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PLAYS AND PLAYERS Magazines: 1970s


P&P/Jan 1970: cover-Edward Woodward in THE WHITE DEVIL; Scenes from INSIDE OUT (Nigel Hawthorne, Bill Owen), ANYTHING GOES (Valerie Verdon, James Kenney), PHIL THE FLUTER (Stanley Baxter, Evelyn Laye, Mark Wynter), THE WHITE DEVIL/NT (Geraldine McEwan, Edward Woodward, Derek Godfrey, John Moffatt, Edward Petherbridge), HIS, HERS AND THEIRS (Gladys Cooper, Simon Williams), THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY/RSC (Alan Howard, Ian Richardson, Patrick Stewart); Report from New York; Plays and Players 1969 Awards; Interviews with Frank Dunlop, Christopher Morley, Sebastian Shaw, Michael Aldridge etc.; texts of OVER GARDENS OUT and THE SLEEPER'S DEN by Peter Gill [80pp, 8.4x10.9; name on cover, else VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1970: cover-Warren Clarke and Tom Chadbon in INSIDEOUT at the Royal Court [80pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1970: cover-Paul Scofield in UNCLE VANYA; Scenes from AFTER HAGGERTY/RSC (Frank Finlay, David Wood, Billie Dixon, Leslie Sands), GIRLFRIEND (John Standing, Michel des Barres, Margaret Leighton, Alan MacNaughton), SLEUTH (Anthony Quayle, Keith Baxter), THE APPLE CART (John Neville, Carmen Munroe, Maurice Denham), UNCLE VANYA (Paul Scofield, Colin Blakely, Elizabeth Bell, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies), BEST OF FRIENDS (Siobhan McKenna, Nigel Patrick); Interviews with Patrick Robertson, Peter Nichols and Ronald Eyre; Report from New York; World Theatre Season 1970 (pt.1) etc.; text of THREE MONTHS GONE by Donald Howarth [80pp, 8.4x10.9; name on cover, else VG] £5

P&P/May 1970: cover-Sheila Reid and Maggie Smith in THE BEAUX' STRATAGEM [80pp, 8.5x11; name on cover, else VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1970: cover-Laurence Olivier in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE [80pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1970: cover-Sarah Miles and Eileen Atkins (VIVAT! VIVAT REGINA!); Scenes from HAMLET/RSC (Alan Howard, David Waller, Brenda Bruce, Sebastian Shaw, Helen Mirren, Christopher Gable), THE SEAGULL (Moscow Art Theatre), POOR HORACE (John Woodvine), VIVAT! VIVAT REGINA!/Chichester (Sarah Miles, Eileen Atkins, Richard Pearson), PEER GYNT/Chichester (Roy Dotrice), I NEVER SANG FOR MY FATHER (Raymond Massey, George Baker), ABELARD AND HELOISE (Diana Rigg, Keith Michell, Timothy West), SING A RUDE SONG (Barbara Windsor, Denis Quilley); Interviews with Tom Stoppard, Peter Hall, Julia Foster and Nicola Pagett; Feature on Julia Trevelyan Oman; Report from New York etc.; text of FIND YOUR WAY HOME by John Hopkins [80pp, 8.5x11; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

P&P/Aug 1970: cover-Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud in HOME; Scenes from HEDDA GABLER/NT (Maggie Smith, Robert Stephens, Jeremy Brett, John Moffatt), MY DARLING DAISY (Coral Browne), LADY FREDERICK (Margaret Lockwood), 1776 (Ronald Radd, Lewis Fiander, Cheryl Kennedy), THE TEMPEST/Mermaid (Graham Crowden, Angela Pleasence), HOME (John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Mona Washbourne, Dandy Nichols), LONDON ASSURANCE/RSC (Judi Dench, Donald Sinden, Elizabeth Spriggs, Michael Williams); Feature on Edward Bond; Interviews with David Jones, Derek Jacobi, Norman Rodway and Josef Svoboda; Report from New York etc.; text of HOME by David Storey [80pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1970: cover-OH! CALCUTTA; Scenes from THE IDIOT (Derek Jacobi, Diane Cilento), TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA/RSC (Ian Richardson, Peter Egan, Helen Mirren, Estelle Kohler, Patrick Stewart), ARMS AND THE MAN/Chichester (Sarah Badel, John Standing, James Warwick), THE ALCHEMIST/Chichester (John Standing, Dora Bryan), THE TWO OF US (Richard Briers, Lynn Redgrave), THE PLEBIANS AND THE UPRISING/RSC (Emrys James, Peggy Ashcroft), BLITHE SPIRIT (Patrick Cargill, Amanda Reiss, Phyllis Calvert, Beryl Reid), OH! CALCUTTA (Richard Monette, Brenda Arnau, Margo Sappington); Feature on Peter Terson; Interviews with Trevor Nunn, Jim Dale, Derek Smith and Jocelyn Herbert; Report from New York ( of THE DIRTIEST SHOW IN TOWN) etc.; text of MR.KILT AND THE GREAT I AM by Kenneth Ross [88pp, 8.4x10.9; name on cover, else VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1970: cover-Robert Morley in HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES; Scenes from COUNCIL OF LOVE (Warren Mitchell, Peter Bayliss, Lally Bowers), SAINT JOAN (Angela Pleasence, John Tordoff), THE PHILANTHROPIST (Alec McCowen, Jane Asher, Charles Gray, Dinsdale Landen, Penelope Wilton), A YARD OF SUN (Frank Middlemass, John Shrapnel, Cherith Mellor), SPRING-HEELED JACK (Ian Redford), HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES (Robert Morley, Joan Tetzel, Donald Burton, Heather Sears), MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/Prospect (John Neville, Sylvia Sims), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/RSC (Alan Howard, Sara Kestelman, David Waller, Ben Kingsley, Frances de la Tour, Christopher Gable, John Kane), TWELFTH NIGHT/RSC (Judi Dench, Donald Sinden, Emrys James, Elizabeth Spriggs, Barry Ingham, Richard Pasco); Feature on Joe Orton (; Interviews with Peter Brook, Zoe Caldwell and Richard Pilbrow etc.; text of THE FRIENDS by Arnold Wesker [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1970: cover-Zoe Caldwell in A BEQUEST TO THE NATION; Scenes from THE JOCKEY CLUB STAKES (Alastair Sim, Robert Coote, Julia Lockwood), TEA PARTY and THE BASEMENT (Donald Pleasence, Barry Foster, Vivien Merchant, Gabrielle Drake), CANCER (Martin Shaw, Al Mancini, Ann