Full details of the several hundred numbered exhibits in Hall No.1, the Grand Hall, the Hall of Kings, Hall No.4, the Napoleon Rooms, the Chamber of Horrors, the Children's Gallery, and the Hall of Tableaux, including: Rudyard Kipling, Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw, Louis Bleriot, Guglielmo Marconi, Rev John Wesley, William Penn, Captain Scott (of the Antarctic), Ernest Shackleton, Edith Cavell, Earl Kitchener of Khartoum, H R H the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII), Viscount Nelson ("from a cast taken from his face after death"), Viscountess Astor, Rt Hon Herbert Henry Asquith, Rt Hon Andrew Bonar Law, Rt Hon David Lloyd-George, Earl Balfour, Duke of Wellington, Queen Alexandra, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI of France, Voltaire, Giuseppe Verdi, General Tom Thumb, Victor Hugo, Mrs Siddons, Charles Gounod, Rev Dr David Livingstone, William Charles Macready, Charles Kean, Dan Leno, Tsar Nicholas II, John Knox, Mary Queen of Scots, Martin Luther, Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Lord Byron, Sir Henry Irving, Mrs Pankhurst, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dr Benjamin Franklin, Madame Tussaud, George Washington, Benjamin Disraeli, Robert Baden-Powell, Pope Pius XI, Rt Hon Sir Winston Churchill, King George V, Geoffrey Chaucer, King Henry VIII, King Richard III, Cardinal Wolsey, Queen Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn (and many other British monarchs), Jack Dempsey, Jack Hobbs, Charlie Chaplin, The ex-Kaiser, Napoleon The Great, Joan of Arc, Marat, and the heads of Robespierre, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI ("taken by order of the National Convention by Madame Tussaud's own hands immediately after their execution"); also The most extraordinary relic in the World ("the original Knife and Lunette, the identical instrument that decapitated 5,000 persons ..."); including Full Details of the 75 Exhibits in the famous Chamber of Horrors ... [44pp, 5.3x8.5; a remarkable survivor; minor marks, otherwise VG] £5


Cover: Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward; Profiles of Fay Compton ("An Actress with Real Glamour",, and John Gielgud ("Shakespeare and the Modern Actor",; Features on PLEASE, TEACHER!/Hippodrome (Bobby Howes, Vera Pearce - 3 photos), TULIP TIME/Alhambra (Sydney Fairbrother, Betty Baskomb, Steve Garay, George Gee, Bernard Clifton, Ena Grossmith, George Hayes - 5 photos), NINA/Criterion (Lucie Mannheim - 4 photos), NIGHT MUST FALL/Duchess (Emlyn Williams, Angela Baddeley - 3 photos), FULL HOUSE/Theatre Royal, Haymarket (4 photos), ANYTHING GOES/Palace (Jack Whiting, Sydney Howard - 5 photos), THE TWO MRS CARROLLS/St Martin's (Leslie Banks, Elena Miramova - 4 photos), and STOP-GO! (Donald Stewart, Richard Murdoch, Mary Brian, Jack Clewes, Dorothy Ward, Douglas Byng - 4 photos) [36pp, 8.6x11; uncommon; centre pages loose, else VG] £7


1942 (Aug): THEATRE ARTS Vol.xxvi, No.8
The Negro in the American Theatre: A Record of Achievement (with narrative by Edith J R Isaacs) containing 60 excellent b+w photographs and illustrations, including Richard B Harrison as 'De Lawd' in THE GREEN PASTURES; Karamu Dancers of Cleveland in GOIN' DOWN TO THE RIVER; Charles Gilpin as THE EMPEROR JONES; Opal Cooper in THE RIDER OF DREAMS (1917); Florence Mills; Miller and Lyles (chief comedians of SHUFFLE ALONG); Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake (composers of SHUFFLE ALONG); Josephine Baker (In Person and In Paris); Frank Wilson, Paul Robeson and James Meighan in ALL GOD'S CHILLUN GOT WINGS (1924); Abbie Mitchell, Frank Wilson and Rose McClendon in IN ABRAHAM'S BOSOM (1926 Pulitzer Prize Play); Jules Bledsoe and Richard Huey in IN ABRAHAM'S BOSOM (1926 Pulitzer Prize Play); Rose McClendon in DEEP RIVER (1926); Frank Wilson, Rose McClendon, Wesley Hill, Jack Carter, Evelyn Ellis, Georgette Harvey, Leigh Whipper, Richard Huey and Percy Verwayne in PORGY (2 photos); Paul Robeson singing Ol' Man River in SHOW BOAT (film); Bill Robinson (4 photos); Stepin Fetchit and Vera Brooks in HEARTS IN DIXIE (film); Clarence Muse in WAY DOWN SOUTH (film); Daniel Haynes in HALLELUJAH (film); Richard B Harrison and Wesley Hill in THE GREEN PASTURES; Paul Robeson and Maurice Browne in OTHELLO; Fredi Washington, Alston Burleigh, Edna Thomas in RUN LITTLE CHILLUN; Al Watts, Rex Ingram, Georgette Harvey, Leigh Whipper, Jack Carter and Edna Thomas in STEVEDORE; Bruce Howard, Beatrice Robinson-Wayne, Edward Matthews in FOUR SAINTS IN THREE ACTS; Rex Ingram as 'De Lawd' and Oscar Polk as Gabriel in THE GREEN PASTURES (film); Eddie Anderson as Noah in THE GREEN PASTURES (film); Alvin Childress, Louis Sharpe and Rex Ingram in HAITI; Charlie Taylor, Gus Smith, Louis Sharpe and Thurman Jackson in TURPENTINE; Edna Thomas as Lady Macbeth in MACBETH (1936); The Witches' Scene in MACBETH (1936); Louis Armstrong in SWINGIN' THE DREAM; Ethel Waters in MAMBA'S DAUGHTERS (1939); Ethel Waters in CABIN IN THE SKY (1940); Archie Savage, Talley Beatty and Katharine Dunham in TI' COCOMACAQUE; Hattie McDaniel and Vivien Leigh in GONE WITH THE WIND (film); Eddie Anderson and Carolyn Lee in BIRTH OF THE BLUES (film); Canada Lee as Bigger Thomas in NATIVE SON; The Cakewalk (watercolour, c.1890); Ernest Hogan and Carita Day; Bob Cole and J Rosamond Johnson; Hattie McIntosh, George Walker, Ada Overton Walker, Bert Williams and Lottie Williams in IN DAHOMEY; Williams and Walker in ABYSSINIA (1906); James Lowe as 'Uncle Tom' and Virginia Gray as 'Little Eva' in UNCLE TOM'S CABIN (film); Theatre in Harlem (woodcut by Paul Meltsner); W C Handy (the father of the blues); James Bland, Minstrel; James Hewlwtt as Richard III (drawing, c.1821); Ira Aldridge as Othello (drawing); The Chevalier Ira Aldridge (drawing); The Bones Player (painting by William S Mount); The Old Plantation (watercolour, c.1790); Toniea Massaquoi (Frank Roberts), a Liberian dancer in America; The King in KYKUNKOR (African Opera, 1934); Rose McClendon as 'Selena' in PORGY (statue by Richmond Barthe); Earle Jones in DON'T YOU WANT TO BE FREE (Harlem Suitcase Theatre); Avon Long as 'Sportin' Life' in PORGY AND BESS (1942); and Scenes from PORGY AND BESS (1942), LULU BELLE (1926), HARLEM (1929), THEY SHALL NOT DIE (1934), PORGY AND BESS (1935 production), THE SWING MIKADO (Chicago Federal Theatre, 1939), SIMON THE CYRENIAN (Howard University, 1922), THE CHERRY ORCHARD (Atlanta University Players), WHEN THE JACK HOLLERS (Gilpin Players of Karamu House) and BIG WHITE FOG (Chicago Federal Theatre and Negro Playwrights' Theatre) [64pp, 8.25x11; VG] £9

This annual publication by the British Council covers the twelve months of drama in Britain 1st June 1948 - 31st May 1949
with ELEVEN ARTICLES: Introduction by J C Trewin; The West End Theatre by W A Darlington; The Old Vic by Ivor Brown; W Somerset Maugham by A V Cookman; On Three Productions by Tyrone Guthrie; Setting The Scene by James Laver; The Sadler's Wells Ballet by Ninette de Valois; The Year in Ballet by Philip Hope-Wallace; The Repertory Theatres by Alan Dent; The Music-Hall by Harold Hobson; and The Festivals by Eric Keown
FIVE COLOUR PLATES: Costume design for Apparitions by Cecil Beaton (for Margot Fonteyn); Set for Medea by Leslie Hurry (Edinburgh Festival and Globe Theatre); Costume design for Jennet in The Lady's Not For Burning by Oliver Messel (for Pamela Brown); and Set for A Midsummer Night's Dream by James Bailey (Stratford-upon-Avon), set for Job by John Piper (Sadler's Wells Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden)
and EIGHT BLACK-AND-WHITE PLATES: The School For Scandal, Act IV Scene 3 (Old Vic, w.Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Terence Morgan and Peter Cushing); Dame Edith Evans in Daphne Laureola; Adventure Story, Act I Scene 4 (St James's Theatre, w.Paul Scofield as Alexander the Great); W Somerset Maugham; Romeo and Juliet, Act V Scene 3 (Bristol Old Vic, w.John Byron as Romeo, Jane Wenham as Juliet); The Heiress, Act I Scene 3 (Theatre Royal, Haymarket, w.Peggy Ashcroft, Ralph Richardson and Gillian Lind); Cinderella, a scene in Act II (Sadler's Wells Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden); and The Return of The Prodigal, Act II Scene 1 (Globe Theatre, w.John Gielgud, Sybil Thorndike).
Also lists of the theatre books published and the principal plays produced during 1948-49, a list of the plays of W Somerset Maugham, and a comprehensive index.
[Softback book; 82pp, 6x9.25; VG] £6


