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CLASSIC PLAYS: 1930-1939

Classic Plays: 1930

1930 (Sep): THE MERCHANT OF VENICE and HAMLET (Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield)
Ian Silver, F J Richardson (as Prince of Morocco; Claudius), Howard Radleigh, Norman Hammond (as Antonio; Polonius), Ralph Michael (as Bassanio; Laertes), Richard Hoodless, Adrian Byrne, Desmond Keith, Bryan Bishop, Henry Baynton (as Shylock; Hamlet), Samuel Caple, Ronald Long, Gordon Stuart, E Brough, B Chetham, M Yardley, Marion Foreman (as Portia; Gertrude), Mainie Lowther, Megan Latimer (as Jessica; Ophelia), Shiela Shiells, Ian Eliot, Chrysagom Vaughan; produced by Henry Baynton [8pp, 5.6x8.75; cast lists, forthcoming attractions, seat prices, credits etc.; VG] £4

Classic Plays: 1931

1931: THE RED ROVER'S REVENGE - Edward Fitzball (Gate Theatre Studio)
W E C Jenkins, Peter Godfrey, Michael MacOwan, John Gatrell, Walter Fitzgerald, Harold Young, Antony Eustrel, Viola Lyel, Irene Freeman [4pp; cast, scenes; attractive programme printed in red and black; slightly rumpled, minor foxing, light bends, else VG] £3

1931 (matinees only): TREASURE ISLAND - Robert Louis Stephenson, James Bernard Fagan (New Theatre)
Tod Slaughter, Sydney Bland, Henry Hallatt, Eliot Makeham, Howard Templeton, Arthur Ridley, Arthur Layland, Charles Carlyle, Alan Robinson, Michael Logan, Philip Stuart, Robert English, Fred Terriss, Dr Livesey, Noel Dainton, Frederick Peisley, Kyrle Bellew; dir:James Bernard Fagan [20pp, 5.5x8.25; cast list, synopsis of scenes, credits; advertisement for: Evenings at 8.15 Tod Slaughter and His Company in The Wolves of Tanner's Close or THE CRIMES OF BURKE AND HARE; minor marks, slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

Classic Plays: 1932

Jean Forbes-Robertson, Phyllis Neilson-Terry, Arthur Wontner, Robert Atkins, Clare Harris, John Laurie, Norman Forbes; dir:Robert Atkins [famous black and white production; 20pp; 7 small portraits of cast in character ; slightly tatty] £4

Classic Plays: 1933

1933: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Open-Air Theatre, Regent's Park)
Basil Gill, W E Holloway, John Laurie (as Lysander), Jack Carlton, John Moore, Moreland Graham, George Carr, Robert Atkins, Valentine Rooke, A B Imeson, Edwin Morton, Mary Sheridan, Margeretta Scott, Agnes Lauchlan, Phyllis Neilson-Terry (as Oberon), Jessica Tandy (as Titania), Leslie French, Joy Spring; dir:Robert Atkins [12pp, 7.25x9.75; cast, credits, note about the theatre, map etc.; slightly rumpled, else VG] £4

Classic Plays: 1934

1934 (Tuesday August 7th): ROMEO AND JULIET (Open Air, Regent's Park) Press Invitation
Griffith Jones, Margaretta Scott, Eric Dance, Henry Baynton, Leslie French, Hubert Gregg, Terence De Marney, Ben Greet, Sydney Bromley, Michael Martin-Harvey, Laura Smithson; and among the "Citizens of Verona": Greer Garson; dir:Robert Atkins, music:Edward German, Master of the Greensward: Ben Greet [4pp; cast, credits etc.; creased, minor tear, but very uncommon] £4

