1986 on


PlaysInt/Aug 1986 (Vol.2 No.1): cover-Ian McDiarmid and Brian Cox in THE DANTON AFFAIR/RSC [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1986 (Vol.2 No.2): cover-Rosemary Harris and John Mills in THE PETITION [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1986 (Vol.2 No.4): cover-Michael Crawford in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1987 (Vol.2 No.6): cover-Anthony Hopkins and Roshan Seth in KING LEAR/National Theatre [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb 1987 (Vol.2 No.7): cover-Natasha Richardson and Trevor Eve in HIGH SOCIETY [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1987 (Vol.2 No.8): cover-Nichola McAuliffe and Paul Jones in KISS ME KATE/RSC [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Apr 1987 (Vol.2 No.9): cover-Griff Rhys Jones as ARTURO UI [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1987 (Vol.2 No.10): cover-Anna Carteret and George Cole in A PIECE OF MY MIND [68pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1987 (Vol.2 No.11): cover-Alan Bates in MELON [68pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1987 (Vol.2 No.12): cover-Lindsay Kemp at Sadler's Wells [68pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Aug 1987 (Vol.3 No.1): cover-Antony Sher in TWELFTH NIGHT/RSC [76pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1987 (Vol.3 No.3): cover-Frank Ferrante and Les Marsden in GROUCHO: A LIFE IN REVUE [68pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1987 (Vol.3 No.4): cover-Dame Hilda Bracket in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST [64pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1988 (Vol.3 No.6): cover-David Suchet and Saskia Reeves in SEPARATION [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb 1988 (Vol.3 No.7): cover-Michael Hordern in YOU NEVER CAN TELL [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1988 (Vol.3 No.8): cover-Gemma Craven and Emile Belcourt in SOUTH PACIFIC [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1988 (Vol.3 No.10): cover-John Sessions in THE COMMON PURSUIT [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1988 (Vol.3 No.11): cover-Robert Hardy as WINNIE [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1988 (Vol.3 No.12): cover-Imelda Staunton and Michael Gambon in UNCLE VANYA [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Aug 1988 (Vol.4 No.1): cover-Brian Cox as TITUS ANDRONICUS/RSC [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1988 (Vol.4 No.2): cover-Rex Harrison in THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1988 (Vol.4 No.3): cover-Ron Cook and David Haig in THE RECRUITING OFFICER [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1988 (Vol.4 No.4): cover-Rowan Atkinson in THE SNEEZE [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1988 & Jan 1989 (Vol.4 No.5 & 6): cover-BRIGADOON [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Apr 1989 (Vol.4 No.9): cover-Jean Boht in STEEL MAGNOLIAS [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1989 (Vol.4 No.11): cover-Ian McDiarmid and Abigail Cruttenden in THE BLACK PRINCE [52pp, 8.25x11.75; name on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1989 (Vol.4 No.12): cover-Dustin Hoffman in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE; photos of Ian McKellen, Peter O'Toole; Gene Saks interview; reviews of THE DEBUTANTE'S BALL/Hampstead (Suzannah Harker, Jane Horrocks - photo), THE MISANTHROPE (Malcolm Sinclair, Brian Pettifer, Sian Thomas, Sheila Ballantine - 2 photos), TANGO VARSOVIANO/Cottesloe (, THE TEMPEST/RSC (John Wood - photo), GHETTO/Olivier (Jonathan Cullen, Linda Kerr Scott - 3 photos), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE/Phoenix (Dustin Hoffman, Leigh Lawson - photo), THE HEIRESS and SUMMERFOLK/Chichester (2 photos); reports from Ireland, UK Festivals, UK Regions, Barcelona, Berlin, Washington etc.; playtext of JUDGEMENT DAY by Odon von Horvath, translated by Martin and Renata Esslin [52pp, 8.25x11.75; pages 13-16 missing (interview with Michael Attenborough, review of The Misanthrope at the NT), elseVG] £1