This annual publication by the British Council covers the twelve months of drama in Britain 1st June 1949 - 31st May 1950
with TWELVE ARTICLES: Introduction by J C Trewin; The Year's Playgoing by W A Darlington; The Old Vic by Ivor Brown; The Verse Play by A V Cookman; Thanks to Bernard Shaw by Dame Sybil Thorndike; Shakespearean Production by Tyrone Guthrie; The Year in Ballet by Philip Hope-Wallace; Setting the Scene by James Laver; The Lighter Side by Harold Hobson; and A Note On Repertory by Alan Dent
FIVE COLOUR PLATES: Costume design by Edward Burra for Don Quixote (Sadler's Wells Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden); Set by Roger Furse for Venus Observed (St.James's Theatre); Set by Edward Carrick for Macbeth (Stratford-upon-Avon); Set by Oliver Messel for Ring Round The Moon (Globe Theatre); and Set by Tanya Moiseiwitsch for Henry VIII (Stratford-upon-Avon)
and EIGHT BLACK-AND-WHITE PLATES: Hamlet, Act III Scene 2 (Old Vic at the New Theatre, w.Michael Redgrave, Yvonne Mitchell, Walter Hudd, Mark Dignam and Wanda Rotha); Love's Labour's Lost Act V Scene 2 (Old Vic at the New Theatre, w.Michael Redgrave, Michael Aldridge, Diana Churchill, Angela Baddeley, Jane Wenham and Walter Hudd); Venus Observed Act II Scene I, and Act III (St.James's Theatre, w.Laurence Olivier, Heather Stannard); Bernard Shaw; Julius Caesar Act V Scene 1 (Stratford-upon-Avon, w.John Gielgud, Harry Andrews, Alan Badel and Anthony Quayle); John Gielgud as Angelo in Measure For Measure (Stratford-upon-Avon); The Boy With A Cart (Lyric Theatre Hammersmith, w.Richard Burton); and The Three Estates (Assembly Hall, Edinburgh).
Also lists of the theatre books published and the principal plays produced during 1949-50, a list of the plays of Bernard Shaw, and a comprehensive index.
[Softback book; 82pp, 6x9.25; VG] £6

This annual publication by the British Council covers the twelve months of drama in Britain 1st June 1950 - 31st March 1951
with ELEVEN ARTICLES: Introduction by J C Trewin; James Bridie by Ivor Brown; The Old Vic by A V Cookman; Richard Brinsley Sheridan, 1751-1951 by W A Darlington; Sir Barry Jackson and Repertory by T C Kemp; The Year in Ballet by Cyril Beaumont; Setting The Scene by James Laver; Amateur Drama by C B Purdom; The Festivals by Eric Keown; and The Lighter Stage by Alan Dent
FIVE COLOUR PLATES: Costume design by Oliver Messel for Peter Anders as Bacchus in Ariadne auf Naxos (King's Theatre, Edinburgh); Costume design by 'Motley' for Paul Hansard as Orleans in Henry V (Old Vic); Set design by Tanya Moiseiwitsch for Richard II (Stratford-upon-Avon); Scene design by Osbert Lancaster for Pineapple Poll (Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet Company); and Set design by Emett of Punch for A Penny For A Song (Haymarket Theatre)
and EIGHT BLACK-AND-WHITE PLATES: James Bridie; The Queen's Comedy (Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, w.Kenneth Mackintosh, Stanley Baxter, Sonia Dresdel and Duncan Macrae); Top of the Ladder, Act II (St.James's Theatre, w.Esme Church, Toke Townley, John Mills, Alison Leggatt, and Rachel Kempson); Captain Carvallo, Act II (St.James's Theatre, w.Diana Wynyard, Richard Goolden, Thomas Heathcote, Peter Finch, and James Donald); Henry IV (Part I), Act II Scene 4 (Stratford-upon-Avon, w.Richard Burton, Rosalind Atkinson, Alan Badel, Anthony Quayle, and Michael Bates); John Gielgud as Lear and Alan Badel as Fool in King Lear (Stratford-upon-Avon); Eileen Herlie and Leslie Banks in The Second Mrs Tanqueray (Haymarket Theatre); and Man and Superman, Act II (New Theatre, w.Allan Cuthbertson, Barbara Everest, Arthur Hill, Kay Hammond, D A Clarke-Smith, and John Clements).
Also lists of the theatre books published and the principal plays produced during 1950-51, a list of the plays of James Bridie, and a comprehensive index.
[Softback book; 78pp, 6x9.25; VG] £6

1951: FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN - The South Bank Exhibition: A guide to the story it tells (South Bank, London)
Full details of the South Bank Exhibition (the centrepiece of the Festival of Britain) by Ian Cox. A double-page map of the entire Exhibition; Extensive essays on the 30 individual sections: Upstream Circuit - "The Land" (The Land of Britain, The Natural Scene, The Country, Minerals of the Island, Power and Production, Sea and Ships, Transport), The Dome of Discovery (The Land, The Earth, Polar, Sea, Sky, Outer Space, The Physical World, The Living World), Downstream Circuit - "The People" (The People of Britain, The Lion and the Unicorn, Homes & Gardens, The New Schools, Health, Sport, Seaside), Other Downstream Displays (Television, Telecinema, 1851 Centenary Pavilion, Shot Tower, Design Review). Copiously illustrated with 30+ MAPS and c40 PHOTOGRAPHS, including large photo portraits of H.M.The King and and H.M.The Queen, patrons of the Festival of Britain [168pp (including evocative period advertisements in colour), 7.25x9.6; very slightly rumpled and grubby, else VG] £8

1951 (Sunday 4th February at 6.30pm): ... MERELY PLAYERS (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane) Souvenir Programme
Gala in aid of Actors' Benevolent Fund, Actors' Church Union, The Actors' Orphanage, The Denville Hall Haven of Rest, Equity Benevolent Fund, and Theatrical Ladies' Guild of Charity. Scenes from BABES IN THE WOOD (Val Parnell), AH! WILDERNESS (Eugene O'Neill), KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS (Robert Hamer and John Dighton), GEORGE AND MARGARET (Gerald Savory), THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON (J M Barrie), HAPPY AND GLORIOUS (Lawrence Houseman), TWELFTH NIGHT, THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET (Rudolph Besier), A COCHRAN REVIEW, OSCAR WILDE (Leslie and Sewell Stokes), and BITTER SWEET (Noel Coward); produced by Peter Ashmore, Robert Hamer, Roy Rich, Henry Oscar, Hugh Hunt, Reginald Tate, Robert Morley, and Sheila Rawle; featuring Adele Dixon, Sheila Sim, Richard Attenborough, Joan Greenwood, Dennis Price, Jane Baxter, Ronald Ward, Ian Hunter, Jack Watling, Brenda Bruce, Diana Churchill, Catherine Lacey, Hugh Burden, Felix Aylmer, Colin Gordon, May Hallett, Philip Stainton, Ronald Adam, Ronald Shiner, Joan Benham, Joan Harben, Daphne Arthur, Hugh Latimer, Basil Lord, Kathleen Harrison, Jeanette Tregarthen, Gwen Cherrell, Oscar Quitak, Brian Roper, Emlyn Williams, Karel Stepanek, Michael Shepley, Ernest Thesiger, Coral Browne, Anna Neagle, Nora Swinburne, Ellen Pollock, Ballard Berkeley, Peggy Ashcroft, Alec Clunes, Leo McKern, Richard Pasco, Richard Walter, Dorothy Dickson, Joyce Grenfell, Henry Kendall, Marie Burke, Judy Campbell, Jeremy Hawk, Stanley Holloway, Lea Seidl, Margaret Rawlings, Dorothy Gordon, Marjorie Mars, Ruth Dunning, Derek Bond, Guy Rolfe, Douglass Montgomery, Basil Bartlett, Robert Flemying, Griffith Jones, Eric Portman, Jessie Matthews, Elisabeth Welch, Roy Royston, Terence Theobald, Dino Galvani, Harold Young, Peter Reynolds, Robert Morley, Evelyn Laye, Dennis Bowen, Brian Weske, Bruce Seton, Reginald Tate, Peter Evans, Doris Hare, Hy Hazell, Joan Heal, Miriam Karlin, Daphne Oxenford, Muriel Pavlow, Harold Kasket, Norman Warwick, Bessie Love, Wallas Eaton, Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Lee, and Guy Middleton; Introductions by Leo Genn (as David Garrick), Joan Gilbert, Mary Malcolm, McDonald Hobley, David Lloyd James, Gladys Young, Richard Dimbleby, Wynford Vaughan Thomas, Lionel Marson, Esmond Knight (as King Charles II), Lionel Hale, Gilbert Harding, Robert MacDermot, Lionel Gamlin, Raymond Glendenning, and Godfrey Tearle; with singers from The Savage Club (including Norman Allin, George Baker, Owen Brannigan, Gerald Davies, Howell Glynne, Parry Jones, Roderick Jones, Trefor Jones, Redvers Llewellyn, Stephen Manton, Thomas Round, Norman Walker and Watcyn Watcyns), and Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet (including Pirmin Trecu, Svetlana Beriosova, David Blair, Peter Wright) [40pp, 8.75x11.25; Full details of the items performed; photos of Ivor Novello (President), Margaret Rawlings (Chairman), Mrs Charles Wolfson (Vice-Chairman), Diana Morgan (Devisor), Roy Rich (Director) and John Varley (Hon.Organiser); two pages of reproduction signatures of the donors; lists of patrons and committee members; details of the charities nominated for 1951 etc.; centre pages loose, minor marks, else VG] £5

1951: Guide to the Festival of Britain PLEASURE GARDENS (Battersea Park)
Welcome the World! by Sir Alan Herbert; Guide to the Riverside; Grand Vista; Fun Fair; large pictorial map of the Festival Site; The Gardens by Night; Lawn and Flower Gardens; Entertainments; Information (Restaurants, Cafes, Beer Gardens, First-Aid and Police, Lost Children, Lavatories); Shopping Guide; It Sprang From Spring Gardens (history of Festival Gardens: Vauxhall, Ranelagh, Cremorne) etc.; profusely illustrated with c40 charming line-drawings [56pp, 7.4x9.75; fascinating and uncommon; VG] £6

1952: Guide to the Festival PLEASURE GARDENS (Battersea Park)
Full details of the Festival Pleasure Gardens, part of the 1951 Festival of Britain and opened for a further year in 1952: The Parade; Riverside; Grand Vista; Lakeside Stage; double-page map of the Pleasure Gardens; Lawn and Flower Gardens; Entertainment; Fun Fair; Information etc.; 5 COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHS, 23 B&W PHOTOGRAPHS (including a panoramic view of the Pleasure Gardens) etc. [40pp, 7.4x9.75; fascinating and uncommon; spine rubbed, else VG] £5