Way), A BEQUEST TO THE NATION (Ian Holm, Zoe Caldwell, Brian Glover); Feature on Charles Wood; Interview with Oliver Smith; Rehearsal Log for LULU at the Nottingham Playhouse; "To strip or not to strip?"; New York Report etc.; text of SPRING-HEELED JACK by Peter Terson [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1971: cover-OH! CALCUTTA, Maggie Smith in HEDDA GABLER, Ian Richardson and Peter Egan in TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA, John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson in HOME, Alan Howard in HAMLET; Scenes from THE WILD DUCK (Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Hayley Mills), A VOYAGE ROUND MY FATHER (Mark Dignam, David Wood), EXILES (John Wood, Vivien Merchant, Timothy West), BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE (Keir Dullea, Barbara Ferris), WHEN WE ARE MARRIED (Peggy Mount, Freda Jackson, Fred Emney, Frank Thornton), AC/DC (Sheila Scott Wilkinson, Victor Henry); Plays and Players 1970 Awards; Feature on New Dramatists; Report from New York (Danny Kaye in TWO BY TWO) etc.; text of A BEQUEST TO THE NATION by Terence Rattigan [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1971: cover-Coral Browne and Sarah Badel in MRS.WARREN'S PROFESSION; Scenes from LULU (Julia Foster, Sheila Ballantine), CATCH MY SOUL (Jack Good), TONIGHT AT EIGHT (Millicent Martin, Gary Bond), THE HIGH BID (Eartha Kitt), MRS.WARREN'S PROFESSION/NT (Coral Browne, Sarah Badel, Ronald Pickup, Bill Fraser); A Pride of Hamlets (Alan Bates, Richard Chamberlain, Alan Howard, Peter McEnery); Feature on Young Theatre Designers (including William Dudley, Di Seymour); New British Dramatists; New York Report etc.; text of A VOYAGE ROUND MY FATHER by John Mortimer [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1971: cover-Alan Badel in KEAN; Scenes from THE ARCHITECT AND THE EMPEROR OF ASSYRIA/NT (Anthony Hopkins, Jim Dale), MEETING AT NIGHT (Wilfred Hyde White, Renee Houston), THE DUCHESS OF MALFI (Judy Parfitt, Victor Henry), KEAN (Alan Badel, Felicity Kendal, Philip Voss), HAMLET (Alan Bates); New British Drama; Feature on the Shaw Theatre and the Young Vic; Feature on Gladys Cooper (4 photographs); World Theatre Season 1971; Peter Gill on his production of THE DUCHESS OF MALFI; New York Report; Max Stafford-Clark on Stanley Eveling etc.; text of OH STARLINGS! and SWEET ALICE by Stanley Eveling [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1971: cover-Ingrid Bergman in CAPTAIN BRASSBOUND'S CONVERSION; Scenes from SPOILED(Simon Ward, Jeremy Kemp, Anna Massey), MISTER(Freddie Jones, Esmond Knight), AFTER HAGGERTY(Frank Finlay, David Wood, Billie Whitelaw, Leslie Sands), CAPTAIN BRASSBOUND'S CONVERSION (Ingrid Bergman, Joss Ackland, Kenneth Williams), MAN IS MAN (Henry Woolf, Trevor Peacock, Bob Hosking, Oliver Cotton, Georgia Brown); Rehearsal Diary for William Gaskill's production of MAN IS MAN; Interview with Jean-Louis Barrault; Feature on Edith Evans (w.3 photos); Martin Esslin on New Writing in Germany; Discussion with 13 Trainee Directors; Report from New York etc.; text of ELLEN by Peter Ransley [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/May 1971: cover-Paul Scofield in THE CAPTAIN OF KOPENICK; Scenes from THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/RSC (Judi Dench, Emrys James, Michael Williams), RABELAIS (Joe Melia, Bernard Bresslaw), MOVE OVER MRS.MARKHAM (Moira Lister, Cicely Courtneidge, Tony Britton), CHILD'S PLAY (Laurence Harvey, Rupert Davies), THE CAPTAIN OF KOPENICK/NT (Paul Scofield, Jim Dale, Bill Fraser, John Moffatt); John Dexter rehearses A WOMAN KILLED WITH KINDNESS (Anthony Hopkins, Joan Plowright); Martin Esslin on New Writing in Austria; World Theatre Season 1971; Feature on Anna Neagle (w.4 photos); Report from New York; The Dublin Theatre Festival etc.; text of THE PATRICK PEARSE MOTEL by Hugh Leonard [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1971: cover-Anton Rogers in FORGET-ME-NOT-LANE; Scenes from A WOMAN KILLED WITH KINDNESS/NT (Anthony Hopkins, Joan Plowright), FORGET-ME-NOT-LANE (Anton Rogers, Joan Hickson, Michael Bates), ONE AT NIGHT (Roy Dotrice, France Cuka), THE RIVALS (John Clements, Margaret Leighton, Peter Egan, Clive Swift, Edward Fox), THE CHALK GARDEN (Joan Greenwood, Gladys Cooper); Tom Eyen on THE DIRTIEST SHOW IN TOWN; Feature on Flora Robson (w.6 photos); Interview with Bob Hoskins and John Grillo; Martin Esslin on New Writing in France (pt.1); Report from New York (photos of Sondheim's FOLLIES and Jessica Tandy in ALL OVER) etc.; text of PASSION by Edward Bond and DISABLED by Peter Ransley [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1971: cover-Colin Blakely in OLD TIMES; Scenes from OLD TIMES/RSC (Colin Blakely, Dorothy Tutin, Vivien Merchant), SLAG (Lynn Redgrave, Barbara Ferris, Anna Massey), CORIOLANUS/NT (Anthony Hopkins, Constance Cummings, Anna Carteret), THE DIRTIEST SHOW IN TOWN (Madeleine Le Roux), MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/RSC (Derek Godfrey, Elizabeth Spriggs, Roger Rees, Richard Pasco), DEAR ANTOINE/Chichester (John Clements, Edith Evans, Joyce Redman, Peter Egan); Feature on Sybil Thorndike (w.4 photos); Martin Esslin on New Writing in France (pt.2); Last Interview with Tyrone Guthrie; Interview with Colin Blakely; New York Report etc.; text of THE SAMARITAN by Peter Terson [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1971: cover-John Gielgud in CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA [88pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1971: cover-Ralph Richardson in WEST OF SUEZ, Michael Redgrave in THE OLD BOYS, John Gielgud in CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA, Alec Guinness in A VOYAGE ROUND MY FATHER [88pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1971: cover-Jill Bennett in WEST OF SUEZ; Scenes from HAMLET (Ian McKellen, John Woodvine, Susan Fleetwood, Faith Brook), DANTON'S DEATH/NT (Christopher Plummer, Anna Carteret, Ronald Pickup, Charles Kay), JUMP!! (Warren Mitchell, Sheila Steafel), A VOYAGE ROUND MY FATHER (Alec Guinness, Jeremy Brett, Nicola Pagett), WEST OF SUEZ (Ralph Richardson, Jill Bennett, Nigel Hawthorne, Penelope Wilton, Sheila Ballantine); John Russell Taylor on Farce; Martin Esslin on New Writing in Europe; Feature on Projections; Report from New York; The Edinburgh Featival (photos of Timothy West as KING LEAR and Frank Hauser's production of THE COMEDY OF ERRORS etc.; text of THE CRITIC AS ARTIST by Oscar Wilde/Charles Marowitz [80pp, 8.5x11; name on cover, else VG] £4

