Glasgow Citizens' (Charon Bourke, Ian Reddington - 2 photos and review), LAST SUMMER IN CHULIMSK/Nuffield, Southampton (Roy Marsden, Francesca Buller - 2 photos and review); Major feature on Dame Peggy Ashcroft (w.10 magnificent photos); Other features on Alec McCowen and John Alderton rehearsing for WAITING FOR GODOT/NT (, John Wood and his children's plays (w.2 photos), Christopher Fry (w.3 photos), and Richard Goolden; Theatre guide to the West End, Greater London, the Regions, Northern Ireland, Eire, Scotland, and Wales; Small photos of THE WAY TO GO HOME (Paines Plough at the Royal Court Upstairs), Ian Albery, Jonathan Moore, Sylvester McCoy (in THE PIED PIPER), Hinge and Bracket (in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Whitehall), David Wood's THE GINGERBREAD MAN/Chelmsford Civic, Janet McTeer, Paul Scofield, Diana Louise Jordan, Angela Wynter and Gary MacDonald, Norman Beaton and Rudolph Walker; Survey of recent TV and Radio plays; Guide to the Drama Schools; book reviews etc. [48pp, 8.25x11.7; photos, biographies, articles; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1988: cover-Jonathan Miller, Artistic Director of the Old Vic [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1988: cover-Gemma Craven in SOUTH PACIFIC [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1988: cover-John Gielgud in THE BEST OF FRIENDS; Scenes from Racine's ANDROMACHE/Old Vic (w.Janet Suzman, Penelope Wilton, Peter Eyre, Kevin McNally - 3 photos and review), CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF/NT (w.Lindsay Duncan, Ian Charleson, Eric Porter, Paul Jesson, Barbara Leigh Hunt, Alison Steadman, Henry Goodman, Colin Jeavons - 4 photos and review), SOUTH PACIFIC/Prince of Wales (w.Gemma Craven, Bertice Reading, Emile Belcourt - 4 photos and review), SHIRLEY VALENTINE/Vaudeville (w.Pauline Collins - 2 photos and review), NANA/Mermaid (w.Belinda Davison - 2 photos and review), EASY VIRTUE/King's Head (w.Jane How, Eric Carte - photo and review), THE FILM SOCIETY/Hampstead (w.James Aubrey, Margery Mason, Denis Lawson - 2 photos and review), HAMLET and THE COMEDY OF ERRORS/RSC on Tour (w.Philip Franks, Maggie Steed - 3 photos and review), THE VORTEX/Citizens, Glasgow (w.Rupert Everett, Maria Aitken - photo and review), THE PARK/Sheffield Crucible (w.Crispin Redman, Cecily Hobbs - 2 photos and review); Review of BLACK HEROES IN THE HALL OF FAME/Astoria; Photos of Lindsay Duncan, Howard Barker, Denis Lawson, Pauline Collins, Dan Hildebrand, Max Stafford-Clark, Anthony Quayle; Features on Tom Stoppard (interview with Peter Wood w.4 photos), Howard Barker on theatre and the imagination (w.4 photos: Howard Barker, Julie Covington and Nigel Terry in VICTORY/Royal Court, Paul Freeman in CRIMES IN HOT COUNTRIES/RSC at the Barbican, Harriet Walter in THE CASTLE/RSC at the Barbican), Motley Theatre Design Course and Margaret ("Percy") Harris (w.3 photos), Contact Theatre Company (w.7 photos), Sean O'Casey (w.3 photos), Giles Croft on the Gate Theatre, Notting Hill (w.2 photos), Little Tich; Report from Broadway (w.3 photos: Lally Cadeau and Patrick Hogan in TAMARA/Off Broadway, Joan Allen and John Malkovich in BURN THIS, Kenneth Welsh and Kathy Bates in FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE IN THE CLAIR DE LUNE); Billboard - Openings (w.4 photos: Ruth Madoc and Kathryn Evans in NITE CLUB CONFIDENTIAL/Playhouse, Hildegard Neil and Daryl Back in THE MIRACLE WORKER/Westminster, Jonathan Kent and Ian McDiarmid in CREDITORS/TV, Isla Blair and Caroline Blakiston in SUITE IN TWO KEYS/Yvonne Arnaud); Results of the 1987 Olivier Awards; Theatre Guide: West End, Greater London, Regional, Northern Ireland, Eire, Scotland, Wales (w.8 photos); European