1953: THE CROWNING OF THE QUEEN Commemorative Brochure
Superb and detailed Commemorative Brochure: an account of the run-up to the Queen's Coronation, told by Stephen King-Hall in three chapters: I - Succession to the Throne, II - The Life of Queen Elizabeth, and III - The Sovereign and Her People; with 45+ photographs (public engagements, family photos, wartime, wedding, Royal Tour of Canada etc.), and 5 colour illustrations (H M The Queen on horseback, St.Edward's Crown, Imperial State Crown, The Orb and Sceptre, and The Ampulla and The Spoon) etc. [52pp, 7.4x9.75; minor marks else VG] £5

Souvenir Programme for the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; contains Lines on The Coronation by the Poet Laureate John Masefield, 6 large photos (of H M The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Duke of Cornwall and Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, and The Princess Royal), Foreword by The Duke of Gloucester, The Queen's Majesty by Arthur Bryant, Queen Elizabeth II by Dermot Morrah (w.6 photos), The Coronation Procession (w.5 photos), illustrated map of the Coronation Procession, The Coronation Ceremony by Sir George Bellew (w.7 photos), The Coronation Service by The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury (, The Form and Order of Her Majesty's Coronation, A Genealogical Table showing the Descent of the Crown etc. [44pp, 7x9.75; very minor imperfections, else VG] £5

National Jazz Federation present the Modern Jazz Quartet (John Lewis, Milt Jackson, Percy Heath and Connie Kay) and the Don Rendell Jazz Six (Don Rendell, Ronnie Ross, Eddie Harvey, Bert Courtley, Kenny Napper, Phil Seaman) on a Nation-Wide Tour; Full details and programme notes for the four set programmes played on the tour by the MJQ, and details of The Don Rendell Jazz Six's programme; 16 photographs etc. [20pp, 8.25x10.5; minor marks, slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

1958 (2-18 May): Norman Granz' JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC (UK Tour)
Programme of Events; biographies of Norman Granz (, Ella Fitzgerald (w.large photo), Oscar Peterson (w.large photo), Dizzy Gillespie (, Roy Eldridge (, Stan Getz (, Coleman Hawkins (, Sonny Stitt (, Lou Levy, Max Bennett, Gus Johnson, Ray Brown (, Herb Ellis (; further photos of The Oscar Peterson Trio, and Roy Eldridge and Ray Brown; Tour Schedule etc. [24pp, 8.25x10.5; VG] £4

1958: ENGLISH STAGE COMPANY A Record of Two Years Work, 1956-1958 (Royal Court)
A remarkable photographic survey of the first two years work of the English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre, with NINETY PHOTOGRAPHS IN ALL.
Containing a list of productions April 1956 to April 1958; Introduction by Neville Blond, Chairman (; Two Years Work by George Devine, Artistic Director (; Past and Future by Tony Richardson (, 2 FULL-PAGE PORTRAITS of Laurence Olivier as Archie Rice, and Dame Peggy Ashcroft as herself, 6 QUARTER-PAGE PHOTOS w.biographies (Angus Wilson, Ronald Duncan, John Osborne, Nigel Dennis, Ann Jellicoe, N F Simpson); 30 PHOTOS of artists who have appeared at the Royal Court Theatre in English Stage Company productions (Alan Bates, George Benson, Patricia Burke, Diana Churchill, Wendy Craig, Rosalie Crutchley, Brenda de Banzie, Ruth Ford, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Joan Greenwood, Michael Gwynn, Kenneth Haigh, Laurence Harvey, Robert Helpmann, Rachel Kempson, Geraldine McEwan, Keith Michell, Yvonne Mitchell, John Moffatt, Richard Pasco, Esme Percy, Joan Plowright, Bertice Reading, George Relph, Zachary Scott, Heather Sears, Robert Stephens, Dorothy Tutin, Mary Ure, and Peter Wyngarde), 52 PRODUCTION PHOTOS of The Mulberry Bush, The Entertainer, Look Back In Anger, Epitaph For George Dillon, The Making Of Moo, Cards Of Identity, The Sport Of My Mad Mother, Don Juan And The Death Of Satan, The Apollo De Bellac, The Chairs, The Good Woman Of Setzuan, Nekrassov, The Crucible, The Member Of The Wedding, Requiem For A Nun, Lysistrata, The Country Wife and Fin De Partie [28pp, 8.9x11.25; very uncommon; VG] £10


Approved Souvenir Programme for the Wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Kent and the Honourable Angus Ogilvy in Westminster Abbey, 24th April 1963; contains large photos of H M The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Marina, Princess Alexandra of Kent and Angus Ogilvy; Foreword by The Duke of Gloucester, A Song for Blessing on this April Day by the Poet Laureate John Masefield, The Bride by Dermot Morrah (w.10 photos), The Bridegroom by Dermot Morrah (w.4 photos), Illustrated map of the Route of the Bride, Ceremonial to be Observed, Procession within The Abbey, Procession out of The Abbey, Return fom The Abbey, The Marriage Service by The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony, Television and Sound Broadcasting, Genealogical Tables etc. [36pp, 9.75x6.75; VG] £3

1964 (Jun-Sep): SON ET LUMIERE at Hampton Court Palace
With the voices of John Neville (as King Henry VIII), Michael Hordern (as Thomas Wolsey), Hilary Liddell, Edward Kelsey, Geoffrey Wearing, Raymond Mason, Rosemary Towler, Alan Judd, Kenneth Dight, Dorothy Tutin (as Anne Boleyn), Harvey Ashby, and Dorothy Gordon; production directed by Christopher Ede, script by John Mortimer, music composed and conducted by John Hotchkis [20pp, 6.5x9; photos and biographies of the principal cast, writer, director and composer, Author's Note, List of Scenes, A Brief History of Hampton Court (w.7 illustrations) etc.; VG] £3

1967: A Short History of THE MINACK THEATRE, Porthcurno
The Minack Theatre, Cornwall's world famous open-air theatre, was founded in 1932 by Rowena Cade, and this booklet by Darrell Bates recounts its remarkable history; it contains 6 photographic plates, and a list of the 116 productions from 1932 to 1967. [28pp, 5.5x8.5; first published 1962, this is the revised edition 1967; VG] £5

Details of the 50+ participating groups, with list of their productions, dates, times, prices and a map reference, map of Edinburgh, ticket order form etc. etc. [48pp, 5.5x8.5; VG] £4


1970 (Apr): CUE - The Greenwich Theatre Magazine No.13
Diary of the staging of the opening production by Alan Vaughan Williams, Designing at The Greenwich Theatre by Roger Butlin (with 4 photos of the sets for Martin Luther King, Spithead, Music Hall, and Rough and Ready Lot), Frank Jenner's account of Nearly 50 Years ago at The Greenwich Theatre, information for and about The Friends of Greenwich Theatre, seating plan etc. [34pp, 4.75x8.25; VG] £3

1970: SON ET LUMIERE at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon
The story of Stratford-upon-Avon & the Shakespeare Family. With the voices of Ralph Richardson, Ian Richardson, Paul Scofield, Andrew Cruickshank, Norman Rodway, Richard Ryder, Jason Matthews, Patrick Barr, Brenda Bruce, John Gielgud, Edith Evans, Laurence Olivier, Anthony Quayle, Judi Dench, Peggy Ashcroft; script by David Lytton, lighting by Robert Bryan, music arranged by John Strickson, directed by R D Smith, produced by Francis Davidson [16pp, 8.5x11; in Aid of Holy Trinity Church Restoration Fund; article on the Restoration Fund (w.3 photos), article on Holy Trinity Church (4 photos), 12+ cast photos, important dates in the Stratford story etc.; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1971 (27 June): TRIBUTE TO TYRONE GUTHRIE (St Georges Elizabeth Theatre, Islington)
Programme for this tribute to Sir William Tyrone Guthrie, who had died (aged 70) on 15 May 1971. Among the participants were Christopher Plummer, Patrick Magee, Richard Hampton, Joss Ackland, John Neville, Hugh Ross, Marilyn Taylerson, Elvi Hale, Judi Dench, Ian Wallace, Soo-Bee Lee, Alan Opie, Margaret Rawlings, Denys Hawthorne, Peter McEnery, John Warner, Alan Bates, Andrew Cruickshank, Daniel Massey, Dai Bradley, George Murcell; and recorded tributes from John Gielgud, Alec Guinness, Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson, Sybil Thorndike; the programme contains a large photograph of Guthrie, a page of his writing about acting, and Tributes from John Clements, Christopher Fry and George Murcell [12pp, 6x8.25; VG] £4

1971: PITLOCHRY FESTIVAL THEATRE A Record of Achievement 1951 to 1971
The Story of Twenty-one Seasons by George Bruce: The Beginning (16 photos), Official Visits and VIPs (7 photos), The Fifties (15 photos), The Sixties and after (10 photos), The Future, Year by Year - A Record 1951-71 (comprising a feature on each season, with a list the 130+ plays performed, a list of the actors and staff involved, and production photos - 23 photographs in all), The Spirit of Patronage - An Appeal ( of Kenneth Ireland); photos of John Stewart and Kenneth Ireland); Foreword by James Shaw Grant, CBE, MA ( Among the hundreds of names mentioned are James Bridie, James Roose-Evans, Toby Robertson, Christopher Denys, Andrew Leigh, Joss Ackland, Graham Crowden, Jean Forbes-Robertson, Sheila Allen, Michael Rothwell, Brian Cant, Iain Cuthbertson, Mollie Sugden, Sheila Gish, Clement McCallin, Roger Rees, Christopher Cazenove, John Quayle, and Jeremy Sinden [72pp, 8.25x8; VG] £6