P&P/Nov 1971: cover-John Wood and Alan Howard in MAN OF MODE; Scenes from DON'T JUST LIE THERE (Alfred Marks, Joanna Lumley, Brian Rix, Leo Franklyn), BIG BAD MOUSE (Eric Sykes, Jimmy Edwards), BELGIAN NATIONAL THEATRE (Anne Marev, Andre Debaar), OTHELLO/RSC (Brewster Mason, Lisa Harrow, Emrys James, Roger Rees), OTHELLO/Mermaid (Bruce Purchase, Sarah Stephenson, Bernard Miles), MAN OF MODE/RSC (Alan Howard, John Wood, Helen Mirren, Vivien Merchant, Frances de la Tour, Brenda Bruce, Julian Glover), LEAR (Harry Andrews, Mark McManus, Oliver Cotton); Interview with Terry Hands and Timothy O'Brien; Harry Andrews on Edward Bond's King Lear; David Hare and Howard Brenton on LAY BY etc.; text of LAY BY by Howard Brenton, Brian Clark, Trevor Griffiths, David Hare, Steven Poliakoff, Hugh Stoddart and Snoo Wilson [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1971: cover-Kenneth More and Mona Washbourne in GETTING ON; complete text of CATO STREET [92pp, 8.5x11; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1972: cover-The Critics' Survey 1971; Scenes from GODSPELL (David Essex, Marti Webb), THE BALCONY/RSC (Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, T P McKenna, Frances de la Tour, Clement McCallin), THE CHANGING ROOM (Paul Dawkins, John Barrett, John Price, David Schofield, Warren Clarke); Interview with Constance Cummings, Joan Hickson, Gwen Nelson and Mona Washbourne; Cecil Beaton on Irene Worth; Interview with John Dexter and William Dudley; Plays and Players 1971 Awards voted for by the London Theatre Critics; text of GETTING ON by Alan Bennett [92pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1972: cover-Albert Finney in ALPHA BETA; Scenes from COMPANY (Larry Kert, Elaine Stritch, Beth Howland, Steve Elmore), ALL OVER/RSC (Peggy Ashcroft, Angela Lansbury, David Waller, Sheila Hancock, Sebastian Shaw), ALPHA BETA (Albert Finney, Rachel Roberts); Interviews with Hal Prince and Boris Aronson, Nancy Meckler and Pip Simmons, Jill Bennett, Diana Rigg and Rachel Roberts; Cecil Beaton on Fenella Fielding etc.; text of BUT FRED FREUD IS DEAD by Peter Terson [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1972: cover-John Gielgud and John Mills in VETERANS; Scenes from VETERANS (John Gielgud, John Mills, Bob Hoskins, Gordon Jackson, James Bolam), JUMPERS (Michael Hordern, Diana Rigg, Graham Crowden), THE CARETAKER (John Hurt, Leonard Rossiter, Jeremy Kemp), THE GREAT EXHIBITION (David Warner, Penelope Wilton), THE THREEPENNY OPERA (Joe Melia, Vanessa Redgrave, Hermione Baddeley, Annie Ross, Barbara Windsor); Interviews with Naftali Yavin, Giles Havergal and Philip Prowse, Trevor Griffiths; World Theatre Season 1972 Pt.1; Cecil Beaton on Isabel Jeans etc.; text of SAM, SAM by Trevor Griffiths [88pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/May 1972: cover-Ronald Pickup and Denis Quilley in RICHARD II; Scenes from NOTES ON A LOVE AFFAIR (Irene Worth, Julia Foster, Nigel Davenport), RICHARD II/NT (Ronald Pickup, Denis Quilley, John Shrapnel, Anna Carteret); Max Stafford-Clark on the Traverse Workshop Company; Interview with Kenneth More, Denis Quilley and David Warner; Interview with Joe Layton and Emile Littler; Interview with Michael Redgrave; World Theatre Season 1972 Pt.2; Cecil Beaton on Alan Webb; 'Green Room' article by Alan Bennett etc.; text of THE GREAT EXHIBITION by David Hare [88pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1972: cover-David Warner in I CLAUDIUS; Scenes from THE FRONT PAGE (Denis Quilley, Maureen Lipman, Anna Carteret), JOURNEY'S END (Peter Egan, James Maxwell, Christopher Hancock, Harry Landis), TOM BROWN'S SCHOOLDAYS (Roy Dotrice, Leon Greene, Christopher Guard, Keith Chegwin), JULIUS CAESAR/RSC (Mark Dignam, Richard Johnson, John Wood, Patrick Stewart), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/NT (Paul Curran, Ronald Pickup, Louise Purnell, Sheila Burrell), THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA/Chichester (Robin Phillips, Joan Plowright, Michael Aldridge, John Clements, John Neville), TWELFTH NIGHT (Vanessa Redgrave, John Turner, Nyree Dawn Porter), THE POSSESSED (Wojciech Pszoniak, Jan Nowicki), CRETE AND SERGEANT PEPPER (Bill Maynard, James Hazeldine); Article by John Bowen; Feature (with 6 photos) on Joan Littlewood; Interview with Bill Maynard and Peter Egan; Interview with Michael Blakemore; Report from New York; Interview (with 6 photos) with Coral Browne etc.; text of NOTES ON A LOVE AFFAIR by Frank Marcus [84pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1972: cover-Judy Geeson and Rudolph Walker in AN OTHELLO; Scenes from THE FRONT PAGE/NT (w.Gawn Grainger, John Shrapnel, David Ryall, James Hayes, Allan Mitchell, David Bradley, Alan MacNaughtan, Anna Carteret, Denis Quilley, Paul Curran, Maureen Lipman - 5 photos and review), HEDDA GABLER/Royal Court (w.Jill Bennett, Brian Cox, Barbara Ferris - 3 photos and