1934: THE COUNTRY WIFE - William Wycherley (Ambassador's)
Peter Penrose, George Carr, George Grossmith (as Mr Horner), Valentine Rooke, Agnes Lauchlan, Pamela Stanley, John Cheatle, Philip Desborough, John Laurie (as Sparkish), Edmund Willard, Lesley Wareing (as Margery Pinchwife), Margaretta Scott, Helen Horsey, Diana Churchill, Paul Kolesar, Rita Trekelle, Peggy Livesey, Betty Jardine, Jenny Barclay, Rose McCarthy, Eileen Paley; dir:Baliol Holloway [24pp, 5.5x8.5; stylish Magazine Programme No.998; cast list, synopsis of scenes, credits, long programme note, production photo, Snapshots from the Shows (production photographs of Clive of India, Here's How!, Double Door, Good Morning, Bill, and Without Witness); Theatre Gossip, The Stage of the Past No.6: Thomas Betterton, The Stage of the Present: Vernon Sylvaine, Gramophone Notes etc. etc.; VG] £5

1934: AS YOU LIKE IT (Open Air, Regent's Park)
John Drinkwater, Dennis Hoey, Leslie French, Nigel Playfair (as Jacques), Eric Dance, Leonard Gibson Cowan, Basil Bartlett, Robert Eddison, Jack Hawkins (as Orlando), R Kerr Carey, Stanley Lathbury, Clement Hamelin, Henry Hewitt, Frank Tickle, A B Imeson, Hubert Gregg, Michael Martin-Harvey, Anna Neagle (as Rosalind), Margaretta Scott, Pamela Stanley, Eileen Beldon, Nora Colton, Irene Gwynn, Nini Theilade, Sydney Bromley; dir:Robert Atkins [12pp; 7.5x9.75; attractive coloured cover; cast list, programme of music, credits, theatre notes etc.; small tear to 2nd page] £3

1934: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Open Air, Regent's Park)
Ion Swinley, George Manship, John Laurie (as Lysander), Jack Carlton, Peter Dearing, Andrew Leigh, Michael Martin-Harvey, Robert Atkins (as Bottom), Valentine Rooke, A B Imeson, Clement Hamelin, Mary Sheridan, Margaretta Scott, Eileen Beldon, Phyllis Neilson-Terry (as Oberon), Pamela Stanley, Leslie French, Freda Bamford, Irene Gwynn, Joan French, Hilary Collins, Susan Pache, Peggy Purcell, Maria Solveg, Greer Garson (as one of the Attendants to Hippolyta); dir:Robert Atkins , Master of the Greensward: Sir Philip Ben Greet [12pp, 7.5x9.75; attractive programme from the second season of the Open Air Theatre Regent's Park; cast list, programme of music, credits, theatre notes etc.; attractive coloured cover; VG] £4

Classic Plays: 1935

1935 (Mch): THE ALCHEMIST - Ben Jonson (Embassy, Swiss Cottage)
Hugh Miller, Barry O'Neill, Iris Hoey, Leslie French, Richard Goolden, Bruce Winston, Brember Wills, Hubert Gregg, Horace Sequeira; dir:Olga Katzin [16pp; cast, scenes, credits, music etc.; VG] £4

1935: JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN - Henrik Ibsen (Grafton Theatre)
Clephan Bell, Muriel Taylor, James Lytton, Zillah Carter, Beatrice Radley, Peter Hoar, Barbara Cochran-Carr, Mary Payne; dir:Noel Iliff [12pp; cast, scenes, notes etc.; rusty staples, else VG] £2

1935: LADY PRECIOUS STREAM - S I Hsiung (Little Theatre, John Street)
People's National Theatre: Esme Percy, Louise Hampton, Charles Lefeaux, Morris Harvey, Prunella Page, Lucille Lisle, Maisie Darrell, Amy Dalby, Roger Livesey, Douglas Allen, David Lewis, John Lowell, James Penstone, Robert Syers, William Bell, Fabia Drake, Maxwell Reynolds, Michael Osler, Jane Fey, Elinor Powell, Candida John, Betty Anderson, Jack Twyman, Geoffrey Wilkinson, Raymond Farrell, Thomas Clarkson; produced according to Chinese Convention by Nancy Price and S I Hsiung [20pp, 5.5x8.5; cast list, credits, 5 large cast photos, sketch of S I Hsiung etc.; VG] £4