1973 (21 Oct): A GOLDEN GALA The Oxford Playhouse 1923-1973 Souvenir Programme
A Golden Gala - a celebration of FIFTY years of the Oxford Playhouse 1923-1973.
The programme contains the Running Order of the Gala (devised and directed by Gyles Brandreth), and a list of the artists appearing (Jane Asher, Robert Bolt, Constance Cummings, Valentine Dyall, Fenella Fielding, John Gould, John Gielgud, Richard Goolden, Marius Goring, Celia Johnson, Michael MacLiammoir, John Moffatt, Patrick Monkton, Dorothy Reynolds, Flora Robson, George Selway, Janet Suzman), together with the voices of Michael Dennison, Dulcie Gray, Sybil Thorndike and Dorothy Tutin. Thirty-three Years (a history of the Oxford Playhouse) by Louis Frewer, Fagan's Playhouse by John Gielgud ( of Gielgud as Trofimov), The Hauser Years by Frank Dibb, and Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? by Elizabeth Sweeting. And 30 PRODUCTION PHOTOGRAPHS (HEARTBREAK HOUSE/1923 (w.Richard Goolden, Tyrone Guthrie, Flora Robson, and two pages from the programme), The Oxford Repertory Players Company/1936, THE CINDERELLA STORY/1947 (w.John Moffatt and Tony Hancock), THE RIVALS/1946 cast list (w.Isabel Dean, Nora Nicholson), GIVE ME YESTERDAY/1943 (w.Geoffrey Edwards, John Byron, Isabel Dean), THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED/1945 (w.William March, Yvonne Mitchell, Francis L Sullivan), REBECCA/1950 (w.Denis Price, Christine Pollon), PYGMALION/1951 (w.Hy Hazell), THE CHERRY ORCHARD/1925 cast list and cartoon, ELECTRA/1956 (w.Frank Windsor, Catherine Lacey, James Maxwell, Mary Morris), JEZEBEL/1958 (w.Hermione Baddeley, Dirk Bogarde), CANDIDA/1958 (w.Jeremy Brett, Dulcie Gray, Michael Denison), THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS/1959 (w.Jane Eccles, Jane Asher), HEDDA GABLER/1960 (w.Joan Greenwood), THREE SISTERS/1964 (w.Roger Livesey, Judi Dench), PHEDRE/1966 (w.Barbara Jefford, Simon Ward), CALL ME JACKY/1968 (w.Paul Eddington, Sybil Thorndike), KEAN/1970 (w.Alan Badel, Barbara Jefford), COLETTE/1971 (w.Fenella Fielding, John Turner, Barbara Young), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/1973 (w.Patrick Monkton, Richard Goolden), GOOD WOMAN OF SEZUAN/1962 (directed by Michael Rudman), CORIOLANUS/1959 (w.Roger Croucher, Patrick Garland), DOCTOR FAUSTUS/1966 (w.Richard Burton), CINDERALLA/1968 (directed by Gyles Brandreth), JULIUS CAESAR/1971 (directed by Jonathan Miller), OZ/1972 (directed by Faynia Williams), ROSINDA (Cavalli)/1973 (directed by Julian Hope), THE WIT TO WOO/1962 (directed by John Tydeman), THE MERRY WIDOW/1968 (directed by Gordon Stratford), TOM JONES/1972 (directed by Jenny Bostock); and a substantial list of a few of the actors, directors, designers, performers and lecturers associated with the Oxford Playhouse, credits etc. [40pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £9

1974 (6 May): TRIBUTE TO THE LADY (Old Vic)
Lilian Baylis Centenary Festival 1974. A Gala Evening, in the gracious presence of H M Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Patron of the Royal Victoria Hall (The Old Vic): A special performance to celebrate the life and work of Lilian Baylis. Readers appearing in this impression of Lilian Baylis' life: Sir Laurence Olivier, Dame Peggy Ashcroft (as Lilian Baylis), Barbara Jefford (as Sybil Thorndike), Nigel Stock, Anna Carteret, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Robert Lang, Paul Scofield, Gawn Grainger, Sir John Clements, Dame Edith Evans, Dame Ninette de Valois, Sir John Gielgud, Dame Flora Robson, Marius Goring, Sir Ralph Richardson, Dame Sybil Thorndike; edited and produced by Val May [4pp, 7.75x11.25; cast list, contents of the special performance, full text of An Epilogue for A Theatrical Occasion by Peter Shaffer (excellent); slightly grubby and rumpled, minor marks else VG] £5

Superb large-size Souvenir Programme for the 1974 Festival marking the centenary of Lilian Baylis's birth. Contains The life of Lilian Baylis (w.18 photos), Auntie's Niece - Lilian Baylis on Emma Cons (; Articles by Sybil Thorndike (w.2 photos), Ralph Richardson (w.3 photos), Flora Robson (w.2 photos), Alec Guinness (, Michael Redgrave (w.2 photos), Laurence Oliver (w.5 photos), Joan Cross (w.2 photos), Adrian Boult (, Lawrence Collingwood (, Edith Coates (, Ninette de Valois (w.2 photos), Frederick Ashton (, Alicia Markova (w.2 photos), Margot Fonteyn (w.4 photos); review of the EMI record set Stars of the Vic-Wells by Frank Granville-Barker (; Impressions and Anecdotes (by Kathleen Clarke, Russell Thorndike, Harcourt Williams, Sumner Austin, Esme Church, Bruce Worsley, Hugh Walpole, Harley Granville Barker, Edward Dent, Robert Speaight, Tyrone Guthrie and many others - w.13 photos); A Summing-Up by Hugh Willatt (; Baylis and Books etc.; edited by Peter Roberts [106pp (56pp text+50pp adverts), 8.25x11.75; OVER 65 SUPERB AND UNCOMMON PHOTOGRAPHS; fascinating!; very slightly rumpled, else VG] £12

An account of the four years after the 21st of the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Foreword by Kenneth Ireland (, Now We Are Twenty-five by George Bruce, An account of each of the 1972 to 1975 Seasons ( lists, 34 production photos), and 35 further photos - SEVENTY PHOTOS IN ALL [32pp, 8.5x8; very slightly rumpled, else VG] £7

1975: THE FRED ASTAIRE STORY: His Life, His Films, His Friends (BBC TV)
A superb 68-page Radio Times Souvenir Guide to the Radio 2 Biography and the BBC TV Astaire-Rogers Film Season, written by Benny Green: a complete survey of Fred Astaire's remarkable career, copiously illustrated with over 200 excellent photos from his professional and private life. "The Fred Astaire Special takes a searching look at a great career in the glittering yet sometimes cruel world of show-biz. Spanning 70 years in entertainment, it uses stills from Astaire's stage shows and films and it also includes hitherto unpublished pictures and unique interviews with Fred, his family, friends and West End, Broadway and Hollywood colleagues"; Articles on the composers and lyricists most closely assosiated with Astaire by Benny Green, and retrospective critiques of the film career by Philip Jenkinson [68pp, 9.2x11.75; a fascinating and superbly illustrated comprehensive survey of the life and times of this great star; the Souvenir contains no advertisements, and is in excellent condition] £6

1976: CLAYHANGER - Arnold Bennett, dramatised by Douglas Livingstone (ATV)
A splendid TV Times Souvenir of the 26-episode ATV Series featuring Peter McEnery (as Edwin Clayhanger), Janet Suzman (as Hilda Lessways), Thelma Whiteley, Louise Purnell, Joyce Redman, Harry Andrews (as Darius Clayhanger), Bruce Purchase, Timothy Woolgar, John Horsley, Anne Carroll, Denis Quilley, Clive Swift, Denholm Elliott, Hugh Walters, Renee Asherson, Erin Geraghty, Vera Jakob, Connie Merigold, Julie Peasgood, Rosemary Blake, Bernard Holley, John Stratton, Michael Osborne, Paul Jesson, Jill Lidstone, Harold Bennett, Adam Swift, Annabelle Lanyon, William Relton (as young Edwin Clayhanger), Pamela Cundell, Brian Pettifer, Diana Rayworth, Eric Francis, David Stoll, Geoffrey Drew, Rebecca Swift, Megan Hanks, Lisa Moss, Benjamin Whitrow, Madoline Thomas, Peggy Ann Wood, Annie Leake, Viola Keats, Geoffrey Hutchings, David Wilkinson, Brigid Erin Bates, Susan Williamson, Dennis Clinton, Roy Macready, John Rainer, Peter Clough, Arthur Cox, Christine Absalom, Yvonne Bonnamy, Rosemary Martin, James Ware, Jack Lynn, Paul Howes, Jacqueline Morgan, John Blain, Eve Mortimer, Pip Miller, Sally Grace, Michael Howley, Mitzi Rogers, Heather Canning, Deborah Grant, Sarah Harter, David Machin, Robin Parkinson, Chris Range, Alison Skilbeck, Raymond Witch, Reginald Barratt, Paul Blake, Christopher Coll, Lynette Davies, Patricia Hassell, Bernard Kay, Clifford Kershaw, Frederick Radley, Leonard Trolley, Robert Vahey, Theresa Watson, Wendy Wax, Valerie White, Darlene Beth, Michael Graham Cox, Ellis Dale, Sonny Farrar, David Glover, Frederick Hall, Basil Hoskins, Charles Kinross, Anna Steele, Harry Walker, George Waring, Gillian Davey, Patricia Garwood, Ray Gatenby, Paul Jerricho, Mike Kemp, Joanna Lloyd, Roland MacLeod, Peter Marinker, John McCombe, Sharon O'Leary, Lawrence Rew, Beatrice Aston, Deborah Baxter, David Edwards, Margaret Heery, Lloyd Lamble, Martin Read, Henry Stamper, Frank Tregear, Alan Wilson, June Brown, Michael Duggan, John Gill, Paul Haley, Stanley Page, Malcolm Rogers, Peter Spraggon, Mo Willshire, Tony Aitken, Anthony Baird, Frederick Bennett, Una Brandon-Jones, Terence Conoley, Stacy Davies, Derek Fowlds, Ann Gabrielle, Samantha Gates, Ken Halliwell, Gary Lock, Hilary Sesta, Peter Welch, Martin Wyldeck, Christopher Banks, Osmund Bullock, Robert Cooper, David Foxxe, Tom Howell, Enid Irvin, Ian Jentle, Martin Kessel, Frank Middlemass, Victor Platt, Gary Rich, David Steele, Amanda Walker, Rod Beacham, Alan Foss, Harold Goodwin, Roy Pattison, Clyde Pollitt, Chris Sanders, Sheri Shepstone, Frank Veasey, Joe Holmes, Clinton Jeffries, David Purcell, Beatrice Shaw, Leslie Bryant, Anthony Collin, Humphrey Frampton, John Scott Martin, Stuart Wilde, Michael Fincham, Joe Ritchie, Ian Meadows, Bernard Sharpe, Rusty Livingstone, Sheila Gill, Hal Jeayes; dir: John Davies, David Reid [68pp, 8.75x11.25; full cast list, very extensive illustrated articles, c100 photographs and illustrations, many in colour; a splendid souvenir of this popular TV series; in superb condition] £5