review), AN OTHELLO/Open Space (w.Anton Phillips, Rudolph Walker, Judy Geeson - 2 photos and review), TRELAWNY/Bristol Old Vic at Sadler's Wells (w.Teddy Green, David Morton, Veronica Clifford, Roy Skelton, Gemma Craven - 3 photos and review), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/RSC (w.Emrys James, Lynn Dearth, Susan Fleetwood, Marion Lines, Peter Geddis, Gordon Gostelow, Alison Fiske, Fortes Collins - 5 photos and review), THE LOWER DEPTHS/RSC (w.Peter Woodthorpe, Mike Pratt, Gordon Gostelow, Tony Church, Lisa Harrow, Alison Fiske - 3 photos and review), LLOYD GEORGE KNEW MY FATHER/Savoy (w.Peggy Ashcroft, Ralph Richardson, James Grout, Janet Henfrey, John Barrett, David Stoll, Suzan Farmer, Simon Cadell - 4 photos and review), THE TAMING OF THE SHREW/Chichester (w.Anthony Hopkins, Joan Plowright - 3 photos and review), THE COMEDY OF ERRORS/RSC (w.John Wood, Edwina Ford - photo and review); Reviews of PO' MISS JULIE/Hampstead, SHADOW OF A GUNMAN/Young Vic, THE MATING GAME/Apollo; Photos of Warren Clarke and Freda Jackson in I CLAUDIUS/Queen's, John Mortimer, THE DIRTIEST SHOW IN TOWN/Duchess, David Essex in GODSPELL, SMILIN' THROUGH/Prince of Wales, John Fraser and Marius Goring in SLEUTH/St.Martin's, Marcel Marceau, THE LIQUID THEATRE, Janet Suzman and Richard Johnson in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/RSC, Patrick Stewart in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/RSC, Michael Irving in WILL WAT? IF NOT, WAT WILL?/Half Moon; Articles: A view from the backroom by Ronald Bryden (, Talking about I CLAUDIUS (interviews with Tony Richardson, John Mortimer, David Warner, Bill Dudley and Sue Plummer - 5 photos), With an accent on the present (interview with Richard Chamberlain - 5 photos), SUPERSHOW! (short playlet by Margaret Tierney featuring Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jim Sharman and Paul Nicholas as Christ - 3 photos), The spirit of 57 lives on (Kevin McCormick on the theatre of peace, love and innocence - 4 photos), Interview with Simon Gray, author of BUTLEY (, Shakespeare For The Birds (Alex Stuart on THE TEMPEST/Regent's Park); Reports from New York (w.4 photos: Salome Jens, Paul Hect and Bernard Kates in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA, and Frankie Faison with Carl Taylot and Dean Irby in ANDREW), Germany ( THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY/Hamburg Schauspielhaus), Salzburg, and Scotland ( of Alan Howard); Media Report, Books, Scripts ( of Tom Stoppard); complete text of BUTLEY by Simon Gray (w.3 photos) etc. [68pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1972: cover-Paul Nicholas in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR; Scenes from THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING (Richard Chamberlain, Anna Calder-Marshall), I CLAUDIUS (David Warner, Sara Kestelmen, Freda Jackson), COWARDY CUSTARD (Patricia Routledge, John Moffatt, Derek Waring), MARY ROSE (Mia Farrow, Ralph Bates), THE TOOTH OF CRIME (Petronella Ford); Interviews with Jill Bennett, Trevor Nunn and Christopher Morley (w.5 photos), Alan Ayckbourn, and Timothy Dalton; Feature on The Actors' Company; New York Report, incl. Stacy Keach in HAMLET etc.; text of I CLAUDIUS by Robert Graves/John Mortimer [92pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1972: cover-Richard Pasco in MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL; Scenes from JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Paul Nicholas, Dana Gillespie, Paul Jabara), JULIUS CAESAR (Richard Beale, Susan Sheers), HAMLET (Keith Michell, Donald Houston, Ron Moody), TIME AND TIME AGAIN (Tom Courtenay, Bridget Turner), ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/RSC (Janet Suzman, Richard Johnson, Corin Redgrave, Ian Hogg), MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL/RSC (Richard Pasco, Brewster Mason), ZIGGER ZAGGER (National Youth Theatre), THE FINEST FAMILY (Maxwell Shaw, Clare Sutcliffe), POPKISS (Daniel Massey, John Standing, Patricia Hodge), CARAVAGGIO, BUDDY/Edinburgh (Ian Holm), TAMBURLAINE THE GREAT/Citizen's (Rupert Fraser), JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT/Edinburgh (Gary Bond); Photographic feature on Deborah Kerr, Alec McCowen, Paul Jabara, Gary Bond; Article by E.A.Whitehead; Feature on Charles Marowitz; The Black Actor in Britain; Feature on Inter-Action at the Almost Free; Interview with Richard Pasco (w.6 photos); John Dexter on his production of THE OLD ONES; Report from New York; Report from the Edinburgh Festival etc.; text of THE OLD ONES by Arnold Wesker [84pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1972: cover-Lauren Bacall in APPLAUSE; Scenes from MACBETH/NT (Anthony Hopkins, Diana Rigg), PIPPIN (John Rubinstein), TITUS ANDRONICUS/RSC (Colin Blakely, Ian Hogg, Janet Suzman, John Wood, Margaret Tyzack), CROWN MATRIMONIAL (Wendy Hiller, Peter Barkworth, Andrew Ray), 'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE (Ian McKellen, Felicity Kendal), THE THREE ARROWS (Caroline Blakiston), RULING THE ROOST (Ian McKellen, Sheila Reid), I AND ALBERT (Polly James, Sven-Bertil Tauble, Aubrey Woods), A PAGAN PLACE (Avril Elgar, Dave Allen, Brenda Fricker), HULLA BALOO (Rodgers and Starr); Clive Barnes on The First Night; Arnold Wesker on critics; Interview with Tennessee Williams; Feature on Charles Strouse and Lee Adams; Feature on American Producers; Interview with Joseph Papp; New York's 1972-73 Season; Black Theatre and Street Theatre; Interview with Robert Brustein and John Lahr; Feature on The Actors' Company etc.; text of THE EFFECT OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-IN-THE-MOON MARIGOLDS by Paul Zindel [92pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1973: cover-Gary Bond in JOSEPH AND HIS AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT; Scenes from THE ISLAND OF THE MIGHTY/RSC (Estelle Kohler, Patrick Allen), HAIR, OH! CALCUTTA!, THE DIRTIEST SHOW IN TOWN, MACBETH/NT (Anthony Hopkins, Diana Rigg, Denis Quilley), THE EFFECT OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-IN-THE-MOON MARIGOLDS (Sheila Hancock), APPLAUSE (Lauren Bacall), JOSEPH AND HIS AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT (Gary Bond), BEHIND THE FRIDGE (Peter Cook, Dudley Moore), The life-show of Jerome Savary etc.; Plays and Players 1972 Awards of the winners (including Laurence Olivier, Constance Cummings, Stephen Sondheim); Interviews with John Lahr, Gary Bond, John Arden and Peter Ustinov; text of OWNERS by Caryl Churchill [80pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1973: cover-Albert Finney in KRAPP'S LAST TAPE; Scenes from THE ISLAND OF THE MIGHTY/RSC (Emrys James, Richard Pasco, Estelle Kohler, Roger Rees, Heather Canning, Susan Fleetwood, Beatrix Lehmann), THE GOOD OLD BAD OLD DAYS (Anthony Newley), A SENSE OF DETACHMENT (Rachel Kempson, Nigel Hawthorne), MY FAT FRIEND (Kenneth Williams) etc.; interviews with Robin Philips, Elaine Stritch, Brian Rix, David Jones (on THE ISLAND OF THE MIGHTY); report from New York (photo of Hume Cronyn in KRAPP'S LAST TAPE); text of THE ISLAND OF THE MIGHTY Parts 1 & 2 by John Arden & Margaretta D'Arcy [92pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1973: cover-Elaine Stritch in SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS; Scenes from KRAPP'S LAST TAPE and NOT I (Albert Finney, Billie Whitelaw), THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER AND HIS WIFE(Peter Ustinov, Miles Anderson), SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS (Elaine Stritch), THREE SISTERS (Gwen Watford, Mia Farrow); Obituary of Max Adrian; Interviews with Claire Bloom (on A DOLL'S HOUSE), Jane Howell (Regional Theatre), Simon Ward, and Stomu Yamash'ta (Red Buddha Company) etc.; text of THE ISLAND OF THE MIGHTY Part 3 by John Arden & Margaretta D'Arcy [92pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1973: cover-Belgian Company at the WORLD THEATRE SEASON; Scenes from THE MISANTHROPE (Alec McCowen, Diana Rigg, Gillian Barge), A DOLL'S HOUSE (Claire Bloom, Colin Blakely), KASPAR (Henry Woolf), KOHLHAAS (Richard Moore), MISTRESS OF THE NOVICES (Barbara Jefford, Rita Tushingham), A PRIVATE MATTER (Alastair Sim), THE FREEDOM OF THE CITY (Stephen Rea); Interviews with Peter Daubeny, Alec McCowen, William Gaskill, Keith Hack, Tony Harrison, Tom Stoppard, Vivian Matalon, Geoffrey Reeves; Article (w.11 photos) on 10 Years of the World Theatre Season; Terry Hands on directing RICHARD III at the Comedie Francaise; Jack Shepherd as DRACULA; Theatre in Poland etc.; text of SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS by Tennessee Williams [92pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/May 1973: cover-Paul Scofield in SAVAGES [92pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1973: cover-THE MUTATION SHOW; Scenes from RICHARD II/RSC (Richard Pasco, Ian Richardson), SAVAGES (Paul Scofield, Tom Conti), COLLABORATORS (Glenda Jackson, John Wood, Joss Ackland), TWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA (Derek Griffiths, Samuel Wright), BORN YESTERDAY (Lynn Redgrave), MISALLIANCE (Bill Fraser), RICHARD III (Robert Hirsch); Interviews with Sandy Wilson, Janet Suzman, Susan Fleetwood, Diana Rigg (, Galt MacDermot (, Richard Pasco and Ian Richardson on playing RICHARD II, Gillian Diamond, Jonathan Hammond on The Drama Schools etc.; text of THE BANANA BOX by Eric Chappell [92pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1973: cover-Angela Lansbury in GYPSY [92pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1973: cover-Harold Innocent and Jan Waters in PERICLES/Prospect [92pp, 8.5x11; minor marks, else VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1973: cover-Colin Blakely in TITUS ANDRONICUS; Scenes from CROMWELL (Albert Finney, Brian Cox), LOVE'S LABOURS LOST/RSC (Ian Richardson, Susan Fleetwood, Timothy Dalton), AN INSPECTOR CALLS (Philip Stone), FINISHING TOUCHES (Wendy Craig), ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (Julian Glover, Vanessa Redgrave, David Schofield), THE BACCHAE (Martin Shaw, John Shrapnel), MAD DOG (Denholm Elliott), TWO AND TWO MAKE SEX (Patrick Cargill), DECAMERON 73; Interviews with Nicol Williamson (6 photos), Prospect and Cambridge Touring Companies (6 photos incl. Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellen), Barbara Windsor (5 photos), Arnold Wesker, Paul Jones; Article on Drama Schools etc.; text of BRASSNECK by Howard Brenton and David Hare [100pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1973: cover-Edward Woodward, Leo McKern and Judi Dench in THE WOLF [74pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1974: cover-Vanessa Redgrave in DESIGN FOR LIVING [68pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1974: cover-LE GRAND MAGIC CIRCUS [68pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1974: cover-Rex Harrison in HENRY IV [68pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1974: cover-John Gielgud and Michael Feast in THE TEMPEST [68pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1974: cover-Diana Rigg and Alec McCowen in PYGMALION; Scenes from PYGMALION (Diana Rigg, Alec McCowen), THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON (Broderick Crawford), THE BEWITCHED/RSC (Alan Howard, Mark Dignam, Trevor Peacock, Joe Melia, Rosemary McHale), NEXT OF KIN/NT (James Laurenson, Gemma Jones), BILLY (Michael Crawford), A GHOST ON TIPTOE (Robert Morley, Joyce Carey), THE