Programmes etc.

1929 (Feb): FIGHTING FATHERS and SHOW PEOPLE (Empire, Leicester Square) Film Programme
BLUE GRASS AND BLUE BLOOD ("All About Horses"); Fox Movietone News; FIGHTING FATHERS w.Max Davidson, James Finlayson, Martha Sleeper, Spec O'Donnell, directed by Hal Roach; On The Stage: GERSHWIN'S RHAPSODY IN BLUE w.Peggy White, Valia Lubova, Cochran, Odette & Keith Lester, and the 12 Empire Oumansky Dancers; SHOW PEOPLE w.Marion Davies, William Haines, Dell Henderson, directed by King Vidor [8pp, 5x7.3; Full Programme, cast list for Show People, Prices of Admission, details of forthcoming Double Feature Programme (ACROSS TO SINGAPORE w.Ramon Novarro, Joan Crawford and Ernest Torrence, and DRY MARTINI w.Mary Astor - w.4 photos), The News of the Empire etc.; VG] £3

1930 (Dec): SONG O' MY HEART and IN GAY MADRID (Stoll Picture Theatre, Kingsway) Film Programme
SONG O' MY HEART ("An All-Singing Romantic Drama") with John McCormack, Alice Joyce, Maureen O'Sullivan, Farrell MacDonald, and IN GAY MADRID ("Spanish Love Talkie") with Ramon Navarro [8pp, 5.6x8.75; cast lists for Song O' My Heart and In Gay Madrid (w.2 photos), 3-page spread on Next Week's Films: CAUGHT SHORT! ("All-Talking! All-Laughing!") with Marie Dressler, Polly Moran, Anita Page and Charles Morton, and GIRL OF THE PORT ("A Thrilling Exciting Talkie - A Powerful Drama of Personality") with Sally O'Neil ("as the Fascinating Girl Who Restores The Manhood of a Drifting Outcast") and Reginald Sharland (as "Whiskey Jim", Despised Derelict of the South Seas) (w.6 photographs); very rumpled, minor marks, staples rusted away, but a survivor!] £2

1933 (Oct): CAVALCADE (Trocadero, New Brighton) Film Programme
Diana Wynyard, Clive Brook, Herbert Mundin, Una O'Connor, Ursula Jeans, Beryl Mercer, Irene Browne, Merle Tottenham, Frank Lawton, John Warburton, Margaret Lindsay, Billy Bevan, Dick Henderson, Jr., Douglas Scott, Sheila MacGill, Bonita Granville; produced by Winfield Sheehan, directed by Frank Lloyd, screenplay by Reginald Berkeley [12pp, 7.1x9.5; Picture of the Generation, from the play by Noel Coward ... with An All-British Cast; contains cast list, commentary and synopsis, 13 excellent captioned production stills etc.; most unusual; VG] £5

1936: THESE THREE (Leicester Square Theatre) Film Programme
Merle Oberon, Joel McCrea, Miriam Hopkins, Margaret Hamilton; dir:William Wyler [4pp, 7.25x9.5; cast list and credits, details of the preceding "shorts" ('Carnival Time', World News Bulletin, and 'Mickey's Grand Opera'; slightly rumpled, else VG] £2

1950 (Mch): ON THE TOWN (Empire, Leicester Square - "Showplace of the Nation") Film Programme
Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Vera-Ellen, Jules Munshin, Betty Garrett [4pp, 5.5x6.5; cast list and credits, details of the preceding Variety programme (w.Monsewer Eddie Gray); 4 photos; VG] £2

1950 (Jul): ANNIE GET YOUR GUN (Empire, Leicester Square - "Showplace of the Nation") Film Programme
Betty Hutton, Howard Keel, Louis Calhern [4pp, 5.5x6.5; cast list and credits, details of the preceding Variety programme; 4 photos; slightly rumpled, else VG] £2

1956 (Aug): BORIS GODUNOV - M P Moussorgsky (Royal Festival Hall) Film Programme
A Mosfilm Production, 1954 in Sovcolour, with Alexander Pirogov (as Boris Godunov), G Nellep (as Dmitri the Imposter), M Mikhailov (as Pimen), A Krivchenya (as Varlaam), I Kozlovsky (as The Fool), E Avdeeva (as Marina), Artists and Orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre Company, Moscow; dir:V Stroyeva [12pp, 8.4x6.5; 11 stills from the film, credits, synopsis in English etc.; VG] £2