1976: PIT, BOXES & GALLERY - The Story of the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds 1819 to 1976
A National Trust publication, written by Iain Mackintosh, about the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, the only surviving Regency playhouse in Britain. Foreword by Angus Wilson. The Eminent Tragedian (The visit of William Charles Macready in November 1828); Pit, Boxes And Gallery (Theatregoing in Bury St Edmunds in the early nineteenth century); Theatres for Spectators rather than Playhouses for Hearers (A late Georgian Playhouse); A design of great Erudition, Simplicity and Magnificence (William Wilkins and the building of the theatre in 1819); A theatre of ample dimension and elegance (Then and Now, the building described); Few Equal to Our Own, None Superior (The Norwich Company of Comedians); The Distresses under which the provincial theatres laboured (Declining Years - 1830 to 1892); Where the Nuts come from (29 February 1892 - the world premiere at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds of Charley's Aunt); A Really Beautiful Temple of Thespis (The re-opening of 1906); A Change o'er the Scene (From 1907 to the closure of 1925); Public Appeal and Private Endeavour (1959 to 1965 - the campaign to re-open the theatre); Happy Days are Here Again (1965-1975 - the first ten years of the re-born Theatre Royal. Copiously illustrated with FORTY ILLUSTRATIONS AND PHOTOGRAPHS (engravings, sketches, playbills, ground plans etc. [52pp, 9.25x7; VG] £6

1977: The First 25 Years of THE MOUSETRAP
A superb photographic record of The First 25 Years of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, presented by Peter Saunders; Introduction; montage of Press Comment; articles on Dame Agatha Christie by Matthew Pritchard (w.large photo), Peter Saunders by Harold Hobson (w.large photo), The World in 1952 by J C Trewin; Photos of Sir Max Mallowan (Agatha Christie's husband), the young Matthew Pritchard (her grandson), and Rosalind Hicks (her daughter); a year-by-year summary of The Mousetrap productions 1952-1977, with cast photos for each year, including Richard Attenborough, Sheila Sim, Heather Stannard, Derek Blomfield, Arthur Brough, David Raven, James Grout, Heather Chasen, Anna Barry, Michael Martin-Harvey, Madoline Thomas, Mark Kingston, John Justin, Ray Cooney, Irene Sutcliffe, John Hart Dyke, Ian Cullen, Stephanie Cole, Lee Fox, Carol Marsh, Paul Darrow, Helen Weir, Harold Kasket and many others; 7 photos of The Mousetrap Directors; 9 photos of backstage personnel; photos of the two stage sets (1952 and 1965); Photos of special occasions; List of the Works of Agatha Christie; Index to photographs etc.; 160+ PHOTOGRAPHS IN ALL [40pp, 8.25x11.75; packed with fascinating information; uncommon; minor mark on front cover, else VG] £9

1977: CAMBRIDGE THEATRE COMPANY: The Case For Sponsorship
Twenty-four production photos: SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER (w.Roger Rees, Zoe Wanamaker - cover photo), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL (w.Peter Machin - photo), HAMLET (w.Ian Charleson, Heather Canning - photo), THE GLASS MENAGERIE (w.Connie Booth, Maxine Audley, James Aubrey, Angus MacInnes - 3 photos), THE DEEP BLUE SEA (w.Sheila Hancock, Clive Francis - 2 photos), DOG'S DINNER (w.Edward Petherbridge, Ernest Clark, Frank Middlemass, Mark Wing-Davey - 3 photos), PRESENT LAUGHTER (w.Robert McBain, Anita Carey - 2 photos), GLASSTOWN (w.Vicky Ireland, Angela Brown, Robert Powell, Anne Stallybrass - photo), THE RECRUITING OFFICER (w.Susan Fleetwood, Ian McKellen - photo), THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (w.Barbara Murray - photo), 'TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE (w.Ian McKellen, Robert Eddison - photo), YOU NEVER CAN TELL (w.Simon Ward - photo), PYGMALION (w.Lisa Harrow - photo), TWELFTH NIGHT (w.Denis Lawson - photo), THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (w.Jack Hedley - photo), DAMES AT SEA (photo), GHOSTS (w.Michael Gough, Wendy Hiller - photo), FEARS AND MISERIES OF THE THIRD REICH (photo), THE RIVALS (photo), THE THREE SISTERS (w.Patricia Brake, Virginia McKenna, Stephanie Bidmead - photo); Feature on Jonathan Lynn, Press comment, List of productions 1969-1977, List of leading players, Budgets; Articles: Why sponsor the theatre?, The History of the Cambridge Theatre Company, and Why sponsor the Cambridge Theatre Company? etc. [16pp, 11.75x8.4; slightly rumpled, else VG] £5

Foreword, extensive excerpts from reviews and 10+ large photos of Faust (with Marilyn Hill-Smith, Jose Tudare, Christian du Plessis, Janet Price, Assen Vassilev, Mary Gilmore) and Rigoletto (with John Rath, Janet Hughes, Carlos Montane, Ferdinand Radovan, Clive Harre, Stephen Emmanuel, and Frederick Green), Conversations with The Cast etc. [28pp, 8.25x11.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

1977 (Aug-Sep): EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 1977 Festival Repertoire List
Full details of the artists and companies participating in the Festival, including Scottish Ballet, Edinburgh Festival Opera, Scottish Opera, Concertgebouw Orchestra, Scottish National Orchestra, New Philharmonia Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Prospect Theatre Company, Nottingham Playhouse Company, State Theatre Stuttgart, Dorothy Tutin, Derek Jacobi, Alec McCowen, Timothy West, Claudio Abbado, Bernard Haitink, Alexander Gibson, Carlo Maria Giulini, Erich Leinsdorf, Antal Dorati, Janet Baker, Jessye Norman, Yehudi Menuhin, Daniel Barenboim and many others [12pp, 7.75x8; details of operas, plays, concerts, recitals and exhibitions, with dates, venues, ticket prices, booking details etc.; VG] £2

1977 (10 September at 12 midnight): JUBILEE: A Theatrical Celebration (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane) Souvenir Brochure
Glossy Souvenir Brochure for this theatrical celebration to aid the Queen's Silver Jubilee Appeal, in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales, KG, KT, GCB
Full details of the programme: To Be A Performer by Lionel Bart (w.Alfred Marks, Bonnie Langford, Martin Connor, Pat Lancaster, Christina Matthews, Gabrielle Drake, Liz Fraser, Anna Karen, Evelyn Laye, Elizabeth Seal, directed by Eleanor Fazan), The Whole Truth by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall (w.Harry Towb, directed by Robert Chetwyn), The Royal Gala Murder by Anthony Shaffer (w.Nigel Patrick, Victor Spinetti, John Standing, Peter Bayliss, Elspeth March, Judy Campbell, Nicky Henson, Inspector Druitt, directed by Nigel Patrick), Purple, Scarlet, Black and Gold by Dick Francis (w.John Mills, Leslie Edwards, Clive Francis, Sam Kydd, Bernard Lee, Jeffrey Shankley, Frank Windsor, directed by Lindsay Anderson), The Perfect Host by Stanley Daniels (w.Richard Briers, Penelope Keith), Exits by Michael Frayn (w.Denis Quilley, Patricia Routledge, Edward Fox, Dinsdale Landen, Polly Adams, directed by Eric Thompson), Three Jubilees by Sandy Wilson (w.Anne Rogers, Lynda Baron, Amanda Barrie, Sheila Bernette, Sheila Gish, Josephine Gordon, Phyllida Law, Jenny Logan, Ruth Madoc, Sheila Matthews, Patricia Michael, Beryl Roques, Roland Curram, Roger Hammond, Patrick Ryecart, Dudley Stevens, Graham Turner, Michael Williams, Aubrey Woods, Angela Rippon, directed by Bob Howe), The Village Jubilee Play by William Douglas Home (w.Ronnie Stevens, Sheila Hancock, Jane Carr, John Dalby, June Ellis, Stephanie Fayerman, Brian Glover, Anna Keaveney, Bernard Lee, Royce Mills, June Page, Hero de Rance, directed by Lindsay Anderson), A Modern Major-General by W S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan (w.Wayne Sleep), Birds Of A Feather by William Trevor (w.Wendy Hiller, Joss Ackland, directed by Peter Dews), Jubilation by Caryl Brahms and John Dankworth (w.Felix Rice, Miquel Brown, Clark Peters, Eric Roberts, directed by David Toguri), The Trial of Mrs Beeton by John Mortimer (w.Pauline Collins, Moray Watson, Sheila Ballantine, Michael Gough, Polly James, Derek Newark, Harold Innocent, Robin Bailey, Norman Beaton, Phyllis Calvert, Joyce Carey, James Cossins, directed by Frith Banbury), I love this land by Leslie Bricusse and Andre Previn (w.Katherine Pring, directed by Eleanor Fazan), and Finale [44pp, 8.25x11.75; with full programme, 6 b&w photos of HM The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, introductions by Prince Charles and Richard Attenborough, The Silver Jubilee by J C Trewin, credits etc.; VG] £4

Issue of Super Agent magazine, devoted to The Professionals, starring Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins; contains 5 colour photographs and a 33"x23.5" centre-spread of Brodie and Doyle, two articles: Exclusive! Collins and Shaw Speak Out, and The Real Brodie and Doyle and more [16pp, 8.25x11.75 (single 33"x23.5" sheet in original folds); VG] £4