1935: KING HENRY IV Part 1 (His Majesty's)
John Drinkwater (as King Henry IV), Patrick Waddington (as Henry, Prince of Wales), Julian Clay, J Leslie Frith, George Skillan, Henry Oscar, W E Holloway, Edmund Willard, Cecil Ramage, John Laurie (as Earl of Douglas), Lewis Casson (as Owen Glendower), Eric Dance, George Robey (as Falstaff), Godfrey Kenton, Paul Farrell, Frank Tickle, Lawrence Baskomb, Valentine Rooke, Philip Powell, Gabriel Warden, Angus L MacLeod, Hilary Pritchard, Clement Hamelin, Paul Kolesar, Ivor Harries, Philip Williams, Sanchia Robertson, Nora Colton, Lady Tree (as Mistress Quickly); dir:Robert Atkins [24pp, 5.5x8.5; cast list, synopsis of scenes, credits etc.; 10 cast photos; date on cover, rusty staples, centre pages loose, else VG] £4

1935 (Nov): CRIME AND PUNISHMENT - Gaston Baty, Dostoievsky, Trivas, Schandoff, Hughes (Dublin Gate Theatre)
Dublin Gate Theatre Company: Edward Lexy (as Samiotov), Patrick O'Moore (as Razoumikhine), Roy Irving, Wm Fassbender, Micheal Mac Liammoir (as Raskolnikov), Meriel Moore, Derek Wilmer, Liam Gaffney, Robert Hennessy, Doris Finn, Bride Lawlor, Anna Nugent, Leo Douris, Lionel Dymoke (as Loujine), Eileen Ashe, Cathleen Delany, Harry Fine, Adrienne Vey, Cecil Monson, Diana Vernon, Hilton Edwards (as Marmeladov), Art O Murnaghan, James Devoy, Coralie Carmichael, Mairin Hayes, Nancy Beckh, Betty Chancellor (as Sonya), Hazel Ellis (as Dounia); dir:Hilton Edwards [8pp, 6.5x8.7; light horizontal bend, else VG] £4

Classic Plays: 1936
No programmes available

Classic Plays: 1937

1937: THE WINTER'S TALE (Open Air, Regent's Park)
Jack Hawkins (as Leontes), Phyllis Neilson Terry (as Hermione), Peter Scott, Peter Murray Hill, Laidman Browne, W E Holloway, Fay Compton (as Paulina), Hugh Thurston, Teresa Carvic, Gerald Henri, Clement Hamelin, Alec Mango, George Cormack, George Beale, C W Anson, Valentine Rooke, Ion Swinley, Leslie French (as Autolycus), John Sykes, Lesley Gorden, Joyce Winn, Heather Boys, Peter Bennett, Clare Boulter, Jane Cain, Elisabeth Brough, Hedley Mattingly, Jack Endle, Kenneth Evans, Nini Theilade, Eve Alwayn, Letty Littlewood, Marjorie Field; dir:Robert Atkins [12pp, 7.25x9.75; cast list, credits, prices of admission etc.; programme from the Fifth Season of the Opera Air Theatre, Regent's Park; VG] £4

1937: UNCLE VANYA - Anton Chekhov, from the Russian by Constance Garnett (Westminster Theatre)
Mark Dignam, Lydia Sherwood (as Yelena), Alexis France, Inez Bensusan, Harcourt Williams (as Vanya), Cecil Trouncer (as Astrov), Philip Godfrey, Dora Gregory, Donald Bisset; dir:Michael Macowan, decor & costumes:Peter Goffin [12pp, 7.25x9.7; cast, credits, article etc.; staples rusted away, else VG] £4