PlaysInt/Sep 1989 (Vol.5 No.2): cover-Jim Broadbent in A FLEA IN HER EAR [52pp, 8.25x11.75; name on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1989 (Vol.5 No.3): cover-Susan Hampshire in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC [52pp, 8.25x11.75; name on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1989 (Vol.5 No.4): cover-Lea Salonga in MISS SAIGON [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1990 (Vol.5 No.6): cover-Sharon Lee Hill and Alun Armstrong in THE BAKER'S WIFE [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1990 (Vol.5 No.8): cover-Phil Daniels in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE [52pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Apr 1990 (Vol.5 No.9): cover-Michael Gambon in MAN OF THE MOMENT [52pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1990 (Vol.5 No.10): cover-SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE/Lyttelton [52pp, 8.25x11.75; name on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1990 (Vol.5 No.12): cover-Richard Harris in HENRY IV; features on Gerard Murphy, Simon Russell Beale, Paul Kerryson and Dora Bryan, Richard O'Brien; photos and notices of Ian McKellen, Brian Cox, HENRY IV (Richard Harris), VANILLA (Joanna Lumley), BURN THIS (John Malkovich), THE CRUCIBLE (Tom Wilkinson, Zoe Wanamaker), THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL/National Theatre (John Neville), THE ILLUSION (Duncan Bell); tribute to John Dexter; text of TOUCHING BOTTOM (Steve Tesich); reports from the UK regions, Europe and elsewhere, TV & Radio reviews, New Books etc. [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Feb 1991 (Vol.6 No.7): cover-THE HOMECOMING/Comedy directed by Peter Hall; Preview, Openings; London Theatre Critics Circle Awards for 1990; features on Manchester Royal Exchange, Six Actors of 1990, Six of the Best (Actresses), West End 1990, Musicals of 1990, National Theatre 1990, RSC 1990, Royal Court 1990, Alternative Theatre 1990, Chichester 1990, Wales, Scotland and The Midlands 1990; photos and notices of THE LOVE FOR THREE ORANGES/ENO, THE HOMECOMING (Warren Mitchell), TIME AND THE CONWAYS (Joan Plowright), CHILDREN OF EDEN; reports from Europe and elsewhere, TV & Radio reviews etc. [56pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1991 (Vol.6 No.8): cover-Eric Porter and Sara Crowe in TWELFTH NIGHT/Playhouse; features on Sam Walters and The Orange Tree, Being A Director (Simon Callow), Sara Crowe, Kenny Ireland and Howard Barker, Charles Marowitz and Jan Kott; photos and notices of THE VISIT (Simon McBurney), IMAGINE DROWNING (Douglas Hodge), WHITE CHAMELEON (Saeed Jaffrey), TWELFTH NIGHT (Sara Crowe, dir:Peter Hall); text of NO ONE WRITES TO THE COLONEL (Walter Acosta/Gabriel Garcia Marquez); reports from the UK regions, Europe and elsewhere, TV & Radio reviews, New Books etc. [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Apr+May 1991 (Vol.6 No.9/10): cover-Wilhelminia Fernandez and Damon Evans in CARMEN JONES/Old Vic; features on Timothy West & Prunella Scales, Steven Pimlott, Nicky Pallow & Lynda Farron at the RSC; photos and notices of MATADOR (John Barrowman), THE TRIAL (Antony Sher), VOLPONE (John Woodvine), THE MERCHANT OF VENICE (John Woodvine), CARMEN JONES (Wilhelminia Fernandez); text of OUR OWN KIND (Roy MacGregor); reports from the UK regions, Europe and elsewhere, TV & Radio reviews, New Books etc. [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1991 (Vol.7 No.2): cover-Alan Alda in OUR TOWN/Shaftesbury [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1991 (Vol.7 No.3): cover-Harriet Walter in THREE BIRDS ALIGHTING ON A FIELD/Royal Court [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1991 (Vol.7 No.5): cover-Connie Booth and Timothy West in IT'S RALPH/Comedy [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1992 (Vol.7 No.6): cover-Maureen Lipman in THE CABINET MINISTER/Albery [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb 1992 (Vol.7 No.7): cover-SOPHISTICATED LADIES/Globe [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1992 (Vol.7 No.8): cover-Michael Maloney in HENRY IV Part I/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Apr 1992 (Vol.7 No.9): cover-Alan Cumming and Timothy Walker in LE BETE/Lyric Hammersmith [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1992 (Vol.7 No.12): cover-Liliane Montevecchi in GRAND HOTEL/Dominion [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Aug 1992 (Vol.8 No.1): cover-Carmel McSharry and Nicholas Lyndhurst in STRAIGHT AND NARROW/Aldwych [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1992 (Vol.8 No.2): cover-Gerard Murphy in THE THEBANS/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1992 (Vol.8 No.3): cover-Spitting Image Dragon for DRAGON/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1992 (Vol.8 No.4): cover-Peter O'Toole and Tara Fitzgerald in OUR SONG/Apollo [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1992 (Vol.8 No.5): cover-Anna Carteret and David Yelland in AN IDEAL HUSBAND/Globe [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1993 (Vol.8 No.6): cover-Patricia Routledge in CAROUSEL/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb 1993 (Vol.8 No.7): cover-Frances de la Tour in GREASEPAINT/Lyric Hammersmith [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1993 (Vol.8 No.8): cover-ON THE PISTE/Garrick [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1993 (Vol.8 No.11): cover-John Nettles in THE WINTER'S TALE/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul+Aug 1993 (Vol.8 No.12): cover-Gabrielle Drake and Tom Conti in PRESENT LAUGHTER/Globe [52pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1993 (Vol.9 No.1): cover-Anton Rodgers and Gwen Taylor in TIME OF MY LIFE/Vaudeville [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1993 (Vol.9 No.2): cover-Donald Sinden and Miriam Margolyes in SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER/Queens [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1993 (Vol.9 No.3): cover-Antony Sher in TAMBURLAINE/RSC [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1993 (Vol.9 No.4): cover-Susan Hampshire and Sara Crowe in RELATIVE VALUES/Savoy [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1994 (Vol.9 No.5): cover-Patrick Stewart in A CHRISTMAS CAROL/Old Vic [52pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb 1994 (Vol.9 No.6): cover-Griff Rhys Jones and Felicity Kendal in AN ABSOLUTE TURKEY/Globe [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1994 (Vol.9 No.7): cover-Susannah York in SEPTEMBER TIDE/Comedy [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1994 (Vol.9 No.9): cover-John Hurt in A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY/Albery [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1994 (Vol.9 No.11): cover-Francesca Annis in LADY WINDERMERE'S FAN [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Aug 1994 (Vol.10 No.1): cover-Topol in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF/London Palladium [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1994 (Vol.10 No.2): cover-Imogen Stubbs as SAINT JOAN/Strand [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor fading on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1994 (Vol.10 No.3): cover-Jonathan Firth in HENRY VI/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1994 (Vol.10 No.4): cover-David Suchet in WHAT A PERFORMANCE/Queens [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1994 (Vol.10 No.5): cover-Stephen Dillane as HAMLET/Gielgud [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on front cover, crease on back cover, else VG] £5