1978 (Aug-Sep): EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 1978 Festival Repertoire List
Full details of the artists and companies participating in the Festival, including Edinburgh Festival Opera, Scottish Opera, Zurich Opera, Stadtische Buhnen Frankfurt-am-Main, Dresden Staatskapelle, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, International Youth Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Scottish National Orchestra, Malaya Bronnaya Company USSR, Royal Shakespeare Company, Prospect Theatre Company, Claudio Abbado, Pierre Boulez, Georg Solti, Carlo Maria Giulini, Daniel Barenboim, Alfred Brendel, Teresa Berganza, Jessye Norman, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, James Galway, Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi, Bob Peck, Edward Petherbridge, Roger Rees and many others [12pp, 7.75x8; details of operas, plays, concerts, recitals and exhibitions, with dates, venues, ticket prices, booking details etc.; VG] £2

1978 (Aug-Sep): EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 1978 Official Festival Programme
Large-size Official Programme, with full details of the artists and companies participating in the Festival, including Edinburgh Festival Opera, Scottish Opera, Zurich Opera, Stadtische Buhnen Frankfurt-am-Main, Dresden Staatskapelle, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, International Youth Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, English Chamber Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Scottish National Orchestra, Malaya Bronnaya Company USSR, Royal Shakespeare Company, Prospect Theatre Company, Claudio Abbado, Pierre Boulez, Georg Solti, Carlo Maria Giulini, Daniel Barenboim, Alfred Brendel, Teresa Berganza, Jessye Norman, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, James Galway, Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi, Bob Peck, Edward Petherbridge, Roger Rees and many others; profusely illustrated, much detailed information about the operas, concerts, recitals, plays, exhibitions, the Edinburgh Tattoo and Film Festival which made up the 1978 Edinburgh International Festival [122pp, 8.5x10.5 (spiral-bound); details of operas, plays, concerts, recitals and exhibitions, with dates, venues, ticket prices, booking details etc.; VG] £4

1979 (27-30 Jun): THE SECRET POLICEMAN'S BALL (Her Majesty's)
The 1979 Amnesty International Comedy Gala
John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Eleanor Bron, Buckman & Beetles, Ken Campbell, Peter Cook, John Fortune, Terry Gilliam, Neil Innes, Clive James, Desmond Jones, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, John Williams [4pp, 6.4x9, and 3 loose sheets; brief biographies of the participants, Amnesty International information etc.; the show included Peter Cook's parody of the Judge's summing up to the jury in the Jeremy Thorpe 'Conspiracy to Murder' Trial: "you are now to retire, carefully to consider your verdict of 'Not Guilty'."; VG] £4

1979 (9 Feb-10 Mch): 27th FESTIVAL OF PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA Festival Programme
Full details of the 27th Festival Of Perth Western Australia, including Plays, Theatre of Illusion perfomances, Concerts, Recitals, Films, Poetry Recitals, Exhibitions and much else!; profusely illustrated w.60+ photographs and illustrations [52pp, 7.9x10.6; VG] £4

Magazine devoted to the TV Series The Professionals, starring Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins; contains 45+ photographs, many in colour, Full CVs of Brodie, Doyle and Cowley, CVs of the three principal actors with full page photos of each, an original story ("Revenge Is Sweet"), The Private life of Lewis Collins, Could you be a Professional? and much else [32pp, 8.25x11.75; very minor edge damage, else VG] £4

Magazine devoted to the TV Series The Professionals, starring Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins; contains 60+ photographs, many in colour, and 10+ articles: The Men Who Make The Professionals, Producing The Professionals, On Location with The Professionals, The Professional Image, Short Story ("It's In The Bag"), Flower Power for Martin, The Private Side of Gordon Jackson, Girl-Girls-Girls, Props Go Into Action, Autobiographical features on Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins, What does the future hold for Martin Shaw? and much else [32pp, 8.25x11.75; minor edge damage, else VG] £4

1979: FRIENDS OF THE OLD VIC: Newsletters Nos.1 - 5 1978-79
Five Friends of the Old Vic newsletters: No.1 (July 1978), No.2 (November 1978), No.3 (March 1979), No.4 (July 1979), No.5 (November 1979) [each c12pp, 5.9x8.25; much fascinating content; VG] £4


1980: NICHOLAS GEORGIADIS: Designs For The Theatre
Illustrated booklet featuring the work of the theatre designer Nicholas Georgiadis; contains a biography, lists of his exhibitions and his principal stage and film productions; with 8 set and costume designs (6 in colour) [8pp, 11.6x8.25; in Welsh and English; VG] £4

1980: THE EMPIRE THEATRE, Liverpool 1866-1980
Illustrated booklet celebrating the re-opening of the Empire Theatre Liverpool; Foreword by Sir John Moores, CBE, LLD; four illustrated articles: The Early Years (w.5 photos), The War Years (w.11 photos), The Glittering Post War Era (w.8 photos), and A New Era (w.4 photos); programme for Welsh National Opera's Gala performance of TOSCA to celebrate the opening of the Empire Theatre on Wednesday 1st October 1980, with Geoffrey Moses, Julian Moyle, Kenneth Collins, Helena Dose, Anthony Baldwin, John Harris, Mark Nelson, Margaret Baiton, Gordon Whyte; c:Julian Smith, dir:John Copley (w.3 photos) etc. [soft-back book, 28pp, 8.25x11.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £5

1981 (29 Jul): THE ROYAL WEDDING Official Programme
Official Programme for the Marriage of H R H The Prince of Wales and The Lady Diana Spencer, St.Paul's Cathedral, 29th July 1981; contains 4 full-page colour photos of the Bride and Groom, 5 further colour photos of the clergy and the carriages, Introduction by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Ceremonial - The Carriage Processions, The Music of the Service, Processions within St.Paul's Cathedral, Map of the Route, Timetable, The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony, Processions out of St.Paul's Cathedral etc. [28pp, 5.5x8.4; VG] £5

Lavish soft-back book by Richard Jarman, telling the fascinating story of the home of English National Opera, and published on the occasion of the Company's Golden Jubilee. Illustrated essays and commentary, with over 300 excellent photographs in all [soft-back book, 126pp, 8.25x11.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £6

Lavishly-illustrated soft-back book containing 35 FULL-COLOUR FULL-PAGE POSTER REPRODUCTIONS including Cymbeline (Covent Garden Theatre, 1779), The Siege of Troy (Astley's Theatre, 1883), Rubini (Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, c1869), Black Eyed Susan (New Royalty Theatre, 1886), Blue Beard (Covent Garden Theatre, 1871), Jack and The Beanstalk (Drury Lane Theatre, 1899), The Yeomen of the Guard (Savoy Theatre, 1897), The Only Way (Lyceum Theatre, 1899), Macbeth (His Majesty's Theatre, 1911), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Savoy Theatre, 1914), The Duenna (Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, 1924), Bertram Mills Circus (Olympia, 1928), Look Back in Anger (Royal Court Theatre, 1957), Hair (Shaftesbury Theatre, 1968), What The Butler Saw (Royal Court Theatre, 1975), All's Well That Ends Well (Royal Shakespeare Company, 1982), and many more; also an 11-page survey of British theatre posters, from the earliest handwritten playbills to the modern day, by Catherine Haill of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
[soft-back book, 52pp, 7.5x9.75; published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1983; VG] £6

Full text of The Celebratory Lecture given by Cordelia Oliver at the Ceremony to award the Goethe Medal 1984 to Robert David MacDonald, photographs of the Presentation Ceremony, the Glasgow Citizens' Theatre, 12 production photos of Rosenkavalier, Happy End, St. Joan Of The Stockyards, The Last Days of Mankind, Woyzeck, and Torquato Tasso; biography of Robert David MacDonald ( etc. [32pp, 8.3x10.75; VG] £5

1985: SHAKESPEARE IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS (Her Majesty's Stationery Office)
A survey of documents relating to William Shakespeare and his family in the public records; text by David Thomas; 30+ reproductions of documents cited in the various sections: Shakespeare's father, Shakespeare in London, Shakespeare in Stratford, Shakespeare's Will and Signatures, and Documents relating to Shakespeare and his family in the Public Record Office; detailed commentary and transcriptions of many of the documents [52pp, 8.5x10.8 soft-back book; VG] £5

A booklet to celebrate the re-opening of the Theatre Royal, Winchester, following the completion of Phase II of Restoration Works, December 1985. Contains a list of distinguished patrons, message from Jennie Bland, Chairman of the Theatre Royal (, message from Geoffrey Howard, General Manager (, further messages (, breakdown of the costs of Phase II Work, A History of the Theatre (, Details of the Phase II Work, Ground Plan of the theatre, Who's Who at the Theatre Royal: Theatre staff, Box Office staff, Volunteers, Theatre Royal Club (w.20+ photos), extensive list of donors etc. [24pp, 8.25x7.75; PLUS three v.interesting Open Day Information Sheets; VG] £3

1986: KING'S THEATRE 80TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)
Celebrating the 80th Birthday of the newly-refurbished King's Theatre, Edinburgh: an illustrated history of the theatre, with commentary and 35+ photos and illustrations: a 1956 Royal visit, Sean Connery recalling his days at the King's, Jimmy Logan in Robinson Crusoe (1952), two photos from Sinbad (1985), Stanley Baxter in Mother Goose (1983), the 1985 Restoration etc. [20pp, 8.25x11.75; scribbles on the back, else VG] £4

1987: BRISTOL HIPPODROME SOUVENIR (Bristol Hippodrome)
A Souvenir of Seventy-Five Years of the Bristol Hippodrome, with c100 photos and illustrations and text by Christopher Robinson; tells the fascinating story of this famous theatre, with many unusual photos of the theatre itself in good times and bad, the many notable artists who have appeared there, playbills, personalities, premieres etc. [28pp, 8.25x11.75; uncommon; VG] £5