1937: JANE EYRE - Charlotte Bronte, dramatised by Helen Jerome (Aldwych)
Susan Richmond (as Mrs Fairfax), Phyllis Shand, Curigwen Lewis (as Jane Eyre), F Marriott-Watson, Reginald Tate (as Mr Rochester), Frank Tickle, Betty Percheron, Dorothy Hamilton, Molly Looe, Myrtle Richardson, Kenneth Fraser, Marjorie Chard, Yvett Pienne (as Blanche Ingram), Stanley Bell Jnr., Hugh Thurston, Arthur Ridley, Cyril Vernon, Ronald Kerr, Mollie Shannon, Marie Ault, Whitmore Humphreys; dir:Athole Stewart [24pp, 5.4x8.4; cast list, synopsis of scenes, credits etc.; 6 cast photos; date on cover (28.1.37), else VG] £4

Classic Plays: 1938

1938: TWELFTH NIGHT (Open-Air Theatre, Regent's Park)
Peter Neil, Kenneth Evans, W E Holloway, Hedley Mattingly, Sydney Bromley, Roy Byford, Stanford Holme, Philip Merivale (as Malvolio), Valentine Rooke, David Tree (as Feste), Clement Hamelin, Hugh Thurston, Frederick Bradshaw, Jack Merivale, Gladys Cooper (as Olivia), Jean Forbes Robertson (as Viola), Buena Bent; dir:Robert Atkins [12pp, 7.3x9.7; cast, credits, note about the theatre, large photo of the young Nora Swinburne etc.; VG] £4

1938: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Open-Air Theatre, Regent's Park)
Tristan Rawson, W E Holloway, Peter Neil, Ballard Berkeley (as Demetrius), D G Milford, Richard Goolden (as Quince), Sydney Bromley, Jock McKay (as Bottom), Valentine Rooke, Hugh Thurston, Clement Hamelin, Phyllis Grover, Margaret Dulac, Oriel Ross, Jean Forbes Robertson (as Oberon), Edana Romney (as Titania), Pamela Stanley, Joan French, Laura Gorton, Renee Kiff, Roberta Berek, Kinara Kestyn, Pauline Dunger, Eileen Oliffe, Sepha Treble (Premiere Danseuse), Hedley Mattingly, Jack Endle, Jack Merivale, Alec Mango; dir:Robert Atkins [12pp, 7.3x9.75; cast, credits, note about the theatre etc.; VG] £4

1938: HENRY V - William Shakespeare, incidental music by Ivor Novello (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane)
Ivor Novello (as Henry V), Kenneth Tuckfield, David Burney, George Skillan, Mario Francelli, Arthur Rees, Reyner Barton, Patrick Ross, Neil Porter, John Moore, Leonard Shepherd, Brandon Acton-Bond, Vincent Sternroyd, Stanley Vine, Frederick Bennett (as Fluellen), Eugene Leahy, Alex McCrindle, Alexander Sarner, A B Imeson, Lawrence Baskcomb (as Pistol), Sydney Bromley, Bert Evremonde, Leonard Thorne, Charles Doran (as King of France), Peter Graves, W E Holloway, Basil Neale, Stephen Jack, Beatrice Wilson, Dorothy Dickson (as Katharine), Joan Swinstead, Veronica Brady, Janet Machen, Hilary de Chaville, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies (as Chorus); dir:Lewis Casson [24pp, 5.5x8.5; cast list, synopsis of scenery, 5 large photos (Ivor Novello, Dorothy Dickson, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Lewis Casson, and Ivor Novello as Henry V), credits etc.; uncommon; slightly rumpled and grubby, else VG] £4

Classic Plays: 1939

1939: NORA (A Doll's House) - Henrik Ibsen, revised from William Archer's version (Duke of York's)
Lucie Mannheim, Austin Trevor, Marian Spencer, Harold Scott, John Abbott; dir:Lucie Mannheim and Marius Goring [20pp, 5.5x8.4; cast list, synopsis of scenes, credits, programme note, nine cast photos; minor repaired edge tear, else VG] £4

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