Report (w.3 photos); Sight and Sound: The Play On One, Screen Two, Talking Theatre and THE EMPEROR (w.4 photos) etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1988: cover-Rupert Graves and Suzan Sylvester in 'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/May 1988: cover-David Harewood and Georgia Slowe in ROMEO AND JULIET [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1988: cover-Sir Peter Hall [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1988: cover-Jonathan Pryce in UNCLE VANYA [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1988: cover-Kiki Dee in BLOOD BROTHERS [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1988: cover-Rex Harrison and Edward Fox in THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1988: cover-Penny Downie and Ralph Fiennes in HENRY VI [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Nov+Dec 1988: cover-Donna McKechnie in CAN-CAN [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1989: cover-Jos Houben and Annabel Arden in THE PHANTOM VIOLIN [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1989: cover-Vanessa Redgrave in ORPHEUS DESCENDING [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1989: cover-Barry Stanton in THE WARS OF THE ROSES [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1989: cover-Jane Galloway and Eleanor Summerfield in THE WAY OF THE WORLD [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/May 1989: cover-Liz Robertson and Ron Moody in SHERLOCK HOLMES THE MUSICAL; Scenes from BED/National (photo and review), METROPOLIS (w.Jonathan Adams, Judy Kuhn, Brian Blessed - 3 photos and review), STEEL MAGNOLIAS/Lyric (w.Jean Boht, Janine Duvitski - photo and review), THE HOBBIT/Lyric Hammersmith (photo and review), POOR NANNY/King's Head (w.Jill Bennett, Susie Blake - photo and review), RED IS THE COLOUR OF NIGHT/Half Moon (w.Helen Griffin - photo and review), FORBIDDEN BROADWAY: The West End Edition/Fortune (photo and review), WILLIAM TELL/Sheffield (w.Neil Morrissey, Peter Kelly - 2 photos and review), COME AND MAKE EYES AT ME/Old Red Lion (w.Janet Amsden - photo and review), HAMLET/National (w.Daniel Day-Lewis, Stella Gonet - 2 photos and review), KING LEAR/Old Vic (w.Eric Porter - photo and review), MY MOTHER SAID I NEVER SHOULD/Royal Court (w.Shirley Henderson, Elizabeth Bradley - photo and review); Photos of Michael Bryant, Sheila Reid, Peter Bayliss, Judi Dench, Duncan Bell in THE TEMPEST/RSC, Tony Gouveia in MASS CARIB/Brighton Festival, Graham Crowden in BED/National, Mavourneen Bryceland and Inez Thorn in SALT RIVER/Brighton Festival, Judi Dench, Ronald Pickup and Frances Barber in BEHAVING BADLY/Channel 4, Joely Richardson in BEHAVING BADLY/Channel 4, David Hare; Features on Player of the Month: Fiona Shaw (, Lindsay Posner and Cheek By Jowl (w.3 photos), Nicholas Hytner's debut production at the National Theatre: GHETTO (w.4 photos), Saskia Reeves (w.3 photos), Gordon McVay on IVANOV (w.3 photos), Sam Mendes and the new Minerva Theatre at Chichester (w.5 photos), reviews etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1989: cover-Alexis Merkuschev in DEREVO [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1989: cover-Elaine Paige in ANYTHING GOES [52pp, 8.25x11.7; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1989: cover-Jack Lemmon, Michael Gambon and Robert Flemyng in VETERAN'S DAY [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1989: cover-Claire Hirsch and Denise Black in THE ART OF SUCCESS [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1989+Jan 1990: cover-Pierrot Pillot Bideon and Biker in ARCHAOS [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

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