1987 (12 Apr): Will Aid presents A CELEBRATION OF SHAKESPEARE (Sadler's Wells Theatre) Souvenir Programme
Souvenir Programme for A Royal Gala Benefit in the presence of Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowden. Will Aid: Show People for Action Against Aids presents A Celebration of Shakespeare including John Poole's Regency musical Hamlet Travestie. Featuring - among many others - in Part One (The Celebration) Alan Bates, Simon Green, James Warwick, Derek Waring, Claire Moore, Angela Richards, Linda Baron, Maria Friedman, Dilys Laye, Mary Miller, Liz Robertson, Dilys Watling, Amanda Root, Tommy Korberg, Dorothy Tutin, Geraldine McEwan, Claire Bloom, Jill Bennett, Edward Fox, Cantabile, Wendy Hiller, Keith Baxter, Nickolas Grace, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Francesca Annis, Michael Pennington, Sara Kestelman, Ian Ogilvy, Nichola McAuliffe, Sally Ann Howes, Alfred Marks, Anton Rogers; and in Part Two (Hamlet Travestie) Patrick Ryecart (as Hamlet), John Moffatt (as Claudius), Gwen Watford (as Gertrude), Freddie Jones (as Polonius), Polly James, Robert Meadmore, Geoffrey Burridge, Antony Sher (as Reynaldo), James Villiers, Nickolas Grace, Margaret Courtenay, Maxine Audley, Lionel Bart (as Archbishop of Elsinore), Maurice Denham, Royce Mills, John Wells, Derek Griffiths, Moyra Fraser, Derek Deane; the performance directed by Ned Sherrin and David Kernan, and staged by Tudor Davies and Ken Oldfield. Much extra content, including a long list of Gala Patrons, and 10 uncommon photographs of notable historical productions [44pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

1988 (29 Jan): THE LAURENCE OLIVIER AWARDS 1988 (Dominion Theatre) Souvenir Brochure
Presented by The Society Of West End Theatre in the Presence of Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales [146pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £8

1988 (12 Nov): THE LORD MAYOR'S SHOW 1988 (City of London) Souvenir Brochure
Official Programme for the 1988 Lord Mayor's Show. Contains A Message from The Lord Mayor (Sir Christopher Collett), The Order of Procession (with full details of the 146 groups involved), Map of the Procession Route with Timings, and eight copiously illustrated articles: Sir Christopher Collett at home in Wimbledon (w.8 colour photos), The Sheriffs of London, 800th Anniversary of the Mayoralty, People Count With The Livery, The Ward of Broad Street, People Count With The Unique Corporation, Three City Territorials, and Fireworks over London [84pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £4

1989: HAMPSTEAD THEATRE 1959-1989 Soft-back Book with Insert
Book celebrating thirty years of Hampstead Theatre, copiously illustrated with 80+ photographs, and containing 18 articles: The Past Tense by Jenny Topper, The Formative Years by James Roose-Evans, The Master Pays a Visit by Edward de Souza, Keeping Faith by Gerald Isaaman, One In Every Borough by Pam Gems, A Sodden Night Out by Michael Coveney, The Theatre at Swiss Cottage by Mike Leigh, Cee You Soon by Maureen Lipman, No Boundaries by Eileen Diss, The Foyer by David Aukin, Excuse me, where is Hampstead Theatre? by Frank McGuinness, The Long and The Short of It by Caroline Blakiston, A Small Black Box by Sue Plummer, Script Reading for Hampstead by Jonathan Coy, A Play of One's Own by Eileen Atkins, In Focus by John Haynes, A Hole In One by Stephen Jeffreys, and The Future Tense by Jenny Topper. With substantial insert: Major Productions At Hampstead Theatre 1959-1989: a year-by-year list of all the plays performed at Hampstead, with details of the casts and creative teams, and 5 pages of notable achievments and special awards. [76pp, 8.25x11.75 + insert (36pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £6


1990 (4 May): ADMISSION OF THE MOST REVEREND DESMOND TUTU (Goldsmith's College, New Cross)
Programme for The Admission of The Most Reverend Desmond Tutu as an Honorary Freeman of the Borough of Lewisham; with a biography of The Most Reverend Desmond Mpilo Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town and Metropolitan of the Anglican Province of South Africa (w.2 colour photos), colour reproductions of the Presentational Casket and Scroll (In recognition of his inspirational role in leading his people in South Africa toward freedom and justice ...), Order of Proceedings, Programme etc. [8pp, 6.5x9; VG] £2

1991: EVERYMAN THEATRE, CHELTENHAM: Official Centenary Brochure (Everyman, Cheltenham)
Extensive History of the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham (with illustrations and photos, many in colour); Theatre Timeline; Famous Faces from past including Peggy Mount, Christopher Timothy, Penelope Keith, Jacqueline Dankworth, Peter Egan, William Gaunt, Bert Kwok, Windsor Davies and Stephen Berkoff; Aims and Goals; production photos of past shows (Musicals, Family Shows, Drama, Farce and Comedy, the Youth Theatre), reviews, the Theatre's Ghosts etc. [32pp, 8.25x11.75; c50 photographs in all; VG] £4

1991: JAPAN FESTIVAL 1991 (UK) Official Programme
Official Programme, containing full details of more than 3,500 events nationwide - the greatest festival ever staged in the UK - and twelve profusely illustrated articles with 75+ colour photos: Visions of Heaven and Hell (Exhibition at the V&A), Puppets, Plays and Phantoms (Classical and modern Japanese theatre), Years of change (Development of Japan over the last four decades), Better by design (Japanese technology), Images of Japan (Major movements in fine arts), Film view (Development of the Japanese film industry), A special relationship (Cultural and historical links between Britain and Japan), Crafting beauty (Popular crafts of the Mingei movement), Battle of the giants (Sumo wrestling), Comparing notes (Musical world of East and West), How different is Japan? (from both Japanese and British perspectives), and Why a Japan Festival in 1991 (The link with the Japan Society's Centenary). [108pp, 8.25x11.75; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

A superb photographic record of 40 Years of The Mousetrap, with photos of original publicity material, special silk programmes, the original prompt copy, special souvenir programmes; photos of the original set design and surviving original props; photos of the play's designers, sets and 20 Directors; photos of special occasions, including celebratory parties, and Richard Attenborough and Peter Saunders' appearances on 'This Is Your Life'; and most of all a fascinating Year-By-Year Survey of the Production, featuring photos of the leading players for each year; 470 PHOTOGRAPHS IN ALL [100pp, 8.25x11.75; packed with fascinating information; uncommon; VG] £15

1992 (8 April): A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of ROBERT LEADAM EDDISON OBE, 1908-1991 (St Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London)
Order of Service for this Thanksgiving for the distinguished actor Robert Eddison; Order of Service, Tributes, Music and Readings (by Gillian Eddison, Imogen Ryall, Alexandra, Barnaby and Oliver Weston, Harriet Walter, Juliet Stephenson, Glynne Wickham, Sir Ian McKellen), details of the music in the service etc. [4pp, 5.9x11.75; VG] £3

1995: STEPHEN JOSEPH THEATRE - Conversion of the Odeon Cinema, Scarborough
Adrian Gatie's 3-year photographic record of the transformation of the Odeon Cinema into the Stephen Joseph Theatre; 30+ photographs in all [40pp, 8.25x5.75; VG] £4

1995: CARDIFF SINGER OF THE WORLD Competition 1995 (St.David's Hall, Cardiff)
Full programme for this famous singing competition, with photographs and biographies of the Jury (Anthony Freud, Ileana Cotrubas, Dame Joan Sutherland, Matthew Epstein, Tom Krause, Brian McMaster, and Alex Treuhaft), details of the prizes, and features on all 25 competitors, with photos, details of their repertoire, and brief biographies; photographic features on the orchestras and accompanists; past winners etc. [48pp, 6.75x9.5; VG] £4

1996 (March 10): PLAYWRIGHT OF THE YEAR AWARD CEREMONY 1966 (London Marriott, Grosvenor Square)
Introduction by Melvyn Bragg (Chairman of the Judging Panel), photographs and brief biographies of all the judges (Melvyn Bragg, Nanette Newman, Ned Sherrin, Paul Allen, Michael Billington, Clive Hirschhorn, Joyce McMillan, Sheridan Morley, Jack Tinker), photographs and brief biographies of all the nominees (Sebastian Barry, Jez Butterworth, David Harrower, Ronald Harwood, Jonathan Lewis, Patrick Marber, Peter Nichols, Alan Plater, Louis Mellis and David Scinto), Menu, Programme for the evening, Musical Tribute to Noel Coward (by Peter Greenwell, Patricia Hodge, Sheridan Morley and Jonathan Cohen), biographies of all the artists appearing, personal note from Terry Johnson (the 1994 winner) [16pp, 6.9x9.9; VG] £4

1998 (1 November): MUSIC OF LIFE: A Charity Gala in aid of the Breast Cancer Campaign (Palace Theatre)
Simon Callow, Gemma Craven, Sharon Eckman, Sarah Redmond, Philip Sutton, Sylvia Griffin, Nickolas Grace, Con O'Neill, Mark Hutchinson, Andrew Lynford, Peter Barnett, Sarah Bond, Lindsey Coulson, George Asprey, Tam Williams, Beth Winslet, Vince Redmon, Maria Sardon Urtiaga, Margaret Richardson, John Hudson, Julie Jupp, Sharon D Clarke, Les Dennis, Hugh Jackman, Amanda Holden, Roger Allam, Louise Gold, Jacqui Scott, Richard Wilson, Annette Crosbie, Maria Ewing, Bruce Alexander, Claire Machin, Lesley Cox, Paul Scofield, and many others; directed by Simon Callow, musical director: Chris Walker [24pp, 8.25x11.75; with 4pp 5.8x8.25 insert, detailing the programme, biographies of the organising personnel etc.; VG] £4

1999: THE ROSE THEATRE: Bankside's First Theatre, built in 1587 Guide Book
A fully-illustrated guide to the Rose Theatre, telling the story of the discovery of the remains of the theatre in 1989, and the successful campaign to preserve the site: The History of The Rose, The Archaeology, Reconstructing The Rose, 1989 to Now, The Current Exhibition and Future Plans, Brief Chronology, and Further Reading; text by Clare Graham, design by Erika Rennel Bjorkman [20pp, 5.75x8.25; photographs, illustrations etc.; VG] £4