1960s: World Cinema: FROM STAGE TO SCREEN Programme 1 - Old Vic Stars I (National Film Theatre)
Extracts from MASKS AND FACES (1917) with Irene Vanbrugh, Glady Cooper, Sir Johnston Forbes Robertson, Nigel Playfair, Lillah McCarthy, Dion Boucicault and many others, DAWN (1927) with Sybil Thorndike, Gordon Craig, Mary Brough and Marie Ault, WALTZES FROM VIENNA (1934) with Fay Compton, Esmond Knight, Jessie Matthews and Frank Vosper, and Q PLANES (1939) with Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson and Valerie Hobson; and ST.MARTIN'S LANE (1938) with Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Larry Adler, Tyrone Guthrie, Basil Gill, Helen Haye and Jerry Verno [8pp 6.5x8 duplicated sheets in a 7x9.1 folder; note about Lilian Baylis and the Old Vic, extensive programme notes on the films by Basil Wright and others, cast and credits for St.Martin's Lane; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1960s: World Cinema: FROM STAGE TO SCREEN Programme 3 - Michael Redgrave (National Film Theatre)
Extracts from THE LADY VANISHES (1938), DEAD OF NIGHT (1945) and THE BROWNING VERSION (1951); and KIPPS (1941) [6pp 6.5x8 duplicated sheets in a 7x9.1 folder; note on Michael Redgrave, notes on the films by Michael Redgrave, Gavin Lambert, Manchester Guardian, Dily Powell, William Whitebait, cast and credits for Kipps; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1960s: World Cinema: FROM STAGE TO SCREEN Programme 4 - Old Vic Stars II (National Film Theatre)
Extracts from THE DRUM (1938) with Roger Livesey, Valerie Hobson and Sabu, GREAT EXPECTATIONS (1946) with John Mills, Bernard Miles, Francis L Sullivan, Martita Hunt, Alec Guinness, Freda Jackson, Torin Thatcher, Hay Petrie, George Hayes and O B Clarence, and THE LAST DAYS OF DOLWYN (1949) with Edith Evans, Emlyn Williams and Richard Burton; and MAJOR BARBARA (1941) with Marie Lohr, Walter Hudd, Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison, Robert Morley, Emlyn Williams, Deborah Kerr, Robert Newton and Sybil Thorndike [8pp 6.5x8 duplicated sheets in a 7x9.1 folder; programme notes on the films, cast and credits for Major Barbara, analysis of additional scenes written for the film by G B Shaw; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1960s: World Cinema: SONG AND DANCE Programme 2 (National Film Theatre)
Beginnings of the American tradition: Extracts from THE KING OF JAZZ (1930) with Paul Whiteman, PEACOCK ALLEY (1929) with Mae Murray, THE BLUE ANGEL (1929) with Marlene Dietrich; and 42ND STREET (1933) with Dick Powell, Ginger Rogers, Ruby Keeler, Bebe Daniels and George Brent [16pp 6.5x8 duplicated sheets in a 7x9.1 folder; article, notes on the films by Karel Reisz, cast and credits for 42nd Street; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1960s: World Cinema: SONG AND DANCE Programme 3 (National Film Theatre)
Experiment: Extracts from DIE DREIGROSCHENOPER (1931) with Lotta Lenja, and LAZYBONES - Hallelujah, I'm a Bum (1933) with Al Jolson; and ONE HOUR WITH YOU (1932) with Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald [8pp 6.5x8 duplicated sheets in a 7x9.1 folder; extensive programme notes by Gavin Lambert and Theodore Huff, cast and credits for One Hour With You; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1960s: World Cinema: SONG AND DANCE Programme 4 (National Film Theatre)
Astaire and Rogers (1): Extracts from THAT'S A GOOD GIRL (1933) with Jack Buchanan and Elsie Randolph, SAILING ALONG (1938) with Jessie Matthews, and GOLD DIGGERS OF 1937 (1937) with Dick Powell and Joan Blondel; and THE GAY DIVORCE (1934) with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers [6pp 6.5x8 duplicated sheets in a 7x9.1 folder; extensive programme notes, cast and credits for The Gay Divorce; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1960s: World Cinema: SONG AND DANCE Programme 5 (National Film Theatre)
Fred Astaire: Extracts from SECOND CHORUS (1940) with Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard and Burgess Meredith, BLUE SKIES (1946) with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby, and LET'S DANCE (1950) with Fred Astaire and Betty Hutton; and TOP HAT (1935) with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers [8pp 6.5x8 duplicated sheets in a 7x9.1 folder; note on Fred Astaire, extensive programme notes about the films, cast and credits for Top Hat; slightly rumpled, else VG] £3