PlaysInt/Mch 1995 (Vol.10 No.8): cover-Jenny Agutter in LOVE'S LABOURS LOST/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Apr 1995 (Vol.10 No.9): cover-Felicity Kendal and Art Malik in INDIAN INK/Aldwych [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1995 (Vol.10 No.10): cover-Desmond Barrit in TWELFTH NIGHT/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1995 (Vol.10 No.11): cover-Juliet Stevenson, Joe Dixon and Jane Galloway in THE DUCHESS OF MALFI/Wyndham's [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1995 (Vol.10 No.12): cover-THE HOT MIKADO/Queens [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1995 (Vol.11 No.2): cover-Toby Stephens in CORIOLANUS/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; minor marks on cover, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1995 (Vol.11 No.3): cover-Ian Richardson in THE MISER/Chichester [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1995 (Vol.11 No.4): cover-Judi Dench in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1995 (Vol.11 No.5): cover-Geraldine McEwan in THE WAY OF THE WORLD/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1996 (Vol.11 No.6): cover-Howard McGillin in MACK AND MABEL/Piccadilly [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb 1996 (Vol.11 No.7): cover-Adrian Lester in COMPANY/Donmar Warehouse [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1996 (Vol.11 No.8): cover-David Yelland and Penny Downie in AN IDEAL HUSBAND/Haymarket [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1996 (Vol.11 No.10): cover-Anna Massey in MARY STUART/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1996 (Vol.11 No.11): cover-Ken Stott in THE PRINCE'S PLAY/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1996 (Vol.11 No.12): cover-Felicity Kendal in MIND MILLIE FOR ME/Haymarket [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Aug 1996 (Vol.12 No.1): cover-Jack Klugman in THE ODD COUPLE/Haymarket [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1996 (Vol.12 No.2): cover-Paul Scofield and Vanessa Redgrave in JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1996 (Vol.12 No.3): cover-Julia Malesky in KINDERTRANSPORT/Vaudeville [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1996 (Vol.12 No.4): cover-Amanda Harris and Leigh Lawson in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1996 (Vol.12 No.5): cover-Imelda Staunton in GUYS AND DOLLS/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan 1997 (Vol.12 No.6): cover-Bob Hoskins and James Callis in OLD WICKED SONGS/Gielgud [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb 1997 (Vol.12 No.7): cover-Robert Lepage in ELSINORE/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1997 (Vol.12 No.8): cover-Eddie Marsan, Lindsay Duncan and Keith Allen in THE HOMECOMING/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1997 (Vol.12 No.11): cover-Michael Gambon and Alec McCowen in TOM AND CLEM/Aldwych [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1997 (Vol.13 No.1): cover-Judi Dench in Amy's View/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1997 (Vol.13 No.2): cover-Rory Edwards and Elizabeth Meadows in A CHASTE MAID IN CHEAPSIDE/Shakespeare's Globe [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Christmas 1997 (Vol.13 No.4): cover-THE SLOW DRAG/Whitehall [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Jan+Feb 1998 (Vol.13 No.5): cover-Daniel Evans as PETER PAN/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; very slightly rumpled, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Feb+Mch 1998 (Vol.13 No.6): cover-Richard O'Callaghan in FLIGHT/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Apr 1998 (Vol.13 No.7): cover-Jane Asher and Serena Evans in THING WE DO FOR LOVE/Gielgud [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1998 (Vol.13 No.8): cover-Michael Gambon and Eileen Atkins in THE UNEXPECTED MAN/RSC [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul 1998 (Vol.13 No.10): cover-David Burke in COPENHAGEN/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Aug 1998 (Vol.13 No.11): cover-Hugh Jackman and Josefina Gabrielle in OKLAHOMA!/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; very slightly rumpled, else VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1998 (Vol.13 No.12): cover-Keith Baxter in CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT/Chichester [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Oct 1998 (Vol.14 No.1): cover-Felicity Kendal in ALARMS AND EXCURSIONS/Gielgud [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Nov 1998 (Vol.14 No.2): cover-Judi Dench in FILUMENA/Piccadilly [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Dec 1998 (Vol.14 No.3): cover-Tom Conti in JESUS, MY BOY/Apollo [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5


PlaysInt/Feb 1999 (Vol.14 No.5): cover-Mark Lambert and Alison Steadman in THE MEMORY OF WATER/Vaudeville [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Mch 1999 (Vol.14 No.6): cover-Frances de la Tour and David Bark-Jones in THE FOREST/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Apr 1999 (Vol.14 No.7): cover-Peter de Jersey in TROILUS AND CRESSIDA/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/May 1999 (Vol.14 No.8): cover-Siobhan McCarthy in MAMMA MIA!/Prince Edward [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jun 1999 (Vol.14 No.9): cover-Juliet Stevenson in PRIVATE LIVES/National Theatre [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Jul+Aug 1999 (Vol.14 No.10/11): cover-Patricia Routledge in THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST/Chichester [60pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

PlaysInt/Sep 1999 (Vol.14 No.12): cover-Mark Rylance in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA/Shakespeare's Globe [48pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5

2000 on

PlaysInt/Aug-Sep 2009: cover-Helen Mirren, Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga in PHEDRE/National Theatre [64pp, 8.25x11.75; VG] £5