1999 (11 Apr): A CHORUS OF APPROVAL (Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough) Souvenir Celebratory Brochure
Gala Performance in Celebration of Sir Alan Ayckbourn's 60th Birthday, featuring Polly Adams, John Arthur, Jane Asher, Robert Austin, Elizabeth Bell, Lavinia Bertram, Gillian Bevan, Peter Blythe, Terence Booth, Robin Bowerman, John Branwell, Anna Carteret, Bill Champion, Janet Dale, Janie Dee, Richard Derrington, Bob Eaton, Serena Evans, Peter Forbes, Derek Howlds, Michael Gambon, Adam Godley, Christopher Godwin, Nicholas Haverson, Robin Herford, Gareth Hunt, Martin Jarvis, Ursula Jones, Christine Kavanagh, Cheryl Kennedy, Peter Laird, Barry McCarthy, Julia McKenzie, Adrian McLoughlin, Stephen Mallatratt, Michael Maloney, Leslie Meade, Brian Miller, Eileen O'Brien, Steven Pacey, Stanley Page, Tessa Peake-Jones, Jennifer Piercey, Robert Powell, Griff Rhys Jones, Anton Rodgers, Michael Simkins, Malcolm Sinclair, Alison Skilbeck, Elisabeth Sladen, Jon Strickland, Alwyne Taylor, Susan Uebel, Joanna van Gyseghem, Marcia Warren, Caroline Webster, Lia Williams, Penelope Wilton, dir:Stephanie Turner [76pp, 8.25x11.75; this soft-back book contains 60th Birthday Tributes from friends and colleagues (Michael Billington, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Caroline Smith, Julia McKenzie, Stephen Mallatratt, Tamzin Outhwaite, Bob Peck, Harold Pinter, Peter Hall), Alan Ayckbourn: Actor (a selection of photographs and press quotes), Alan Ayckbourn: Writer and Director (The story so far), Details of the gala performance, Alan Ayckbourn: Cast Lists (of his fifty-three Scarborough and London productions, excluding adaptations and short musical revues), Past programme covers; Lists of Dramatic Works, Awards, Translations etc.; c.100 PHOTOGRAPHS IN ALL; packed with interest; VG] £8


2001 (18 Feb): FRED ASTAIRE - His Daughter's Tribute (London Palladium)
Starring Jane Powell, Robert Wagner, Leslie Caron, Michael Parkinson, Ann Miller, Elmer Bernstein, Sir John Mills, Tony Martin, Cyd Charisse, Gregory Peck, Sir George Martin, Summer Strallen, Tim Flavin, Bonnie Langford, Janie Dee, Graham Bickley, Stephanie Prince, Clive Carter, Clive Rowe, Gavin Lee and many others; Book by Bill Deamer, Tim Flavin, Ava Astaire McKenzie, Richard McKenzie, and Lynda Trapnell; Directors/Choreographers: Bill Deamer, Tim Flavin; Guest Choreographer: Craig Revel Horwood; Fred Astaire Orchestra; BBC Concert Orchestra; Musical Director: Nick Davies; Special Guest Conductor/Arranger: Elmer Bernstein [32pp, 8.25x11.75; Detailed Running Order, Full cast list, 40+ Cast Biographies (, Biography of Fred Astaire (, c19 excellent photos of Fred Astaire and friends, Greetings from Well-wishers etc.; VG] £4

2002: THE MOUSETRAP STORY Golden Jubilee Edition
A lavish photographic record of 50 Years of The Mousetrap, with a fascinating Year-By-Year Survey of the Production, featuring photos of the leading players for each year. In addition, the Souvenir is packed with photographs: the surviving original props, original set design, special silk programmes, pages from the original prompt copy, the play's 20 Directors, special occasions, original programme and poster, Mousetrap Parties, Richard Attenborough and Peter Saunders' appearances on This Is Your Life, large colour photos of Dame Agatha Christie, Peter Saunders and Katie Boyle; reproductions of 27 cartoons featuring the production; and much else. 470 PHOTOGRAPHS IN ALL [96pp, 8.25x11.75; packed with fascinating information; uncommon; VG] £15

Order of Service for the Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of Dame Thora Hird, DBE 1911-2003, with texts of the hymns, readings and prayers etc., and a charming colour photo of Thora with a cup of tea [20pp, 6x9.5; splodges on the cover, else VG] £3

2005: IX FESTIVAL AMAZONAS DE OPERA (Teatro Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil) Souvenir Brochure
Superb souvenir of the Festival (in English and Portuguese); full details of the various performances in this remarkable festival, including the first production in Brazil of Das Ring Des Nibelungen, starring Lício Bruno, Celine Imbert, Carlos Bengolea, Stephen Bronk, José Galisa, Pepes do Valle, Thomas Rolf Truhitte, Magda Painno, Eiko Senda, Maria Russo, Allan Woodrow, José Galisa; illustrations, biographies, photographs; a packed souvenir [172pp, 8.25x10.75; VG] £8

2006: YOUNG VIC Re-Build Scrapbook October 2006
A survey of the Young Vic Redevelopment; introduction by David Lan, with drawings, vivid photographs, sketches, letters etc. [32pp, 7.5x9.8; VG] £4

2007 (Feb 18): THE LAURENCE OLIVIER AWARDS 2007 (Grosvenor House, Park Lane) Souvenir Brochure
Presented by The Society of London Theatre; full details of all the categories and nominees; 85+ excellent photographs [70pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks, else VG] £8

2007 (Aug-Dec): REPERTOIRE BROCHURE (National Theatre Of Scotland) Repertoire Brochure
Fully-illustrated National Theatre Of Scotland Repertoire Booklet for August to December 2007: VENUS AS A BOY (w.Tam Dean Burn), THE BACCHAE (w.Alan Cumming, Tony Curran, Paola Dionisotti, Ewan Hooper, Ralph Riach), THE WOLVES IN THE WALLS (w.Paul James Corrigan, George Drennan, Helen Mallon, Anita Vettesse, Ewan Hooper, Sharon Smith, Jessica Tom Chak, Jason Webb), HALF-LIFE, A SHEEP CALLED SKYE (w.Paul Christie, Ailie Cohen, Cara Kelly), MOLLY SWEENEY (w.Cara Kelly, Michael Glen Murphy), PEER GYNT (w.John Buick, Keith Fleming, Kevin Lennon, Irene MacDougall, Anthony Missen, Gerry Mulgrew, Robert Paterson, Ann Louise Ross, Gail Watson, Emily Winter), and RUPTURE (w.Brian Ferguson, Molly Innes, Owen Whitelaw); full details of the productions, with performance dates, tour details, ticket prices, workshops etc. etc.; introduction by Vicky Featherstone [32pp, 7.4x11; VG] £5

2007: SEASON BROCHURE (National Youth Theatre) Season Brochure
Very smart fully-illustrated National Youth Theatre 2007 Season Brochure; Cast lists and production details of SILLYBUS, A HIDING TO NOTHING, EASTER BITES, SWITCHED ON, WHOSE SHOES, SILENCE, WHITE BOY, 20 CIGARETTES, THE BAND, VICTORY STREET, IPOD, DO YOU?, I.D.1000, PAGEANT, and 100 WORDS; 24 colour production photos, 4 further colour photos, biographies of all the creative teams, 2007 Company List, 1000+ Headshots of the 2007 Company; Features on Onstage On Page On Film and Online, Young Offenders Programme, Volunteering Programme, Education and Learning, Courses, National Youth Theatre Brierley Hill, Auditions and Recruitment, Technical Departments, and Funding and Support; History of the National Youth Theatre, Complete list of productions 1956-2006 (w.15 production photos) etc. etc. [68pp, 8.25x10.25; VG] £6

2007: THE ROSE THEATRE: Bankside's First Theatre, built in 1587 Guide Book
A fully-illustrated guide to the Rose Theatre, telling the story of the discovery of the remains of the theatre in 1989, and the successful campaign to preserve the site: The Discovery, The History of The Rose, The Archaeology, Reconstructing The Rose, 1989 to Now, Plans For Progress, Brief Chronology, and Further Reading; text by Clare Graham and Harvey Sheldon, design by Erika Rennel Bjorkman [20pp, 5.75x8.25; photographs, illustrations etc.; VG] £4

2008 (Mch 9): THE LAURENCE OLIVIER AWARDS 2008 (Grosvenor House, Park Lane) Souvenir Brochure
Presented by The Society of London Theatre; full details of all the categories and nominees; 95+ excellent colour photographs [72pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £8


2010 (1 October): In Memoriam STEFANOS LAZARIDIS 28 July 1944 - 8 May 2010 (St.Paul's Church, Covent Garden)
Order of Service for this Memorial Service for the distinguished theatre designer, Stefanos Lazaridis; recollections of Stefanos (by Graham Vick, Antonio Pappano, Louise Jeffreys, Herakles Dervos, Noel Staunton, Marie-Jeanne Lecca, Ralph Koltai, Angie Smith), photograph of Stefanos, Greek and English texts of the readings etc. [12pp, 5.75x8.25; VG] £4

2012 (16 Jul): Order of Service for the Funeral of SHOLTO DAVID MAURICE ROBERTSON [Toby Robertson], 1928-2012 (Church of St Michael and All Angels)
Order of Service: The Sentences, Welcome Address, Hymns, Readings (by Eileen Atkins, Titus Forbes Adam, Jane McCulloch, Julian Glover, Bash Robertson), Prayers, The Commendation, The Blessing; and four photographs (three of Toby Robertson himself, and one of a family gathering), and a reproduction of one of his paintings [12pp, 5.9x8.25; VG] £3

2012 (19 Nov): THE ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE 2012 (Royal Albert Hall) Souvenir Brochure
The 100th Anniversary Year. In the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and in aid of The Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund. Running order of the performance which featured Katherine Jenkins, David Walliams, Girls Aloud, Jimmy Tarbuck, Amanda Holden, Britain's Got Talent Celebration, Bradley Walsh, One Direction, Rhod Gilbert, Alicia Keys, Placido Domingo, THE BODYGUARD - Heather Hedley, Robbie Williams, MATILDA (cast of the West End musical), Bill Bailey, Ashleigh & Pudsey, Rod Stewart, Ballet Revolucion, Andrea Bocelli, Kylie Minogue, China's Three Tenors, Neil Diamond; c25 photos and biographies of the participants; colour portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and HRH The Prince Philip, and of Laurie Mansfield, Giles Cooper, Phil Dale, and Ian Freeman (Hon.Life President, Hon. Chairman, Hon.Vice-Chairman, and Hon.Treasurer of the Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund); illustrated history of the Royal Variety Performance (20+ photos); Exhaustive list of previous performances 1912-2012; a feature on Brinsworth House (10 photos); illustrated feature on the Royal Albert Hall; 14 photos and biographies of the ITV production team etc. [90pp, 8.25x11.75; very minor marks on one page, else VG] £8