1962: DER ROSENKAVALIER - Richard Strauss (Royal Festival Hall) Film Programme
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Sena Jurinac, Anneliese Rothenberger, Otto Edelman, Erich Kenz, Vienna State Opera Chorus, The Mozarteum Orchestra, The Vienna State Opera Ballet, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Herbert Von Karajan, directed by Professor Rudolf Hartman [8pp, 8.25x11.75; programme notes, synopsis, 10 photos (some in colour); minor marks on cover, slightly rumpled, else VG] £2

1973: JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice, Melvyn Bragg, Norman Jewison (Universal Pictures) Film Programme
Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson, Yvonne Elliman, Barry Dennen, Bob Bingham, Larry T Marshall, Joshua Mostel, Kurt Yaghjian, Philip Thomas, conducted by Andre Previn; dir:Norman Jewison [4pp, 8.5x11, printed on card; full cast list, credits, eight stills etc.; VG] £3

1979: DON GIOVANNI (Artificial Eye) Film Programme
Ruggero Raimondi, Kiri Te Kanawa, Edda Moser, Teresa Berganza, Jose Van Dam, Kenneth Riegel, Malcolm King, John Macurdy, Paris Opera conducted by Lorin Maazel; directed by Joseph Losey [16pp, 5.75x8.25; cast list, credits, synopsis, commentary on the opera, notes on the film, 8 photos, 9 cast biographies and photos; VG] £4

1989 (July): ALEXANDER NEVSKY/1938 (Royal Festival Hall) Film Programme
Nikolai Cherkasov, Nikolai Okhlopkov, Andrei Abrikosov, Vera Ivashova, Aleksandra Danilova; dir:Sergei M Eisenstein and Dmitri Vasilyev [24pp; European Premiere of Eisenstein's Film Classic with Sergei Prokofiev's full orchestral score played live by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy, with Christine Cairns, mezzo-soprano and the Brighton Festival Choir; cast list, credits, introduction to the screening, articles, stills, photos, biographies etc.; VG] £4

1992: THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE/1921 (Camden Parkway Cinema) Film Programme
Rudolph Valentino, Alice Terry, Pomeroy Cannon, Josef Swickard, Brinsley Shaw, Alan Hale, Bridgetta Clark, Mabel Van Buren, Brodwich "Smoke" Turner, Nigel de Brulier, John Sainpolis, Mark Fenton, Virginia Warwick, Derek Ghent, Stuart Holmes, Henry Klaus, Edward Connelly, Georgia Woodthorpe, Kathleen Key, Wallace Beery, Jacques d'Auray, Curt Rehfeld, Mlle Dolores, Bull Montana, Isabel Keith, Jacques Lanoe, Noble Johnson, Harry Northrup, Minnehaha, Arthur Hoyt, Beatrice Dominguez, Richard Arlen, Ramon Samaniegos (later Ramon Navarro), Carrie Daumery, dir:Rex Ingram, music composed and conducted by Carl Davis [16pp, 8.25x11.75; Extensive photographic programme for this live presentation by Channel Four Silents; contains 13 well-researched articles: The Event, Synopsis, The Restoration, Channel 4 and Silent Cinema, The Making, Valentino, Rex Ingram, Vicente Blasco Ibanez, The Cast, John Seitz, June Mathis, Carl Davis, The Music and 20 photos; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4