DANCE OF DEATH (Zoe Caldwell, Robert Shaw), THE CHURCHILL PLAY (Jonathan Pryce, Julian Curry, Paul Dawkins) etc.; Theatre in Liverpool; Interview with Jim Sharman and Brian Thomson of THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW (Tim Curry), LASSETER, AS YOU LIKE IT, HAIR, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR; Interviews with Brian Glover, Bill Dean, Paul Dawkins and Leslie Sands; Interview with John Barton of RICHARD II (Richard Pasco, Ian Richardson), KING JOHN (Emrys James), TWELFTH NIGHT (Judi Dench, Donald Sinden, Elizabeth Spriggs, Lisa Harrow), OTHELLO (Brewster Mason, Lisa Harrow); text of CHILDREN Act 2 by A.R.Gurney Jnr [68pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1974: cover-John Wood in TRAVESTIES [68pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1974: cover-Una Stubbs and Kenneth Nelson in COLE [68pp, 8.5x11; minor marks, else VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1974: cover-Nicol Williamson in TWELFTH NIGHT; Scenes from ROMEO AND JULIET/NT (Peter Firth, Veronica Quilligan), DR.FAUSTUS (Ian McKellen), PLEASE PLEASE ME (Trevor Eve, Bernard Hill, Antony Sher, George Costigan), TRAVESTIES (John Hurt, Daniel Massey, Maria Aitken), BLOOMSBURY (Daniel Massey), LET MY PEOPLE COME, FLOWERS (Lindsay Kemp), BINGO (John Gielgud, Arthur Lowe), A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY (Derek Jacobi, Timothy West, Dorothy Tutin), THE GOLDEN PATHWAY ANNUAL (John Burrows), THE SACK RACE (Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray) etc.; Feature on John Gielgud in Shakespeare of HAMLET/1944, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING/1955 (w.Peggy Ashcroft), KING LEAR/1955, OTHELLO/1961, ROMEO AND JULIET/1929 (w.Adele Dixon) and BINGO; Peter Terson and Michael Croft on the National Youth Theatre; text of THE GOLDEN PATHWAY ANNUAL Act 2 by John Harding and John Burrows [60pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1974: cover-Michael Pennington and Francesca Annis in MEASURE FOR MEASURE/Stratford [60pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1974: cover-Richard Pasco in THE BEAST/RSC [52pp, 8.5x11; slight foxing to cover, minor marks, else VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1975: cover-Twiggy in CINDERELLA [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1975: cover-Deborah Norton in KENNEDY'S CHILDREN; Scenes from THE ENTERTAINER/Greenwich Theatre (Max Wall, Angela Pleasence - 2 photos and review), WHAT EVERY WOMAN KNOWS/Albery (Peter Egan, Dorothy Tutin, Andrew Crawford, Jeremy Bulloch, Roy Hanlon - 3 photos and review), GRAND MANOEUVRES/NT at the Old Vic (Alan MacNaughtan, Paul Rogers - 3 photos and review), CINDERELLA/Casino (Twiggy, Harry H Corbett, Wilfred Brambell, Nicky Henson, Roy Kinnear, Joyce Grant - 4 photos), OLD KING COLE/Shaw Theatre (Hazel Clyne, Susan Littler, Bunny Reed, Jeffrey Taylor - 1 photo), KENNEDY'S CHILDREN/King's Head (Deborah Norton, Jan Waters, Richard Oldfield, Don Parker, Jean Boht - 5 photos); Photos of Ralph Richardson, Wendy Hiller, Peter Hall, Peggy Ashcroft and Alan Webb during rehearsals for JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN, Paul Scofield in THE TEMPEST/Leeds Playhouse, The Mikron Theatre Company aboard their barge, FIGARO/Old Vic, Dr Evadne Hinge (George Logan) and Dame Hilda Bracket (Perri St Clair), and Di Trevis in KENNEDY'S CHILDREN/Glasgow Citizens; Developments at Nottingham Playhouse (with production photos of BENDIGO, BRASSNECK, OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR!, THE CHURCHILL PLAY and THE SPECKLED BAND); Interview with Robert Patrick and Clive Donner; reviews of THE SNOB, THE PAY-OFF/Comedy, FOURTH DAY LIKE FOUR LONG MONTHS OF ABSENCE/Theatre Upstairs (, CLEVER SOLDIERS/Hampstead, HENRY V/Prospect, and LAND OF THE DINOSAURS/Stratford East; Reports from New York (w.2 photos), East Berlin (, Scotland, Oxford (, South West, Bristol and Cardiff; First Nights, letters, Cues, Books etc.; text of KENNEDY'S CHILDREN Act 1 by Robert Patrick [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1975: cover-Peggy Ashcroft in JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN; Scenes from JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN/NT (Ralph Richardson, Peggy Ashcroft, Wendy Hiller, Frank Grimes), OBJECTIONS TO SEX AND VIOLENCE (Sylvia Coleridge, Rose Hill, Anna Calder-Marshall, Rosemary McHale), THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (John Alderton, Sydney Tafler), THE END OF ME OLD CIGAR (Keith Barron, Jill Bennett), KING JOHN/RSC (Ian McKellen, Emrys James), DEJA REVUE (George Cole, Sheila Hancock), UNCLE VANYA (Nicol Williamson); Plays on TV of PENDA'S FEN/David Rudkin, CATHY COME HOME, THE LUMP/Jim Allen, OCCUPATIONS/Trevor Griffiths, INVASION/Barry Bermange; Interviews with Rosemary McHale and Kate Nelligan; Inga-Stina Ewbank on Translating Ibsen etc.; text of KENNEDY'S CHILDREN Act 2 by Robert Patrick [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1975: cover-WORLD THEATRE SEASON 1975 [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/May 1975: cover-Robert Stephens in MURDERER [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1975: cover-Hermione Gingold in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1975: cover-Alan Howard in HENRY V; Scenes from NO MAN'S LAND (Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Michael Feast), THE BLACK MIKADO (Norman Beaton, Derek Griffiths, Michael Denison), MEASURE FOR MEASURE/Open Space (Nikolas Simmonds), JEEVES (David Hemmings, Michael Aldridge, Gabrielle Drake), HENRY IV PT.I/RSC (Emrys James, Alan Howard, Brewster Mason, Stuart Wilson), THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE (Alastair Sim), A JOURNEY TO LONDON (Barry Foster, Prunella Scales, Petra Markham), THE SUNSHINE BOYS (Jimmy Jewel, Alfred Marks), THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA (Derek Godfrey, Nigel Hawthorne, Frank Thornton), LOVE'S LABOURS LOST/RSC (Susan Fleetwood), HAMLET (Ben Kingsley) etc.; photo of John Gielgud with Sian Philips, Daniel Massey and Judi Dench; Interview with Alan Howard of THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY (w.Ian Richardson), A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, HAMLET, HENRY IV (w.Brewster Mason), HENRY V; Interviews with David Edgar and Steve Gooch; text of FISHING Act 1 by Michael Weller [52pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1975: cover-Peter Oliver and Rod Beddall in AN DIE MUSIK [52pp, 8.5x11; slightly rumpled, else VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1975: cover-Richard Briers in ABSENT FRIENDS [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1975: cover-HAPPY END [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1975: cover-Diana Rigg in PHAEDRA BRITTANICA [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1975: cover-Charles Pierce in THE CHARLES PIERCE SHOW [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1976: cover-Helen Mirren and Frank Grimes in THE SEAGULL [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1976: cover-Ben Travers, Helen Mirren in THE BED BEFORE YESTERDAY, Daniel Massey in POPKISS, Mary Brough in PLUNDER, Ralph Lynn and Robertson Hare in WILD HORSES, Joan Plowright in THE BED BEFORE YESTERDAY, Alfred Drayton in BANANA RIDGE [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1976: cover-Adam Faith in CITY SUGAR [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1976: cover-Ian McKellen in ROMEO AND JULIET [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/May 1976: cover-Peter Hall and The National Theatre [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1976: cover-LA GRAND EUGENE and CYCLE SLUTS [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1976: cover-Patrick Magee in THAT TIME [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1976: cover-A CHORUS LINE at Drury Lane; Scenes from THE ICEMAN COMETH/RSC (Alan Tilvern, Richard Simpson, Karl Held, Cy Grant, Larry Hoodekoff, Paola Dionisotti, Lynda Marchal, Patti Love - 2 photos and review), BLITHE SPIRIT/NT (Elizabeth Spriggs, Maria Aitken, Richard Johnson, Rowena Cooper - 3 photos and review), THREE SISTERS/Cambridge Theatre (June Ritchie, Angela Down, Susan Engel, Janet Suzman, Nigel Davenport, John Shrapnel, Sebastian Shaw - 4 photos and review), DIMETOS/Comedy (Paul Scofield, Yvonne Bryceland, Ben Kingsley, Celia Quicke - 2 photos and review), STONE/ICA (Kevin Elyot, Anna Nygh - 2 photos and review), LEAVE HIM TO HEAVEN/New London (Brian Protheroe - photo and review); photo of Michael Bennett, creator of CHORUS LINE, and 4-page interview (with photo of MB rehearsing the New York company, photo of MB at home in New York, and 2 photos of the Toronto company rehearsing); reviews of THE WINTER'S TALE/RSC, OTHELLO/Regent's Park, IRENE/Adelphi, LIZA OF LAMBETH/Shaftesbury, THE DANCE FAMILY/Criterion, BAGGAGE/Vaudeville; photos of THE FAMILY DANCE/Criterion (Helen Lindsay, Alec McCowen, Annette Crosbie), and SIGNED AND SEALED/Comedy (Peggy Mount, Kenneth Williams); Substantial feature on Dame Sybil Thorndike (by J.C.Trewin, with 11 photos); reports from Stratford Ontario, Germany, and Madrid; feature on Welfare State in THE ISLAND OF THE LOST WORLD - A SIDESHOW EXPERIENCE (w.2 photos), review (by Dave Robins) of new work by Patrick Galvin, John McGrath, Margaretta D'Arcy and John Arden (w.2 photos), and Christopher Hampton on the work of Peter Gill (; text of SMALL CHANGE Act 1 by Peter Gill, etc. [54pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1976: cover-Frank Finlay in WEAPONS OF HAPPINESS/NT; Scenes from WEAPONS OF HAPPINESS/Lyttelton (w.Julie Covington, Frank Finlay, Derek Thompson, Frederick Radley, Nick Brimble - 3 photos and review), CHORUS LINE/Drury Lane (photo and review), SMALL CHANGE/Royal Court (w.James Hazeldine, June Watson, Marjorie Yates, Phillip Joseph - 2 photos and review), THE DEVIL'S DISCIPLE/RSC at The Aldwych (w.Tom Conti, Patrick Godfrey, John Wood, Estelle Kohler, T P McKenna - 3 photos and review), THE WHITE DEVIL/Old Vic (w.Glenda Jackson, Jack Shepherd, Miriam Margolyes - photo and review), THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT/New End (w.Mary Tamm, Delphine Seyrig - photo and review), DONKEYS' YEARS/Globe (w.Peter Barkworth, Jeffry Wickham, Peter Jeffrey - photo and review); Reviews of TROILUS AND CRESSIDA and EMIGRES/NT at the Young Vic, THE PLEASURE OF HIS COMPANY/Phoenix, AMY AND THE PRICE OF COTTON/Theatre Upstairs, SPARROWFALL/Hampstead ( of Michael Kitchen and Suzanne Bertish), THE CIRCLE/Chichester, BANANA RIDGE/Savoy, BARTHOLOMEW FAIR/Nottingham Playhouse ( of Ken Campbell and Sylvester McCoy), BOBOK/Christ Church, Hampstead ( of Boris Isarov), HANRATTY IN HELL/Open Space; Photos of Penelope Keith in DONKEYS' YEARS/Globe, John Gielgud and Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies in RICHARD OF BORDEAUX/New (1932), Peggy Ashcroft and Ralph Richardson in THE HEIRESS/Haymarket (1949), THEY CAME TO A RIVER/Royal Opera House, Covent Garden (2 photos); Retiring Hobson (7-page article about Harold Hobson's retirement,; New York Letter: Ross Wetzsteon introduces David Mamet; text of SMALL CHANGE Act 2 by Peter Gill; London Play Guide etc. [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1976: cover-Mike Gwilym in TROILUS AND CRESSIDA/RSC [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1976: cover-Paola Dionisotti in MASKERADE/Glasgow Citizens [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1976: cover-Laurence Bourdil and Jany Gastaldi in LA DISPUTE/Theatre National Populaire [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1977: cover-Julie Covington in JUMPERS [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1977: cover-Lindsay Kemp's SALOME [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1977: cover-Mick Jagger at Earl's Court [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1977: cover-Denis Quilley in PRIVATES ON PARADE; Scenes from A THOUGHT IN 3 PARTS and DEVIL'S ISLAND (Joint Stock), PRIVATES ON PARADE/RSC (Denis Quilley, Joe Melia, Nigel Hawthorne, Emma Williams, Ian Gelder), THE LAST MEETING OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE WHITE MAGNOLIA (Ian Hogg, Leslie Schofield), UNCLE VANYA (Leo McKern, Eleanor Bron, Albert Finney), SALOME (Lindsay Kemp, David Haughton), THE SONS OF OEDIPUS (Siobhan McKenna) etc.; Interview with Colin Blakely; text of SUMMER EVENING by Wallace Shawn; text of THE WEDDING FEAST Act One by Arnold Wesker [52pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/May 1977: cover-Glenda Jackson as STEVIE [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1977: cover-Hugh Paddick and Paul Scofield in VOLPONE [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1977: cover-Leonard Preston and Patrick Stewart in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM [52pp, 8.4x11; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1977: cover-Janet Suzman and John Shrapnel in HEDDA GABLER; Scenes from CANDIDA (Deborah Kerr), THE MADRAS HOUSE/NT (Paul Scofield, Ronald Pickup), STATE OF REVOLUTION (Michael Bryant, Sara Kestelman), TOUCHED (Marjorie Yates, Susan Tracy), THE WINTER DANCERS (John McEnery, Jack Shepherd), FAIR SLAUGHTER (John Thaw, Max Wall), HEDDA GABLER (Janet Suzman, John Shrapnel, Ian Bannen), WAR MUSIC (Timothy West), DIVINAS PALABRAS (Nuria Espert), HAMLET (Derek Jacobi, Barbara Jefford) etc.; Interview with Janet Suzman; text of TOUCHED Part 1 by Stephen Lowe [52pp, 8.4x10.9; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

P&P/Sep 1977: cover-Steven Berkoff in EAST; Scenes from HENRY VI PARTS ONE, TWO & THREE/RSC (Alan Howard, Helen Mirren, Graham Crowden, James Laurenson, Peter McEnery, Charlotte Cornwell, Emrys James), THAT GOOD BETWEEN US (Ian McDiarmid, John Nettles, Barbara Leigh-Hunt), THE RED DEVIL BATTERY SIGN (Keith Baxter, Estelle Kohler), THE GLASS MENAGERIE (Connie Booth, Maxine Audley), EAST (Steven Berkoff), CAUSE CELEBRE (Glynis Johns, Kenneth Griffith, Bernard Archer), EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOUR (John Wood, Ian McKellen) etc.; Reports from Poland and Hamburg; Interview with Neil Simon; text of TOUCHED Part 2 by Stephen Lowe [52pp, 8.4x10.9; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1977: cover-The RSC under Trevor Nunn [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1977: cover-Alec Guinness in THE OLD COUNTRY [52pp, 8.4x11; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1977: cover-Dame Stanley Baxter [52pp, 8.4x11; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1978: cover-BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1978: cover-Timothy Whitnall in ELVIS [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1978: cover-Ingrid Bergman in WATERS OF THE MOON [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1978: cover-Gordon Chater in THE ELOCUTION OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/May 1978: cover-Sheila Burnett and Jessie Gordon in THE TEMPEST [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1978: cover-Paul Eddington in TEN TIMES TABLE [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1978: cover-Elaine Paige and David Essex in EVITA [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1978: cover-Julia Foster and Susannah York in THE SINGULAR LIFE OF ALBERT NOGGS [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1978: cover-Derek Jacobi and Eileen Atkins in THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1978: cover-Yvonne Bryceland in THE WOMAN [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1978: cover-Dinsdale Landen and Polly Adams in THE PHILANDERER [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1978: cover-Alan Howard and Glenda Jackson in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA [52pp, 8.4x10.8; VG] £5


P&P/Jan 1979: cover-Diana Rigg in NIGHT AND DAY [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Feb 1979: cover-Polly Hemingway in A RESPECTABLE WEDDING [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Mch 1979: cover-John Sommerville in ORPHEUS/Glasgow Citizens' Theatre [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Apr 1979: cover-scene from CHICAGO [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/May 1979: cover-Roger Rees in CYMBELINE [52pp, 8.4x10.8; VG] £5

P&P/Jun 1979: cover-Yul Brynner and Virginia McKenna in THE KING AND I [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Jul 1979: cover-Gemma Jones and Ray Brooks in AND A NIGHTINGALE SANG ... [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Aug 1979: cover-Jessica Tandy in THE GIN GAME [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Sep 1979: cover-Hywel Bennett and Gwen Nelson in THE CASE OF THE OILY LEVANTINE [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Oct 1979: cover-Stephen Greif and Warren Mitchell in DEATH OF A SALESMAN [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Nov 1979: cover-Georgina Hale and Lee Montague in LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

P&P/Dec 1979: cover-Ian Holm and Nigel Hawthorne in UNCLE VANYA [52pp, 8.5x11; VG] £5

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